7 best drip refrigerators

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult a professional before buying.

Now refrigerators are conditionally divided into two groups. The first category includes traditional appliances that need to be defrosted from time to time – this is where the drip system is used. There are also more expensive appliances that support NoFrost technology – they don’t need to be defrosted at all. In this article we will talk about the best drip refrigerators. We will only talk about those models, which are sold in Russian stores. We will also tell you how NoFrost refrigerators differ from the drip-type refrigerators.

Best drop-in refrigerators

NominationThe placeNamePrice
The best drip fridges1
  • ebherr CNbs 4015
  • 65 840 €
    2Gorenje R 6192 LB43 830 €
  • ebherr CUel 2831
  • 33 466 €
    4Gorenje NRC 6192 TX34 358 €
    5Bosch KGV39XW22R27 990 €
    6ATLANT XM 4625-10126 968 €
    7BEKO RCSK 335M20 W22 600 €

  • ebherr CNbs 4015
  • Rating: 4.9

    <li></div><p>ebherr CNbs 4015″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/70716666198041-377-.jpg” height=”402″ title=”</p><li>ebherr CNbs 4015″><p>German company</p><li>ebherr is known for its top-of-the-line refrigerators. The CNbs 4015 belongs to the premium segment. This is a two-compartment beauty, whose body is almost entirely painted in black. Like other modern devices, they have an electronic control. The manufacturer has also endowed his creation with an inverter compressor that can consume different amounts of electricity, depending on the temperature set by the owner of the refrigerator. On average, the appliance consumes 229 kWh per year, which at its size corresponds to Class A++.<p>There are five shelves inside the fridge compartment. One of them is foldable, which allows you to put tall dishes without any problems – for example, a huge pot. Tempered glass was used to make the shelves. As for the freezer, it consists of two large and one relatively small drawer. The usable volume is 87 l. The door handle is equipped with a pusher, so you can open the freezer with just one finger.</p><li>The ebherr CNbs 4015 supports the No Frost technology. But only partially – it concerns only the freezer. The refrigerator has a drip-defrosting system. Perhaps this is the only serious disadvantage of this model.<p>Since an inverter motor is used here, the refrigerator is quite quiet. About this says and Alexei, who left on “Yandex.I have received the following review in Market: “The compressor is really quiet”. The assembly is good, nothing rattles. But, unfortunately, the sound comes not only from the compressor, but also from the filling of the cooling system. As a result, the fridge makes the sound similar to rumbling in the stomach”. However, if something else works in the kitchen, this appliance does not hear. And also the refrigerator, judging by the reviews, has a high reliability. So much so that the German manufacturer decided to give the customer a two-year warranty period.</p><h4>Advantages of</h4><ul><li>Very large refrigerator compartment;</li><li>There is a temperature display;</li><li>High energy class;</li><li>Stylish design;</li><li>A long warranty period;</li><li>The freezer handle is supplemented with a pusher;</li><li>The freezer supports No Frost technology;</li><li>Low noise level;</li><li>Display located inside the refrigerator.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>High cost;</li><li>The door handles are a bit too big.</li></ul><h3>Gorenje R 6192 LB</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Gorenje R 6192 LB

    If the fridge is sold at a rather high price, it is likely to please with the case of atypical color. For example, the Gorenje R 6192 LB is designed for installation in a kitchen with a modern interior, decorated in dark colors, because its metal body is painted black. Also, this model will please you with electronic control and low power consumption – it corresponds to class A++. To be precise, during the year the device consumes about 113 kW*h (in terms of money it is about 500 rubles).

    Unlike the majority of the currently existing refrigerators, the Gorenje R 6192 LB does not have a freezer compartment. This means that all 368 liters are devoted to storage of beverages, fruits, vegetables, and other similar products. In total, the refrigerator compartment consists of six shelves and three drawers. Not bad for an appliance that does not exceed 185 cm in height. By the way, it also has a freshness zone. All kinds of herbs can be stored in it for a whole week!

    Like other fridges in this selection, this one uses a drip-defrost system. It also offers the possibility of hanging the door – this process does not take much time. Nothing bad can be said about the shelves made of durable glass. The weight of the device is exactly 60 kg. It means that two grown-up men can take the refrigerator even into the apartment located in the old house that has no elevator.

