12 best stationary blenders

*A review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

We decided to dedicate this review to stationary blenders. This type of appliances are designed exclusively for cooking various cocktails and mixtures. All models structurally consist of two elements – the body with a motor and a bowl with a cutting unit.

Our rating includes 12 best models of stationary blenders from well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers. For convenience, we have divided the review into three groups according to price category – the best budget models, the best blenders in the middle price category and the best premium appliances.

As the main criteria we adhered to the popularity of the brand, functionality, the presence of their own unique developments of the manufacturer and the best combination between cost and quality in a particular price range. One of the key factors in the selection of the review was the experience of using a particular model by real people. To do this, we analyzed reviews from official websites, as well as from popular online resources, such as Yandex.Market, otziv-, and others.

The order of the models in each category does not play a fundamental role and does not serve as a criterion of product quality or other type of advantages.

How to choose a stationary blender

Despite the similarity of design and the same principle of work, stationary blenders have a lot of features and differences that can play a key role when choosing a specific model.

When selecting a stationary blender, the following criteria should be considered:

  1. Power.
  2. Bowl capacity and material of which it is made.
  3. Functionality and availability of additional options.

The motor power will directly depend on the efficiency of the device. The dependence itself is not clearly expressed linear (the more power – the higher the efficiency), but experts recommend considering models with a motor power from 800 watts. An exception are compact blenders “one cup”, which is enough motor power 250-300 watts.

Bowl – the second most important element of the blender design after the engine. It can have a volume of 250-300 ml to 2 ml.0 l. The bowl is made of three main materials:

  1. Plastic.
  2. Glass.
  3. Tritan.

Plastic bowls are considered the cheapest versions and are usually installed on blenders in the budget price segment. Except for a low price plastic has no serious advantages, but there are a lot of disadvantages. They are fragile (you can not break the ice), low temperature resistance (do not want to handle hot food), and poor resistance to fruit acids or minor mechanical damage (clouding, discoloration, stains).

Glass is installed on blenders of medium and high price category. Glass bowl has many advantages – it has a good heat resistance, it is high strength (you can handle solid foods and break the ice), and it is easy to clean and odor immune. The disadvantages include increased weight and fragility.

Tritan is a new high-tech polymer that is used for blender bowls in the medium and high price category. By its basic qualities, tritan is comparable to glass, only it is not as fragile and is more resistant to various external influences.

The functionality of a stationary blender is determined by the type of control and the number of programs/modes. The basic models use mechanical controls with buttons or rotary knob. As a rule, inexpensive blenders have 1 or 2 speeds, as well as pulse mode.

In more expensive models, expanded functionality. This is not only an increased number of speeds, but also possible built-in auto-programs (puree, smoothies, cocktails, ice maker). Control can be electronic, with a smooth speed change.

It is worth noting separately the availability of additional attachments and expanded equipment, which is often found in the models of the middle and premium segment. Blender can be equipped with a compact blender (coffee beans, cereals, vegetables, fruits), as well as a variety of additional containers in which you can prepare smoothies and take with you on the road.

The right stationary blender will allow you to enjoy your favorite smoothies, follow your diet and eat right. And also it will last a long time and work effectively throughout its life.

Best Stationary Blenders Ranking

The best inexpensive stationary blenders1Kitfort KT-1376-21 690 €
2Xiaomi Ocooker mini CD-BL04, white1 471 €
3ENDEVER Sigma-0151 890 €
4Energy EN-290, white1 533 €
The best stationary blenders in the average price range1Kitfort KT-13444 290 €


  • ps HR2604
  • 2 774 €
    3REDMOND RSB-M34014 490 €
    4Dobrynya DO-14023 135 €
      inex LM142A26
    3 480 €
    Best Premium Stationary Blenders1KING MIX KM-B215 990 €


  • ps HR3752/00
  • 18 800 €
    3L’EQUIP BS7 Quattro52 500 €

    The best inexpensive stationary blenders

    For this category we have selected the best 4 models of stationary blenders of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Their cost ranges from 1000 to 2500 rubles (at the time of publication of the rating), which makes these models as accessible. We prove that even for a small price you can purchase a reliable, functional and durable stationary blender for making smoothies, smoothies, fruit and vegetable smoothies, as well as other mixtures.

