12 best electric stoves with oven

Electric stoves occupy a large segment of the market of large household appliances. There are a number of reasons for this: environmental friendliness, almost complete fire safety in comparison with gas stoves, ease of operation and maintenance, etc. Expertology editorial staff presents you the rating of the best electric stoves with ovens, compiled according to the recommendations of our industry experts.

Selection criteria

Russian market of free-standing stoves is very different in composition from Western countries, and this difference is based almost exclusively on established traditions and user preferences.

For example, in the U.S. and UK, popular cooking stoves have two ovens with two separate doors – the upper is smaller in volume, the lower is larger. In Russia, this form factor is also on sale, but the demand for it is disproportionately lower than for the usual classic models. So when choosing the best options, our experts focused only on single-chamber ovens.

But this is only the only fundamental difference, and in general, the principles of choosing the best option of an electric cooking stove in the range of the market of any country are almost identical.

To be as objective as possible, we’ve compared our experts’ findings with those of our colleagues at Britain’s most reputable nonprofit organization, Which?The “Independent Quality Assessment and Consumer Protection Agency” is dedicated to the protection of consumer rights and the quality of products. The organization exists solely on account of membership fees and has earned the trust of complete independence from the influence of manufacturers.

Let’s briefly describe some points, which are not obvious for everyone when choosing an electric stove.

Why no plug?

First of all, we consider it necessary to warn potential buyers that free-standing electric stoves often come on sale without a plug for the electrical outlet, and even without a cable altogether. Some users see this as a disadvantage and indicate this point in their reviews.

In fact, this can not be considered a disadvantage. This kind of equipment, by definition, requires a specialist for connection. This is necessary at least from a safety point of view – a buyer without special education can not know for sure, even if the wiring in his apartment to withstand such a load.

Therefore, once again – when buying an electric stove you should know for sure that you can’t plug it in yourself and that the lack of a plug or a wire is not a fault of the manufacturer, but rather a precautionary measure.

And the smartest solution is to talk to an electrician BEFORE you buy the stove, not after. Otherwise, it will be very unpleasant after buying a stove to find that in a particular household, you simply can not use it.

Pancake or ceramic-glass?

This striking difference in the form-factors of hobs in electric stoves is an important point. Stoves with classic cast iron “pancakes” are still in fashion, although mostly concentrated in the lower price segment.

Glass ceramic has undeniable advantages – smooth and even surface, much more aesthetically appealing, elementary care, easy moving of the cookware. And there is also a fundamental functional difference – only in stoves with flat glass-ceramic surface can you adequately arrange two-zone burners, which can be adapted to the shape of pans (elongated or large).

As a rule, stoves with vitrified clay surfaces cost considerably more, but the benefits they offer have a significant influence on ease of use and, in the long term, on quality of life in general.

Heating speed

For a long time electric stoves had one drawback compared to gas stoves – slow heating. This is still the case with our cheapest models. In modern stoves, where the burners use the ribbon type of heater, rather than a spiral, this difference is minimized, but the presence of ribbon burners almost “automatically” classifies the stove to a higher class, because they are expected to and the glass ceramic surface.

However, even in inexpensive models, manufacturers find a compromise solution with one express burner of increased power. Therefore, you should carefully look at the description when choosing – the stove with an express burner may slightly differ in price from an analogue of another manufacturer that does not have this extremely useful function.

Other factors such as the presence and functionality of the timer, the possibilities of the oven in terms of convection, grill and the presence of a kebab oven, the volume of the oven and other – these are quite obvious things, and we will not focus on them, and proceed to the consideration of specific models.

Rating of the best electric stoves with oven

The best cheap electric stoves with oven1GEFEST 5140 003112 099 €
2Hansa FCEW5300117 330 €
3GEFEST 6140-0319 999 €
4Hansa FCCW5301923 280 €
5Gorenje EC 5121 WG-B23 298 €
6Zanussi ZCE 9540 G1W27 990 €
The best electric stoves with oven by price-performance ratio1GEFEST 6560-03 005232 490 €
2Zanussi ZCV 9540H1 X25 990 €
3Gorenje EC 52 C
  • 36 699 €
    4GEFEST 6570-04 005739 435 €
    5Bosch HKA09015039 990 €
    6Hansa FCCX6822548 410 €

    The best inexpensive electric stoves with an oven

    First of all we will consider a selection of stoves that are most accessible to the mass consumer in terms of cost, but still remain of sufficient quality and performance. All five electric stoves from different manufacturers, including prominent European brands.

