21 best sanatoriums in Kislovodsk

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before buying.

Planning to have a rest and recover, but you don’t know where to go? There are so many resorts with unique nature and climate, where even the air is healthy, that it is easy to be confused.

Our editorial staff decided to help guide the way, and found out which destination is the most popular – the city of Kislovodsk, the largest domestic resort. People of all ages take stays there: young people, old people, families with children. Expertology experts have looked through all the offers and compiled a rating of the best 20 health resorts in Kislovodsk.

Rating of the best sanatoriums in Kislovodsk

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice per day
Best sanatoriums in Kislovodsk1Sanatorium after V. V. g. Dmitrova2 200€
2Sanatorium of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia4 500€
3“Plaza”7 200€
4“Healing Narzan”4 490€
5“Arnika”3 440€
6“Villa Arnest4 990€
7“Kolos1 990€
8“Red Rocks”5 700€
9“Zarya5 110€
10“Dzhinal2 730€
11Sanatorium im. g.k. Ordzhonikidze2 250€
12“Krugozor”2 940€
13“Fortress “33 490€
14“Victoria”3 540€
15“Rodnik”3 490€
16“Beam”4 240€
17“Vershina 1240”2 310€
18“Tsentrosoyuz”3 590€
19Sanatorium “Piket”2 800 €
20“Caucasus”2 990€
21“Moscow”1 690€

Sanatorium im. g. Dmitrova

Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.9

Dmitrov Sanatorium. G. Dmitrov

Leads a year-round health resort. Main profile – nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular system, as well as musculoskeletal and connective tissue; additional profile – gastrointestinal, gynecological and urological. The establishment provides a wide range of medical and spa services. The therapy department of the main building hosts the pump-room of mineral waters “Essentuki-4” and “Slavyanskaya. Healing mud from the Tambukanskoye Lake is used for the procedures. Balneotherapy, medical showers, physiotherapy, speleotherapy, inhalations, hirudotherapy, physical therapy, ozone and aromatherapy, manual therapy. Fitochai, oxygen cocktails and phytobotchka are especially popular.

Four buildings, one of which is medical, and the other three – residential. The twenty-floor main building houses single and double rooms, the infirmary, and the canteen; the second building houses first category rooms (double rooms, suites). In the third building – numbers of the third category (single rooms). In the fourth – rooms of all categories (single rooms, double single rooms and double rooms). The buildings have an elevator.

Nutrition is a part of the treatment. Three meals a day dietary to order menu. Fifteen diets including fresh fruits and vegetables are developed. Much attention is paid to the caloric content, combination, the presence of the required amount of vitamins. In your free time you can visit the gym, the swimming pool, play chess, table tennis, go to the library, a concert or a show, dance at the disco, go on a tour, get cleaned up, using the beauty salon.

Price of a night for one person ranges from 1900 to 3500 €. Located on Lenin Avenue, 30. For any questions, please call: 8 (800) 500-82-19, +7 (87937) 6-72-19, +7 (87937) 9-60-89. Details on the site: .


  • Twenty minutes walk to the Narzanaya Gallery;
  • playground for children;
  • Banquet halls for 40, 70, and 300 people;
  • round-the-clock work of the reception and accommodation service;
  • online booking;
  • Great specials and promotions.


  • outdated interior and furnishings;
  • free Wi-Fi only in the halls;
  • Payable transfer – 300-1200 r and parking – 50 r/day.

Sanatorium of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

Rating of the sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.9

Sanatorium EMERCOM of Russia

The sanatorium and rehabilitation center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations takes not only employees of the Ministry, but also ordinary people for treatment and accommodation under all existing programs of rehabilitation. Health Resort is one of the most famous in Kislovodsk, to come to rest, you must buy a voucher in advance – several months. The site is valued primarily for its location, in the center of the city and in a quiet area at the same time. Nearby is all necessary for living and tourism infrastructure.

The most important thing for which tourists choose the sanatorium is medical service. Special attention in a multidisciplinary medical center focuses on musculoskeletal problems, but specialists also work with diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal, nervous and cardiovascular systems, the resort has doctors, gynecologists, urologists, endocrinologists. The center’s equipment allows to perform a full cycle of diagnostics of the patient’s state of health to choose the most suitable health improvement program. Doctors have at their disposal an ultrasound machine, MRI, equipment for mammography, tomography, simulators with feedback, diagnostic complex CON-TREX. What the resorts have a lot of ways to improve health: mineral water pump room “Essentuki 4”, bathtub, salt grotto, healing showers, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, massage, ozone therapy and other traditional and unconventional, but proven methods of normalization of vital body systems. From entertainments phyto-bar with cold drinks, a summer hall, the closed pool with a complex of saunas and a hammam, a gym, a court for tennis, the excursion bureau functions. For children there are playgrounds, so the resort is ideal for families. Rooms “Standard” and “Suite” are clean and bright, the prices – affordable. It is possible to conduct business events.

Sanatorium of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia is located in Vladimir. Kislovodsk, pr. Pobedy, 24. To learn more about resettlement, treatment and to make a reservation, call 8 800 700-15-77.