    Kitfort KT-1376-2

    Rating: 4.7

    Kitfort KT-1376-2

    We begin our review with an inexpensive stationary blender Kitfort KT-1376-2. All products of the famous Russian brand is assembled in China at modern facilities, where it passes multi-stage quality control. The model has an official one-year warranty, and an extensive network of authorized service centers throughout Russia will not worry about repair and maintenance of equipment.

    Kitfort KT-1376-2 blender is notable for the fact that instead of a standard bowl all ingredients are blended in a large mug of 0.5 l. This allows you to drink your favorite drink immediately after brewing without pouring it into another container. The included tube allows you to enjoy your favorite smoothies or cocktails. Also includes a bottle with an airtight screw cap, allowing athletes and health-conscious people to take protein shakes and other mixes with them. To mix the necessary ingredients directly in a mug or bottle, you need to load food in the container, twist the neck block with a knife, turn the container and install it in the blender body as a bowl.

    Model is made in a vintage style and available in three colors – blue, beige and pink. On the front panel there are 2 indicators, one of which lights up when the bowl is correctly positioned (“ready to work”) and the other one lights up when the motor is running. The blender is activated by turning the lever on the right side of the body. The user controls the quality of chopping and blending at the push of a button.

    Blender has a stainless steel blade with six blades located at different angles. This configuration allows you to mix food evenly and quickly, as well as grind it. The knife rotates at a speed of about 13250 rpm, which allows it to grind any food and even make ice chips with ease.

    According to reviews of real owners of blenders from the portal Yandex. Market, the model is rated 4.6, with 86% of the respondents recommending them for purchase. Users have praised its small size, ease of maintenance (just unscrew and wash the blade assembly), ease of operation and high quality of operation. The disadvantages some consumers attributed to the lack of a small container for chopping nuts and cereals, as well as a rather high level of noise.

    Sophisticated design, practicality and ease of use allowed blender Kitfort KT-1376-2 to become one of the best solutions in the budget price range.


    • High speed knife rotation (about 13250 rpm).
    • Travel bottle with an airtight lid included.
    • Compact design.
    • Maximum simplified controls.
    • Ease of care.


    • Only one speed.
    • Slightly noisy (as perceived by users).

    Xiaomi Ocooker mini CD-BL04, white

    Rating: 4.7

    Xiaomi Ocooker mini CD-BL04, white

    Continues our review of the compact blender Xiaomi Ocooker mini CD-BL04, white from the famous Chinese manufacturer of small appliances, electronics and various gadgets.

    The model attracted the attention of our experts by several factors, among which a simple and very convenient operation. On the body there are no buttons, levers, switches and indicators, which at first might be a little confusing. The secret of blender control is simple – after setting the bowl with the loaded products just press it from above and the motor starts. The degree of grinding and mixing can be easily controlled manually, you can also organize your own pulse mode by pressing the bowl with a certain frequency.

    The bowl itself is dual-purpose – you can make smoothies in it, and if necessary, it transforms into a portable container, which is relevant for athletes and hikers who can take their favorite drink with them.

    According to the resource Yandex.Market blender has a rating of 4.5, and 93% of users recommend it for purchase. The owners of the equipment have positively estimated the compact size of the device, ease of operation and practicality. To the negative points, the respondents attributed the lack of mains plug for domestic or European standard (the adapter is also not included).

    We recommend blender Xiaomi Ocooker mini CD-BL04, white to all people who lead an active life, who want to get a compact, reliable and easy to use equipment to create your favorite smoothies and blends.


    • Compact size.
    • A cup-bottle.
    • Convenient operation.


    • Asian standard mains plug, no adapter.
    • Cup only 280 ml.

    ENDEVER Sigma-015

    Rating: 4.6


    The next hero of our rating is a stationary blender ENDEVER Sigma-015. The equipment is made in China, and the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on it.

    Model is made in a classic form factor, where the removable bowl expands to the top and closes with a lid. Thus the blender will not work if the container is inserted incorrectly or not fixed. There is a small cap in the lid of the bowl, after removing it you can add ingredients while the device is working, which is very useful while preparing complex multi-component mixtures. The volume of the working bowl is 1.5 liters, and the presence of a measuring scale makes it easy to calculate the amount of cooked food.

    On the front panel there is a rotary switch for speeds (from 1 to 4) that allows you to choose the desired mode of operation of the technique. Turning the handle to the leftmost position activates the high-power mode, which is used for self-cleaning blades, chopping ingredients or crushing ice.

