16 best multicookers

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Multicookers are steadily high in demand and popularity on the Russian market because of its wide functionality, ease of operation and automatic cooking a variety of dishes. Today’s review will focus on this type of kitchen appliances.

To compile our rating, we have selected 16 multicookers from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. To review was as objective as possible, we focused not only on brand awareness and functionality of the technique, but also on real customer reviews, which we took from publicly available reputable resources such as Yandex.Market, otziv-, . Only verified reviews from users who confirmed the purchase were taken into account. In addition, the information was checked for consistency and compliance with the real technical characteristics of a particular model of multicooker.

In the review there are 5 most popular nominations (different price ranges, different functionality) that allows the reader to go directly to the section of interest and to familiarize with presented there models.

How to choose the right multicooker

When choosing a multicooker, the following criteria should be considered:

  1. Volume.
  2. Functionality.
  3. Principle of operation.

On the domestic market there are multicookers from different manufacturers with a bowl volume from 1 to 9 liters. Most models are equipped with a capacity of 4-5 liters, which is enough for a family of 3-4 people. It is necessary to select the volume not only according to the number of family members, but also taking into account the individual habits. For example, if the family is used to cooking new dishes every day, then the point of buying a multicooker with a large bowl is lost. If the habits of the family to cook at once for a week or at least 3-4 days, it makes sense to buy a multicooker with a more voluminous bowl.

Functionality– One of the key criteria for choosing. Manufacturers try to attract potential customers with a large range of programs, innovative cooking solutions and other “chips”. In fact, it is not necessary to chase a large number of automatic modes, because in practice will be used 2-3 basic programs (depending on culinary preferences). What is really useful – it is a mode with the ability to change the preset time and temperature settings, or create their own recipes. Such a program may have various names, depending on the manufacturer of such appliances – “my recipe +”, “master chef”, “multi cooker”, etc.d. This one program can replace almost all of the built-in automatic modes.

It will not be superfluous timerOn-off mode and the ability to set a delayed start. These useful options will help to fully automate the operation of the multicooker and assign individual cooking time.

Fans of newfangled culinary trends will be delighted with multicookers,Allowing to cook by Sous-Vide technology. It is a long stew in a low-temperature mode (about 60 degrees), which allows to maximize the preservation of useful substances and structure of the product compared to the traditional high-temperature action.

According to the principle of operation multicookers are divided intoOn the traditional and induction. In the first case, the heating is carried out with the help of a heating element, which is located in the lower part of the housing. The heat from the heater is gradually transferred more and more to the food inside it. At the moment on the Russian market such multicookers are in vast majority.

Appliances from the second groupWorks on a different principle – inside instead of a heating element, inductors are built in, creating an EMI, interacting with ferromagnetic pots (cast iron, stainless steel). When a metal bowl comes in contact with the electromagnetic field, heat is released and immediately transferred to the products. As a result – almost instant output on a given level of heating and maintaining temperature with high accuracy. Induction multicookers not only cook faster but use about 30% less electricity in comparison with similar in power traditional models.

Also some of the multicookers can haveA number of additional options, which can be very useful for some users – control via an application on a smartphone, integration into the “smart home” system, the ability to use not only the regular bowl, but also other cookware (for example, a frying pan) for cooking.

The right multicooker will serve for a long time and will delight its owners with healthy, tasty and varied dishes.

About the manufacturers of multicookers

Until the early 2000s, almost no one in the market of Russia and the CIS countries had heard of the existence of such equipment as a multicooker. Around 2004-2005, the first two models from Panasonic appeared, which for quite a long time did not arouse any interest in the buyer. Here played an important role the difference between the Asian and European mentality. The prototype of a multicooker was a rice cooker, without which it would be impossible to imagine equipping a modern Asian kitchen. Such equipment allowed to cook rice and other cereals automatically without human intervention. It gave a perfect result – the grains were not overcooked and the rice itself was crumbly. It seemed irrational for our people to buy equipment that will cook porridges and cook cereals, which is perfectly coped with by any housewife without assistance. But practicality, convenience and additional functions (stewing, frying, first courses and even baking) have brought multicookers well-deserved popularity.