Advantages of

  • A wide range of diseases, which are accepted for treatment;
  • Many traditional and nontraditional methods of treatment;
  • Good phyto bar;
  • There are entertainments for children and adults;
  • Complete comfortable rooms;
  • Convenient location in the city;
  • Large well-groomed territory.


  • Very tight schedule, early booking is required.


Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.8

The second position is occupied by a modern sanatorium. The complex, which provides medical services, occupies more than three thousand square meters. In addition to the therapeutic and diagnostic department, there is a spa that offers hardware cosmetology, massages, peels, wraps, and more. The main profile of the resort is cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, as well as treatment of the respiratory, genitourinary and musculoskeletal systems.

Two hundred and seventy-five rooms are available for check-in. Standard single rooms, twenty-two squares, are on the third, fourth and fifth floors. Two-room suites, measuring forty-four squares, are located on the sixth and seventh. There’s also a two-room suite with a balcony. Studio “Japan”, the area of fifty four squares, is located on the sixth floor. Apartment, the area of sixty-six squares, on the seventh floor. Spacious suites “America” on the seventh and “Asia” on the sixth, eighty-eight square meters, in addition to the bedroom, are equipped with an office, dining room and living room. Presidential rooms “Africa” and “Europe” are on the sixth and seventh floors. Both have an area of one hundred and ten square meters.

The guests can have meals in the main hall “Panorama”, VIP-hall with individual service, lobby bar, bar “Club 24”, summer cafe with a large choice of dishes cooked on open fire. There is a phyto-bar and room service. Families with babies are provided with high chairs and baby food. When adults are busy, you can invite a babysitter or leave your child in the Jolly Island Club.

The cost per night for one person ranges from 5 to 40 thousand. r. Located on Herzen, 10. For consultations call: 8 (800) 775-44-00. Details on the site: /.


  • four kinds of mineral water in the pump room;
  • access to the spa park;
  • step accessibility of the “Narzan” spring;
  • 2,000 treatment programs;
  • 14 cuisines of the world;
  • Family appointments for newborns;
  • free parking;
  • developed infrastructure.


  • prices are higher than the average.

“Healing Narzan”

Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.8

The third line goes to the multidisciplinary clinic, which was the first among the competitors in Kislovodsk began to work on the system “all inclusive”. The package includes more than 300 therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, meals three times a day, parking place, children’s animator, entertainment program, billiards, table tennis, two excursions, game room, inventory for rent, Wi-Fi, transfer. Main fields of activity – cardiology, endocrinology, neurology; treatment of respiratory and urogenital system disorders, locomotor apparatus and gastrointestinal tract. The therapeutic department provides primary care, observation, and the pediatric department provides counseling and treatment for children. Diagnostics includes ECG, ultrasound, laboratory tests, and endoscopy. Full range of services are provided by narrow specialists: pulmonologist, psychotherapist, dermatologist, gynecologist, psychologist, ozone therapist, dentist, cosmetologist, and others. The reviews note that the institution has a large selection of delicious phyto tea.

Vacationers are accommodated in one of two buildings – therapeutic and residential. The buildings are connected to each other by warm corridors in the form of galleries with orchids. One hundred and forty-two rooms are available: one-room double (standard, comfort, business, deluxe, suite, studio suite), two-room double (romantic, provincial, syndica, ambassador, royal, suites and apartments), three-room double (silver and gold suites).

Buffet-style meals. You can sit and have a snack to the music of the piano in the restaurant “Gorny”; drink coffee, tea and eat pastries in the lobby bar; enjoy the view, sipping a cocktail with a Vienna waffle, in the summer cafe “At the Fountain”. Children’s leisure is organized at the highest level: there is a children’s room with a tutor, outdoor playgrounds, animation (cartoons, shows, interactive games, sports). Adults can visit sauna, swimming pool, tennis court.

The price for a night for one person will be from 7 to 18 thousand rubles. r. Located on Zhelyabova 5. For questions call: 8 (800) 100-44-74, +7 (87937) 9-54-00, +7 (87937) 9-54-04. Details on the site: .


  • near the spa park;
  • pump-room with mineral waters “Slavyanskaya”, “Essentuki-4”, “Dolomitny Narzan”;
  • business center;
  • round-the-clock reception and accommodation;
  • modern interiors.


  • not found.


Rating of the sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.7

The fourth is an institution that combines premium-class recreation with spa traditions. Main areas: cardiology, endocrinology, gynecology, urology, allergology-immunology, proctology, dietology and general therapy; Additional areas: gastrointestinal, respiratory, neurology. Treatment may be combined with aesthetic medicine, because there is a spa center using professional remedies of the following brands: Italian T-shock, Histomer, and Thai A

  • at Zanskar.

    The nine-story building offers seventy nine rooms – compact and spacious with studies and mini-kitchens (standard, junior, studio, studio plus, suite, suite comfort, apartment, suite “Arnika”). The building is new, built in 2017, so the interiors are modern and the repairs are fresh. The price includes three meals a day from professional cooks. Dishes are different from the usual sanatoriums. To order a la carte is possible both in the room and in the dining room. For those who have problems with digestion and overweight there are diets, which are chosen by a dietitian.

    Sanatorium is located next to Kislovodsk Park, where there are more than two hundred and fifty species of shrubs and trees. guests enjoy strolling through the lively streets and boulevards, visiting the Philharmonic, concert performances or sitting in city cafes.