    The presence of rubber feet provides the blender body steady position. The maximum power of the motor is 800 watts, which is enough to work with almost any ingredients.

    On online platforms like Yandex.Market and otziv- the blender has received quite high positive ratings from consumers. The owners of technology note the large volume of the bowl, a few speeds and good power indicators of the device. Among the negative points, many respondents noted an increased noise level and vibration during operation.

    Low price, good performance and high functionality allowed the model ENDEVER Sigma-015 to take one of the leading places in our ranking of budget stationary blenders.


    • A big bowl with a measuring scale.
    • Power of the engine 800 watts.
    • Self-cleaning mode and 4 speeds.
    • The ability to refill products without stopping the blender.


    • High noise level.

    Energy EN-290, white

    Rating: 4.5

    Energy EN-290, white

    Completes our review of inexpensive stationary blenders model Energy EN-290, white. Although Russian-registered, all products are made in Chinese factories. Blender warranty is 1 year.

    The model belongs to the budget category, so expect high functionality, any innovative technologies or advanced equipment is not worth it. But the low cost and good build quality overrides most of the disadvantages.

    On the front is a switch, by turning which to the right, the user can set the power level (1 or 2), and to the left – the activation of pulse (pulsating) mode. It allows you to choose the optimal speed for making your favorite smoothies.

    Motor power of 300 watts, which is enough to mix and grind to a homogeneous mass of almost any fruit and vegetables.

    Real blender owners praise its performance and affordability. As a weakness, users point out the thin plastic of the bowl and a quick breach of tightness at the junction with the body.

    We recommend the Energy EN-290, white to all users who have not had a stationary blender before and want to try to cook different cocktails in it, but do not dare to buy a model of a higher price range.


    • Low price.
    • The choice of speeds.
    • Sturdy body.


    • A fragile bowl (according to user reviews).
    • Can not break the ice.

    The best stationary blenders in the medium price range

    In the average price range fell 5 blenders from popular manufacturers. We selected the price segment of 3000 to 6000 rubles as the basis. In this category you can count on models with expanded functionality and improved equipment, as well as stylish, modern design and use of high-quality materials (stainless steel, aluminum, ABS plastic, glass).

    Kitfort KT-1344

    Rating: 4.9

    KITFORT KT-1344

    Opens the review category stationary blenders in the medium price range model Kitfort KT-1344 from the popular Russian manufacturer.

    Blender looks very decent thanks to the metal body and modern design, which somewhat resembles some models of the premium segment. It is also worth noting the design in the format “2-in-1” – directly a blender and shredder. For preparing various cocktails and mixtures there is a main bowl with a capacity of 1.5 liter. The bowl is made of glass, which not only guarantees its long life, but also allows you to work with very cold or hot products without the risk of damage from temperature shock (cheap plastic bowls often become cloudy or cracked over time).

    Vessel for chopping is made entirely of stainless steel, which allows you to work with solid products, such as nuts, coffee beans, cereals. Bowl capacity is 600 ml.

    The model is controlled by turning the rotary switch on the front of the body. The blender has 3 speeds and pulse mode. The feature that distinguishes it from most other models is a smooth gear shift that ensures uniform blending of ingredients and is gentle on the electric motor. The perimeter mode switch has a bright blue LED backlighting, which gives the model a stylish and striking appearance.

    According to the reviews on the resource Yandex.Market, the blender has a rating of 4.7, with 96% of consumers recommending it for purchase. Among the main advantages of technology owners note the high performance, the availability of the grinder, as well as stylish appearance. Some respondents point out the increased noise level and the smell of cheap plastic (at first) as drawbacks.

    Strong appearance, good equipment, quality materials and high functionality allowed stationary blender Kitfort KT-1344 to become one of the best not only in our rating, but also in its price category.


    • Metal body.
    • Glass bowl and chopper included.
    • Stepless adjustable speed.
    • Protection against starting without a bowl.


    • High noise level (according to user reviews).
    • There is a smell of plastic (according to user reviews).


  • ps HR2604
  • Rating: 4.8

    Philips HR2604

    The next model in our rating is the Philips HR2604. The manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty, but according to international obligations Philips DAP, if during this period, the blender will break down. It will not be repaired, and will be replaced with a new one, which is very convenient.

