6 best districts of Kazan for living

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before the purchase is necessary to consult with a specialist.

According to real estate portal “Domofon”, the best place for residents of Kazan live in the Novo-Savinovsky district. Is it really so? We evaluated the level of comfort, cleanliness, the degree of improvement of the administrative districts of the capital of Tatarstan. The opinion of our experts largely coincided with the estimates of citizens of Kazan.

Best neighborhoods to live in Kazan

NominationThe placeNameRating
Best districts of Kazan for living1Novo-Savinovsky5.0

Vitaly Ilyin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons*


The best neighborhood in Kazan with the best infrastructure opens the rating. According to the opinion of the young families this is one of the best places to live. Everything you need is within walking distance. Near shopping centers, playgrounds, parks.

The administrative district is relatively young, so it continues to grow and develop. The obvious pluses are the proximity to the center, the quiet situation, the sufficient number of kindergartens and educational institutions. All streets are well lit in the evening.

The main attraction – “Riviera” Water Park. From the observation deck there is a stunning view of the Kremlin. The water park provides an unforgettable vacation for adults and children. Prices are quite affordable. There are toddler areas, lots of slides, hot tub, sauna and many other activities.

Not too much greenery in Novo-Savinskiy. We hope the situation will change over time for the better. But close by is the river Kazanka. The cost of real estate is relatively high. The average price of a good studio apartment is about 4 million rubles.


Vakhitovsky takes the second place in the ranking due to comfortable accommodation and safety. The historic administrative district cannot boast a large number of shopping centers. Here the emphasis is on parks, public gardens, theaters and schools.

Tourist trips to Kazan definitely include a visit to the Kul Sharif Mosque, State Museum of Tatarstan, the Annunciation Cathedral. It is in this area that the monument to the Kazan Cat, an entertainment complex ‘Pyramid’, the Spasskaya tower of the Kazan Kremlin are located.

The area is almost entirely built up, there are no vacant lots. Transport accessibility is well developed. One can get anywhere in Kazan from here. Main disadvantages – crowded streets, dilapidated buildings and problems with parking spaces. About 15 years ago the situation was even worse. The average cost of an apartment with one room is more than 5 million rubles, so not everyone can afford to buy property in the historic center.


In third place is the Moscow district, which is chosen to live in because of affordable housing, an abundance of schools and kindergartens. Excellent transport system. Here you can see a large park Uritsky, a shopping center “Tandem”, the park “Sosnovaya Roscha”, old buildings with arches.

The ecology in the area is not the best because of the large number of industrial enterprises. The atmosphere is more like the 2000s. Life in the area is measured. There are a lot of seniors on the streets.

Residents of Moskovsky district of Kazan complain about poor pavement in the courtyards, low quality of work of street cleaners, and infrequent garbage collection. The apartment prices are acceptable in comparison with other participants in the rating. Average price of one-room apartments is about 3.3 million rubles. There are many inexpensive offers on the economy class housing. Secondary real estate is represented by old apartments. Kitchens and bathrooms are small.


In the middle of the rating is Privolzhsky district, located near the Volga. The river and abundant greenery stabilize the ecological situation, which is spoiled by industrial enterprises. The best place to live, we consider the village “Old hills”, which is located in the center. It is adjacent to a modern clinical and diagnostic center and is famous for its elite cottages. And you can buy a private house or townhouse here at an affordable price.

In Privolzhskoye, the construction of mass housing projects continues. The smart city of Smart City is adjacent to it. Over 25 medical institutions, including the Children’s Clinical Hospital, are responsible for the health of the residents. The Kazan Fair with universal exhibitions is held every year. In Birch Grove every June there is the main city holiday Sabantuy.

Judging by the reviews, the work of most management companies leaves much to be desired. 90% of roads need repair. Parking lots are scarce. The average cost of a one-room apartment – 4.5 million rubles.


Continues the rating actively developing area of Kazan, which is suitable for residence under the program of relocation from dilapidated homes. Main advantages: high level of amenities, availability of work places, reasonable prices in stores. This option is ideal for families with children. No problem finding a kindergarten or school.

Residents of Sovetsky district notice good work of public utilities. Most streets are clean and well-maintained. Near the territory operate 17 industrial organizations that undermine the environmental situation. However, the authorities are trying to make the area as green as possible.

Despite all the advantages, the neighborhood only took 4th place in the rating. The reasons are poor transport accessibility and a troubled crime situation. Average price for one-bedroom apartments is 4.3 million rubles.


Kirovskiy District is appreciated for its proximity to the river, proximity of parks, stores and cafes, absence of noise. Only 15 minutes drive to the center. The district is a leader in the number of historical objects. There are more than 90 monuments of archeology, history and culture. On the territory there are Makarievskaya Church, the Assumption Zilantov Monastery. You can walk in the parks of Petrov, “Kyrlai”, “Lebyazhye”, “Fisherman’s Garden”, “Lake Kharovoye”.

Kirovsky district has a full sports infrastructure. The School of Olympic Reserve is especially popular, it prepares future medalists in 17 kinds of sports.

Local residents are dissatisfied with the lack of parking in the yards, untended landscaping. Some houses are in terrible condition. Garbage is taken out late. This applies to old buildings, so we recommend choosing apartments in modern housing estates. The complexes “Atlantis Deluxe”, “Green City”, “Richmond”, “Eurasia” are among them. It’s possible to buy a one-room apartment for 2.5-4.5 million rubles.

*Photo “Vitaly Ilyin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons:

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