    Gorenje R 6192 LB is an excellent choice for those who are going to buy a separate freezer as well. As stated in many reviews, this model is ready to hold a huge amount of food. It is difficult to find fault with it at all. For example, here is what wrote a certain Sergei on “Yandex.Marketplace.” “It’s the second Burner in the family. The previous silver one worked for 12 years, and has been living at my parents’ cottage for two years now. The burner is nicknamed for its talkative nature – it makes noises during operation, it’s like a living thing”. Really, it is impossible to name this model absolutely silent. But it won’t get in your way either.


    • Stylish design;
    • Huge capacity;
    • There is a fresh zone;
    • Low power consumption;
    • The shelves are made of durable glass;
    • The fridge is not very heavy;
    • The weight does not exceed 60 kg;
    • Several operating modes available.


    • No freezer;
    • High cost;
    • The drawers are made of flimsy plastic.

  • ebherr CUel 2831
  • Rating: 4.8

    <li></div><p>The “/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/87616666198041-247″ src=”ebherr CUel 2831-.jpg” height=”420″ title=”</p><li>ebherr CUel 2831″><p>The excellent refrigerator for the kitchen that has a modern interior. Unlike most existing appliances, this one is able to please with the silver color of the body. This model has the electromechanical control type that even an elderly person would be able to cope with. However, the refrigerator does not require special attention. Even though it uses a drip type defrosting.</p><p>This model is a two-compartment model. Under its lower door, there is a freezer compartment with a 53-liter volume. It is enough for a family of two. The volume of the freezer compartment is much more impressive – 212 liters. It is interesting that despite such considerable dimensions, the device consumes not more than 175 kW*h per year, which corresponds to power consumption class A++.</p><p>Probably,</p><li>The ebherr CUel 2831 is the best choice for a relatively small apartment. Especially if it also has a very narrow hallway. The fact that the height of this model is only 161.2 cm. This means that you can work with it even in a small room. But if that’s one of the good points, the manual defrosting of the freezer compartment certainly isn’t. However, even if ice appears here, it appears very reluctantly and slowly, so you don’t have to worry.<p>The main advantage</p><li>The ebherr CUel 2831 is a prolonged autonomous storage of cold. If the power is suddenly cut off, problems will not begin until a day later! Nothing bad can be said about the freezing capacity which reaches here 4 kg/day. Quite good for a model that has a relatively modest freezer.<p>Otherwise, this fridge is not capable of serious surprise. It’s quite quiet, but the 39dB measured is by no means a record. The weight of the device is 57.3 kg. And only the two-year warranty period allows the device to stand out against the competitors. Sometimes this is more important than all the other characteristics.</p><p>If you read the reviews on</p><li>Only positive impressions remain about the ebherr CUel 2831. For example this is what Inna wrote in the online store Ozon: “I am very happy with the fridge. It works quietly (it is possible to sleep in the same room with it). High-quality materials, it is convenient to rearrange the shelves”.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The shelves are made of durable glass;</li><li>Low power consumption;</li><li>Large volume of the refrigerating chamber;</li><li>Not very much weight;</li><li>Adequate noise level;</li><li>Stylish design;</li><li>Very long self-contained cold preservation;</li><li>The warranty period is extended to two years.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The freezer uses manual defrosting;</li><li>Modest volume of the freezing chamber;</li><li>Not a very high freezing power.</li></ul><h3> Gorenje NRC 6192 TX</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Gorenje NRC 6192 TX

    Another fairly low-end refrigerator in our ranking. Its dimensions are 185x60x64 cm. As is the case with almost all modern models, the freezing chamber is located here at the bottom. Its volume is 85 liters that is sufficient for the majority of customers. Volume of the refrigerating chamber is brought to impressive 222 l. The product meets energy class A++, which is a satisfying result. Interestingly, there is an LCD display on the body, showing the current mode of operation and the temperature in both chambers. This refrigerator is capable of providing superfreezing. It also has a high freezing capacity – at the level of 12 kg per day. But what makes it even more delightful is the fact that it uses the No Frost system inside the freezer compartment. It means that the owner of the appliance will carry out the defrosting very seldom. In fact, it will consist only of wiping the insides of the refrigerating chamber.