    In terms of price, all the electric stoves listed are roughly comparable and their prices vary within a reasonable range. The general characteristics are as follows:

    1. mechanical rotary switches;
    2. electric oven;
    3. Hinged oven door with double tempered glass;
    4. traditional cleaning;
    5. storage compartment for cookware and accessories;
    6. backlight of the chamber;
    7. automatic boiling, panel lock, safety shutoff, convection, clock (except GEFEST) are not provided.

    GEFEST 5140 0031

    Rating: 4.4

    GEFEST 5140 0031

    Let’s start with the most affordable electric stove. On the Russian market there are even cheaper, but this model is the starting point, where we can talk about normal quality, comfort and presentable appearance. First, a few words about the manufacturer.

    Belarusian brand GEFEST is well known in Russia and many CIS countries. At one time the plant “Brestgazoapparat” successfully modernized the production of large kitchen appliances. When the first modernized stoves with comfortable controls and modern design began to appear on the market, many were hard even to believe that this technique is not imported. Nowadays the GEFEST products are known to everyone and enjoys the highest demand, also due to the high repairability because of the availability of spare parts.

    Now specifically about this model. Here, the engineers have taken a rather radical step – they rejected one burner. On the right side of the cooktop, there is only a 2kW high power express burner and just an enameled platform in place of the back burner.

    Such optimization completely satisfies a large number of customers, as evidenced by the predominantly positive feedback. Majority of the owners never use all four burners at the same time and the price reduction is considerable.

    The volume of the oven is quite consistent with the standard dimensions of the stove – 52 liters. A big plus that you rarely see in cheap stoves – the oven door lock. An even greater advantage – the inner glass is removable, eliminating the possibility of non-removable spills.

    This model is covered by a 2-year warranty.

    From a Yandex user review.Market with the status of “Inspector of Household Level 2”: “Very good three-burner stove with oven. Three burners are enough. Value for money is above reproach. Controls work smoothly and softly. Yes, there is no tray under the stove, just a curtain door, but it’s not a problem.


    • the most affordable price;
    • appearance and convenience against the price;
    • Express burner for 2 kW;
    • oven door stopper;
    • two trays in the kit;
    • Removable oven glass;
    • repairability;
    • two-year warranty.


    • Protective lid is only covered with eel on the front side – can gradually rust;
    • by the “utensil drawer” should simply be understood as the bottom door without the tray.

    Hansa FCEW53001

    Rating: 4.5

    Hansa FCEW53001

    The Hansa brand belongs to the well-known and reputable Polish manufacturer of household appliances Amica Wronki S.A. The company is also a holder of the Gram brand, which is very popular in Scandinavian countries.

    Hansa FCEW53001 is a simple, rather high quality and reliable electric stove in lower price segment. It is classic in every sense, with traditional pancake burners, made of cast iron. Its main advantage is the price/reliability ratio. Functionality is very simple and unpretentious. This, by the way, she, without any exaggeration, attracts some consumers who do not want to overpay for never used additional features.

    large oven – 69 liters. The heaters are top and bottom heating elements. They can be used simultaneously or separately – there are three modes of cooking in the oven. Traditional cleaning, but the Aqualytic steam cleaning function is announced. The idea is just to evaporate a small amount of water poured on the tray at a certain temperature. But such a procedure really does soften dried-on food residue on the walls and makes cleaning easier.

    On the whole, users are happy with the simplicity and reliability of the stove. Everyone is happy with its classic “universal” design, thanks to which the stove will look fine in any interior. Some people are annoyed by very thin metal walls, which sag when wiping, but such remarks are few. More frequent remarks about insufficient power – the stove would definitely need an express burner.

    Advantages of

    • power consumption class A;
    • large oven;
    • Two heating elements, you can turn on together or alternately;
    • simple and intuitive operation;
    • removable inner glass of the oven door;
    • Steam cooking for easy cleaning.


