17 best places to live in Sochi

Sochi is a large resort city in Russia, located on the Black Sea coast with a population of about 500,000 people. Positive features of the seaside city – friendly population, low crime rate, mild climate. Neighborhoods for living in Sochi are chosen based on how close they are to the sea or the mountains, and the development of infrastructure. Conventionally, Sochi can be divided into four major administrative districts – Central, Lazarevsky, Adler, Khostinsky. There are several districts in each of them, which have their advantages and disadvantages. To understand which part of Sochi is more suitable for permanent residence, you should read the rating of the best areas, compiled by our experts.

Rating of the best neighborhoods to live in

The best areas to live in the center of Sochi1Zavokzalny5.0
4New Sochi4.7
Best areas near the sea with good infrastructure1Resort Town5.0
The best regions of Sochi for those who like calmness and tranquility1Mamayka5.0
The best areas of Sochi at the foot of the mountains1Makarenko5.0
3Microdistrict Areda4.8
4Hospital City4.7
5KCM neighborhood4.6

The best areas to stay in the heart of Sochi

The center of Sochi is the most popular place to live. The best social, governmental, and economic infrastructure is here. All the attractions are concentrated in the center, luxury real estate is built. Central part of the city is suitable for young people, as well as for those who lead an active life, and who are not afraid of the large number of tourists and constant traffic.


Rating: 5.0


The first stooge of the rating belongs to the neighborhood behind the train station, where there are all the “goods of civilization. Here a few buildings and good transport interchange, which makes it easy to get to any part of Sochi, thanks to the exit from the double of Kurortny Avenue.

Zavokzalniy Microdistrict is located in a mountainous area 2 km from the Black Sea. Residents of this part of town say that the climate is warm and mild with moderate humidity. There is no access to the sea in this part of the city, but you can easily get to the city beaches, including the Olympic Park.

Most of the area is located on Mount Batterick, and a smaller part is located on the flat area, where there are stores, offices, and sports complexes. In Zavokzalnoye area has a hospital camp, children’s social center, 4 kindergartens, 2 schools, ecological and biological center for schoolchildren.

The sights of the Zavokzalnaya part of town is the monument “Eternal Flame”, dedicated to the victims of the Great Patriotic War. The memorial is surrounded by many green areas and is considered an excellent place for hiking.

The area is built up with five-story buildings in the 70’s, private buildings. But now there is an active work on the construction of economy and business class real estate, club-type developments. The price of housing here is quite high. There are proposals comfort or business class with a minimum price of 4.5 mln rubles.


Rating: 4.9


The second place in the rating is given to Zarechny district, which is located on the mountain slopes and descends to the riverbed of Sochi. The territory of the neighborhood forms a unique triangle that borders with Zavokzalnaya part of town, the center, the New Sochi. Zarechny is very close to the historical center of Sochi, it has a well-developed infrastructure, an excellent traffic interchange with the new highways.

There are about 30,000 residents in Zarechny. This is a quiet, beautiful and comfortable part of Sochi. The main attractions – the park “Riviera”, the embankment, the Tsvetnoy Boulevard. There are a tennis court, beaches, schools, pre-school development center, cafes, restaurants, shopping gallery, beauty salons, clinics. There are also two colleges, a building of SSU, an ATS, a sports school, dentistry, a central library, and playgrounds for children in Zarechnoye. To get to the beach on foot will take only 10-20 minutes. Local residents mostly go to the beaches on the territory of sanatoriums “Mayak” or “Riviera”, the hotel “Zvezdny.

In Zarechny district next to Korchagin Square is a temple of St. Andrew, made in the form of a wooden carcass, where the relics of Matrona are kept. There is a youth center at the monastery that is dedicated to the Black Sea Cossacks.

There are almost no new buildings for living here. Most of the buildings in Zarechny are Soviet (5-9 stories) and Stalinist (3-4 stories). But there are also new economy class residential developments such as “Rodina”, “Riviera”, “Comfortable”. But the cost of real estate here is very high, and the entire area is crossed by the railroad.


Rating: 4.8


In third place in the rating is the Svetlana District, which, despite its remoteness, is also considered prestigious. After all, here is a winter theater Arboretum and circus, which makes this place the best place to stay for families with children. The peculiarity of the district is that the railroad does not go through the beach.