    Among the advantages of the model it is worth noting the compact size of the body (width of only 10.8 cm) and a good configuration. Other than the traditional blender bowl with a capacity of 0.6 liters, the kit includes a mini mill for nuts and coffee, as well as a travel bottle that can be used instead of the main container to prepare your favorite cocktail.

    Control by pressing the button of a chosen mode. Blender is two-speed, and has 2 separate keys.

    Durable stainless steel knife allows you to work with hard and viscous textures, as well as crumble ice. Power of 350 W and the speed of the blade rotation from 21080 to 28520 rpm make it easy to cope with the task.

    All removable components, containers and nozzles can be washed in the dishwasher, which greatly facilitates the care of the technique.

    Blender owners positively evaluate the compact size of the device, rich equipment, ease of operation and practicality. As the disadvantages mentioned smell of plastic, which disappears in the first month of operation.

    Small size, high performance and versatility allowed Philips HR2604 blender to become one of the best solutions among similar equipment in its price segment.


    • Compact.
    • Shredder and travel bottle included.
    • Removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher.


    • During operation the button with the selected speed must be constantly pressed.


    Rating: 4.7


    Continues on the review multifunction blender REDMOND RSB-M3401 from a well-known brand of small home appliances, which is associated in many consumers with quality multicookers. The warranty from the manufacturer is 1 year, and all questions about repair or replacement technique can be solved through a well-developed network of service centers.

    Contemporary styling and a metal cabinet give the blender a striking appearance. All fans of a healthy lifestyle and sports will be pleased with the equipment – in addition to the body with a motor in the box there is the main glass bowl of 800 ml, a compact grinder for coffee and nuts, as well as two travel bottles of 300 ml and 600 ml. Glass bowl withstands temperature changes well compared to plastic, and you can crush ice in it. The scale on the board allows you to accurately control the volume and proportions of cocktails or other mixtures to be prepared. Travel bottles are made of tritan, an innovative, environmentally friendly polymer that is highly transparent, durable and does not affect the taste of the food in any way.

    The blender is controlled with a rotary switch – 2 speeds and pulse mode.

    Presence of the engine protection against overheating significantly increases the service life of the equipment. In case of exceeding the allowable time of continuous operation, a fuse is triggered, which turns off the motor. After a while the motor cools down and the blender can continue to be used.

    Judging by the information from online resources, otziv- and Yandex.Market, users in most cases praise the practicality, quality of operation and equipment of the blender. The disadvantages, according to some users, include uncomfortable smooth rotary switch, which is inconvenient to work with if your hands are wet.

    We recommend blender REDMOND RSB-M3401 all fans of inexpensive and quality equipment with a good complete set and a wide range of functions.


    • Stainless steel bowl.
    • Travel containers made of tritanium.
    • Motor protection from overheating.


    • Smooth gearshift knob, difficult to switch with wet hands.

    Dobrynya DO-1402

    Rating: 4.6

    Dobrynya DO-1402

    Dobrynya DO-1402 – products of the Russian manufacturer of small kitchen appliances and cookware. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty, and all technical problems can be solved through branded and partner service centers.

    A unique feature of this model is the implementation of the concept “2-in-1” – a stationary blender and soup cooker. Such an original solution will suit not only fans of healthy lifestyles, but also young mothers, pensioners and anyone who wants to prepare first courses and favorite smoothies with a minimum amount of time.

    Blender has 5 modes – traditional soup, cream soup, steamer, heating, blender and pulse. All buttons are on the front control panel, all inscriptions are in Russian. If you choose to cook cream soup, the device will boil vegetables and then automatically chop them and blend everything to the desired consistency.

    If you want to make a mixture without chopping the ingredients or boil vegetables separately and broth separately, you can use a cylindrical stainless steel strainer, which blocks the food to the blender blades or serves as a compartment for boiling vegetables.

    It comes with a nozzle for boiling eggs, which is installed at the bottom of the main bowl above the blades. Provides space for quail eggs and regular chicken eggs.

    According to reviews from the online resource otziv-, users appreciated the functionality of the device, configuration and build quality. The disadvantages some users point out are that the blender doesn’t handle small amounts of food well.

    Stationary blender Dobrynya DO-1402 with soup cooking and steaming will be an excellent helper in any kitchen, as well as replace several types of household appliances and cookware.


    • Blender, steamer and soup cooker in one device.
    • 5 different modes.
    • Bowl for 1.7 liters with an information scale.
    • Stand for boiling eggs.
    • Audible signal when cooking is complete.