    • no express burner.

    GEFEST 6140-03

    Rating: 4.6

    GEFEST 6140-03

    Now let’s take a look at the electric stove, in which the brand name itself says a lot – GEFEST. Our experts put the model in the rating, because the production of the Brest plant for many years is an example of decent quality and functionality at a minimum cost.

    Dimensions of the stove – 60x60x85cm, weight – 50.5 kg. Equipped with a top lid that covers the hob. For precise positioning with maximum stability the height-adjustable feet. Unlike all of the above models, this stove is equipped with a display with clock and timer shutdown. The design is classic, the color is predominantly white. The total power consumption is 7700 W.

    The cooking plate of this model is structurally similar to the previous one, enameled steel with round burners. Sizes of burners, clockwise from left to right: 1500, 2000, 1000 and 2000 W. No automatics (safety shutdown, lock the panel, etc.) in this case is not provided.

    Of all the stoves considered in the group of stoves, this model has probably the most functional oven. Its capacity is 52 l. The heating elements are upper and lower heating elements with an output of 800 W and 1200 W, respectively. There is also a 1200 watt electric grill and a 2000 watt fan heater. The grill is equipped with a rotisserie with a hook. The different combinations of uses for the aforementioned accessories and appliances give you plenty of possibilities for preparing various dishes.


    • functionality;
    • grill and rotisserie are included;
    • convection;
    • Display, clock and shut-off timer;


    • Significant heating of the hull when cooking in the oven.

    Hansa FCCW53019

    Rating: 4.7

    Hansa FCCW53019

    The group of inexpensive electric stoves is opened by the model of the German trade mark Hansa. To be precise, in this case, from Germany remained only the origin of the brand, and the stoves are manufactured in the factories of the famous Polish company Amica Wronki S.A.

    Product dimensions – 50x60x85 cm. Cooking suite in Integra design by CODE international design office. The color of the casing is predominantly white. The hob is made of glass-ceramic composition, color – deep black. Can be controlled by means of mechanical push-button switches. Nominal energy consumption – 0.95 kWh, total electrical power – 7.8 kW. Energy class – A.

    The hob contains four Hi type working fields

  • Two of them, 14.5 cm in size and each with a power of 1.2 kW, and two more – 18 cm and 1.7 kW, respectively. There are sensors for residual heat.

    The oven has a relatively high capacity of 70 liters. The door has double glazing. The inner surface of the chamber is made of steel with an easy-to-clean black enamel coating. Top and bottom elements with power 900 and 1300 W respectively perform heating function.

    This electric hob is equipped with two trays (a flat tray and a deep tray) made using innovative ProCook technology and a grid for roasting. Tray rails have a chrome surface.


    • Roomy oven;
    • Uniform heating in the oven;
    • ease of use;
    • European assembly;
    • energy efficiency.


    • Poor thermal insulation of the oven door.

    Gorenje EC 5121 WG-B

    Rating: 4.8

    Gorenje EC 5121 WG-B

    Continues the rating another interesting electric stove by well-known Slovenian company Gorenje. It is not much more expensive than the previous solution, but has a noticeably richer functionality. Produced in the Gorenje factory in Slovenia.

    The dimensions of the unit – 50x60x85 cm, weight with packaging – 43.1 kg, without – 40.6 kg. The hob is implemented in a classic, universal design with a predominantly white housing. Total power consumption of the electric network – up to 8.6 kW. The energy efficiency of this model automatically gives it the highest energy class “A”.

    Ceramic glass cooktop is equipped with four electric spiral burners. Their sizes and powers from the left far clockwise are: 145mm and 1200W, 180mm and 1700W, 180mm and 1700W and 145mm and 1200W. Sensor for residual heat. No automatic boiling, safety switch-off and panel lock.

    The oven of this model has the same capacity as the previous model – 68 liters. The cavity walls are coated with EcoClean easy-clean enamel. The oven comes complete with a deep tray and rack for roasting. The runners are crimped for a perfect hold.