    It uses glass as a shelf, which is unlikely to be broken by a giant pot of soup. As practically all drip refrigerators, Gorenje NRC 6192 TX gives an opportunity to hinge the door, because it is not convenient to open it from left to right in every kitchen. As to the noise level, it does not exceed 42 dB. Not a record, but an acceptable parameter. In short, its 37-40 thou. rub. The refrigerator is definitely worth! The buyers understand it as well – this model does not linger in the stores.

    Advantages of

    • There is a deodorizer with ionization;
    • Vacation” and “Super-freezing” modes are available;
    • The freezer compartment has the No Frost system;
    • Large volume of the refrigerating chamber;
    • There is an antibacterial coating;
    • High freezing capacity;
    • The weight is 68 kg;
    • Relatively low noise level;
    • High power consumption class;
    • For selecting the mode of operation the LCD display is used.


    • The volume of the freezing chamber will not suit everybody;
    • Not the longest retention of cold.

    osch KGV39XW22R

    Rating: 4.7

    Bosch KGV39XW22R

    This drip refrigerator is available in two color variants. In most cases it is possible to find the device with the traditional white body in stores, however, there is also a version painted in beige color – it looks a little more interesting. On the background of some competitors, the fridge stands out for its height that reaches 200 cm. The device can also boast of having antibacterial coating inside the refrigerating chamber. By the way, its volume is 257 liters – it is difficult to imagine a family that will not be satisfied with this parameter. As for the freezer, its volume reaches 94 liters.

    This model belongs to power consumption class A+. It is necessary to note that the refrigerator has turned out almost noiseless. And it also has LED lighting, which is notable for its economy and brightness. You should be happy that it keeps your food cold for up to 22 hours. The possibility of re-hanging the doors is also present here. However, this can boast all models that made it to our rating.

    In Russian retail chains Bosch KGV39XW22R is on sale for 35 thousand euros. rubles. In conditions of rather high dollar rate it can be rather called cheap. What did the manufacturer save on?? Yes, the creation of this budget kitchen beauty could not do without simplifications – first of all, the buyer will pay attention to the absence here of the LCD display. Here the push-button control is realized. The appropriate keys are located inside the refrigerator and are hidden from the eyes of your kitchen guests. Also, not everybody will be satisfied with the freezing capacity that does not exceed 5 kg/day. As to the rest, it is difficult to find fault with this drop-in refrigerator. There are glass shelves installed, which are unlikely to disappoint. And even the weight cannot be called critical – it is 72 kg (according to other sources – 74 kg).


    • Large volume of refrigerator and freezer chambers;
    • Very low noise level (up to 38 dB);
    • There is a temperature indication;
    • Glass shelves are used;
    • Long enough to keep the cold for a long time;
    • Not a very high cost;
    • Two color variants are available;
    • Bright LED backlight.


    • Low freezing capacity;
    • Manual defrosting of the freezer compartment;
    • The power consumption class could be higher.

    ATLANT XM 4625-101

    Rating: 4.7

    ATLANT XM 4625-101

    One of the most inexpensive drop-in refrigerators in our rating. Russian retail chains are asking about 25-27 thousand for this appliance. rub. This is not much, especially when you consider that the height of this model reaches an impressive 207 cm. The secret of the low price tag lies in the fact that the refrigerator is manufactured on the territory of Russia – there is no need to deliver it to the store from somewhere in Europe. Also Russian engineers have greatly simplified the control – it consists of only a few buttons and there is no LCD display here at all. But the manufacturer took care of antibacterial coating. It is noticed that it allows to keep food fresh a little bit longer.

    If you take a look at this fridge, you will immediately notice the almost equal size of both doors. This indicates that the volume of refrigerator and freezer compartments are very similar, if not identical. Indeed, it is 205 and 159 liters respectively. If you like to keep a big stock of ready meals and meat products at home? Then the ATLANT XM 4625-101 was created exactly for you! It’s hard to imagine a person who can’t get enough of such a large freezer. The refrigerating compartment cannot be called small either, because the foodstuffs of an average Russian family can just fit in here.

    Please note that the minimum temperature in the freezer is -18°C. Many drip freezers are capable of reaching -24°C. Another thing is whether such a low temperature is necessary? As for the freezing capacity, it reaches 7.2 kg per day – quite an acceptable result.

