7 best tea machines

*Review of the best according to the editorial. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You have to consult with a specialist before purchase.

You love delicious tea?? You have to cook it in large quantities? In this case you are recommended to buy a tea machine. Also, such devices are called brewers. Unfortunately, not all of them are of high quality. Some items can fail quickly. If you do not want to encounter a breakdown, then when choosing a tea-machine, focus on our review. In it we consider only the best models, the purchase of which is sure not to disappoint.

Rating of the best tea machines

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best tea machines1Kitfort KT-63010 500€
2Bork K81033 000€
3Rommelsbacher TA 12006 899€

rofiCook PC-TKS 1056

7 099€
5Bosch TTA 22014 990€
6KITFORT KT-6745 590€
7Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot3 110€

Kitfort KT-630

Rating: 4.9

Kitfort KT-630

One of the most popular tea brewers available in Russian retail. In runet you can easily find a lot of reviews on it. And almost all of them are purely positive. There are many reasons for that.

To begin with, this tea machine has a capacity of 2.2 liters. This means that you do not need to fill up the water after every one or two cups of tea. Also can not fail to please the power, which is 2200 watts. Such a device heats water to maximum temperature in a matter of moments! But there is a downside. Tea kettle should not be bought by residents of old “Khrushchev” who have not replaced the aluminum wiring with copper.

A closed coil is used as a heating element. As for the body, it is made of plastic. However, there is no harm in it – the device looks very beautiful. You can get used to its control panel in a couple of minutes – this is also a definite plus. All inscriptions on it are translated into Russian, which can boast not every tea machine. It also has a display that shows the most important parameters.

In total, the device is able to offer four automatic programs. There is also a mode “Tea Master”, which allows you to make an atypical drink. Tea is poured into your cup – you only need to select its volume. And this model can offer three degrees of strength of the drink. Isn’t it a miracle?? What else can you expect from a tea cooker?

Kitfort KT-630 is definitely worth the money spent. It is simply impossible to pick on this model. Can only complain about the power cord. Not everyone is satisfied with its length, which is 0.96 m. Otherwise, the tea machine is perfect.


  • Cute design;
  • There is a display;
  • The control panel is russified;
  • Four automatic programs are available;
  • You can choose a specific strength of the drink;
  • A capacious water tank;
  • High power.


  • I would like to have a slightly longer cord;
  • High cost;
  • There is a significant pause between cooking portions.

Bork K810

Rating: 4.8

Bork K810

This device looks the most like a traditional electric kettle. It has the same shape and the body is made of glass, which makes the whole process as clear as possible. The bottom of the case is made of steel, it will keep its perfect appearance even after many years. The difference from the usual kettle is the teapot inside, in which you can pour your favorite tea.

The volume of this model is 1.5 liters. Not much, but it fits even on a small table. The device is connected to the mains through a one-meter cord. Its length does not bother at all, because the wire comes from the contact pad. The tea-machine itself is not limited in any way, you can easily take it into the next room. And it is on the base station there are all the buttons. They let you choose the temperature mode, for example. The device also allows you to set one of the three available brewing strengths. One can use the delayed start function. It allows you to program the tea-machine so that the beverage will be ready by the time you finish some business.

The power of Bork K810 is 2000 W. This figure says that boiling water will not take much time. It is nice that without water the device will refuse to turn on – the corresponding protection function. Can not fail to please the quality of stainless steel, which is used to make the filter of the brew tank.

Perhaps the Bork K810 is another model that is extremely difficult to pick on. If you try to make a complaint about it, the only thing that comes to mind is the modest volume. However, it will be enough if the family consists of only two or three people. A much more obvious disadvantage is the price, which reaches exorbitant 30 thousand rubles. rubles.


  • There is a compartment for the cord;
  • The body is made of glass and metal;
  • There is a choice of tea strength;
  • A delayed start and timer are available;
  • High power;
  • There is a function to keep the heat.


  • The volume will seem insufficient to some;
  • Very high cost.