    The latest modifications of this model, which are current for 2018, have implemented steam treatment to facilitate cleaning in the traditional way. Also, the new modifications have a large and small grill. These options are not available in previous versions, so Expertology experts strongly recommend to clarify this point at the point of sale.


    • European assembly;
    • fast heating;
    • Top and bottom Vario-grill with adjustable heating area;
    • handy pull-out utility compartment;
    • Convenient and effective cleaning scraper included.


    • significant heating of the body from the working oven;
    • Time-consuming cleaning of the hob.

    Zanussi ZCE 9540 G1W

    Rating: 4.9

    Zanussi ZCE 9540 G1W

    Next in our rating is an economy model of electric stove from the Italian brand Zanussi. Produced in Romania.

    The dimensions of the product are 50x60x85cm. Equipped with a top panel lid. Height with a closed lid is 88 cm, with an open lid is 144 cm. There is a special opening for the steam exhaust. Total power consumption of mains electricity – 7335 watts. Consumption efficiency meets the high “A” standard.

    Cooktop is made of enameled steel, it has four traditional electric burners of regular round shape. The diameters and power of burners from the left far clockwise: 145 mm and 1000 watts, 180 mm and 1500 watts, 145 mm and 1000 watts, 180 mm and 2000 watts. The last, left near burner – high power (Red Dot).

    The oven of this electric stove has a total volume of 63 liters, and with the deduction of irregularities and space under the reservoir, the real useful volume is 56 liters. Walls inside are coated with acid-resistant enamel for easy cleaning. The oven contains upper and lower heating elements, grill. Different combinations of modes of these elements result in a whole range of cooking modes.

    The delivery set of the stove includes a deep and shallow tray, a griddle for frying. The unit is sold without an electrical cord, so that the connection will need the services of a specialist. 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.


    • euro assembly;
    • grill in the oven;
    • High power burner;
    • there is a lid of the hob;
    • energy efficiency.


    • delivered without a power cord.

    Best electric stoves with oven for value for money

    The second and final group of devices in our rating are electric stoves with ovens, in which our industry experts have found the most beneficial for the consumer ratio of quality, functionality and cost. All five presented electric stoves are from different European manufacturers and one is Belarusian GEFEST.

    The unifying features for all of the models below are as follows:

    1. energy efficiency class “A”;
    2. electric hob and oven;
    3. lower utility compartment (except Candy);
    4. hinged door of the oven;
    5. The presence of a grill (electric);
    6. oven light;
    7. Classic cleaning method (conventional washing);
    8. Glass ceramic as a cooking surface;
    9. Residual heat sensors;
    10. Absent: automatic boiling, safety shut-off (except GEFEST), lock the control panel (except GEFEST).

    GEFEST 6560-03 0052

    Rating: 4.6

    GEFEST 6560-03 0052

    One of the most striking products of Brest plant “Brestgazoapparat” – electric stove, which is functional, quality and comfort of use in many ways as good as their Western counterparts, and other things being equal, it is more affordable.

    Here is implemented a progressive modern approach to the design of the cooking surface – it is solid, smooth and smooth, made of glass ceramic. Of the four burners, two are dual-circuit, dual-zone, enabling efficient use of long or large cookware. There are indicators of residual heat.

    Oven is relatively small in volume – 55 liters. But for most users, this is quite enough, and the functionality and elaboration of details pleasantly surprise. So, for example, the oven provides convection, to which the functions of volumetric and rapid heating are tied. The touch-sensitive multi-function timer allows maximum automation of cooking. There is even a kebab oven. Improved visibility thanks to dual illumination.

    Well-designed mechanical elements – the door opens smoothly, with moments of soft locking, controls with a tactile pleasant way, there is a full drawer, which is easy to pull out and just as easily, reliably locked in closed position. The manufacturer has also provided the convenience of adjusting the position of the hob to the kitchen furniture – thanks to the adjustable legs, the height can be changed within 2 cm.

    Users emphasize in their reviews the easy operation of the stove, multifunctionality, modern appearance and marble finish. Well-designed convection system gives high marks to the oven functionality and cooking quality. Often noted the presence in the kit rotisserie – this is a separate plus, because even many expensive imported stoves rotisserie is not equipped with.

