10 Best Kettles for Induction Cookers

*Editor’s review of the best ones. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

In this review, we will look at kettles for induction stoves and hobs. For the rating we have selected 10 models of popular cookware manufacturers. Despite the general similarity in the type of design and appearance, each model has its own features and advantages that allow it to stand out from the competition. For convenience, we have divided our rating into two parts. The first group includes inexpensive teapots, and the second group includes models of the middle and premium segments.

When selecting nominees took into account appearance, materials used and brand awareness. One of the key criteria of choice was the practical side of the question, that is, how exactly behaves dishes in actual use. For this purpose, we have analyzed feedback from consumers who have been using kettles for induction stoves for a long time, and have already formed their opinion about the cookware.

Information about nominees is taken from official sources – otzoviki sites, marketplaces, thematic forums, official sites of manufacturers and other open sources.

How to choose a kettle for an induction stove

In order to choose the right kettle for an induction stove or cooking surface, you need to consider the following important points:

  1. Compatibility with induction stove;
  2. Volume.
  3. Additional options.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the kettle can be used on induction stoves. Unlike conventional electric stoves with an electric heating element, induction stoves work differently. Special coils create an electromagnetic field that interacts only with materials that have ferromagnetic properties. In fact, the bottom of the cookware is heated, from which the heat is transferred to the contents. Whereas with classic stoves, the heating element is heated first, and from it the heat is transferred to the cookware. If you put on an induction stove cookware that will not have certain properties, the heating will not. To make sure you can use the kettle on such a stove, you just need to look at the bottom. The manufacturer always puts the appropriate marking – the inscription “induction” or a symbol depicting the coils of the spiral. If there is no such labeling, then you should refuse to buy the cookware.

Kettles for induction stoves are available in different volumes – from compact 1:1 models to induction stove kettles.2-1.5 liters, to larger containers of 4 to 6 liters. The optimal volume is considered to be 2-3 liters, but it all depends on the number of family members (friends, colleagues) and personal preferences of the user.

The choice of a particular model is also influenced by the presence of various additional options. The most popular option is a whistle on the spout, which will signal the boiling of the kettle. The vast majority of models are equipped with it, only the mechanism for opening the spout may be different. The cheapest models have a whistle put on as a cap and not fixed in any way, most models have a spout you can open by pulling the plastic hook on it. The most convenient mechanisms are those with a button on the inside of the handle. This solution provides convenient and safe lifting of the whistle.

Some models have as additional indication of the presence of images from a special thermal film. If the water in the kettle is cold, the picture is black or blue, but when it is hot it turns red.

Another useful option is to have a capsule day. In such a bottom the materials are arranged in several layers. Outer sheath of stainless steel and inside there may be a layer of copper or aluminum. These materials have a high thermal conductivity, which allows you to heat water more evenly and quickly.

10 Best Kettles for Induction Cookers

The best inexpensive kettles for induction stoves1Webber BE-0539875 €
2Mallony MAL-CITY-01935 €
3MAYER BOCH 235071 320 €
4Mallony 0021021 307 €
5Zeidan Z-42491 820 €
6Vetta Roseanne 8944751 786 €
The best kettles for medium and premium induction stoves1Rondell RDS-4342 990 €
2Taller Gordon
4 170 €
3Nadoba Virga 7310013 339 €
4Taller Brent
3 516 €

The best inexpensive kettles for induction stoves

In the category of inexpensive teapots there are 6 nominees from various manufacturers. Each model has its own features and advantages that differentiate them from the competition. The average cost of products does not exceed 2000 rubles.

Webber BE-0539

Rating: 4.3

Webber BE-0539

Opens our review kettle Webber BE-0539 from the German manufacturer of cookware and kitchen utensils. The company started its work in 1960, and is known in the Russian market since 2010. Cookware is made in China, under the supervision of German experts.

Kettle capacity is 2.5 liters. It’s enough for a large family or for a private tea party with friends. Food grade stainless steel is used as the basic material. The outer surface of the body is painted black, which imitates a marble crumb. This coating not only gives the pot an original look, but it is also non marking, which makes it practical.

The model is equipped with a folding handle made of heat-resistant plastic, as well as a flip-up whistle.

Owners of the dishes to the advantages include a large capacity, fast heating and not annoying whistle sound. Among the disadvantages, some users note thin metal on the walls.

Reasonable price, stylish appearance and large volume make the Webber BE-0539 kettle one of the best in the budget price category.


  • Pressure.5 liters.
  • Movable handle.
  • Brushed finish “marble.


  • Thin metal on the walls (according to user reviews).

Mallony MAL-CITY-01

Rating: 4.4


The next kettle in our review – Mallony MAL-CITY-01 from the Chinese manufacturer, which is known in Russia since 2004.

Model is made in a modern style and distinguishes itself by traditional combination of polished stainless steel and black plastic. Wall thickness 0.4 mm gives the cookware a long life and resistance to warping. Thanks to the encapsulated three-layer bottom with aluminum inserts, heating is faster and more even. Bakelite handle does not heat up, which makes the kettle safe to use.

