10 best stoves for distillation

*Best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying the device it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Recently, more and more Russians are mastering the preparation of spirits at home. An important part of distilling stills into moonshine is maintaining the optimum temperature. This task is perfectly coped with by electric stoves. On the domestic market there is a wide range of models, the devices differ in price, power, heating method. Expertology expert advice to help novice distillers find a convenient and efficient distillery stove.

Suggestions for Choosing

Unlike conventional cooking, distilling is often done in fairly large volumes. Most electric plates are suitable for distillers with a distillation cube up to 20 liters. At the same time it is necessary to take into account a few more points.

Type of cooking plate. Modern electric stoves are equipped with the following types of heaters.

  1. The usual heating element is found in budget models. Such stoves consume a lot of electricity, the hob is red-hot, which can be unsafe if alcohol-containing liquid gets on it. And it can be difficult to precisely set the power.
  2. The most popular today are induction hobs. They do not heat up by themselves, thanks to magnetic induction a high-frequency vortex field is created, acting on the pot. The only limitation will be the use of distillers made of iron alloys (steel). Although usually the distillation stills are made of stainless steel.
  3. Stoves with an infrared emitter will also be suitable for distilling. This device has no pulse mode, which allows you to maintain the exact temperature of the brew. For such a stove does not require special dishes, t. k. Infrared waves affect the liquid. The low power consumption should be considered as an asset of the devices. But the effect of infrared rays on human health has not yet been fully studied.

Safety.In the process of making moonshine, flammable vapors of ethyl alcohol are formed. Therefore, the stove should be as safe as possible in operation.

  1. Overheat protection is a basic option for many appliances, which prevents the stove from failing.
  2. Automatic shutdown of the heating element in the absence of dishes will help to save energy. Sometimes manufacturers provide an audible alarm which goes off when the pot is removed from the boilers.
  3. The control panel lock prevents accidental changes of settings, which is important if there are small children in the house. Lock automatically switches on when liquid gets on the hob or in case of a power surge.

Overall dimensions. When choosing a still for distilling you have to compromise between compactness and size of the distillation cube. The thing is that the manufacturers of heating devices indicate the range of diameters of used dishes. So first you need to measure the size of the bottom of the distillation cube, and then look for a suitable stove.

Only 10 of the best stoves for distilling got in our review. All of them were successfully tested in the hands of domestic distillers, and received positive feedback from them.

10 best still stoves for distilling stills

10 best stoves for distilling stills1Iplate YZ-T245 870 €
2Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home Induction Cooker
  • te
  • 3 980 €
    3REDMOND RIC-46014 480 €
    4Zigmund Shtain ZIP-5513 590 €
    5Gemlux GL-IP20A3 039 €
    6Zigmund Shtain ZIP-5532 990 €
    7Kitfort KT-1412 990 €
    8Midea MC-IN22003 230 €
    9ENDEVER Sky
  • ne IP-24
  • 2 990 €
  • NE GL3060
  • 2 210 €

    Iplate YZ-T24

    Rating: 4.9

    Iplate YZ-T24

    The Iplate YZ-T24 stove is very popular with Russian distillers. This conclusion was made by our experts after analyzing a record number of reviews on YM and thematic forums. And the vast majority of statements are positive. Induction model with one burner looks quite practical and modern. Heater power (2 kW) is enough to heat up the brew quickly. The manufacturer has equipped its product with a touch control panel and timer. For easy control there is a display. Safety in the distillation process will ensure the control panel lock and burners safety shutoff. The hob is rightly the winner of our review.

    According to users, the heating device has proved itself excellently in the process of distilling. It heats the brew quickly, it is convenient and safe to work with. Of the disadvantages can be noted only the high price.


    • rapid heating;
    • touch control;
    • reliable protection system;
    • reliability.


    • high price.

    Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home Induction Cooker
  • te
  • Rating: 4.8

    Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home Induction Cooker<li></div><p>te” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/33416666197451-1310.jpg” height=”262″ title=”Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home Induction Cooker</p><li>te”><p>The Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home Induction Cooker stands out among the competitors with the highest power consumption (2100 W)</p><li>te. The well-known Chinese manufacturer offered consumers a round shape (diameter 26.5 cm), which also distinguishes the product from the general mass of heating devices. The worktop is made of tempered glass with a temperature sensor in the center. To prevent slipping of the container with the broth around the burner has a rubber ring. The lid can be removed when cleaning the stove. Anti-slip pads are also attached to the legs of the device. To control the stove has 2 touch buttons, as well as a rotary knob. Heating is due to magnetic induction, so the dishes must be made of iron-based alloys.<p>Domestic users liked the stove for a reasonable price, compactness, impressive design. The weakness of the device owners call the Chinese plug.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>high power;</li><li>original design;</li><li>ease of use and maintenance;</li><li>compact dimensions.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Chinese plug.</li></ul><h3>REDMOND RIC-4601</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=REDMOND RIC-4601

    The REDMOND RIC-4601 boasts a rich software program. For cooking, there are 6 programs, 8 power levels, and 11 membrane buttons to set the modes. To what extent such a wide range of features will help the distiller, it’s hard to say. The model is inferior to the leaders of the review in power (1.6 kW), so the brew will take longer to heat. Experts draw attention to the size of cookware recommended by the manufacturer (diameter from 15 to 18 cm). Therefore, before buying, you should take the dimensions of the moonshine machine and compare them to the capabilities of the stove. The glass ceramic surface is sufficiently durable, it is easy to clean. The economical electricity consumption should be enlisted as an asset of the device. The model becomes the bronze prize-winner of our review.

    The reviews are dominated by flattering statements from owners. They are pleased with the stylish appearance, fast heating and easy care. As a disadvantage they point out a noisy fan.


    • Many programs and modes;
    • easy care;
    • spectacular design;
    • economical power consumption.


    • noisy fan.

    Zigmund Shtain ZIP-551

    Rating: 4.7

    Zigmund Shtain ZIP-551

    Reliability and safety were the key factors for the Zigmund Shtain ZIP-551 to get the fourth position in our review. Experts praised the quality of German assembly, the competent selection of materials. The manufacturer has installed an infrared hob, the heater power is 2 kW. To control the device has a touch control, select the appropriate mode helps the digital display. The stove is suitable for any cookware, the working surface is made of glass-ceramic, which is easy to care for. Safe operation of the device is provided by the safety shutdown and locking of the control panel. The model looks spectacular (black color), it is easy and comfortable to use.

    Users are flattering about the low weight, quiet fan, fast heating. Some owners complain about the long cooling of the burner.


    • reliability;
    • safety;
    • high-quality assembly;
    • rapid heating.


    • cools down for a long time.

    Gemlux GL-IP20A

    Rating: 4.7

    Gemlux GL-IP20A

    Attractive in terms of cost looks Russian-Chinese product Gemlux GL-IP20A. The stove has side handles, it is undemanding to the material of the cookware. The single-burner appliance is equipped with a 2 kW heater. Thanks to the induction method of heating, electricity is used sparingly, and temperature modes are set with high precision. It is important at the beginning of the distillation. Cooking surface is made of glass ceramic, it is recommended to put dishes with a diameter of 12 to 26 cm. Experts noted the presence of a buzzer and timer, which simplifies the control of distillation. Heating modes are set through a touch screen control panel and display. The rubber pads on the legs are responsible for the stability of the stove.

    Users are satisfied with the look of the hob, the responsiveness of the buttons, the speed of heating, the affordable price. They list as a minus the short and stiff cord.


    • high-quality performance;
    • reasonable price;
    • rapid heating;
    • responsive knobs.


    • short and stiff cord.