Svetlana belongs to the Khostinsky district and is located between the park and Vereshchagin Bridge. In the south the neighborhood borders with the seashore, and in the north with Bald Mountain. In addition, the entire area is intersected by the federal highway and the spa avenue.

Svetlana was named after a popular Sochi sanatorium. The area can be divided into 2 parts. The first (upper) is located on the mountain slopes and is built up with old houses. The second part (Lower) is located on a plain near the sea and is built up with recreational facilities, elite buildings.

Svetlana is very popular with tourists. There are a lot of subtropical vegetation. In this part of Sochi there are many hotels, the famous sanatorium “Svetlana” and the hotel “Pearl. But the area is also suitable for permanent residence, as there are kindergartens, stores, schools, medical center, sports clubs, cafes, entertainment facilities.

The lower part of Svetlana is the historic center, so here the minimum cost of housing is 3.It is located between the park and the Sherechagin Bridge. Near Lysaya Gora you can find more affordable options. For permanent residence in Svetlana you can buy an apartment in five-storey stalinka or modern cottage near the sea at a cost of 10 million rubles. Reviews of Sochi residents confirm that the prices of housing in Svetlana are overpriced, because it is far from the center. But public transportation is excellent and traffic jams are rare.

New Sochi

Rating: 4.7

New Sochi

The fourth place in the ranking belongs to a young and perspective district of Sochi, which is considered to be the best for living, thanks to an excellent infrastructure. Here there is everything, from shopping malls, kindergartens, and beauty salons.

New Sochi stretches the length of the seashore on the mountain slopes of Vinohradnaya Street. This is a well-appointed neighborhood. To get to the center from this part of the city one needs only 15 minutes. The main city highway, which is part of the federal highway, passes through Noviye Sochi.

Novye Sochi is considered a resort area, so there are many health centers (“Rainbow”, “Sochi”, “Russia”, “Solnechny”), a spa hotel “Rodina”, pension “Neva-International. It is noteworthy that the residence of the President of Russia “Bocharov Ruchei” is located in the center of the neighborhood.

There is also a huge business center Olympiysky in Novie Sochi, and on Vineyard Hill there is a church of Saint Vladimir. The area has a lot of subtropical greenery, including citrus trees, palm trees, laurel and bamboo.

The city is located on the Black Sea coast and there are a lot of free and paid beaches. Especially tourists and residents of the city like the beach “Albatross, which is considered the best in Sochi, due to clean sand, the presence of breakwaters, comfortable bottom with small stones.

The cost of housing in Noviye Sochi is very high. The area is mainly filled with cottage buildings. There are old typical high rises and five story buildings. Currently, the club-type buildings (4 floors) and high-rise buildings are under active construction.

Locals say that because of the hilly terrain it is hard to get to the sea. In New Sochi, it is better to choose places to live closer to Riviera Park. After all, there is active construction work in remote parts of the district, and some of them can only be reached by private car.

Best neighborhoods by the sea with good infrastructure

Microdistricts by the sea are the best places in Sochi, suitable not only for tourism holidays, but also for permanent residence. There is beautiful nature, fresh recreation and infrastructure development. According to Sochi residents, the best place to live permanently is in the resort town, Primorye, Khost or Chkalovsky.

Spa Village

Rating: 5.0

Spa Village

The first position in the rating of the best areas of Sochi by the sea with developed infrastructure belongs to the resort town, which got its name thanks to the complex “Adlercourt. It consists of four 14-story boarding houses, located as close as possible to the sea, and two smaller pensions, located 200 meters from the sea. The resort town is located in the Adlerovsky district between the railway station and the village of Kudepsta.

The area has an excellent climate. There are mountains, waterfalls, the sea and a lot of hiking trails. There is beautiful flora in the resort town: magnolias, firs, banana trees, Norwegian pine, bamboo grow in the streets.

The resort town has a well-developed infrastructure. It’s a whole city in a city. In addition to health resorts, luxury hotels, cottages and entertainment facilities in the heart of Adler is a huge oceanarium, the Utrish Dolphinarium, water park “Amphibius. Also here there are many attractions, fountains, stores, there is a medical center.