    The cost of the day for one person will be from 9 to 29 thousand rubles. r. Located on Lenin Avenue, 18. For consultations call: 8(800)777-31-70, +7(928)335-01-44. Details on the site: arnika..


    • pump-room with mineral waters: “Slavyanskaya”, “Essentuki-4”, “Sulfate narzan”;
    • free Wi-Fi.


    • above-average prices.

    “Villa Arnest.”

    Rating of the sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.7

    Villa Arnest

    At the fifth place of the rating is a health resort, built in a secluded part of the park in the south, so vacationers are not disturbed by the resort noise. Main fields – cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, urology, gynecology, immunology, dermatology, pediatrics, as well as treatment of respiratory, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal systems. On the territory of six hectares there is a medical building, a SPA, a center for pantotherapy. Antler raw materials (young horns of red deer) helps to effectively resist premature aging and stress, removes toxins and enhances immunity, treats sciatica, osteochondrosis, joint diseases. The center offers the following procedures: wraps, baths, sauna, electrophoresis, inhalations, microclysters, massage, masks, applications, herbal teas and food supplements with antler materials.

    Guests are offered to check in the main building, the following rooms: standard, single, studio, suite mini, deluxe Ambassador, suite, apartment; cottage “Hope” – suite, standard; “Faith” – suite Ambassador, standard; “Love” – suite, suite mini, standard. Refreshments are available in the restaurant, as well as in the lobby bar. Leisure activities for adults and children include swimming pool, game room, outdoor areas, terrainkur, tennis court, billiard, fitness room, sauna, karaoke, library, and excursions to the Arkhyz, Dombai, Chegemsky waterfalls, etc. d.

    The cost per day per person ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 rubles. r. Located on Prudnaya, 107 A. If you have any questions, please call: 8 (800) 100-81-05, +7 (87937) 3-03-00, +7 (87937) 3-17-22. Details on the site: villa-.


    • pump room with mineral water “Sulfate narzan”;
    • free transfer from the railway station.


    • Spa services for an extra fee;
    • paid tours;
    • Transfer from the airport and railway station is paid – 2 thous. r.


    Rating of the sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.7

    The sixth position is taken by the health resort, which is situated in the vicinity of the Narsan Gallery in the city center. The main therapeutic directions are cardiology, neurology, dietetics, urology, gynecology, treatment of respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system, diabetes. Here you will be offered electric light therapy, physical therapy, massage, phytotherapy, paraffin-ozokeritotherapy, balneotherapy (underwater, ascending, circular and Charcot shower; pearl, iodine-bromine, sulfur and narsan baths), inhalations. The equipment is represented by devices “Polimag 1-2” for general magnetotherapy, “Calibri” for use in cases of a whole bouquet of diseases or allergic reactions to medications, as monotherapy.

    Visitors are offered settling in one of the two buildings, designed for seventy-nine people. Guests will be welcomed comfortable single, double, junior suites, suites and apartments. Three meals a day, including diets, fifteen in total. The facility’s cooks take into account all individual preferences. Cozy canteen for eighty seats, works in one shift. You can also order food in the room. Ecologically pure products, supplied from rural farms of Stavropol Krai. At leisure time the sanatorium offers to visit gym, swimming pool neighboring sanatorium (payment is included in the cost of tickets), billiard room, club, concert, disco, cinema, trips (Ossetia, Elbrus, Arkhyz, Chegem gorge, Blue Lakes).

    Cost per day for one person ranges from 2,500 to 4,000 UAH. r. Located in Yanovsky Lane, 7. For consultations please call: +7 (87937) 3-07-89, +7 (879) 373-07-61, +7 (87937) 3-13-19. Details on the site: kolos-.


    • ecologically pure products from the three largest collective farms of Stavropol;
    • Issuance of dry rations for excursions that take the whole day;
    • reasonable prices;
    • stocks.


    • no pool.

    “Belaya Dacha”

    Rating of the sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.6

    The seventh line is occupied by the institution, the former dacha of Count Sheremetev, the difference of which is the unique architecture of the nineteenth century. Like the previous health resort, “Belaya Dacha” is located near the park, the Narzan Gallery, the Philharmonic Hall and other central city attractions. Main specialization – cardiology, neurology, bronchopulmonary diseases, additional – gynecology, urology, ENT, GIT. It offers a variety of standard spa procedures, including terrenekur. Exercises in the health resort lead to a reduction of emotional stress and physical tension, increase efficiency, improve mood and provide a burst of energy, reduce weight – up to 1000 kcal per 4 hours.

    The room stock includes well-appointed rooms with high ceilings. Presented a variety of categories: one-room standard, up to twenty-one square, improved standard, up to thirty squares, two-room suites junior without a balcony and with a balcony, up to thirty-one and, respectively, forty-three squares, two-room suite, up to fifty-two squares and a capacity of up to five people. Almost all rooms are equipped with comfortable terraces, opening a magnificent view of the nature surrounding the sanatorium. Dietary meals are provided three times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The main ingredients in dishes are lean meat, fish, poultry, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs; dairy products and natural juices. After 19:00 the canteen starts to work as a restaurant with a bar. Beautiful music, masterpieces of European, Caucasian and Russian cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent.