A real breakthrough in the Russian marketand in the whole post-Soviet space happened with the advent of the brand REDMOND, which introduced a wide range of multicookers of various types: from compact basic models to modern multifunctional devices with remote control and the ability to integrate into the “smart home” system. The company has conducted an aggressive marketing policy, which has led to almost complete dominance of their products over competitors. Despite a wide range of products (kettle, irons, other small appliances), many users associate the name REDMOND exclusively with the multicooker.

Around 2015Well-known European companies such as Bosch, Tefal, Philips in an attempt to win back the market, began to produce their multivarkers, but still lost REDMOND in the range and some technological aspects. REDMOND had some worthy competitors only a couple of years ago with the entry of Polaris and ENDEVER.

In the cheap price rangeThe range also includes Scarlett and Vitesse multicookers, while in the middle price group and the category of innovative models with smart control and induction heating, REDMOND, Polaris and ENDEVER have the upper hand.

Best Multicookers

Best Inexpensive Multicookers4Vitesse VS-5891 905 €
3Scarlett SC-MC410S212 500 €
2ENDEVER VITA-953 399 €
1REDMOND RMC-M223 367 €
Best multicookers in the middle price category3REDMOND RMC-M964 890 €
2ENDEVER VITA-1005 190 €


  • ps HD3136/03 Viva Collection
  • 7 050 €
    The best compact multicooker for a small family3Tefal RK6011325 000 €
    2REDMOND RMC-034 470 €

    olaris PMC 0360D

    3 799 €
    Best Induction Multicooker3REDMOND RMC-IHM3016 099 €

    olaris PMC 0489IH

    11 990 €
    1Tefal RK807D3211 100 €
    Best Multifunctional Smart Multicookers3REDMOND SkyCooker M903S7 490 €

    olaris PMC 0526 IQ Home

    7 999 €
    1REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S8 488 €

    The best inexpensive multicookers

    In the category best inexpensive multicookers you can find 4 models from renowned foreign manufacturers. As a price range, we were guided by the price of equipment from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles.

    Each of the selected models is considered the best in its product group, as well as it is optimal combination of price, functionality and practicality. Despite their similarity, we were able to find in each model its own “zest” and features that may be useful for those who are still undecided about the choice of a particular multicooker.

    Vitesse VS-589

    Rating: 4.3

    Vitesse VS-589

    Vitesse VS-589 is a multicooker from a well-known French brand that produces quality cookware and small kitchen appliances. The model is assembled in China in a modern factory under the supervision of representatives of the company. The official warranty is 1 year, and to find, if necessary, a service center in different regions of the Russian Federation will not be a problem.

    Despite the budget price, the model is assembled quite well, the lid does not bend, there is no backlash, and the body is made of metal. Standard lid, like all multicookers – with a button to open the bowl and pressure relief valve. The presence of a handle allows you to comfortably transport the device. The lid can be easily removed and loaded into the dishwasher, which makes caring for your appliance much easier. Not all multicooker models have such an option.

    The controls are on the front side of the body. Display in the center, 5 buttons at the bottom (one big red “start” and 4 on each side to select options). The russified control panel allows you to easily select the desired mode of operation. Model supports 10 integrated automatic programs – from steaming to baking. The display will show the time until the end of the program and other useful data.

    In addition to simple and convenient menu multicooker is equipped with automatic function to keep warm, as well as a delayed start mode. Bowl capacity is 7 liters, which allows you to prepare a large number of first courses, side dishes or compotes.

    Set of delivery will also please housewives, because in addition to multicooker manufacturer has put in a box with a container for steaming, measuring cup, recipe book, spoon and ladle.

    According to the resource, users praise the large bowl volume, the wide range of automatic programs, and the stylish appearance of the model. From the disadvantages, consumers often point out the high consumption of electricity and the fact that in some cases the food burns.

    We recommend the Vitesse VS-589 multicooker as a budget-friendly but functional appliance, which can fully replace more expensive analogues. The model is ideal for people who have never used such devices before, and are not ready to overpay for the brand and extra options.


    • 10 automatic programs.
    • Metal body.
    • Good equipment.
    • LCD display.
    • Timer with delayed start.


    • Sometimes the food burns (according to user reviews).

