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Limescale forming on household appliances is a layer consisting of calcium-magnesium salts. This layer is quite dense and porous, and not only causes deterioration of the appearance of appliances and reduces their performance, but can also have a negative impact on human health. That’s why it’s important to choose the right product for the job. How to do it and which products are worth looking at? This will be discussed in our ranking of the best limescale remedies

How to choose a suitable descaler

When choosing the right descaler, you must first take into account the intended use of the product to be treated (no less important is the fact whether the water in the household appliance is used for cooking or not). In addition, you should consider such criteria:

  1. Safe for the human body;
  2. The presence in the composition of aggressive substances – compounds that are dangerous for plastics and light alloys;
  3. Form of release – for example, liquid means for descaling household appliances, unlike tablets and powders, do not emit toxic vapor in the process of cleaning.

Rating of the best descalers

Ratedplaceproduct nameprice
The best all-round remedies1HG Limescale Remover, 500 ml430€
2Bagi “Kumkumit”, 350 ml290€
The best detergents for washing machines1Top House, concentrate, 750 ml425€
2Filtero 601, 200 g155€
Best remedies for coffee machines and kettles1Cleaner “HG” for coffee machines430€
2Filtero Coffee machine cleaning tablets, 4 pcs.230€
3Top House decalcifier for kettles and coffee makers, 500ml285€
4Topperr for Coffee Machines, 250ml275€
The best remedies for irons1Top House for irons, 250 ml235€

The best all-round descalers

Limescale remover, 500 ml

Rating: 4.9

HG DEPENDENT Limescale Remover 500 ml.webp

Tested by numerous consumers means from a German manufacturer has proven its high efficiency. Its composition is absolutely safe not only for household appliances, but also for human skin. Efficiency: 500 ml for coffee and tea machines, enough for 10 applications; for washing machines/dishwashers – enough for 5 applications. Average price – 400 rubles.


  • organic composition;
  • Leaves no specific smell after use;
  • economical flow.


  • The composition is dangerous to acid-unstable surfaces (zinc, aluminum);
  • Not suitable for descaling irons and espresso machines.

Bagi “Kumkumit”, 350 ml

Rating: 4.8

BAGI CUMCUMMIT 350 ml.webp

This Israeli-made multi-purpose detergent can be called the “guru” of all presented products. Not only does it descale, it also efficiently deals with rust. The amount is enough for 7 applications (coffee machine / kettle cleaning). Medium price – 350 rubles.


  • safe composition;
  • Versatility (removes even rust);
  • economical consumption.


  • not found.

The best descaler for washing machines

Top House to protect the washing machine, concentrate, 750 ml

Rating: 4.9


Easy to use, liquid concentrate made in Germany, is not only designed to effectively remove limescale from washing machine parts, but also for use in the washing process: the composition of the product softens water, increasing washing efficiency and reduces the amount of powder. The volume is enough for 37 applications. Average price – 450 rubles.


  • Softening of the water during the washing process;
  • Gentle removal of calcium deposits;
  • No residue on the laundry;
  • economical consumption.


  • No detected.

Filtero 601, 200 g

Rating: 4.8

FILTERO 601 200G Washing and Dishwasher Descaler.webp

A citric acid-based descaler that deeply removes limescale from all parts of the washer/dryer – a safe and effective top rated descaler. True, as noted by consumers in their reviews, the instructions indicate that one cleaning takes the entire package. Average price – 150 rubles.


  • affordable price;
  • natural formula;
  • high efficacy.


  • High consumption (one pack for one application).

The best descalers for coffee machines and kettles

HG for coffee machines

Rating: 4.9

Limescale removal product HG for coffee machines.webp

A highly concentrated liquid product, safe for the human body, copes wonderfully with limescale in all types of coffee machines. It is because of a combination of safety with efficiency that “HG” got into our rating. Easy to use, with regular use “HG” guarantees the quality of tasty coffee and saves time on cleaning the coffee machine. The volume is enough for 6-7 applications. Average price – 300 rubles.


  • natural composition;
  • high cleaning effectiveness;
  • No specific smell after use;
  • biosafety.


  • Does not protect against corrosion;
  • The scope of use is limited, because of the danger of the composition for surfaces that are not resistant to acid (enamel, zinc, aluminum).

Filtero Cleaning tablets for coffee machines, 4 pcs.

Rating: 4.8

FILTERO decalcifier tablets 4 pcs

The product occupies a worthy place in our rating due to the reasonable quality for reasonable money. The product is suitable for descaling automatic coffee machines and coffee machines of any type. One tablet is enough not only to clean the coffee machine: consumers suggest a tip – the remaining composition after cleaning the device can be used to clean the kettle. Consumption – 1 tablet per application. The average price for a pack (4 tablets) – 300 rubles.


  • High efficiency – quickly removes limescale even in hard-to-reach places;
  • Versatile – suitable for all automatic coffee machines;
  • reasonable price.


  • were not found.

Top House for teapots and coffee makers, 500 ml

Rating: 4.7


Completely natural composition ensures the “Top House” descaler a place in our ranking. Made on the basis of citric acid with the addition of sodium salts, cleaner not only perfectly copes with potassium deposits on the walls of household appliances, but also helps to extend the life of products, gently affecting their internal parts. The bottle of 250 ml is enough for 2 applications. Average price – 320 rubles.


  • Does not leave an unpleasant odor after cleaning appliances;
  • Safe for the human body;
  • economical;
  • Childproof cap on the bottle.


  • have not been detected.

Topperr for coffee machines, 250 ml

Rating: 4.6

TOPPERR Limescale Agent for Coffee Machines 250 ml.webp

Another German-made cleaner. The most budget of all presented, yet as effective for descaling coffee machines, for which it gets into our rating of the best. Capacities for 2 or 3 uses. Average price – 200 rubles.


  • low price;
  • Safety for the internal parts of the coffee machine.


  • Contains sulfates;
  • high consumption.

The best descaler for irons

Cleaner for irons Top House, 250 ml

Rating: 4.8


Germans did their best, creating a highly effective product for descaling irons of any type. We recommend to pay attention to this product, as a rare embodiment of the “gold” standard of price and quality. Enough for 5 applications. Average price – 200 rubles.


  • to protect against corrosion;
  • speeds up the formation of steam;
  • economical consumption;
  • high efficiency (consumers note the removal of all limescale from 1 time).
  • Gentle effect on the internal parts of the iron.


  • not found.
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