    The price for a night for one person ranges from 2800 to 10 thousand rubles. r. Located at Semashko, 2. If you have any questions, please call: +7 (928) 303-83-11, +7 (87937) 9-70-36, 8 (800) 350-07-50. Details on the site: belaya-dacha-.


    • Historical interiors and furniture are preserved;
    • round-the-clock security area;
    • Free parking and Wi-Fi;
    • discounts for children and regular guests.


    • shuttle service and excursions are not free of charge.

    “Red stones”

    Sanatorium in Kislovodsk rating: 4.6

    Eighth is a sanatorium, which occupies an area of seven hectares. In addition to therapeutic accommodation, there are accommodation and recreational facilities. In a health resort vacationers are fully diagnosed on modern equipment. Specialists of the complex work with diseases of the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, and reproductive system. Doctors of the facility undergo regular qualification retraining at least three times a year. Scientific papers are regularly published in print publications: in recent years more than twenty have been published, three Ph.D. theses and one doctoral dissertation have been defended. Consultation is provided by specialists in almost all medical fields: cardiologist, psychotherapist, neurologist, otolaryngologist, oculist, urologist, gynecologist, chiropractor, reflexologist, physiotherapist, dentist, paradontologist and others.

    Guests are offered to live in the main building and one of two comfortable villas. In total there are seventy rooms – one-room, two-room, three-room suites. Equipment includes the most necessary things: refrigerator, telephone, satellite TV, air conditioning, safe with electronic lock, button of emergency call, etc. d. Meals are based on dietary meals, which are individually adjusted for the patient. Seven days menu by order system. The essence of the program: “Many vitamins – few calories” principle. The unloading diet consists of the consumption of healthy cocktails. Duration of the course – from two weeks to one month. During this period, many achieve weight loss of up to ten kilograms, and 95% lose from one and a half to two kilograms. In their spare time guests can enjoy a spacious swimming pool, a cinema, a philharmonic, a theater-museum “Blagodat”, a billiard room, a bar, a beauty salon, fitness and dance halls, a tennis court, a library for solitude with a book or a magazine.

    Located on Herzen Street, 18. For consultations call: +7 (87937) 2-92-60. Details on the site: red-.


    • Mineral water “Smirnovskaya”, “Slavyanovskaya”, “Essentuki-17”;
    • free Wi-Fi;
    • guarded parking lot.


    • temporarily closed for renovation.


    Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.5

    In ninth place is a sanatorium located around the Caucasus Mountains. Priority profiles – cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, urinary, respiratory, obesity, thyroid, musculoskeletal system. Specialists make wide use of ECG, ECHO, ultrasound, healing mud and mineral waters. The complex consists of three buildings: a seven-story bed and two three-story buildings (medical and a dining room-club). All buildings are equipped with elevators and connected by warm corridors for comfortable and fast moving.

    For the arrival are available rooms of different categories: single standard, area of thirty-three squares; double for one or two vacationers; two-room spacious suite. Premises are equipped with centralized air conditioning system, glazed loggias with summer furniture, refrigerator, TV, telephone, safe, all necessary conveniences. Ironing rooms are located on the floors. The approach to food in the institution is individual, which is liked by vacationers. Accounts for religious holidays, vegetarian lifestyle, the desire to eat separate meals to adjust the weight, and so on. Refreshments are available three times a day, according to the custom-made system. For relaxation, guests have a restaurant “Imperial”, three bars, billiard room, bowling, cinema, library. You can buy everything you need in the outlets, and take care of yourself in the local beauty salon. Businessmen are offered to rent the business center premises for conferences and business meetings.

    The cost per day for one will be from 8 to 17500 p. Located on Prudnaya Street, 107. On questions call: +7 (87937) 2-11-14, +7 (87937) 2-11-07, +7 (87937) 3-92-18. Details on the site: .


    • overhaul and reconstruction in 2010;
    • modern interior design, furnishings;
    • a large number of recreational activities for adults, kids and teens;
    • dance hall;
    • Play room with a teacher.


    • above-average prices.


    Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.5


    Tenth position is occupied by the sanatorium located in the picturesque part of the city. The main therapeutic profile includes cardiology, ENT, Gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and additional: dentistry, neurology, allergology and immunology, dietology, gynecology, urology, endocrinology. Specialists offer several programs: ozone therapy, carboxytherapy, “Stop Allergy!”, “Easy Breath”, “Anti-stress”, “Slim Figure”, “Cleanliness Inside Us”. Mineral and licorice baths, massages, barotherapy, speleotherapy, hydrocolonotherapy, etc. are widely used as treatments.

    Single small rooms are available for occupancy, sixteen squares; double and twin rooms, eighteen squares; two-room suites, thirty-five squares; three-room apartments, seventy squares; and superior rooms. The guests will have four meals a day in the dining room, designed for two hundred seats, and a restaurant for thirty seats. Employs a seven-day menu ordering system, where you can see the calories and composition of each dish. Adding vitamins to the diet of fruit juices, decoction of rosehip, vegetable salads, herbs. Chefs take into account individual doctor’s orders and wishes of vacationers, for example, religious calendar days.