    Despite the LED lighting that is used here, the fridge consumes 323 kWh per year. As a result, the experts awarded the appliance energy class A+. In short, not the best result. But the unit can brag of its quiet work – one can hardly hear it in the kitchen. Also the product has got glass shelves. It is important because the metal shelves can sag under the weight of some heavy pans with soup. Weight of the fridge is 76 kg.


    • Quiet operation;
    • It comes with glass shelves;
    • Low cost;
    • Not a bad freezing capacity;
    • The freezer is huge;
    • Bright LED illumination;
    • There is antibacterial protection.


    • Manual defrosting of the freezer;
    • It is not convenient to reach the top shelf;
    • Rather high power consumption.

    EKO RCSK 335M20 W

    Rating: 4.6

    BEKO RCSK 335M20 W

    Has to be the simplest refrigerator imaginable right now. At least when we talk about devices with a drip defrosting system. For the price of 23 thousand rubles for the freezer. rub. The buyer receives a roomy device that has the height of 201 cm. The total volume of internal space is 331 l. The freezing chamber has 118 l of capacity, which, it seems, will suit the majority of buyers. It is to be noted that inside the 213-liter refrigerating chamber there is an antibacterial coating – for such an inexpensive device it seems unexpected. And also the glass shelves pleasantly surprise – usually cheaper refrigerators receive shelves from metal or even plastic. But most of all some people will be pleased with the weight not exceeding 58 kg. Two grown men should have no problem to carry such a refrigerator to the kitchen.

    In spite of its budget status, this model is able to boast of sound indication of an open door. And also the freezing capacity, reaching 7 kg per day is pleasantly surprising. And if you also remember about the temperature display, then you do not understand why the device was so low cost. The price tag seems to have been influenced by the aging rotary switches that regulate the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. It’s also worth noting that this fridge makes slightly more noise than the competitors discussed above. And it consumes relatively little electricity, even for its class A+. If you like accuracy, the appliance consumes about 294 kWh of electricity each year.

    It is a pity that in the territory of Russia such a drop-in refrigerator is sold by the minimum quantity of retail chains. Otherwise, it could have become a real hit! Though, maybe that’s the reason why the fridge isn’t available in the retail chains, because it sells out very quickly?

    Advantages of

    • Not very high power consumption;
    • There is an audible indication of an open door;
    • Not bad power of freezing;
    • Large volume of the freezing and refrigerating chamber;
    • The glass shelves are used;
    • There is an antibacterial coating;
    • Low weight;
    • Very low cost.


    • Manual defrosting of the freezer compartment;
    • Simple rotary switches are used.

    Which is better: NoFrost or drip refrigerator?

    Why the drip fridge is called exactly that? It’s very simple. Behind its back wall there is a special evaporator. Condensate regularly forms on it and drips into the tray designed for it. Some people call such refrigerators “crying” – indeed, the dripping drops look like tears. The sides of the refrigerator and freezer compartments usually remain dry. However, if the compressor works too actively, small icicles can appear on them.

    NoFrost technology is noticeably more complex. The cooler that comes with it also has an evaporator in the rear compartment. However, such a device additionally receives several fans – they not only cool the air, but also ensure its constant circulation through the chambers. As a result, the condensate here, if it is released, then in minimal amounts – to empty a special container will have once in six months or even a year.

    Many people understand that it is better to buy a refrigerator that supports NoFrost. But there is an obvious limiting factor: the price. Such devices are sold at a much higher price. Sometimes the price difference with almost the same parameters is twice as much! However, let’s take a look at what other advantages and disadvantages the two technologies have.



    Drip system

    Low cost

    In the freezer compartment all the same gradually appears ice

    Wide range of refrigerators

    It takes quite a while to regain the lost temperature

    Low power consumption

    Rear wall always wet

    The noise produced depends only on the compressor

    Regular defrosting is required

    The chambers usually have a large volume

    Temperatures at the bottom are very different from those at the top


    Please note, the above disadvantages are not applicable to all refrigerators with the NoFrost system. The development of such devices does not stand still, in connection with which some models are still free of some or other disadvantages. Nevertheless, in this article we will take a closer look at drip fridges. Below you will learn about what models are considered the best among those present on the Russian market of such equipment.


    That’s the end of the story. Now you know how a drip refrigerator differs from a device that supports NoFrost technology. You also know what models to look out for. And don’t forget that even the best fridge has some drawbacks that you have to live with. We mention it frankly.

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