19 the most interesting sights of Izhevsk

Izhevsk is considered the arms capital of our country. It is now one of the largest settlements of Russia. The city boasts not only many factory buildings, but also chic museum centers, theatrical performances, and magnificent monuments. Perfectly equipped parks and squares in the city, there are many places for entertainment. Our rating will show you the most interesting sights in the region.

Rating of the most interesting sights in Izhevsk

The most interesting cultural attractions in Izhevsk1The Musée du Louvre d’Orsay. Kuzebay Gerda5.0
2Opera and Ballet Theater of the Udmurt Republic4.9
3Russian Drama Theater in Udmurtia4.8
4National Theatre of the Udmurt Republic4.7
5Kalashnikov Museum4.6
The most interesting entertainment attractions in Izhevsk1The State Circus of Udmurtia5.0
2Izhevsk Zoo4.9
3Museum-reserve Ludorvai4.8
4S. m. Kirov4.7
5The Lenin summer garden was named after V. V. Vinogradov and became one of the most interesting sights of the. Gorky4.6
The most interesting architectural sights in Izhevsk1Monument to the glory of battle and labor of the sons and daughters of Udmurtia5.0
2Monument of Peoples Friendship4.9
4Monument to pelmeni4.7
The most interesting religious sights of Izhevsk1St. Michael’s Cathedral5.0
2Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.4.9
3Iman Nury Mosque4.8
4Kazan icon of the Mother of God Church4.7
5Armenian Apostolic Church4.6

The most interesting cultural sights of Izhevsk

The first nomination includes the theaters and museums of Izhevsk.

The Musée de l’Orsaye. Kuzebay Gerda

Rating of attractions (Izhevsk): 5.0

Museum of them. Kuzebay Gerd

Collections of the museum are devoted to historical life of Udmurtia. Popular exhibitions include “History of the Region to the 15th Century,” “The Fair,” and “Udmurts.”. In all, the collection numbers over 200,000 items from various fields.

The advantages of this place include the diverse presentation of material and highly professional guides, who answer all questions and tell with great interest, logically structured information. Gerda Museum will be a great option for discovering the customs of the republic. Price of the tour – 300 rubles. Entrance ticket – 150 rubles.

Theater of Opera and Ballet of the Udmurt Republic

Sightseeing rating (Izhevsk): 4.9

Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Udmurt Republic

The building of the theater was built over 35 years ago. Avant-garde minimalism is evident in the architecture. The roof is decorated with sculptures in the form of musical instruments. Theatrical performances create new impressions and transmit inimitable atmosphere.

Visitors of the theater praise magnificent performances and talented artists. The good mood is spoiled by the lack of parking. In any case, this place will be a great option for spending your free time. Address: Pushkinskaya Street, 221.

Russian Drama Theatre of Udmurtia

Rating of the site (Izhevsk): 4.8

Russian Drama Theatre of Udmurtia

The first performance, “The Aristocrats”, was seen by the audience in 1935. In the early 40s the building burned down, and after it was finished it was moved to another place. Since 2011 it occupies the space on Gorky Street, where before there was Izhmash Palace of Culture.

Today it is one of the best theaters in Izhevsk, the performances of which give a range of feelings and emotions. Audiences note the incredible orchestra, the beautiful interior of the building, the chic decorations. The theater cooperates with famous artists from other cities. Learn about the repertoire and buy tickets on the theater site. Located on M Street, Gorky Street, Udmurtia, the National Theatre of the Republic of Udmurtia. 71 Gorky Street.

National Theatre of the Udmurt Republic

Rating of the site (Izhevsk): 4.7

National Theatre of the Udmurt Republic

The next place in the rating belongs to the National Theater, which occupies one of the main places in the cultural life of Udmurtia. It was established in the 1930s. The repertoire consists mainly of works by national writers. Sometimes there are staged plays in Udmurt language that are popular all over the world with translation.

The audience is enthralled by the actors’ sincere play, their beautiful voices and fiery dancing. The theater has many fans, who do not miss a single performance. Actors are flooded with flowers after performances. Guests of Izhevsk just have to visit the National Theater. Address: M. Gorky, 73.

Kalashnikov Museum

Rating of the site (Izhevsk): 4.6

Kalashnikov Museum

The museum complex was opened more than 15 years ago. Its expositions relate to the arms industry and the person of Kalashnikov. In the halls you can see historical and modern weapons. There is a shooting gallery where guns are fired.

From the outside, the building looks a little gloomy. Inside, the place is spacious and light. The guide will be happy to tell you about Kalashnikov’s life and exhibits. The museum will appeal to those who are fond of weapons. It will especially appeal to the stronger half of mankind, but children might be bored. Address: 19 Borodin Street.

The most interesting entertainment attractions in Izhevsk

Tourists who prefer cultural and entertainment activities can visit the circus, museum and zoo of Izhevsk. They will give a lot of vivid impressions.