    Scarlett SC-MC410S21

    Rating: 4.4

    Scarlett SC-MC410S21

    Continues our review multicooker Scarlett SC-MC410S21, which has ample features that may be the envy of more expensive and well-known analogues. The model is covered by a one-year factory warranty.

    The manufacturer offers a large menu with 28 automatic programs, including “my recipe. This option allows you to set individual settings for cooking your own recipe. One of the features of the model – the ability to change the settings of any program that allows you to make custom adjustments to the cooking process.

    The model is equipped with a 5 liter bowl with triple non-stick coating, which guarantees a long life span and extra protection against mechanical damage.

    The control panel occupies almost the entire front of the case, where in addition to the list of programs there is a display. Quasi-touch buttons (the buttons are hidden behind the smooth surface, but unlike the sensor, you have to physically touch rather than physically touch) with a Russian inscription for quick selection of the appropriate operating mode.

    The body of the multicooker is made in silver, and all around the perimeter there is an image stylized as an urban landscape.

    The plastic lid has a built-in valve for steam escape and an opening button, and on the side there is a removable reservoir to collect condensation, which must be emptied from time to time.

    According to the resource Yandex.Market, the multicooker is rated 4.6, while the product is recommended by 90% of users. Most respondents note the optimal ratio between price and quality, extensive functionality and easy operation. No serious flaws detected.

    A wide range of features, affordability, ease of operation and care allowed the Scarlett SC-MC410S21 to take one of the leading places in our ranking in the category of the best inexpensive multicookers.


    • 28 programs.
    • My recipe” option.
    • Bowl with triple non-stick coating.
    • Removable condensate container.


    • The lid can not be removed.
    • No ability to disable auto-heat.


    Rating: 4.6


    Continues our review multicooker ENDEVER VITA-95, which differs from most analogues in its price category with a wide range of features. The model has 45 built-in automatic programs that allow cooking almost any dish – from pizza, pasta and porridge to chłodniki and baking.

    The factory warranty on the multicooker is 1 year, and a large network of service centers will solve all the problems of repairing appliances even after the expiration of the warranty period.

    The menu occupies almost the entire front of the body. On the top there is a display and main controls (power button, delayed start, time setting, turn off auto-heat), and at the bottom there is a list of modes and start button. The menu is fully russified, so you can easily select the desired program. There is also the possibility of adjusting the time, which allows you to customize the process of cooking your favorite dish.

    The bowl has a capacity of 5 liters, which is enough for a family of 3-4 people. Non-stick bowl is easy to clean by hand or dishwasher.

    According to open online service Yandex.Market, the model received the prestigious “buyers’ choice” mark with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. All 100% users recommend it for purchase. Among the positive moments owners noted the high quality of assembling and a large selection of automatic programs. The disadvantages some users attribute to not very convenient menu, as you have to repeatedly press the selection button to get to a particular recipe (especially if it is located at the end of the list of modes).

    We recommend the ENDEVER VITA-95 multicooker to all users who want to cook various dishes quickly and in automatic mode with minimal own participation.


    • 45 automatic programs.
    • Delayed start.
    • Russified menu.
    • Optimal power level (1000 W).


    • No audible signal to end the program.
    • Not very convenient menu (in the opinion of users).


    Rating: 4.7


    Finishes our review of inexpensive multicooker model REDMOND RMC-M22, which has a balanced functionality and a few options, typical for equipment of a higher level.

    On multicooker manufacturer’s standard warranty of 24 months. The official service centers are available in almost any city in Russia, so you won’t have any problems with the repair of technology.

    The multicooker is made in a traditional form factor and has a sleek design. The stainless steel body is complemented by a lid and bottom of black glossy plastic. The control module is in the front on top. The central part is occupied by the display, on the sides there is a list of modes, and at the bottom there are 8 buttons, by which the multicooker is controlled. The availability of 10 automatic programs will allow you to cook a wide range of dishes.

    On the side of the body there is a special plastic “ear”, which is convenient to leave a spoon, so that it was always at hand. On the opposite side is a reservoir to collect condensation, which is easily removed for emptying.