Residents of Sochi note that the resort town is not the best place for permanent residence, as there are many tourists and everything is designed more for vacationers. Moreover, the beach in the resort town is very narrow, and near the sea there is a railroad.

But the area has problems with communications. Just recently a sewage system was installed here. But now, resort town is being built up with club-type houses and apartment buildings, which are often purchased not for permanent residence, but for seasonal recreation.


Rating: 4.9

One of the most beautiful and ecological districts of Sochi – Primorye takes the second place in the rating. There are a lot of new boarding houses and sanatoriums with beautiful architecture on its territory, next to which there is the sea and green parks. Primorye is considered the best place to live, as it has the most developed private sector and an excellent climate.

Primorye is a large part of Sochi, which belongs to the Khostinsky district. It is situated on the slope of Blagodatnaya mountain. Kurortny Prospekt and the federal highway pass through it.

Primorye consists of two parts. Most of the hotels and boarding houses are located in the lower part, while the upper part is occupied by residential buildings. In this place there are old typical buildings, but more often there are high-end new buildings, luxury villas, townhouses and high-rise business class homes. That is why Primorye is considered one of the best places not only for recreation but also for staying.

The sights of the area are Metsestinskiy Forest Park, located on the top of Blagodatnaya Mountain. There is also a health trail, 5 km long, with picturesque nature and clean air.

The infrastructure of the area is quite developed, but entertainment facilities here are much more, and pre-schools are located in the neighboring area. In Primorye, a lot of shopping facilities, restaurants, office buildings.


Rating: 4.8


The third position in the ranking of the best areas to live in Sochi is given to Khosta with its pastoral landscapes, abundance of greenery, fresh sea air and sunny weather. Therefore, the area will be an excellent option for those who are tired of the urban bustle and want to live in an environmentally clean, quiet, picturesque place. The microdistrict got its name due to its location on the bank of Khosta River, which flows into the Black Sea.

Hosta – the second most prestigious district of Sochi, inferior to the center. There are many historical buildings and developed infrastructure. In Khosta there is everything for living – educational and recreational facilities.

On the territory of the area there are many attractions. In this part of Sochi is Khostinsky fortress, relict forest “Yew-Box Grove,” Navalishinskoye ravine. There is a church of Transfiguration, a hydrosulfuric bath, a historical museum.

In addition, Khosta has many beaches. But residents of Sochi like more wilderness areas, which can be reached by own transport, including nudist beach and the popular “Red Storm.

Property prices in Khosta are slightly cheaper than in the center. In fact, the area is located pension “Svetlana”, the circus, the neighborhood Kudepsta, Park “Arboretum”. The cost per hundred square meters here can reach a couple of million rubles. And the price for housing in new buildings for 1m2 is 150,000 rubles.


Rating: 4.7

The last position in the ranking of the best districts of Sochi with developed infrastructure belongs to the young Chkalovsky district of Adler. The neighborhood is located on the outskirts between the resort town and Kudepsta not far from the sea coast. The district was named in honor of the famous Russian test pilot V. S. Kudepsta, who was one of the best test pilots in Russia.p. Chkalova.

Chkalovo is conventionally divided into distant and near, based on the distance from the resort town. The area is divided by the territory of the sanatorium complex “Znanie”. You can get to any part of the neighborhood by walking down Lenin Street.

Chkalovo is considered a well-appointed part of Sochi, here are quiet streets with lots of greenery. The area’s infrastructure is mostly entertainment: not far from the main street is a beach market, water park, dolphinarium, oceanarium, nightclubs. Big stores, medical centers or educational institutions are concentrated in the spa town, which can be reached on foot in 5-20 minutes.

All Chkalov beaches are located near the railroad. But the maximum distance from any point of the area to the sea is 600 meters. You can reach the Chkalovsky area from the center or Adler. Public transport runs regularly on the territory of the estate. Chkalovo is mainly built up with private houses and small hotels. The cost of a one-room apartment in a new building starts from 3 million rubles.

The best areas in Sochi for those who like peace and quiet

For connoisseurs of silence and beautiful nature choose peaceful neighborhoods of Sochi, located far from the Center for permanent residence. In this area is ideal environment, fewer tourists. The real estate here is represented mostly by private houses or elite buildings. And the disadvantage of quiet areas can be considered underdeveloped infrastructure.


