8 best colanders and strainers

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult with a professional before buying.

Mops and sieves should be in every kitchen. Without them it’s hard to drain boiled pasta, rice, wash berries and fruit, sift flour and dip in water. The best and most durable are the metal steel. The material is easy to care for, it does not get deformed or worn out, and is not afraid of high temperatures, unlike plastic. Now we have to decide what kind of colander or strainer we need.

EXPERTOLOGY magazine reviews 8 of the best colanders and strainers. Rating is based on customer feedback and product relevance.

The 8 best colanders and strainers

8 best colanders and strainers1Tescoma GrandCHEF 4285142 099 €
2Taller Jacob
1 750 €
3VITESSE VS-12031 400 €
4Fissman 22 cm (stainless steel) double-handled colander.steel) (8527)494 €
5Kamille KM-51251 040 €
6Tescoma GrandChef 428530930 €
7Mallony Macaroni 985512 strainer343 €
8TescomaDe sieve for sifting flour
  • cia 630334, 18 cm
  • 950 €

    Tescoma GrandCHEF 428514

    Rating: 4.9


    Stainless steel colander with handles on base suitable for washing fruit and vegetables, straining liquids from boiled products. It’s easy to carry by the side handles, and the leg allows you to put dishes in the sink and not worry about pasta sticking out of the holes and coming into contact with the not-so-clean surface.

    Tescoma GrandCHEF 428514 may be washed in dishwasher on any mode, it is not afraid of extreme heat and cold, it is not scratched, does not lose its aesthetic and practical properties during the whole service life. Diameter 28 cm on the top edge for easy use.


    • stainless steel;
    • comfortable handles on the sides and a stand;
    • dishwasher safe;
    • wide base for stability.


    • not defined.

    Taller Jacob-1100

    Rating: 4.8

    TALLER dzhekob<tr></div><p>-1100″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/56916666196981-508-.jpg” height=”246″ title=”TALLER JACOB</p><tr>-1100″><p>Taller Jacob colander</p><tr>-1100 wide base, there are side handles but they are thin and will require some skill and dexterity when using, especially with hot food. The colander stand makes it easy to use in the sink when contact with the base is undesirable and you can leave food in it to drip off after washing.<p>Diameter of colander 23 cm, depth 10 cm – not the biggest bowl, but still comfortable for daily use. Dishwasher safe – made entirely of stainless steel, easy to use and care for.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>compact colander;</li><li>dishwasher-safe and abrasive-free;</li><li>Has handles and shelf.</li></ul><h4>Drawbacks</h4><ul><li>narrow handles.</li></ul><h3>VITESSE VS-1203</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=VITESSE VS-1203

    The VITESSE VS-1203 colander is very small – 18 cm in diameter around the top edge. But it has two handy handles, a stand for easy placement in the sink. Holes in the colander are not made along the entire contact surface, but only along the bottom – this must be taken into account when choosing dishes, although it does not affect the task of draining water. What is definitely convenient to do with the VITESSE VS-1203 colander is to drain the rice, which is not clogged in the side holes due to their absence.

    Material – stainless steel, mirror-polished on the inside and outside. The colander is dishwasher safe.


    • has two handles and a stand;
    • dishwasher safe;
    • mirror polished steel on both sides;
    • affordable price;
    • compact size.


    • Slots only at the bottom.

    Fissman 22 cm (stainless steel) strainer with two handles (stainless steel).steel) (8527)

    Rating: 4.7


    Classic colander with two handles Fissman is made of netting, so the water flows quickly over the whole contact surface. The product has two handles on either side, which can be used to grip the colander or rest it on the rim of the pot. Diameter of the product on the upper edge 22 cm. The walls are thin, but strong, they can be washed and cleaned without abrasive.


    • polished stainless steel;
    • mesh colander;
    • comfortable handles;
    • reasonable price.


    • no stand.

    Kamille KM-5125

    Rating: 4.6

    KAMILLE KM-5125

    A special place in our review took Kamille KM-5125 colander: it is chosen for its multifunctionality and excellent workmanship. It is sold in a kit – a bowl, colander is inserted into it, and a lid with two strainer handles on top. The manufacturer has thought about the convenience of using and storing utensils – this is a plus. Minus – the large colander with a diameter of 26 cm has no handles, only a rim. It makes emptying easier if you get used to it, but you can’t do without the oven mitts in any case. Questions may arise about the steel – it is thin, but if you use the product as intended and do not overload it, it will remain intact in its original form.


    • Set of colander, bowl and lid with grates;
    • stainless mirror steel;
    • wide rim;
    • easy storage.


    • thin steel.

    Tescoma GrandChef colander 428530

    Rating: 4.6

    Tescoma GrandChef colander 428530

    Sifting basket or colander Tescoma GrandChef 428530 is a basket with a rim, it is suitable for sifting flour, tilting cooked cereals, pasta, washing fruits and vegetables, it can even be used for steaming. It is noteworthy that the colander has a stand, but no handles – this is a drawback of the product, because it does not even have sides. The diameter of the basket is 22 cm and it fits in most pots, so it’s the perfect size for regular use.


    • colander sieve;
    • Suitable for steamed dishes;
    • there is a stand;
    • dishwasher safe.


    • no handles.

    Mallony Macaroni strainer 985512

    Rating: 4.5

    Mallony Macaroni 985512 strainer

    The Mallony Macaroni 985512 strainer is a fine mesh screen with 1 mm mesh, through which water instantly flows when washing food or tilting boiled pasta, cereals, it is convenient to sift flour. The colander is also very convenient for steaming. The advantage of the product is that it has large handles on the sides and a stand.

    The diameter of the colander is 20 cm – it’s small, but practical: it can be cleaned, washed in the dishwasher, it does not change the shape, it is not afraid of temperature changes.


    • colander and strainer in one product;
    • comfortable handles;
    • there is a stand;
    • low price.


    • are not defined.

    TescomaDe flour sifter
  • cia 630334, 18 cm
  • Rating: 4.5

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