    You can spend your free time in the bar with phytochay and oxygen cocktails; in the pool, sauna, beauty salon; in the library, internet-cafe, billiard room; on sport grounds and performances organized in the evening in the restaurant; at events or out on excursions (Zheleznovodsk-Yessentuki, Dombai, Honey Falls, etc.); in the hotel. d.).

    Cost per night for one person is from 2800 up to 4500 r. located at Pyatigorskaya St., 4. For consultations, call: 8 (800) 500-67-75, +7 (87937) 6-76-81, +7 (87937) 6-76-64. Details on the website: .


    • Those who go on excursions are given dry rations;
    • Order meals in the room;
    • hall rent;
    • free transfer;
    • affordable prices.


    • Free Wi-Fi only in the halls and medical building of the sanatorium.

    Sanatorium im. g.k. Ordzhonikidze

    Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.4

    G.K. Ordzhonikidze

    The eleventh place goes to the institution, which occupies an area of thirty-four hectares. Buildings, monuments of palatial architecture, located in a city park. Here guests will be welcomed by health paths, flowerbeds, fountains, playgrounds. The middle mountain climate, mineral waters and sulphide mud have a beneficial effect on the general well-being. Main profile – cardiology, neurology, ENT, and an additional – urology, gynecology, GI treatment, musculoskeletal system. Vacationers on arrival undergo a complete diagnosis on modern equipment. Specialists determine hormones, tumor markers; collect blood for biochemistry, ELISA; do ECG, ultrasound and other procedures. Actively uses water and balneotherapy, physiotherapy, phytotherapy, and naturopathy. There are eleven basic programs, such as “Anti-stress”, “Active Longevity”, “Easy Gait”, “Rhythm of Your Heart”.

    Visitors can be accommodated in rooms of different categories: single, double (economy, first category), studios, suites. Three meals a day, as noted in the reviews, is organized at a high level. It is based mainly on special diets, and there are five of them: NCD (reduced calorie), IAP (high protein), OBD (basic), NBD (reduced protein), alkaline diet (for gastrointestinal diseases). The system of ordering food by menu is used in the sanatorium.

    The resort has thirty-four hectares of sports grounds, a 15-meter swimming pool, a sauna, two tennis courts, two indoor sports halls, billiard rooms, an outdoor dancing area, a concert and conference hall. You can leave your child in the playroom with a babysitter. Tanex” Bureau sells one-day tours to the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

    The cost of a day for one person will make from 2300 up to 4700 r. Located on Lenin Avenue, 25, building 1. For questions call: 8 (800) 222-51-51, +7 (87937) 6-57-20, +7 (87937) 6-57-08. Details on the site: ordzhonikidze-


    • bureaus of mineral waters “Essentuki-4”, “Slavyanovskaya”, “Common Narzan”;
    • location in the central part of the park;
    • well-developed infrastructure;
    • View of the two-headed Elbrus;
    • discount system.


    • paid transfer.


    Rating sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.4

    The twelfth is the sanatorium complex, located a few steps from the city park and the bureaus “Narzan”. The sanatorium occupies three hectares. Profile areas – cardiology, neurology, ENT, as well as gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system and musculoskeletal system. Laboratory, procedures, such as baths (dry carbon dioxide, mineral, coniferous, pearl, etc.) and other services are at the guests’ disposal. d.); shower (ascending, circular, “Charcot”, etc. d.); salt chamber; mud treatment; hirudotherapy; ozone therapy; massage and much more. The specialists offer the following health-improving tours: “Allergy Treatment” (symptoms correction and exacerbations reduction); “Chronic Fatigue Elimination” (reduction of psycho-emotional stress); “Women Health” (gynecology, beauty); “Men Health” (focus on genitourinary system); “Metabolic Syndrome Correction” (reduction of cardiovascular pathology risk); “Gymnastics” (therapy in the body and mind).A month’s stay includes: diagnostics, water and balneotherapy, mud procedures, massage, physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, inhalations, psychodiagnostics, visits to a dentist and other consultations.

    For accommodation holidaymakers are offered cozy warm corps with comfortable rooms: single (standard, junior suite, suite), double (standard, suite), suite-studios, spacious apartments, as well as cottage suites. Meals are mostly dietary, based on the doctor’s recommendation, organized three times a day, buffet-style. Visitors write in their reviews that the cuisine is homemade delicious and varied.

    On the territory you can visit the swimming pool, sauna, beauty salon, beauty parlor. Spend your free time in a billiard room, cinema, bar, library, outdoor tennis court, basketball and volleyball court, playing table tennis or dancing at the disco. Groups are gathered daily for trips to excursions. Regular theatrical performances, vocal performances of masters, contests and games.

    Cost per day per person ranges from 2,800 to 12,000. r. Located at 2 Klara Zetkin Street, Riga. For consultations call: 8 (800) 700-75-95, +7 (87937) 6-78-17, +7 (87937) 6-74-91. Details on the site: krugozor.su.


    • solarium;
    • Modern interiors, decoration;
    • guarded parking lot.


    • paid transfer.

    “The Fortress.”