    • Chops small amounts of food badly (from consumer reviews).
    • The bowl is made of plastic, not glass.
    • Blender has 1 speed.

      inex LM142A26

    Rating: 4.6

    MO<ul></div><p>INEX LM142A26″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/4161666196941-8212.jpg” height=”439″ title=”MO</p><ul>INEX LM142A26″><p>Finishes our review of the top five stationary blenders in the medium price category model Mo</p><ul>The inex LM142A26 is from the well-known French brand, which is part of the international SEB group along with such popular brands as Tefal, Rowenta and Krups. The device is assembled in China and the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty on it.<p>The model is interesting not only for its compact size, but also for its functionality. The blender is equipped with a glass bowl of 0.6 liters, as well as two additional attachments – a universal grinder and grinder of 250 ml.</p><p>Key feature of this model is the individual blender unit for each jug, which enables perfect results when blending fresh fruits and vegetables, making smoothies or grinding coffee.</p><p>Unlike most of our competitors, you can easily slide the bowl and two extra tools into the recess in the body, and you hear it click into place. No need to rotate the bowl in the grooves to snap it in place. The bowl is also easy to remove, and in order not to make a mistake with the correct installation, all nozzles have a colored label, which should be on the front. In fact – it is a colored button (yellow on the bowl, red on the grinder and brown on the grinder), by pressing which you can easily remove the blade assembly for washing.</p><p>When the cutting units are removed, the 2 auxiliary attachments turn into storage containers for small amounts of food (lids are included). It is very convenient if you need to put the rest of the cocktail or smoothie in the fridge.</p><p>The blender has two speeds, which are designed as separate buttons with corresponding markings.</p><p>Most real owners of the blender speak positively about its practicality, functionality and compact size. The disadvantages include uneven chopping of a small number of products.</p><p>We recommend the stationary blender Mo</p><ul>The inex LM142A26 is a blender for a small family of two, who like to enjoy healthy food and pamper themselves with delicious smoothies.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Modern design.</li><li>Compact size.</li><li>Glass Bowl.</li><li>2 additional attachments.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>For the blender to work, you need to keep the button pressed all the time.</li></ul><h2>The best premium stationary blenders</h2><p>For the premium segment, we’ve selected 3 of the best blenders from well-known foreign manufacturers. Each of the presented models has unique technical characteristics, advanced functionality and other features.</p><p>The price range of the presented models is from 15000 to 52500 rubles.</p><h3>KING MIX KM-B2</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=KING MIX KM-B2

    Kicking off our rating of premium blenders KING MIX KM-B2. This American brand is one of the three world leaders in the production of professional kitchen equipment. Blender is made in China in one of the largest and most modern factories in the country. The manufacturer gives a combined warranty on the product – 1 year for the cutting unit and 3 years for the motor.

    The model is remarkable for its modern design and touch screen panel. Electronic control is more accurate and convenient than mechanical, and the blender with a touch pad looks much more impressive.

    The user can choose one of five modes of operation – juice, smoothie, soup (soup blender does not cook, but only beats the ingredients cooked with broth into a cream soup), manual settings and cleaning. In manual mode, the user can set the time and speed by himself.

    Special attention should be paid to knives, which are made in Japan. They have a special elongated shape, as well as a long time hold sharpening, even when working intensively with hard or too viscous products.

    Blender bowl is made of environmentally safe tritan polymer, so it has high mechanical strength, is not affected by vegetable and fruit acids, is not turbid and looks almost the same as glass. Thanks to the special shape of the container and thoughtful design, the process of preparing any cocktails and mixtures is fast, and the grinding of nuts and grains becomes uniform at any fraction.

    Reviews of the real owners of the blender confirm the high quality of the product, thoughtful ergonomics and easy operation. Consumers have not found any disadvantages in this model.

    Sophisticated design of the bowl and blades, touch control and high quality materials allowed to blender KING MIX KM-B2 to become one of the leaders in our ranking, as well as to take a leading position in its price group.


    • Intelligent Design.
    • Touch control.
    • The presence of automatic programs.
    • Japanese knives.
    • Bowl made of tritanium.


    • No major disadvantages found.


  • ps HR3752/00
  • Rating: 4.8

    Philips HR3752/00

    Continues our review of premium stationary blenders Philips HR3752/00, which can be called the most innovative and high-tech model among the previously considered options.

