7 best combi steamers

*Editor’s top picks. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

The combi steamer is a multifunctional device that replaces several appliances in the kitchen. Its main advantage is maximum preservation of nutrients in food. The chamber is used for steaming, baking, roasting, blanching, and baking. Different modes enable to create the same dish in different ways. There are many other advantages of this unique kitchen appliance. Food cooks faster than in conventional appliances. Meat and fish dishes keep their juiciness and tenderness. The masses of raw and cooked product are almost identical. Convenient settings allow you to choose pre-programmed recipes or create your own.

There are several things to consider before buying a combi steamer. This is the area of the kitchen where it will be installed, the intended range of dishes, the peculiarities of production. Our review includes the units that are most in demand on the market. The new easyDial 20 has already been tried and tested by expert chefs and justifies its positive qualities.

Best combi steamers

Nominationlocationproduct nameprice
The best combi steamers for large production1Rational CM 202 Plus combi steamer2 382 720 €
2RETIGO B2021b Combi steamer, electric, boiler1 410 390 €
3Convotherm 4 easyDial 20 combi steamer.10 EB + ConvoClean1 523 325 €
The best combi-steamers for small and medium-sized catering companies1Rational CM 61 Plus (automatic cleaning)649 116 €
2The Lainox NAEB071+SCS combi steamer540 530 €
3UNOX Cheftop MIND.Maps XEVC-1011-EPR388 060 €
4Fagor AE-061208 755 €

Best combi steamers for large production facilities

Rational CM 202 Plus combi steamer

Rating: 5.0

RATIONAL CM 202 PLUS combi steamer

First place takes the best of all current offers, which will satisfy the needs of large enterprises: restaurants, cafes, food production. Maximum capacity: 300-500 portions per day. The unit combines the functions of a steam cooker, convection oven, stove, fryer, oven and fryer. It is made of high-strength stainless steel. The manufacturer has thought of every detail to maximize the safety of staff in the kitchen.

The door does not heat up from the outside because it is equipped with a heat reflective coating and double glazing. The model is equipped with a 5-speed fan and is water-resistant to IPX5 international standard. Cleaning is done with built-in shower with adjustable stream pressure. The car wash has three programs. Innovative technology guarantees uniform baking and preservation of all useful properties of food. Enables the option of rapid and safe oven cooling if required.

CM 202 Plus operates in three modes: fresh, dry, combined steam. 5-step regulation allows you to set the optimum temperature for the food. Among the additional options: left-side opening door, security lock, energy optimization, fat drain complex and many other convenient and useful features. The average price of the model is 2.3 million. rubles.

RETIGO B2021b combi steamer, electric, boiler

Rating: 4.9

RETIGO B2021B.webp

Second place goes to the unit, which will be the optimal equipment in fast-food cafes, restaurants, public canteens. Already preloaded with the most popular recipes. It is also possible to set the modes and settings by yourself. Buying a model, you can replace the usual stove and oven, steam and convection ovens in the kitchen. It is designed for all types of food processing, it will preserve the juice and flavor in meat, in vegetables – all the nutritional components.

A total of 4 modes: hot air (30-300°), combined (30-300°), steaming (30-130°), bio-cooking (30-98°). The steam combi steamer is equipped with 20 levels with the distance between them 6,5 cm. It has a built-in 6-zone probe, loading cart. For hygienic cleaning it uses a shower with soft water dispersion. B2021b is equipped with automatic dishwasher. Features low power and water consumption.

Automatic descaling protects the boiler from breakdowns. The door is not heated. The touch panel is very easy to operate. The device copes with its tasks perfectly. It is widely used in sanatoria and other catering establishments, where dietary meals are included, as well as in those where the menu is based on the principles of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Approximate price: 1.5 million. rubles.

Convotherm 4 easyDial 20.10 EB + ConvoClean

Rating: 4.8


On the third line is the representative of the German brand, which not only saves the efforts of chefs, but also time due to the special technology AdvanceCloseSystem +, which allows you to cook different dishes simultaneously. Meat, baked goods, vegetables do not mingle odors and flavors. Air-distributing baffle, even at maximum unit load, ensures uniform baking of foods on all levels.

The cooking cabinet is cleaned automatically. All surfaces with the most frequent touches are coated with a material with silver ions. This provides antibacterial effect without using special disinfectants. The main functions include steam baking, combination steaming, convection, 5-step baking, 5-step humidification and ventilation, and fast cooking.