    From the user review Yandex.Market with the status of “Inspector of Household Level 3”: “Great stove, good design, works very well, satisfied with the work of the oven, baking is excellent, also works well the grill. There is a charcoal grill, also works fine”.


    • glass-ceramic cooking surface;
    • There is a two-zone burner;
    • Residual heat indicator;
    • Voluminous and accelerated heating with convection in the oven;
    • kebab oven;
    • double lighting in the oven;
    • Full-featured pull-out drawer for cookware;
    • skewer included;
    • Modern design and marble-like decor.


    • Silver-toned trim on the handles flakes off quickly.

    Zanussi ZCV 9540H1 X

    Rating: 4.7

    Zanussi ZCV 9540H1 X

    The penultimate stove in the group and rating as a whole – Italian Zanussi, which, despite the glory of the brand, is surprisingly affordable. This is a good-quality “workhorse”, without much extra in functionality, but able to fully meet the needs of most ordinary households. Made in Romania.

    The dimensions of the stove – 50x60x85 cm, weight – 39 kg. Implemented in a concise design with silver theme “metallic” in the design. Total connection power – 7625 W. Comes without power cord. Controlled by classic mechanical switches.

    A glass ceramic hob has four Hi-

  • Two 14 cm in diameter and two 18 cm in diameter. All burners are equipped with residual heat sensors.

    58 litre oven with two electric heating elements, grill and lighting. Convection is not provided. Maximum temperature 250 ˚C. Comes with flat baking tray and grid. The interior is coated with easy-to-clean enamel.


    • ease of use;
    • Reliability and dependability;
    • A renowned Italian brand;
    • nice design;
    • most affordable price in the group.


    • no power cord.

    Gorenje EC 52 C
  • Rating: 4.7

    Gorenje EC 52 C<li></div><p>” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/94216666194721-6112.jpg” height=”420″ title=”Gorenje EC 52 C</p><li>“><p>Those who prefer to arrange the interior in the neoclassical style at home, should definitely consider this electric stove. In fact, for apartments in the steampunk style it is also ideal. As much as it is a real decoration of your kitchen, it also manages to cope with its responsibilities, and at a premium level.</p><p>Four burners coated with a seamless glass ceramic top – a great aesthetic advantage as well as in terms of convenience, i.e. no hassle at all with lightning-fast moving of the dishes during the cooking process. Two burners on the worktop are dual-circuit and make it possible to change the heating temperature. Residual heat indicator.</p><p>High marks from experts and users received the oven in this stove. It uses HomeMade Plus technology, which implies a vaulted shape of the top. A feature that, combined with ventilation and a clever positioning of the heaters, ensures the most uniform heating of your food.</p><p>Stove users are unanimous in their delighted opinion of the stove’s design. A high opinion of almost everyone about the quality of materials, which is noticeable both by the thoroughness of the assembly and even tactile. Of the disadvantages, users mostly note the absence of the burner power indicator. This is quite normal for budget models, but in the premium segment it is already considered a drawback.</p><blockquote class=

    From the review of Yandex.Market with the status of “home inspector level 6”: “The stove is beautiful and functional. Heats quickly, cools down slowly. Due to the fact that it is wider than standard pans, pans and pans do not interfere with each other. Very convenient two-circuit burners, indispensable for a coffee pot or a small pot. The oven – just a holiday!”


    • Original retro design;
    • Ceramic glass worktop;
    • two-circuit burners;
    • handy controls;
    • power consumption class A;
    • Residual heat indicator;
    • The vaulted shape of the HomeMade Plus oven;
    • A large and efficient oven.


    • No light indicators on the burners.

    GEFEST 6570-04 0057

    Rating: 4.8

    GEFEST 6570-04 0057

    Now as part of our rating, let’s consider a somewhat unusual electric stove. Its specificity lies in the fact that with all the well-known “budget” brand GEFEST, this particular model shows clear applications for a higher class. And even if its price is not a record, it is quite tangible for the average wallet.

    The dimensions of the device – 60x60x85 cm, weight without packing – 49 kg. Made in an elegant design with a deep black color in the design and an all-glass front. Controlled by electronic touch-sensitive switches. The control panel contains a display with clock and timer, equipped with a lock. Total connection power – 10.3 kW.