A distinctive feature of this model is the outline of urban landscapes with the names of famous European capitals. When you heat water to boiling point the black pattern changes its color to red. This not only looks spectacular, but is also an additional indicator that it’s time to take the kettle off the stove.

Among the advantages of tableware users note the variable color of drawing, stylish appearance and large volume. The disadvantages some consumers include short-lived whistle, which ceases to work after 8-10 months of using the crockery.

We recommend the Mallony MAL-CITY-01 induction hob kettle for all users, who want to buy stylish and original cookware at an affordable price.


  • 3 liter capacity.
  • Color changing pattern when heated.
  • Bakelite handle.


  • Marked.
  • The whistle fails quickly (according to user reviews).


Rating: 4.5


The next kettle in our review is MAYER BOCH 23507 from the popular German manufacturer of cookware and small kitchen appliances. The product is made in China and meets European quality standards.

A distinctive feature of this model is the original design, which combines the style of modern and classic. Thanks to the refined and unusual appearance of the kettle will complement the interior of any kitchen.

18/10 stainless steel is used as the basic material, and the movable handle has a bakelite cover that does not heat up. Thanks to the thermocapsule bottom, it boils water quickly and evenly.

Owners of the kettle to the positive points include its large capacity, comfortable handle and spout, as well as a stylish design. Among the disadvantages, some consumers noted whistle defect (does not always work) and a tightly opening lid.

We recommend the MAYER BOCH 23507 induction stove kettle for its original appearance and good working qualities.


  • The large volume (4 liters).
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Convenient spout.


  • The lid is difficult to open.
  • Whistle does not always blow a whistle (according to user reviews).

Mallony 002102

Rating: 4.6

MALLONY 002102

In our rating got another kettle from the Chinese company Mallony – the model MAL-002102. The dishes are made in a traditional design with a wide flat bottom and a slightly tapered body. Three liter capacity, which is considered optimal for an average family.

Made of stainless steel. Bakelite handle does not heat up, which makes the kettle safe and comfortable to use. The handle has a built-in button that allows you to raise and lower the spout. It is very convenient and practical.

One of the features of the model is the presence of a decorative pattern on the body, which changes its color when heated. Together with the whistle it serves as an additional indicator. The kettle comes in three versions, which differ in pattern and color.

Owners of the crockery note the stylish design, high quality workmanship and convenient whistle control from the kettle handle. The disadvantages some consumers attributed to the poor quality of thermal labels, which over time ceases to change color when heated.

Mallony 002102 is an inexpensive but practical and functional kettle that will fit perfectly into the interior of any modern or classic kitchen.


  • Optimal volume (3 liters).
  • Whistle control from the handle.
  • Decorative ornament changes color when heated.
  • Triple capsule bottom.


  • Non-stick coating quickly loses its color (according to consumer reviews).

Zeidan Z-4249

Rating: 4.7

Zeidan Z-4249

Continues our review Zeidan Z-4249 from the Chinese manufacturer of cookware and kitchen accessories.

The model is available in two colors – pink and mint, complemented by silver. Design of the kettle is classic. Food grade stainless steel is used as the basic material. Non-stick coating on the exterior of the housing, which is resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage. Golden floral ornamentation is used as a decoration.

One of the features of the model is the trigger mechanism built into the handle. With the push of a button, you can conveniently open and close the whistle nozzle, avoiding direct contact with steam and hot metal. The handle is monolithic with soft-touch coating, pleasant to the touch and does not slip in your hands.

Kettle capacity is 3 liters, which is considered the best solution for a family of 2-4 people. Sealed capsule bottom ensures rapid water heating and long-lasting heat preservation.

According to the resource Yandex.Market, the teapot received the prestigious “buyers’ choice” mark, with 90% of users recommending this model for purchase. Among the main advantages, consumers highlight the high quality of materials, the ease of cleaning the external coating and a convenient mechanism for opening the spout. Special disadvantages of the kettle have not been revealed, but some people note the inconvenient pouring of water because of the stationary handle.

Stylish appearance, quality materials, practicality and safety in use allowed the Zeidan Z-4249 kettle to take one of the leading positions in its price segment.


  • Original design.
  • Convenient trigger mechanism.
  • Outer non-stick coating.


  • Not very convenient to pour water (according to consumer reviews).

Vetta Roseanne 894475

Rating: 4.8


Completes our review kettle Vetta Roseanne 894475 from the Russian company, which is engaged in the production of household goods, crockery and cooking utensils. The kettle is made in China.

The model is made in a classic design with an original rose decor on the white outer surface. The basic material is high-carbon steel enameled. Enamel coating has high temperature resistance, and does not react with water and does not change its chemical composition.

Among the model features worth noting the convenient mechanism for opening and closing the spout, which is built into the handle. The user no longer needs to come in contact with hot metal and steam to raise or lower the whistle. Another feature is the glass lid, thanks to which you can see the amount of water in the kettle.