Control panel includes 99 programs with 20 steps each. With external probe, remote control and anti evaporation system. You can order the combi steamer with options to suit your individual requirements. Several versions are available for installation in naval, prison and other specialty kitchens. Model base price: 1500 000 rubles.

Best combi steamers for small and medium-sized food service companies

Rational CM 61 Plus (automatic cleaning)

Rating: 4.9


The leader in this category is a reliable new generation appliance, which will help to cook tasty and healthy meals of the highest quality. It combines a steam cooker and a convection oven. The chamber has 6 loading levels. Powerful steam generator fills automatically with water. The control is electromechanical. 100 recipes in 6 steps are pre-set in the memory. Model has 5-speed fan, built-in probe. Active climate control and fast cooling functions.

Individual settings allow you to create food according to original recipes. These are temperature inside the chamber and inside the product, cooking time, operating modes. The appliance is made of stainless steel. The outer surfaces do not heat up. The door has an air gap and inserted seals that are easy to replace. The model is equipped with an option of active moisture removal.

Temperature ranges from 30°C to 300°C. It is a steam, air and their combination. Working chamber is executed without sharp angles and joints for safety at high accumulation of liquid. Built-in shower – with infinitely adjustable flow control and override function. The model has a manual cleaning program. The combi steamer stands out because of its combination of small size and high performance. Its price is within 650000 rubles.

Lainox NAEB071+SCS combi steamer

Rating: 4.8


Silver Prize winner – a steam combi steamer that will provide restaurants, cafes and culinary saloons with multifunctional equipment. High resolution touch screen. Automatic cooking system enables you to cook different cuisines of the world without being involved in the process. You can also create your own recipes. Body and cooking chamber are made of stainless steel 0,1 cm thick. The interior surfaces are rounded and seamless for quick and safe cleaning. The camera has a bright backlight. Double glazed door with heat reflecting glass.

6-speed reversible fan ensures even baking of the pastry. Special system prevents scale formation in the boiler. The hand shower can be used to wash the chamber. There are also powder car wash programs. 1kg of cleaning agent and boiler cartridges are included.

Four-point core probe with 3 mm diameter. Among the additional options: a neutral curing cabinet, the system of reduction of energy consumption, a needle probe, an extractor hood, grill, assembly stand. Model offers high performance and optimal set of functions for medium-sized businesses. Cost of basic configuration: about 580 thousand rubles.

UNOX Cheftop MIND combi steamer.Maps XEVC-1011-EPR

Rating: 4.7

Steam cooker UNOX CHEFTOP MIND.MAPS XEVC-1011-EPR.webp

The Italian combi steamer with an intelligent control system deservedly takes the third place. With it, you can create any recipe, record the process and save it in the memory. It is both manual dialing and drawing curves on the panel with a special pencil indicating temperature, humidity, fan operation mode. It is possible to store up to 256 individual user settings. The preset programs will also be able to satisfy haute cuisine establishments with a variety of healthy dishes and gourmet delicacies.

The unit holds 10 levels with a guide rail spacing of 0.67 cm. Special technology ensures thermal efficiency and safety for employees. Modes are quite diverse: convection 30-260 °, steam 35-130 °, their combination 35-260 °, dry air 30-260 °, humidity + convection.

Automatic cleaning function with 4 modes. Detergent reservoir is integrated into the chamber. The water level is controlled during cleaning. Model includes auxiliary functions: temperature unit selection, chamber preheating to 260°, process time indication without using the main sensor. The price of the combi steamer: 370000 rubles on average.

Fagor AE-061 combi steamer

Rating: 4.6

FAGOR AE-061.webp

On the fourth line is a unit made in Spain. Mixing of smells is excluded during the process, so you can cook meat, fish, vegetables and bakery simultaneously. All products retain their healthy properties and do not lose weight. A total of 6 levels. Touch control panel is very clear and convenient. You can fully automate the process by installing pre-set programs or choose the temperature mode and method of action yourself.

Available in 5 versions with a maximum temperature of 300°. These are steam, convection, combination, regeneration and low temperature steam. The built-in fan has three speeds and two powers. Autoreverse changes direction. Temperature probe included. Limescale is removed in semi-automatic mode. For cleaning the chamber has a built-in retractable shower. It is designed with strongly rounded corners to reduce the risk of injury during washing.

The door is equipped with heat-resistant glass that prevents external heating. Feet are adjustable according to the surface of the installation. Model combines all necessary functions to reduce manual labor costs and increase production efficiency. Due to its compact size, the combi steamer is ideal for small production areas of retail outlets, cafeterias, and restaurants. The cost of the unit without additional options: 270000 rubles.

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