    The key advantage and difference of this blender from all others is the presence of vacuum technology, which preserves up to 3 times more vitamins and antioxidants compared to traditional blending. The model is equipped with a vacuum module on the lid of the bowl, thanks to which the excess air is removed from the container, after which the process of grinding and mixing takes place. As a result, smoothies have almost no foam, have a homogeneous structure, and due to the lack of oxidizer (oxygen), stay fresh much longer.

    The controls of the device are located on the front panel, and consist of only 4 buttons – on / off, smoothie making, ice breaking and pulse mode. In addition to the automatic smoothie program under vacuum, the user can also use the manual mode without evacuating air. To do this, turn on the blender and use the rotary knob to set the desired speed.

    Bowl volume 1.7 liter is made of tritan, a high-tech environmentally friendly polymer with improved durability and resistance to organic acids.

    Problend 6 – 3D technology (special shape of blades and bowl) provides uniform and thorough grinding of products. During operation, an aerodynamic vortex is created, which moves all the ingredients from the top down, directly to the knives. The result is a homogeneous mixture with a uniform structure.

    According to reviews from the resource Yandex.Market, the blender was rated 4.8 and 93% of users recommend this model for purchase. Among the key advantages the real owners of the appliances named vacuum mode, high quality of ingredients mixing, stylish appearance and ice-breaking function. As a disadvantage, many consumers indicated a high noise level, especially in vacuum blending mode.

    We recommend Philips HR3752/00 blender to all fans of healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, who want to get from vegetables and fruits to get maximum vitamins, and also like to prepare various mixtures.


    • Vacuum mixing technology.
    • Electronic control.
    • Automatic programs.
    • Tritanium bowl.
    • Large and colorful recipe book included.


    • High noise level (according to consumers).

    L’EQUIP BS7 Quattro

    Rating: 4.8


    We finish our rating of the premium model L’EQUIP BS7 Quattro, which is considered the most expensive of all 12 blenders reviewed. This product is a South Korean company, which is a leader in the domestic market. At the time of review this blender model is considered the most powerful in the world. Engine rated power is 1700W, but in peak mode it produces twice the power (3400W). The motor is so powerful that some sources measure its performance in horsepower (4.6 HP), similar to a vehicle engine. At the same time the speed of the blades is an impressive 33000 rpm. To prevent the motor from overheating, an individual air cooling system based on a powerful fan is built into the bottom of the body. It allows the blender to work practically the whole day without stopping.

    The manufacturer gives a full guarantee on the blender for 7 years, but in the Russian Federation has not yet been registered cases of recourse to the customer service, which shows the uncompromising quality of technology.

    The blender is made in a modern style, the bowl and body have a rectangular shape with beveled corners. Assembly quality will not cause criticism even of the most meticulous user. One feature is that the connecting pulley between the bowl and motor is made of metal, not plastic like 99% of blenders.

    It comes with 2 bowls – the main jug of translucent tritan with increased wall thickness of 2 liters and a stainless steel bowl for 900 ml. The second bowl has an additional silicone cover, which not only does not slip, but also serves as a thermal barrier, allowing you to mix hot ingredients in the container.

    Process control is electronic in the form of a twist knob with a central button. Power adjustable continuously, allowing full control over the operation of the equipment. Push button to turn motor on or off. When pressed for 2-3 seconds the blender enters a special mode “recipe” in which the device automatically changes the intensity of blending for 60 seconds, alternating with short pauses. Thanks to this algorithm, a uniform chopping and mixing of particularly hard products or ingredients with a viscous structure is achieved.

    In their reviews, users note the blender’s high power, chopping food in seconds, the homogeneous texture of the mixture and stylish design. As the disadvantages, some owners of the technique indicated that when you load a small amount of products with a fibrous viscous structure (for example, 1 date), the blender simply smears it on the walls. This can not be considered a disadvantage, since this model is not designed to work with small amounts of products.

    We recommend the professional blender L’EQUIP BS7 Quattro to all fans of quality and reliable premium segment equipment. This model allows preparing mixes of any products with different texture and consistency, while the user can independently control the time of preparation of the beverage without the risk of overheating the motor.


    • The world’s most powerful blender.
    • The bowl made of tritanium.
    • Stainless Steel Bowl.
    • Japanese self-sharpening blades.
    • Continuously controlled electronic control.


    • Very high price.
    • Treats small amounts of product poorly (according to user reviews).
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