    The model has received two options, which are usually present in appliances of a higher class – a “multicooker” mode and “masterchef light”. Activation of the first mode allows you to adjust the temperature from 35 to 170 degrees in increments of 5 degrees. The “masterchef light” function allows you to adjust the temperature for any program, even during cooking. Both functions are designed for more experienced cooks who want to go beyond the auto settings to cook their own author’s dishes individually with the possibility of adjusting the parameters.

    According to the service Yandex.Market, the model is rated 4.6 out of 5 and 95% of consumers recommend this multicooker. Based on the analysis of more than 600 reviews from real owners of this model, we can conclude that among the advantages of the respondents note adequate cost, ease of operation and fast cooking, and as the drawbacks some consumers indicated a non-removable lid, as well as inconsistency of the stated volume of the bowl (5 l) to the real (inside the vessel is a 4 l mark).

    The laconic design, availability of additional options, simple operation and thoughtful design have allowed REDMOND RMC-M22 to take one of the leading places in the rating of the best inexpensive multicookers.


    • Multicooker mode.
    • The “masterchef light” function.
    • Button to turn off the auto-heat.
    • Easy to use.
    • Stainless steel case.
    • Removable container for condensation.


    • The lid is not schematic (according to user reviews).

    The best multicookers in the average price category

    This category includes multicookers in the price range of 5-8 thousand rubles. Choosing the best models was not easy, because this segment is dominated by products from REDMOND. In order for the review to be objective and diverse, we found several worthy options that not only managed to compete with REDMOND multicookers, but also in some characteristics surpass them.


    Rating: 4.6


    Opens our review in this category multicooker REDMOND RMC-M96. The model is made in a futuristic design that distinguishes it from most other manufacturers analogues. All the front part of the body is occupied by a touch screen control panel. The absence of protruding buttons and perfectly smooth surface significantly facilitates maintenance of the technique.

    The model has a folding handle for easy carrying, and is also equipped with a container to collect condensation.

    The user can access 19 automatic programs, which are shown on the display. Multicooker function allows you to change the temperature settings to prepare your own author’s dishes.

    Among the premium options we can mention the possibility of cooking with Sous-Vide technology (low-temperature cooking for many hours in a vacuum pack), which allows you to preserve maximum product structure and all the nutrients. The “masterchef light” function allows you to adjust the time and temperature directly during cooking.

    A special attention should be paid to the pan with a Japanese non-stick coating from DAIKIN, which is characterized by high mechanical strength, and also allows you to cook various products without oil.

    According to user reviews on the resource otziv-and . The vast majority of users recommend this model for purchase. Among the positive aspects of technology respondents indicate convenient touch control, stylish appearance, extensive functionality and practicality in maintenance. Among the disadvantages, some consumers attributed too sharp opening of the lid at the push of a button.

    We recommend the REDMOND RMC-M96 multicooker as a multifunctional device for cooking various dishes, from everyday meals to culinary masterpieces.

    Advantages of

    • Touch control.
    • Japanese DAIKIN non-stick coating.
    • Large recipe book.
    • Sous-Vide cooking mode.
    • Handy carrying handle.
    • Removable inner part of the cover.


    • Plastic case (glossy surface is good for water drops, abrasions and scratches).
    • Too sharp opening of the lid (in the opinion of users).


    Rating: 4.7


    ENDEVER VITA-100 multicooker is made in a modern design and has a wide range of functions, sufficient for cooking a large number of dishes of different complexity.

    The manufacturer departed from the traditional barrel-shaped design and paid a lot of attention to the ergonomics of the body. The lid of the bowl flows seamlessly into the touch control panel, which is at an angle that allows you to comfortably select the desired mode and monitor the main parameters of the cooking process through the display. In the back of the body built a bulk container to collect condensation.

    The user is available 24 programs with different dishes, and the option Master Chef allows you to adjust the temperature mode in the range from 35 to 180 degrees for cooking custom recipes.

    Beginners will be pleased with the ease of operation and the book of recipes from professional chefs.

    The model is equipped with a five-liter bowl with handles, which has a non-stick coating and can be easily removed for washing.

    According to the service Yandex.Market, the model is rated 4.7, and 93% of users recommend it for purchase. Among the undoubted benefits consumers name touch control, easy-to-use menu, fast cooking and a wide range of functions. Some respondents pointed out the lack of burning of food. This can be caused by incorrectly selected programs or incorrectly set temperature mode.

