6 best Polaris multicookers

No household appliance store’s range is without Polaris multicookers. They are serious competition to other brands and are quite affordable. It remains to find a suitable model for cost and functionality.

How to choose a multicooker

In order not to miscalculate with the purchase, you should heed some recommendations:

  1. Power. The more powerful heating element – the faster cooking.
  2. Volume.A three liter bowl is good for 1-2 people. The volume of five liters is the optimal solution for 3-4 users.
  3. Programs.The most necessary programs – boiling, stewing, baking, frying. It is good, if there is a function Pilaf and Multicook, Baking, Soup and Yogurt, steaming.
  4. It is better if the bowl has handles that allow you to get the hot reservoir.
  5. Bowl coating.It is worth choosing a product with a ceramic coating. It is safer than Teflon.
  6. Functions.Automatic temperature maintenance, shutdown, 3-D heating functions would not be superfluous.
  7. Choose a model with rubber feet and a moisture collector.
  8. Controls. The control tool should be as convenient and understandable as possible.
  9. Safety.Safety is not the least in the choice of multicooker. It is better if the device will have a fixed power cord.
  10. What about Accessories, Almost all Polaris multicookers are equipped with a basket for steaming, a spatula, a spoon, a multi-cup and a recipe book. Future owners of multicookers should read a review of the best models of kitchen devices, which are presented in different price categories. Rating is based on the opinions of consumers.

Rating of the best Polaris multicookers

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Best Polaris multicookers rating1Polaris EVO 0446DS7 930€
2Polaris PMC 0566D4 610€
3Polaris EVO 02255 859€
4Polaris PMC 0556D4 470€
5Polaris PMC 0517AD3 480€
6Polaris PMC 0516ADG3 610€

olaris EVO 0446DS

Score : 4.8

Polaris EVO 0446DS

Polaris EVO 0446DS multicooker is rightly on the top of the rating. Its distinctive features include a modern design, intuitive control panel, a large selection of cooking programs. Bowl for five liters. In addition to the touch screen display, there is a dial control that allows you to set the hours and minutes of operation. In case of power failure, the set program is stored for one hour.

Buyers liked the removable steam valve, built-in scales for automatic determination of food weight. They say that the pies bake evenly and the first dishes are cooked in a very short time. However, many would like to see the function of the control panel lock. In addition, this is one of the most expensive multicookers brand “Polaris”.


  • more than 30 programs;
  • large informative display;
  • built-in scales;
  • uniform heating;
  • temperature control;
  • modern design.


  • Relatively high price.

olaris PMC 0566D

Rating: 4.7

Polaris PMC 0566D

Polaris PMC 0566D is equipped with a 5-liter Teflon-coated bowl. The power of the heating element – 1000 watts. Owners have a choice of 18 automatic modes. Among them, there is a manual multi-cooker program. The lid is easy to hinge and the feet are firmly on the surface. Thus, from a technical point of view, the device has been thought out in every detail. Can not fail to please the simple controls with a minimum of buttons, unusual design, the function of delayed start for up to a day and auto-heating.

Owners say that the device works steadily, it has all the necessary modes and nothing unnecessary. The price of the product ranges from 5400 to 8800 rubles.


  • original design;
  • 18 autoprograms;
  • auto-heating;
  • strong power;
  • stable operation;
  • sophisticated controls.


  • no.

olaris EVO 0225

Rating: 4.7

Polaris EVO 0225

The main feature of the next ranking model is the Wi-Fi function, which allows you to control the multicooker and download your favorite recipes from your phone based on Android and iOS. Consumers choose Polaris EVO 0225 for its high power, variety of cooking modes, “Multicooker Plus” function and five-liter ceramic bowl. The 3D heating function has a positive effect on the baking quality. Plastic case superficially resembles the multicooker PMC 0527D. The device has a device for carrying, rubberized feet.

Customers like the big beautiful screen. They consider the complete set of equipment optimal. This includes a multi-cup, a container for steaming, two spoons, a jar for yogurt, a recipe book. The average cost reaches eight thousand rubles.


  • wi-fi module;
  • optimal equipment;
  • comfortable insertion;
  • large display;
  • sufficient power;
  • non-slip feet.


  • not everyone can afford the price.

olaris PMC 0556D

Rating: 4.6

Polaris PMC 0556D

The PMC 0556D is a kitchen appliance with a wide. This multicooker has 21 programs, ceramic coated container, auto-heat and delayed strat function. Particular attention should be paid to 3D-heating, “My recipe” mode, touch control.

The body is made of black plastic. Heating is achieved thanks to the power of 860 W. In case of power failure, the settings program is saved up to twenty minutes. The bowl can be washed in the dishwasher. Easy to operate the appliance thanks to the display with 8 touch keys. There is a removable container for condensation. The average price – 5200 rubles.


  • three-dimensional heating;
  • easy cleaning;
  • refractory bowl holders;
  • Liquid crystal display of digital type;
  • backlit display;
  • Durability.


  • No serious disadvantages.

olaris PMC 0517AD

Rating: 4.5

Polaris PMC 0517AD

The next model in the rating is worthy of the money they ask for it. Reviews about the multicooker are mostly positive. Kitchen device is characterized by reliability, fast cooking of delicious food, versatility. This is one of the best devices with ceramic bowls in the price range of 4-7 thousand. rubles. Powerfullness is 860 W. In total, the multicooker has 16 automatic cooking programs. In manual mode, you can change the time and temperature.

Buyers note that the technique works quietly, the bowl is easy to clean, but condensation can spread to the sides from under the lid. When cooking for the first time, the smell of plastic is possible. The price starts from 5700 rubles.


  • low price and high quality;
  • Durable bowl;
  • High speed cooking;
  • multifunctionality;
  • stylish appearance.


  • condensation under the lid;
  • primitive accessories in the kit.

olaris PMC 0516ADG

Rating: 4.5

Polaris PMC 0516ADG

At the end of the rating it is worth saying about the model Polaris PMC 0516ADG, which will decorate any kitchen and simplify the regular cooking. The device has a good technical equipment – a five-liter bowl coated with ceramic, convenient handles for the tank, 16 automatic programs, the function “Multicooker”. The lid has a glass inset, through which you can watch the cooking process.

In the kit there is a book with recipes. The owners of the multicooker note that pies in it do not always turn out well. The top of the baking remains white. Average price tag – 3100 rubles. This is the best value for a stylish and multifunctional appliance.


  • a modern design solution;
  • ceramic coating;
  • delayed start;
  • easy care;
  • convenient control;
  • Comfortable handles on the cup;
  • electronic control.


  • poor dessert baking.
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