    Zigmund Shtain ZIP-553

    Rating: 4.6


    Another stove from the German manufacturer Zigmund Shtain made it to the TOP-6. Model ZIP-553 has 7 programs, 10 power levels, built-in timer, child lock. During heating, the burner does not get hot, and if there is no cookware on the cooking surface, the device will automatically shut off. Experts liked the compactness and lightness of the stove, which allows it to transport it easily to the cottage and back. Thanks to the high frequency eddy current steel cookware is heated very quickly, and it is impossible to get burnt on the stove.

    Domestic moonshiners highlight such advantages of the model as fast heating, compact size, lightness, easy operation. The device has successfully passed the test of 20 kilogram distillers. Some users would like more precise power control with a discretion of 100 instead of 200 watts.

    Advantages of

    • compactness and lightness;
    • Rich equipment;
    • rapid heating;
    • durability.


    • not a very precise power control.

    Kitfort KT-141

    Rating: 4.5

    Kitfort KT-141

    Any dish with a diameter of 12 to 18 cm can be placed on the stove Kitfort KT-141. The work of the device is based on the action of infrared waves, unlike induction models, there is no such unpleasant feature as pulse mode. Heating is always at minimum power, which saves energy. The working surface is made of glass ceramic, it is slightly heated during the distillation from the heat of the distiller. Heater power is 2 kW, the minimum temperature mode corresponds to 100 W. The manufacturer has equipped the stove with 4 automatic programs, 20 power levels, timer, button lock function. Burner surface can be easily cleaned from dirt with household cleaners.

    While in runet few reviews on the plate Kitfort KT-141, but they are all positive.


    • economy;
    • Easy operation and maintenance;
    • accurate mode settings;
    • 24 hour timer.


    • few reviews.

    Midea MC-IN2200

    Rating: 4.4

    MIDEA MC-IN2200

    Tested the Chinese Midea MC-IN2200 induction stove in business by many vintners. The model is equipped with a powerful heater (2.1 kW), timer and display. The device attracted the attention of experts at a low price. The manufacturer has saved on control, you will have to set the temperature modes with the regular buttons. However, for some customers this option is more preferable. It should be noted that only at full power heating is constant, in other cases, the device works in pulse mode. The model has a black body, the burner is made of glass ceramic. The surface is easy and simple to care for. The compact size and low weight of the product is a great asset.

    In reviews, owners praise the stove for its affordable price, fast heating, high-quality workmanship, ease of operation. Of the disadvantages noted noisy operation and a large step of the power modes.


    • high power;
    • rapid heating;
    • compact and lightweight;
    • reasonable price.


    • Noisy operation;
    • big step of the power modes.

  • ne IP-24
  • Rating: 4.3

    ENDEVER Sky<li></div><p>ne IP-24″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/89716666197451-3110.jpg” height=”470″ title=”ENDEVER Sky</p><li>ne IP-24″><p>Distiller with 15kg of brews can handle the ENDEVER Sky induction stove</p><li>ne IP-24. The appliance heats liquids quickly thanks to its 2 kW power. It is recommended to place on the burner dishes with a diameter of 10-22 cm. The Swedish manufacturer has made a working surface of ceramic with high durability. You can distill your brews for up to 3 hours without turning off the stove. The developers have taken care of safety in operation, the model is equipped with protection against overheating and surges in the network. For the preparation of various dishes built-in 5 programs, the heating can be adjusted using touch buttons and display. When you remove the cookware from the hob, you hear an unpleasant squeak. Cooktop is easy to clean with common household detergents and rags.<p>Users are pleased with the performance of the ENDEVER Sky hob</p><li>ne IP-24. They did not like the sticker, from which the glue and scraps remain.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>pleasant design;</li><li>high quality build;</li><li>mobility;</li><li>rapid heating.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>It takes a long time to remove the sticker.</li></ul><h3>GALAXY<li>NE GL3060</h3><p>Rating: 4.3</p><div style=
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