    Modern appearance, thoughtful design of the body, a large number of programs and intuitive controls allowed ENDEVER VITA-100 multicooker to take a worthy place in our review.


    • Modern Appearance.
    • Removable bowl with handles.
    • 24 programs.
    • Touch control panel.


    • Sometimes the food burns (according to the users).


  • Philips HD3136/03 Viva Collection
  • Rating: 4.8

    Philips HD3136/03 Viva Collection

    The Philips HD3136/03 Viva Collection rounds out our review of the best mid-priced multicookers. 2 years warranty for Russia and CIS countries. You get additional service when registering on the official website.

    The model has a modern design, the housing has a combined construction (stainless steel and plastic). Unlike many classic models, the controls are located on the top tilted panel, which is very convenient for quick program setting and visual control.

    The distinctive feature of the model from most analogues – the presence of 3D heating, which spreads heat evenly throughout the whole volume of the bowl. The second interesting feature is the patented heating technology Vita Plus with two heating elements, which cooks the food faster and preserves more vitamins.

    Users have access to 15 automatic programs, as well as a m

      The “ticook” that allows you to configure the settings to suit your recipe.

      The ProKeram bowl deserves special attention due to its thick five-layer walls and nano-ceramic non-stick coating. On the inside of the bowl is a measuring scale in contrasting white color for maximum visualization.

      On the site of Yandex.The Market multivarka has a rating of 4.5 and is recommended by 89% of users. Respondents note the user-friendly interface, good functionality and high-quality cooking (especially rice and other cereals). As the disadvantages, some owners of equipment point out the simple equipment (bowl, steam cooker, recipe book) and a short power cord.


    • The ps HD3136/03 Viva Collection takes its rightful place in our rating because of the innovation, modern design, wide range of functional capabilities and easy control.


      • 3D heating.
      • Vita Plus technology.
      • ProKeram ceramics coated container.
      • 15 different modes.


      • Poor equipment (according to user reviews).
      • A handle-less bowl.

      The best compact multicookers for a small family

      For the category of the best compact multicookers, we have chosen three models that are very popular among buyers due to the optimal combination of small size, good functionality and adequate cost.

      Tefal RK601132

      Rating: 4.7

      Tefal RK601132

      The Tefal RK601132 model opens the review of the category of compact multicookers. The manufacturer provides a two-year factory warranty, and thanks to a well-developed network of service centers and partner companies, to solve the problem with warranty or post-warranty service will be very easy.

      Model has a cube-shaped housing, so the appliance fits even in a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. On-touch control on the lid makes it easy to select the desired program. The model is equipped with 5 automatic modes that allow you to cook porridge, first courses, various casseroles and roasts.

      The function of keeping warm and delayed start will make the cooking process as comfortable as possible. The bowl volume is only 2 liters, which is enough for cooking different dishes for a small family.

      According to Yandex service.Rating from the Market, the model has a very high rating (4.9 out of 5.0), and 100% of consumers recommend it for purchase.

      Among the positive aspects, consumers noted the small size and good functionality, but the disadvantages were very small number of recipes in the book and not very convenient setting time on the timer.

      Thanks to the optimal combination of reasonable price and good functionality, the Tefal RK601132 multicooker takes a worthy position in our rating.


      • Compact body.
      • Touch control.
      • Non-stick bowl coating.


      • Very small book of recipes (according to user reviews).

      REDMOND RMC-03

      Rating: 4.7

      REDMOND RMC-03

      The next model in our review is the REDMOND RMC-03, made in an oval body on four solid legs. The model will please you with economical power consumption (only 350 watts), as well as convenient control on the front panel. On the back of the body is a container to collect condensation

      It offers 9 built-in programs for cooking various dishes in automatic mode, as well as the “Masterchef Lite” function for creating an individual recipe, and “multi-cooking” that allows to adjust the cooking temperature for some dishes.

      The 101 recipe book designed for this multicooker will help you improve your cooking skills.

      In addition to the timer for delayed start and shutdown from useful options we can note the locking of the control panel, which will prevent accidental pressing while taking care of the technique.