State Circus of Udmurtia

Rating of the attraction (Izhevsk): 5.0

The State Circus of Udmurtia

Izhevsk Circus is in an interesting building, which was built 16 years ago by the project of the capital’s architect. In addition to its original appearance, the structure is notable for its excellent technical equipment. The circus offers the most impressive performances. The hall can seat 1,800 spectators. On its arena popular Russian stars often perform.

The merits include interesting atmospheric performances, beautiful and comfortable premises. Among the disadvantages are expensive tickets. Visiting the circus with the whole family is quite a costly entertainment, considering that you will have to splurge on souvenirs, food, photos and toys. Coordinates: Krasnoarmeyskaya, 136.

Izhevsk Zoo

Sight rating (Izhevsk): 4.9

Izhevsk Zoo

The rating continues with a relatively young zoo, which was founded in 2008 on the initiative of the head of Udmurtia. All animals live here in conditions similar to the natural one. They are in spacious aviaries. No narrow cages in the zoo. Visitors are fascinated by walruses, bears, tigers, wolves and monkeys. Adults and children watch with interest birds of prey, pheasants, camels. There are a lot of animals here, and the collection is constantly expanding.

On this territory works a lot of inexpensive cafes. There is a large parking lot. Address: Kirov street, 8. Working schedule: from 9-00 to 21-00. At certain hours there are sea lions. All the activities can be found on the zoo’s website.

Museum-reserve Ludorvai

sightseeing attraction rating (Izhevsk): 4.8

Museum-reserve Ludorvay

The museum complex “Ludorvai” is located in the territory of the village of the same name. It includes more than 20 buildings, among them homesteads, outbuildings and village houses. The reserve gives you a chance to get acquainted with the culture of the Udmurt Republic, taste national dishes and even take part in folklore events.

Adults and children are in awe of the museum and the surrounding nature. They look with interest at cooking utensils, mills, and other exhibits. They praise inexpensive and exciting tours, hospitable staff and clean air. It is worth noting that the reserve is located in the open air. Therefore, it is better to go here in good weather. The complex is located in Zavyalovsky district.

The S. M. Kirov Park. m. Kirov Street

Site rating (Izhevsk): 4.7

S. M. Kirov Park

Kirov public park was organized in the 30s by workers of Izhevsk plants. All this time it has been actively developing. This is where the zoo is located. Residents ride rollerblades and bicycles, have ski races in the winter, and ice skating rinks in the winter. The park is beautiful at any time of year. Here you can meet squirrels and have a picnic on the green grass.

The toilets on the territory are not free of charge. Benches and urns are scarce, but there are plenty of food outlets and entertainment for children. On holidays the festivities are held here. The place is easy to get to from any part of the city. There’s not much to do when the weather is bad. The park is open till 23.00. Coordinates: 8 Kirov Street.

Gorky Summer Garden. Gorky Park

Site rating (Izhevsk): 4.6

Gorky Summer Garden

On the bank of Izhevsk pond there is a garden where before 1917 only the inhabitants of the General House could walk. Today all comers can get here. There is a monument to Maksim Gorky and a rotunda in the garden. It’s a great place to spend time with kids. There are rides. Most are suitable for younger visitors. If you want you can ride a pony.

Adults love the Ferris wheel, which is much higher than the previous one. I am pleased with a large number of benches, fountains and beautiful vegetation. The garden is open from 10-00 to 21-00. Entrance to the park is free. The average ticket price for a ride is 100 rubles.

The most interesting architectural sights of Izhevsk

The next nomination includes landmarks that are not only trademarks of the city, but also cultural and architectural treasures of the Republic. All of them are picturesque and diverse. It’s worth taking a picture against its backdrop.

Monument of military and labor glory of sons and daughters of Udmurtia

Rating of the sight (Izhevsk): 5.0

Monument to the glory of Udmurtia's sons and daughters

The monument was erected in 1967. Its author is sculptor B.V. Druzhbaev. Volkov. The figure of a soldier is mounted on a marble pedestal. Banner flying above his head. It sternly looks ahead. On the concrete stele, there are images of soldiers, a mother and her son, and a steel-maker. On the memorial plaque there are embossed names of Udmurtia citizens – Heroes of the USSR.

Every holiday people lay flowers to the monument. Peaceful rallies are held here. The Eternal Flame is guarded by cadets and soldiers. The monument is a whole complex, which arouses feelings of pride and admiration. Located on 50th anniversary of October Square.

Friendship of Peoples Monument

Rating of the sight (Izhevsk): 4.9

Monument Friendship of Peoples

The Friendship of Peoples Monument was unveiled in 1972. It was erected in honor of the 400th anniversary of Udmurtia joining Russia. The high stele is made of lined stainless steel. There are reliefs depicting workers and peasants on it. The surrounding area is beautifully landscaped. The monument glows in the evening. The people call it the “Kulakova Skis”. In its shape, it resembles two vertical skis. Kulakova was an Olympic champion, who won three gold medals shortly before the monument was unveiled.