Rommelsbacher TA 1200

Rating: 4.7

Rommelsbacher TA 1200

This teapot is unlike any other kitchen appliance. Many of your guests will not even be able to understand what you bought. At the same time, this tea machine can not be called expensive – the manufacturer has managed to significantly reduce the price tag. The other side of the coin is a modest volume of 1 liter. That means that it is not the best choice for a family consisting of three or four people.

The body of this model is made of plastic and glass. As a heating element is used here closed coil. The power of the device reaches 1200 W. Not so much against the background of the competitors discussed above, but let’s not forget that this tea brewer needs to heat a significantly smaller volume of water. By the way, there is a thermostat available. However, it can not be called advanced, the user can choose only one of four temperature options – from 80 to 100 degrees.

The rest of the features of the tea machine are hard to complain about. It can keep warm. The appliance also provides 5 programs for different kinds of tea. And it allows you to manually select the brewing time. The only complaint, however, is the lack of a delayed start function.

Unfortunately, this appliance has some serious drawbacks. First, it uses not the most convenient kettle – in the reviews there are often mentions of cases when a person spills some of the brewed tea past the mug. Secondly, confused by the loud clicking noises emitted during the brewing of the drink. Thirdly, the device consists of a large number of components, washing them will take a long time.


  • There is a timer;
  • A large number of programs for different types of tea;
  • A decent capacity for such a volume;
  • It is possible to maintain heat;
  • Comes with a measuring spoon and a funnel for tea.


  • A lot to wash;
  • Loud clicks during operation;
  • Not a very comfortable kettle;
  • Only one liter capacity.

rofiCook PC-TKS 1056

Rating: 4.6

ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056

This set seems very interesting. It consists of a teapot, a traditional electric kettle, and a single electronic base for them. The power of the electric kettle reaches an impressive 2250 watts, so it will not take long to boil water for sure. The body of this appliance is made of metal and glass, which can not fail to please. A closed coil is used as a heating element.

If we talk about the teapot, it is mostly made of glass. Inside it hides a quality filter that does not let tea leaves into the water around it. The volume of this kettle is 1,2 l, while the volume of the electric one next to it reaches 1,7 l. These are good numbers that should satisfy most buyers.

As it should be, ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056 boasts a thermal regulator. At least the warming platform for the teapot has it. It is interesting that the user can select absolutely any temperature in the range from 70 to 100 degrees – here this process is stepless. As for the electric kettle, it only boils water, there are no other options.

Many buyers are pleased with the fact that both teapots can be placed on any place of the stand. The manufacturer did not forget about the blocking of the power on without water. But he did not think about the hermetic seal. The lid of this kettle does not have that feature. This means that the water will not only pour out through the spout, but also partially through the lid. Alas, the device has a number of other disadvantages. For example, there is no function to keep the heat, which certainly would not hurt. Perhaps we recommend buying this model only for those who are looking for a unique kettle. Be prepared for some inconvenience. And definitely do not take this set at the regular price of 9 thousand. rubles.

Advantages of

  • The teapot has a thermostat;
  • The body of both teapots is made of quality materials;
  • Very high cost;
  • A decent total volume;
  • There is a good protection system.


  • The electric kettle heats exclusively to 100°C;
  • The lid does not fit tightly to the kettle;
  • There is no function to hold the heat;
  • High cost.

Bosch TTA 2201

Rating: 4.5

Bosch TTA 2201

Another interesting tea brewer. It is a kind of tower. In the lower part of it, there is the usual electric kettle, while the upper part has a brewing vessel. The casing of both elements is made of plastic. Someone will refuse to buy it at once because of this. Other people will note that the choice in favor of this material had a positive impact on the price tag. Indeed, it is one of the cheapest teapots among those with a long lifespan.

The volume of the electric kettle used here is 2 liters. It uses an enclosed stainless steel coil to heat water. The power of this kettle is 1785 W. It seems that this would be quite enough to heat water very quickly.

As for the teapot, its volume is 0.7 liters. Inside the kettle is the usual filter. One can watch the brewing process by eye – the transparent glass allows to do this.