    The first and most important thing that distinguishes this hob from all others in this review – is the principle of operation of the cooking surface. Four burners – not thermal, and induction, which gives significant advantages to the unit in terms of cooking speed and safety. Two burners have a smaller area and power of 1.4kW, the other two are larger and have a power of 2.3 kW. Equipped with residual heat sensors and safety shutdown system.

    The 52 liter oven is equipped with a rich array of features and functions: bottom and top heating elements, electric grill, electric grill, electric grill, convection, dual lighting, timer operation, removable wire guides. Traditional chamber cleaning is implied.

    The hob comes with a power cord, so you can connect it easily.


    • Induction cooktop;
    • Multifunction oven;
    • safety;
    • design.


    • No disadvantages detected.

    osch HKA090150

    Rating: 4.8

    Bosch HKA090150

    Continues the rating of electric stove from the famous German brand Bosch. Distinguished by a distinctive high-tech design with a predominantly “metal” theme in the materials and decor. Manufactured in the Bosch factory in Turkey.

    Stove dimensions – 60x60x85 cm, weight 50 kg. Operated mechanically – simple switches, without recessing. Total power consumption – 10.3 kW. Equipped with height-adjustable legs. Supplied without power cable.

    Ceramic glass cooktop contains four burners, one of which – double-circuit with a round expansion zone. Power from left further clockwise: 1.8, 1.2, 2.2, 1.8 kW. Each burner is equipped with a residual heat probe.

    66 L oven with upper and lower heating elements, electric grill, convection, lighting with 25 W halogen bulb. The various combinations of functions provide seven standard modes of operation, including rapid heating and a special mode for cooking pizza. The oven door is equipped with a lock against child access. There are five levels for mounting the trays. The inner surface of the walls is coated with easy-to-clean Granail enamel.

    In the set of delivery of the hob are a simple tray, griddle for frying and baking tray.


    • design;
    • convenience and ergonomics;
    • there is a two-circuit burner;
    • Childproofing (oven door);
    • security.


    • No power cord.

    Hansa FCCX68225

    Rating: 4.9

    HANSA FCCX68225

    This electric hob brand Hansa is one of the most successful models in its class due to the combination of premium performance and not overpriced at all.

    It uses the technology of Hi type burners

  • The ght, where instead of the traditional “pancakes” everything is organized in a more progressive and elegant way. Beneath the glass ceramic hob are the heating zones, in which heating elements are not the usual tungsten spirals, but special ribbons. These tapes heat up almost instantly – in 10 seconds. Smooth, even surfaces made of high-quality German Schott Ceran glass ceramic for maximum ease of use and care.

    The hob itself contains four burners, one of which is dual-circuit, and allows you to switch to an oval zone mode for even heating of elongated cookware like casseroles. Control is realized by convenient switches with nice action and backlighting. Flush on/off switches, which offers even more comfort and child-proofing.

    Oven control is fully automated thanks to the digital touch screen timer. It works in different modes – setting the time to turn off the oven, controlling the total cooking time, delayed start. The oven has a grill and convection system. The door has a removable internal glass pane.

    Additional safety and convenience features – telescopic guides, steam cleaning, safety hob shutoff on “suspicious” long switch-on times.

    The bottom of the unit has a dish drawer. And it’s really a drawer, not just an empty space behind the door – it’s retractable, easy to pull out on casters.

    Users in their reviews most often note convenient operation, a spectacular solution with backlit active controls, heating speed, functional oven and modern design.

    From a Yandex user review.Marquette with the status of “Home Inspector Level 2”: “When choosing this stove, I read in a discussion that the stove gets too hot when the oven is running. I haven’t noticed that yet. Oven works quite well and the stove is not warm. Indication of the burners on red light on the control knobs, which is visible even when the knobs are recessed”.


    • Glass ceramic hob Schott Ceran;
    • Flushable switches;
    • There is an oval area;
    • safety shutoff;
    • fast preheating;
    • Minimalist and attractive high-tech design;
    • convection;
    • grill;
    • telescopic rails;
    • steam cleaning.


    • Stainless steel only on the front, side walls are thin.
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