    Rating of the sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.4

    On the thirteenth place of the rating, built in the heart of the city center. This particular health resort is at the beginning of all the terrenekurs of the picturesque park. Priority areas – cardiology, neurology, ENT diseases, and side effects – treatment of musculoskeletal system and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the sanatorium offers the opportunity to undergo various cosmetic procedures.

    Visitors are offered comfortable single and double standard rooms, suites, not more than twelve squares, double suites, with an area of twenty-three squares. Catering is organized according to a la carte system, three times a day. Room service is also provided. The ration is varied, includes vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, poultry, cereals, etc. Special praise for the specialties and pastries. Doctors rely on balance and rationality, when selecting an individual diet. The most important thing is the calories and the right combination of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, micro- and macronutrients.

    Customers can relax in the billiard room, bar, cinema and concert hall, library. To relax and get in shape you can in a pool with six cascade showers, sauna, solarium, beauty salon, and actively spend time in the gym, on sports grounds, disco. There is a store and a post office. Throughout the year in a sanatorium held recreational activities, such as concerts of amateur art, games “Field of Miracles”, “Among friends”, etc. d.Meetings with interesting people, which allow you to expand your horizons; performances of stars of the national pop-scene; theatrical performances. Excursions will also delight the guests of the “Fortress”. The beauties of Arkhyz, Teberda, Dombai will leave very few people indifferent. Experienced guides will tell you interesting facts about the places you can visit.

    The cost per day will range from 3400 to 11 thousand. r. It is located at 9, Mira Avenue. For questions call: 8 (800) 350-46-47, +7 (87937) 3-71-35, +7 (87937) 390-66. Details on a site: .


    • highly qualified doctors;
    • helpful staff;
    • Seasonal discounts and bonuses for regular clients.


    • not identified.


    Rating of a sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.3

    Fourteenth position is taken by the popular sanatorium in Kislovodsk, each year receiving more than ten thousand vacationers. The main profile of the institution – coronary heart disease, hypertension, pathology of the joints, spine, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and other diseases.

    The peculiarity of “Victoria” is the location of all offices in one eleven-storey building. There are living floors, medical department, treatment rooms, etc. d. The sanatorium can receive over four hundred people at a time. It can be both adults and children from the age of four. For settlement are available small single and double, as well as superior rooms and spacious suites and apartments. Each room has cable TV, telephone, refrigerator.

    Three meals a day is organized according to the buffet system. Dishes, if you believe the reviews, are of excellent quality, and the variety strikes even the sophisticated. Many people note that the food is unusually delicious and different from the stereotypical sanatorium. You can have a snack in two halls, “Sapphire” for two hundred seats and “Rubin” for one hundred and thirty seats, or in the luxury restaurant, located on the top floor. The assortment is rich dietary culinary masterpieces. The pastry presented is not purchased, but made by the cooks of “Victoria”. There are regularly organized days with theme menus: fish, Caucasian, etc. d.

    The guests can spend their leisure time in the entertainment center, where films, shows, artists’ performances, bowling (six lanes and a bar), table tennis, billiards are shown. Lovers of quiet sit-ups are offered to visit the library. For relaxation is designed swimming pool with whirlpool and sauna (paid, 500-600 p). Excursions are organized in groups. Routes are standard: Grozny, Kuratinoe Gorge, the foot of Mount Elbrus, Dombai, Arkhyz.

    Price of one night will be from 3500 to 7 thousand rubles per person. r. Located on Kirova, 12. For consultations, contact: 8 (800) 250-60-63, +7 (87937) 9-43-33, +7 (87937) 9-60-96. Details on the site: victoria-.


    • Yessentuki 4 and Slavyanovskaya ballet
    • Stay in the Children’s Center is included in the package;
    • Fresh farm products;
    • free Wi-Fi on the whole territory;
    • Discounts for children from 5 to 14.


    • paid parking lot.


    Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.2

    Fifteenth line gets the sanatorium complex, which specializes in cardiology, neurology, ENT. Related – musculoskeletal, genitourinary, endocrine, ophthalmological systems. Conducted both laboratory and instrumental diagnostic tests. Treatment is provided by standard and special health programs, as well as tours designed for children. The cost of the tour includes one thing to choose from. Treatment with medicinal mud, salt, seaweed wraps, licorice baths. This allows you to return beauty and youthfulness, improving the appearance.

    The room stock includes one-, two- and three-room suites economy (up to nineteen squares); standard and improved (up to nineteen and a half squares); family (up to thirty-eight squares); suite (forty-fifty squares). Four meals a day. Buffet” system allows you to choose dishes to your taste. Catering sessions are held in the main hall, which seats three hundred and thirty people. Days of any cuisine of the world are regularly held, whether it is Russian, Ukrainian, European, Caucasian or Uzbek – all visitors will enjoy the gastronomic pleasure.

    Guests can relax in the billiard room, playing tennis, swimming in the pool, steaming in the sauna, visiting the SPA, hairdresser or going on an excursion. Conference halls for rent: large (over three hundred seats) and small (sixty seats), as well as the necessary equipment: laptop, multimedia projector, other props. On the territory there are stores and kiosks, cafe “Rodnichok”, a library, parking. For kids there is “Childhood Planet” club, where experienced babysitters and entertainers will look after your child.