      Yandex.Market has rated this model as 4.7, with 94% of consumers recommending it for purchase.

      The REDMOND RMC-03 is one of the best compact multicookers in its price group in terms of functionality to cost ratio, which puts it high in our rating.


      • Convenient operation.
      • Book with 101 recipes.
      • A 2 liter non-stick bowl.
      • Lock control panel.


      • It is not possible to regulate the temperature in all modes.
      • The control is not touch screen.

      olaris PMC 0360D

      Rating: 4.8

      Polaris PMC 0360D

      The Polaris PMC 0360D finishes the review of the best compact multicookers. The model is made in a classic cylindrical body and styled as carbon. On the side of the body is a container to collect condensation. The model has a high functionality, as evidenced by the 76 automatic programs and 200 combinations of cooking modes. It allows you to cook almost any dish, and the availability of the book with author’s recipes will improve your cooking skills. Also it has three separate useful functions – defrost, sterilize and pasteurize. These options will be useful for young mothers, as well as all those who are engaged in home preservation.

      The program “my recipe” allows you to set individual time and temperature settings for cooking your favorite dish.

      Bowl with non-stick coating has a volume of 3 liters, which is enough for cooking various dishes for a small family.

      On the online resource Yandex.Market multicooker received a rating of 4.6 (89% of the respondents would recommend this model). Users appreciated the small size of the device, the large number of programs and the stylish appearance of the multicooker. Of the disadvantages, some consumers note not very convenient menu. To select the desired mode it is necessary to scroll through all the programs in order.

      We recommend the Multicooker Polaris PMC 0360D for its stylish appearance, good functionality and adequate price.


      • 76 programs and 200 cooking modes.
      • Condensate collection container.
      • Compact cylindrical body.
      • Separate programs for sterilization, pasteurization and defrosting.


      • Not very user friendly menu (in the opinion of users).

      The best induction multicookers

      Induction multicookers – a novelty on the Russian market. Instead of a traditional heating element inside them the inductance coils are installed that interact with the ferromagnetic pots. The heating is approximately 30% faster, which can significantly reduce energy consumption.

      To review this category of multicookers, we have chosen three models that not only have a wide range of features, but also are very popular among consumers.


      Rating: 4.8


      Opens the review of induction multicookers REDMOND RMC-IHM301. The model is made in a modern style, so it will perfectly fit into almost any kitchen. On the front there is a touch control panel with russified menu and display. The multicooker has 11 built-in programs, which is enough to cook dishes of varying complexity, including low-temperature Sous-Vide mode. The presence of the “multi-cooking” option allows you to individually set the temperature and cooking time.

      Multilayer bowl of 4 liters has an inner non-stick ceramic coating. The shape of the bowl tapers smoothly at the bottom and somewhat resembles a WOK pan. This design ensures uniform heat distribution and shortens the cooking time.

      According to online resource Yandex.Market, the model was rated 4.8, and among all owners of equipment 94% recommend this product. The vast majority of users are positive about the appearance of the multicooker, the cooking speed and the large selection of programs. Among the disadvantages, some consumers point out the lack of remote control from a smartphone, as well as too high price.

      REDMOND RMC-IHM301 is one of the leaders among induction multicookers due to its simple and intuitive controls, rapid heating, even cooking and low power consumption.


      • Small size (27x26x35 cm).
      • Rich equipment.
      • Sous-Vide cooking technology.
      • Touch control panel.


      • Too high price (according to user reviews).
      • No remote control.

      olaris PMC 0489IH

      Rating: 4.8

      Polaris PMC 0489IH

      Induction Multicooker Polaris PMC 0489IH will delight its owners with ample features – 57 programs and 300 different cooking modes using the function “My recipe +” (the ability to set time and temperature individually heating). Also the possibility of Sous-Vide cooking is implemented. The delivery package includes a booklet with 200 recipes created specially for this model.

      4 L bowl is twice as thick as traditional heating element multicookers and has a Teflon coating inside. Its spherical shape provides even heating that improves the quality of cooking.

      Intuitive control makes it easy to select the desired mode or adjust individual settings.