Cookware owners note its stylish appearance, practicality of enamel coating and convenient trigger mechanism for raising the whistle. Among the disadvantages, some users note that if the kettle is tilted sharply, the water from the spout will splash heavily when pouring. To avoid this, it is recommended to tilt the kettle smoothly.

We recommend the Vetta Roseanne teapot 894475 to all fans of classic enamel kitchen utensils.


  • Enamel coating.
  • Glass lid.
  • Trigger mechanism in the handle.


  • Splashes water at a strong tilt (according to user reviews).

The best kettles for induction stoves of the medium and premium segment

In the category of best kettles for induction stoves in the medium and premium price range, we have selected 4 models from famous manufacturers. All nominees received the prestigious “buyers’ choice” mark on the Yandex marketplace.Market and have a high rating (4.6 and up). This indicates a high quality product and consumer confidence.

Each kettle has its own features and advantages that set them apart from their analogues. The price of the models ranges from 3 to 4.5 thousand rubles.

Rondell RDS-434

Rating: 4.8

Rondell RDS-434

Category opens with the Rondell RDS-434 teapot from the world-renowned German brand, officially represented in Russia since 2006. Cookware is made in China in modern factories with multi-stage quality control system.

The model is made in a laconic design with minimalist features. Thanks to its appearance, the dishes will fit perfectly into any modern kitchen. In addition to the kettle, the manufacturer offers frying pans and pots, made in the same style within the “Balance” collection, which makes it possible to assemble a complete collection of tableware. A distinctive feature of the kettle is the external polishing of the body, which will give the surface a matte effect. Thanks to such treatment, the kettle is not so noticeable by fingerprints and various dirt.

The triple stamped bottom is made using a unique technology which eliminates leakage at the seams and ensures even water heating and long-lasting heat retention after the stove is turned off. The spout conveniently opens with a button on the handle, allowing you to pour boiling water with one hand.

Kettle Capacity 3 liters.

Owners of the kettle note its stylish appearance, thoughtful design and high quality of assembly. Among the disadvantages are the prohibition of washing in the dishwasher, as well as increased noise when boiling.

Stylish appearance, high quality materials and clever design make Rondell RDS-434 kettle one of the leaders in its product group.


  • Matt body surface.
  • Convenient lifting of the whistle.
  • Unique triple stamped bottom.


  • Can’t be washed in the dishwasher.
  • High noise level when boiling (according to user reviews).

Taller Gordon-1339

Rating: 4.8

TALLER gordon<tr></div><p>-1339″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/90316666195491-5810.jpg” height=”436″ title=”TALLER GORDON</p><tr>-1339″><p>The next model in our rating is Taller Gordon</p><tr>-1339 from Russian company with pseudo British roots. Cookware is produced in China, and is sold mainly in Russia and CIS countries.<p>The model is made in a modern style with an original open metal handle. The basic material is 18/10 food-grade stainless steel. Kettle capacity is 2.5 liters, which makes it possible to cook your favorite hot beverages for up to five people at a time.</p><p>The kettle has a removable whistle. This design gives rise to controversial opinions among consumers. On the one hand, it is reliable, because there are no mechanisms that can break, but on the other hand – it is not practical, because you have to use a tack to remove the hot whistle from the spout.</p><p>Features of this model include the lid with heat-resistant tempered glass. Thanks to this solution, the user can see the amount of water in the kettle.</p><p>Owners of dishes speak positively about the quality of materials used, the glass lid and the original design. Among the disadvantages, some users note the heating of the handle when boiling water for a long time.</p><p>We recommend the kettle Taller Gordon</p><tr>-1339 for all fans of quality cookware in a modern style.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Original design.</li><li>Glass lid.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The handle gets hot (according to user reviews).</li></ul><h3>Nadoba Virga 731001</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Nadoba Virga 731001

Next on our list is the Nadoba Virga 731001 teapot from the young but well-known Czech manufacturer of cookware and kitchen accessories.

Among the features of the product is the use of stainless alloy 18/10, which has high corrosion resistance, as well as retains its appearance for a long time and does not interact with food.

Kettle is made in a modern design with a drop-shaped body. The whistle goes up and down thanks to the mechanism built into the bakelite handle, which is very convenient and safe.

Triple capsule bottom with an aluminum layer inside provides evenly heated water and helps retain heat. The volume of the kettle is 3.8 liter, which allows you to cook your favorite hot beverage for a company of 8 people at the same time.

Advantages of the cookware include thicker body, high quality stainless steel, convenient spout opening mechanism and large volume. Among the disadvantages, some users highlight the marking of the outer surface.

We recommend the Nadoba Virga kettle 731001 to all fans of classic cookware made of quality stainless steel. Especially families with many children and organizers of tea parties for a large group of friends will be pleased with this model.


  • Increased thickness of body.
  • 18/10 steel.
  • Convenient whistle lifting mechanism.


  • Marky surface (according to consumer reviews).

Taller Brent-11344

Rating: 4.9

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