    The cost of a night for one person will be from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. r. Located on Profinterna Street, 50. By phone: +7 (87937) 3-13-11, +7 (87937) 3-10-06, +7 (87937) 3-13-43. Details on the site: rodnik-.


    • use of organic products without palm oil;
    • There are actions and special offers;
    • budget prices.


    • outdated interiors, furnishings, furniture.

    “The Beam”

    Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.2

    The sixteenth becomes a rehabilitation medical center. Seven departments are represented: a day hospital, neurological, therapeutic (pulmonology, cardiology), radiology and functional diagnostics, outpatient and neurosurgical, where a block of intensive care and resuscitation is provided. The treatment includes mud treatment, balneotherapy, hydropathy, phytotherapy, physiotherapy, ozone therapy, hirudotherapy, aquaerobics, underwater horizontal and vertical stretches, etc.

    The guests are accommodated in three buildings with different rooms: in the first building – one- and two-bed rooms and two-bed rooms of three rooms; in the second building – one-bed room, two-bed room (one postoperative), two-bed room and three-bed room; in the third building – one-bed room (small, medium, large), one-bed room (small), two-bed room (medium and large). Meals are organized in a buffet style in three halls, three times a day. Menu is balanced, based on fifteen basic diets. Children are offered four meals a day with an afternoon snack.

    On the territory of the sanatorium there is a mini swimming pool, a climatoplastika, SPA, beauty salon, fitness center, billiards, tennis court, volleyball zone, library, computer room, cinema, playground, pharmacy, ATM and parking. The spa offers body therapy, hammam, cedar barrel immersion, hydro-aromatherapy, turbo-solarium, cryosauna, etc. d. Business meetings can be held in one of three equipped conference rooms. In the bars “4th vertebra” and “Star” you can have fun in the evening hours of leisure.

    The cost per day for one will be from 4200 to 7100 p. Located on Kominterna Str., 11. For consultation call: +7 (87937) 2-43-82, +7 (87937) 2-02-72, +7 (87937) 295-40. Details on the site: .


    • Slavyanovskaya and Essentuki-4 pump room;
    • affordable prices.


    • paid parking lot.

    “Vershina 1240”

    Rating of the sanatorium in Kislovodsk: 4.2

    In seventeenth place is an unusual sanatorium. Here athletes of Russian national teams are trained and pass rehabilitation. The method of weight loss from Turchinskaya Irina. After the arrival specialists will conduct a high-precision diagnostics with clinical blood tests, ultrasound, ECG. The examination will be carried out by a therapist and a gynecologist or a urologist. Advanced methods of health improvement are used in treatment. Bring the body back to normal, correcting the contours, will help healthy body school, which will tell about the basics of PP, the correct weight control. Workshops will offer simple but useful recipes and teach you to cook harmless and tasty dishes. Hiking, health walks, swimming pool, power and cardio training will accelerate fat burning, return tone and activity. SPA will allow to relax after physical exertion. At the end of the two-week course, the weight will drop by two to four pounds and continue to go for a while. Here you can also work out a training plan for your home, to maintain or improve your results. The program costs 120-130 thousand rubles. r.

    Holidaymakers can stay in single, double, twin, and triple rooms of standard and deluxe categories. Two hundred and eighteen rooms are available in total. The complex provides daily laundry services for sports uniforms. Meals four times a day. Special diets are used as the basis for the treatment. Individual menu, personal chef, vitamin support, mineral water. Thirteen-lane swimming pool, a font, a Jacuzzi, a bathing complex with seven kinds of steam baths, a children’s room with baby sitters, sports facilities of international level.

    The cost of one night will be from 2900 to 5 thousand roubles. r. Located in. The Little Saddle. For questions, call: +7 (87937) 9-64-40, +7 (87937) 9-64-41, +7 (87937) 2-56-36. Details on site: .


    • Medical and rehabilitation center FMBA;
    • secluded location;
    • modern environment;
    • Developed sports infrastructure;
    • Transfers to the railway station and airport are included.


    • has not been revealed.


    Sanatorium in Kislovodsk rating: 4.2

    The eighteenth position goes to the health resort with clinical and diagnostic facilities, counting more than forty kinds of examinations. Field of specialization – cardiology, neurology, respiratory diseases. Additional – urology, gynecology, gastrointestinal, spine and musculoskeletal pathologies. Treatments are performed according to the traditional basic program or using unique, specialized methods, e.g. “Women’s Health”, “Beauty and Health”, “Harmony of the Soul”, “Healthy Heart”, etc. d. Clinical, biochemical, endoscopic, functional diagnostics, ultrasonic examination, immunoenzymometric diagnostics, and diagnostic tests are all available to detect problems.

    Three buildings are available for settlement, including a therapeutic one. The sanatorium offers single, double and triple rooms of premium and luxury categories, as well as studios and apartments. Three meals a day in the dining room and banquet hall, and in warm weather on the terrace. Meals are prepared taking into account recommendations of dieticians. In phyto-bar you can drink medicinal teas and oxygen cocktails. There is a lobby bar in the hall of the third building where clients are offered ice cream, coffee and juices. For children there is an outdoor playground, bicycle rentals, competitions, quests and other activities. Kids can be left in playroom with baby sitters in winter. Adults are offered recreational activities at dance parties, sports tournaments, karaoke, sightseeing trips.