      According to the service Yandex.Market, the model received the prestigious “buyer’s choice” mark and has a rating of 4.9 of 5.0 (97% of users recommend the product). According to reviews, the owners of the technique appreciated the functionality of the multicooker, safety and heating speed. Among the disadvantages, some respondents indicate poorly written instructions for automatic programs (no indication of the amount of food, water, cooking time, etc.).d.), with the main emphasis on “my recipe +” mode.


      • Six-layer 4-liter bowl with non-stick Teflon coating and convenient handles.
      • 200 author’s recipes in the book.
      • Convenient operation on the body (you can set the settings with the lid open).


      • No detailed information on autoprograms (according to users).

      The Tefal RK807D32

      Rating: 4.9

      Tefal RK807D32

      The Tefal RK807D32 model completes our review of induction multicookers. Model has a modern style with fashionable oval casing. All controls are on the front panel. Quasi-touch buttons (membrane) located on both sides of the display and the Russian-language menu. The control panel itself is located on top of the case, but not on the lid, which allows you to set the desired modes of operation with the multicooker open. The menu is very user-friendly and intuitive.

      Users can choose one of 44 automatic programs, including manual mode with the ability to customize the time and temperature.

      The 5 liter bowl consists of seven layers of different materials, including a two-layer non-stick coating that allows you to cook without adding oil (or with a minimum amount of it). The special shape of the container in the form of a cauldron provides even circulation of hot air inside, improving the quality of cooking. Bowl and other removable elements can be washed in the dishwasher.

      According to information from online resources otziv- and the majority of users note the fast heating, convenient menu and high taste qualities of ready meals. The disadvantages are the lack of capacity for collecting liquids (condensate pours out on the table top when you open the lid) and the rather large size of the device.


      • Seven-layer bowl (two-layer non-stick coating) for 5 liters.
      • Special bowl shape for even cooking.
      • Easy and convenient menu in Russian.


      • Controls are not touch (membrane buttons).
      • Bowl without knobs.
      • When you open the lid condensation runs down on the table (according to user reviews).

      The best “smart” multifunctional multicookers

      For the category “smart” multicookers we have selected three models from well-known manufacturers – REDMOND and Polaris. The main feature of all three variants – remote control via smartphone, as well as the ability to integrate into the “smart home” system.

      Despite the fact that the presented models have many common features, between them there are also great differences in design and functionality, which we will consider in detail in the review.

      REDMOND SkyCooker M903S

      Rating: 4.8

      REDMOND SkyCooker M903S

      We begin the review of “smart” multicookers with REDMOND SkyCooker M903S. The model is made almost in the same design as the previously considered multicooker REDMOND RMC-M96. That is the same futuristic look, the same touch control panel, the same oval body shape and the same glossy black plastic.

      The fundamental difference of this model is the SkyCooker technology, which allows you to control the device from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, on which you must first download the proprietary app RFS (Ready For Sky) and establish a connection with the technique.

      In addition to remote control the app has several advantages. First, you can adjust the heating temperature to an accuracy of 1 degree, while on the multicooker itself, the step will be 5 degrees. Temperature adjustment on the body works only in the “plus”, that is, if now the temperature is set to 100 degrees, and you want to lower it to 80 degrees, then first you have to scan the entire scale to the maximum (180 degrees), and only then will be available increase from the minimum temperature (35 degrees) to the desired temperature. On a smartphone this is done many times faster and more convenient.

      Secondly, there is an interactive recipe book built into the app that details all of the necessary ingredients and their amounts. It is enough to put food in the bowl, and then at any convenient time by pressing the “start” button in the app. It is very convenient when you have prepared everything, but at the moment you are outside.

      Thirdly, the availability of “masterchef light” mode allows you to remotely change the temperature or cooking time at any time without stopping the current program and re-starting the process.

      It also has a 3D heating mode for even cooking and the Sous-Vide function, which provides low-temperature shrinking of food in vacuum bags without air access.

      Yandex Service.Market shows the model rating of 4.5, and 90% of consumers recommend this multicooker for purchase. Among the undeniable advantages of the model, the owners of the technicians note the remote control and wide functionality, and as a drawback some users point out the short cord and the smell of plastic, while the smell does not mix with food.

      We recommend the REDMOND SkyCooker M903S as a multifunctional solution for cooking almost any dish with the possibility of precise remote control over the working processes.