Once it was nominated for the competition “Seven Wonders of Russia”. Residents of Izhevsk believe that the monument can help with the right decision in a difficult situation. You should stand facing him and mentally say the question three times. It won’t be long before you realize what you need to do. The monument is located in the Central district.


Sight rating (Izhevsk): 4.8


We just couldn’t ignore the cute monument in the form of a boy dressed in a caftan of a gunsmith. Izhik is considered the mascot of the city. On its hat there is a rowan sprig, which is also a symbol of the region. It was cast from iron, which brought the residents of Izhevsk. The monument was opened in 2010.

Perhaps every local has a photo with the monument. Guests of the city also do not pass by the sculpture. The surroundings clearly require investments. Fountain and esplanade are in disrepair. You can find Izhyk on the Central Square of the city near the waterfront.

Monument to the pelmeni

Rating of the sight (Izhevsk): 4.7

Monument to pelmeni

Residents of Izhevsk love to eat dumplings. The idea to create a unique monument belongs to the artist A. Shklyaev. The monument is a large three-meter fork, on which a small pelmeni, 0.6 m in diameter, is strung. The building is located right in a flowerbed.

This is quite a popular monument among the townspeople. Guests of Izhevsk take a great interest in it and don’t miss a chance to take a picture with it. So we recommend all visitors to look at the unique sculpture and try the local pelmeni. Address: V. Kraeva Street, 35A.

The most interesting religious sights of Izhevsk

Residents of Izhevsk are multinationals, so the city has religious temples of different cultures. They were built at different times. With the most interesting cathedrals and churches we will get acquainted in the last nomination of the rating.

St. Michael’s Cathedral

Rating of sight (Izhevsk): 5.0

St. Michael's Cathedral

Category is opened by the church built at the beginning of the last century. After the Revolution, a museum was opened in the building. In 1937 the cathedral was completely demolished and only 12 years ago it was rebuilt again. This place was consecrated by Patriarch Alexy II. From the outside the temple is very beautiful. It is built in a unique style, which is not often seen in our country.

Several cities of Russia have put their part in this temple. For example, the bells were cast by craftsmen from Voronezh. Admire the interior decoration of the cathedral. Some of the icons are copies of the shrines of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. On the large territory of the temple you can see the Chapel of Peter and Fevronia of Murom. Address: 222 Karla Marksa Street.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Rating of the sight (Izhevsk): 4.9

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Next in the rating is a monument of church architecture. It was erected at the beginning of the 19th century. The building is notable for its classic style and solemnity of form. In the 1930s, the building housed a movie theater. In the 90s, services were resumed in the cathedral, and the structure was restored.

Guests of the city admire the grace and luxury of the temple. Many consider it one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Russia. The room accommodates a large number of people. It is always crowded. Location: Maksim Gorky, 66.

Iman Nury Mosque

Sight rating (Izhevsk): 4.8

Iman Nury Mosque

The first mosque in the city was built in the middle of the last century. However, Muslim temples could not accommodate the full number of worshipers. So it was decided to build another one. The construction cost 18 million rubles, two of which were received from individuals and legal entities. Significant contribution was made by elderly parishioners who found the site and received the support of benefactors.

In 2012 was inaugurated Iman Nury Mosque. Its appearance is especially eclectic and modern in form. The high minaret looks like a space rocket. A lot of flowers are planted around the building, it is clean and well maintained. Location: M. 53 Petrov St.

Church of Kazan icon of the Mother of God

Rating of the sight (Izhevsk): 4.7

Church of Kazan icon of the Mother of God

Next in the ranking is an Orthodox church with a Sunday school and religious catechism department. On weekends services in Udmurt language are conducted here. A library was founded in 2009. Parishioners honor the shrines of the temple. Among them are the relics of the Warrior Feodor of Sanaksary and the icon of the Healer.

The building was built of brick. There are trees planted around it. Praised for its openwork and cozy atmosphere inside the church. It is located next to St. Michael’s Cathedral and was originally designed as a chapel. Address: 220 Karla Marksa Street.

Armenian Apostolic Church

Rating of the sight (Izhevsk): 4.6

Armenian Apostolic Church

The tour ends with a multifunctional spiritual-cultural complex where all Armenian children and aspiring Christians are baptized. A library and a national school. The doors of the church are open to all regardless of religion. The temple was built with money of the congregation.

The complex symbolizes the ancient and distant camp. It includes a monument to the victims of the Armenian genocide. Beautiful landscaped area around the building is a real pleasure. You can feel instantly that everything is done with love. Location: 10 years of October, 55K1.

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