    The price for a night for one person will be from 4500 to 11500 rubles. Located on 12 Volodarskogo St. For consultations call: 8 (800) 333-35-21, +7 (87937) 6-61-47, +7 (928) 814-50-64. Details on the site: .


    • own pump room;
    • Eight decades of experience;
    • The first park line;
    • a protected area;
    • Free Wi-Fi throughout the territory.


    • The prices are higher than the average;
    • paid transfer.

    Sanatorium “Piket”

    Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.2

    Piket Sanatorium

    In the sanatorium “Picket”, which is in the lower part of the National Resort Park, near the Valley of the Roses, you can have a good treatment and rest for the whole family. There are own mineral water springs on the territory of the sanatorium, and a half an hour walk to the Narsan Gallery.

    “Picket” – it’s two huge dormitories connected to each other by walkways. Therapeutic and children’s ward are separated and can be reached by walking along the street. The medical center specializes in treating pathologies of the cardiovascular system, nervous, respiratory and visual systems. The institution has a strong diagnostic base for accurate examination of each patient and functional diagnostics, postoperative recovery, complex treatment of mature cataract refractive keratotomies. Therapeutic procedures are varied – from balneological procedures to paraffin therapy and hardware improvement, doctors use herbs, mineral water, Tambukan mud. Doctors are on duty in the medical center around the clock.

    Accommodation in the sanatorium is comfortable – rooms equipped with technology and new furniture, bright, clean, most rooms offer a picturesque view. On the basis of “Picket” operates a children’s camp – you can combine the health of the parents and quality recreation of the child without close contact with each other. In the main block there are children’s rooms, playgrounds – the leisure time is organized competently. Guests note the friendly staff, quality treatment, from the drawbacks – the need for repair in some rooms and children’s building, but the administration promptly responds to comments and corrects them.

    Located in the “Piket” in the town of Tambov, on the western shore of the Baltic Sea. Kislovodsk, ul. 12 Piket Mountain. Phones for communication 8 (905) 412-47-40, 8 (87937) 9-80-62.


    • Modern recreational base;
    • A wide choice of medical procedures;
    • Convenient location of the sanatorium above the city;
    • Children’s camp on the basis of the sanatorium;
    • There is children’s entertainment;
    • Own sources of mineral water.


    • Some rooms need repairing;
    • High demand requires long waiting lists.


    Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.1

    Nineteenth line gets a sanatorium complex of three buildings, which are connected by warm corridors, through which quickly and comfortably get to your destination. Main profile – cardiology and respiratory system, supplementary – neurology, gastrointestinal tract, locomotor apparatus pathology, dentistry. The treatment is actively used water and mud baths, hydropathy, speleotherapy, massage, electrosensitherapy, paraffin heat therapy, ultrasound, inhalation, LFC, etc. d. From paid procedures are presented: cosmetology, jacuzzi, sauna, phyto bar, ozone therapy, some massages.

    Vacationers are offered single rooms, two-room suites (single, double standard category), as well as four-bedroom apartments. All rooms have a refrigerator, TV, shower, some – balcony. Meals three times a day, based on diet. Environmentally friendly products are used. Adults can spend their free time in the gym, pool with whirlpool, spa, playing table tennis. There are not many entertainments for children, but there is a game room.

    The cost per night for one person will be from 2700 to 3600 p. Located on Yaroshenko, 16/2. For questions, call: +7 (87937) 3-06-32, +7 (87937) 3-07-28, +7 (87937) 3-06-88. Details on the site: .


    • parking lot;
    • affordable prices.


    • Free Wi-Fi only in the lobby.


    Sanatorium rating in Kislovodsk: 4.1

    Closes the ranking health resort, which maintains the traditions of spa treatment and recreation Kislovodsk. During the first days of stay, specialists perform diagnostics, identifying health problems. Architectural ensemble is represented by medical and three dormitory buildings. Warm passages allow to move with comfort in any weather. The main profile – cardiology, neurology, respiratory diseases (non-tuberculosis). Additional – ENT, Gastrointestinal, pathology of musculoskeletal system, gynecology, urology, endocrinology, allergology, obesity. In the treatment of specialists use mineral water, inhalation, LFC, laser therapy, hirudotherapy, balneotherapy, ozone therapy and much more.

    Single, double standard, improved, and third category rooms with partial facilities, as well as spacious suites and apartments are offered for accommodation. Everywhere cable TV, some rooms have balconies and halls. Meals are dietary, three times a day, according to the order system through the menu. There are fifteen basic diets. Kefir for late supper. The therapeutic block is equipped with a swimming pool, gym and gymnasium. Adults can spend their leisure time in a concert or dance hall, billiard room, library, bar with the same name “Moscow”, on excursions. Young visitors will be offered to go to the circus, theater, Philharmonic, contests, exhibitions, competitions, movies.

    Price of a night for one person ranges from 2500 to 5700. Located at 50, Dzerzhinskogo Avenue. For consultations call: 8 (800) 301-17-14, +7 (87937) 6-71-74. See details on the website: .


    • The paths of the terrainkur – 1,500 m in length;
    • own park;
    • discounts;
    • affordable prices.


    • paid tours;
    • outdated interiors, furnishings.
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