      • Control via smart phone.
      • Touch screen panel.
      • 5 liter bowl with non heat grips.
      • Modern design.
      • Extensive functionality.


      • Short power cord (according to the users).
      • The smell of plastic (according to the users) is present.

      olaris PMC 0526 IQ Home

      Rating: 4.8

      Polaris PMC 0526 IQ Home

      “Smart” multicooker Polaris PMC 0526 IQ Home takes a worthy place in its product group thanks to the extensive functionality and the use of modern technology. The model can be remotely controlled from a smartphone via a proprietary app, but in contrast to the above mentioned multicooker REDMOND SkyCooker M903S for remote access does not need an additional hub or other equipment. In addition, Polaris has an unlimited number of users.

      The device is also compatible with the voice assistant “Alice”. The manufacturer has announced extensive software extensions that will improve the application and add more options for interaction with the “smart home” system.

      The smartphone app contains over 700 recipes developed for this series of multicookers, as well as about 300 operating modes and 21 automatic cooking programs. The option “my recipe +” will allow making individual adjustments for temperature and time for cooking author’s dishes.

      For convenience, the model is equipped with a delayed start timer, through which you can set the end of cooking at a specific time. If there is a power outage (or a power outage) in standby mode, the settings are stored in memory for 2 hours.

      Cup of 5 liters inside is covered by a special ceramic enamel, which has resistance to mechanical damage, to fruit acids and natural dyes, and also has non-stick qualities.

      The manufacturer has established a warranty period of 3 years for the multicooker, which indicates a high level of product quality. Well-developed network of authorized service centers and official representative offices throughout Russia can easily solve any issues with the technique during the warranty period and after its completion.

      According to the online resource Yandex.Market, the multivark received a rating of 4.9 (97% recommendation), as well as the prestigious “buyer’s choice” mark. The vast majority of owners of appliances appreciated the remote control, a wide range of modes and recipes, ease of operation and extensive functionality of the model. No major shortcomings of the operation or design of the multicooker were identified, only a few consumers pointed out the insufficient length of the power cord and not very convenient search for recipes in the application.

      We recommend the Polaris PMC 0526 IQ Home as one of the best “smart” multicookers in its price category.


      • Remote control without additional equipment.
      • Compatible with Alice interactive system.
      • Around 300 operating modes and more than 700 recipes.
      • Touch control panel.
      • 5L Bowl with Ceramic Coating.


      • Short power cord (according to users).

      REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S

      Rating: 4.9

      REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S

      The REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S is not just a “smart” multicooker, but a true multifunctional system that combines several kinds of kitchen appliances at once – from a steamer and fryer, to a stove.

      The key difference between this device and counterparts from other manufacturers is the patented “MasterFry” system, which allows you to lift the heating element. In the upper position of the heating element, you can put a griddle for frying food or a heat-resistant glass dish for stewing. The heater itself has a flat surface, not only heats evenly, but also provides a stable position for dishes. In fact, this solution can replace a single-burner electric stove.

      Additional option not to get bored in the kitchen – built-in FM receiver, which can be set to 9 radio stations.

      The user will be pleased with the extensive equipment, which includes a bowl of 5 liters and a pan with ceramic coating, stainless steel basket for deep frying, plastic container for steaming, deep and flat spoon, measuring cup, measuring cup and recipe book.

      Like the 2 models reviewed earlier, this multicooker is also controlled remotely via a smartphone. Setting and operating principles are similar to the REDMOND SkyCooker M903S. The application contains over 100 recipes developed specifically for this multicooker, as well as a wide range of additional options that allow you to adjust the operation mode even during cooking.

      According to the service, the model has a rating of 4.9. Users did not find any critical defects in this model and positively evaluated the functionality, versatility and easy control from the phone.

      The REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S compares favourably with its nearest competitors through innovation, versatility and ease of operation, which makes it one of the leaders in our rating of the best ‘smart’ multicookers.


      • Patented “MasterFry” heating element elevation system.
      • Bowl and pan with ceramic non-stick coating.
      • Built-in radio.
      • Touchpad.
      • Rich set-up.
      • Wide choice of operating modes.


      • No lid on the pan.
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