Otherwise, this model is not able to surprise. It has a mode of heat preservation, but, in our opinion, it should have any sane kettle. A nice feature is the compartment for the cord. But we think that you’ll quickly forget about its presence, as the tea machine will be in the kitchen 365 days a year.

The Bosch TTA 2201 also has disadvantages. This appliance automatically goes into the heating mode. If you instead want full shutdown, this feature is not implemented by the makers of the tea brewer. This means that its use will definitely affect your electricity bills, unless you turn it off by pressing the appropriate button. Another disadvantage is in the teapot spout – the drink slightly runs down the outside of the teapot, which makes it necessary to wipe the teapot regularly. But it’s a small thing, especially when you compare it with some of the other teasers in our review.


  • There is a heat preservation mode;
  • The large volume of both kettles;
  • It has a locking lid;
  • There is a compartment for the cord;
  • Large capacity;
  • Not so high price.


  • The teapot can leak;
  • The kettle cannot turn off automatically.


Rating: 4.4


Came in our review and another “turret”. Many buyers note that it looks much more beautiful. Not surprising, because both kettles have a silver body, pleasantly reflecting the light. The whole structure stands on the same silver stand, which also houses the control panel. You can put the kettle on it in any position.

This model allows you to cook different kinds of tea. For example, the green tea is better to brew at 70 ° C water temperature, and black – all 100 ° C. You can choose from a total of four temperatures of water heating, for each of them a separate button is allocated. Also on the control panel, there is a key, which orders the kettle to automatically keep the water temperature high for half an hour. If it is not pressed, then after reaching the selected temperature, the kettle will simply turn off.

Like many other tea brewers, KITFORT KT-674 has protective features. One of them will surely turn off the kettle in case of insufficient volume of water. As for the teapot, it is able to please the well-thought-out system of fixing the lid, thanks to which it does not fall out when you tilt. Heat resistant glass was used to make this kettle. There are no complaints about the removable tea filter.

Perhaps, KITFORT KT-674 can be called the best choice. Yes, you will have to pay 6 thousand dollars for this pot. You can not find it in every online store, but you certainly will not be able to present to this device any claims.

It remains to add that the volume of both kettles is 1.7 and 1 l. It seems that this is enough for the vast majority of customers, even large families. The power of the kettle reaches 2000 W, so the water reaches the desired temperature very quickly.


  • The power is 2000 watts;
  • Many safeguards are implemented;
  • Cute design;
  • There is a four-stage thermostat;
  • Large capacity;
  • It is possible to maintain heat;
  • Well-implemented teapot design.


  • The temperature is only kept for half an hour.

Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot

Rating: 4.3

Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot

Another tea kettle, which is a “turret”. As in other such tea machines, the sense of operation is as simple as possible: Here, only the kettle is heated by the corresponding spiral, while the teapot does it by means of steam rising from the top. The kettle is located on the stand, which at the same time offers the user a full control panel.

The power of this tea kettle is 1000 watts. Honestly, for a 1.5-liter capacity it is not so much. Both kettles were made using metal and glass. Interestingly, the manufacturer believes that his device will be used not only to brew tea. This is evidenced by the buttons that allow you to switch between the six modes. Their names suggest that through this device you can even heat up soup or dessert.

Nothing bad can be said about the control panel. It has a timer. The kettle can also be ordered to maintain a set temperature.

No matter how you slice it, but the creation of Xiaomi is the most feature-rich in our rating. But it seems to us that many buyers will use it only as a teapot, forgetting about the metal braising support and other items included in the set.


  • It comes with a glass flask and a stand for stewing;
  • The body of the teapots was made of metal and glass;
  • The comparatively low weight of the entire structure;
  • You can choose from six operating modes;
  • Available for six hours of heat retention;
  • There is a timer.


  • High cost;
  • Some will find the tea maker difficult to master;
  • Not a very high power.


This is the list of the best tea brewers on the Russian market. You can easily buy any of the models considered in this review – it will certainly please you with the preparation of a delicious drink in any large volume.

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