Rating: 5.0


Mamayka is the first place in the rating of the quiet districts of Sochi, where one can buy high class accommodation at an affordable price. This part of Sochi combines a bedroom community and the features of a resort.

Mamayka is located in the center of Sochi, on the north side. It borders on the Psakhe River and the Vinogradny Lane. This microdistrict is conditionally divided into lower (flat area with access to the sea) and upper (steep rise to the mountains) ones. The top is more suitable for owners of private vehicles that are not afraid to drive on the terrain. In the lower part, public transport runs regularly. And there are 2 terminus stops here.

Advantages of Mamayka for residence – good ecology, remoteness from urban bustle and highways, proximity to the sea. But there is not enough infrastructure developed here. In the neighborhood there is no hospital and secondary school, although there is a pharmacy, kindergarten, branches of universities, small stores, a summer cinema, boarding school.

Mamayka sights, such as Mamai-Kale fortress ruins, the tunnel and the pass. In addition, this area is considered the best for living, as here the cleanest beaches in Sochi: “Mermaid”, “Swallow”, wild places.

Apartments in Mamayka cost quite reasonable. This can be explained by far location of the microdistrict from the center of Sochi (6 km), by insufficient number of entertainment facilities for tourists. But now in Mamayka actively built residential complexes, private homes, which increases the demand for real estate.


Rating: 4.9


Dagomys is also included in the rating of the best quiet areas to live in. The village belongs to Lazarevsky district and is located 12 km from the resort capital of Russia. The area is named after the river Dagomys. The railroad and the federal highway pass through this settlement. The terrain of Dragomys is predominantly rugged. The climate is subtropical humid. Serpentine rocks surround Dagomys from all sides. The number of local residents is about 20,000.

The meaning of the word Dagomys in translation from Shapsugsky is “a place where the sun shines”. Sochi residents, talking about the village, recall a large pebble beach, the Armyanka Mountains, the clean sea, tea plantations, subtropical park. The length of the beach places in Dagomys is more than 1000 meters. There are city beaches, wild beaches and closed beaches.

On the territory of the area is built twenty-seven-story health complex “Dagomys”, which used to be the estate of Nicholas II. The tsar laid out a huge park in this area, and part of it has survived until today.

The settlement is excellent for living. There are many schools, medical facilities, retail outlets. It takes 20-40 minutes to get from Dagomys to Sochi by train, by bus, by cab or by private car.

The remarkable places in Dagomys are the Samshit waterfalls, the Kazan icon of the Mother of God Church, and the suspension bridge. Other sights in the village are the Museum of Retro Cars, Dagomysskie Koryt (rapids), “Venice of Dagomys” (summer houses on the water).

Mostly the settlement is built up with Soviet styled five or nine stories. But there are also luxury new buildings. To acquire real estate in Dagomys for living can afford the inhabitants of Russia with average income.


Rating: 4.8


Also in our rating is Lazarevsky district, which is considered a quiet and picturesque place. The settlement is located near the Black Sea coast and on the shore Psezuapse, at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. The length of the sea shore in Lazarevskoe area is up to 14 km. Through the neighborhood laid railway and federal highway.

In Lazarevskoye developed infrastructure. There is a hospital, clinics and educational institutions: 2 colleges, vocational school, university, lyceum, 3 schools, 5 kindergartens. Attractions in Lazarevskoe include the Museum of Ethnography, the Ostrovsky Literary Memorial Museum, the Center of National Cultures. In this area there are 2 temples: of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. The nature of the village is very picturesque. There is a riot of greenery: boxwood, alpine meadows. Also in Lazarevskiy area there are mineral springs and tea plantations.

Development is slow. But there are cottages, several apartment buildings, houses available for permanent residence. Prices for housing in Lazarevskoye are overpriced, due to the lack of offers. In addition, in some parts of the area there are problems with water supply, gasification, lighting.


Rating: 4.7


In the rating of quiet and comfortable places in Sochi is included Golovinka village, which is located at the mouth of the river Shakhe at a distance of 18 km from the Lazarevsky district. The town stands on a hilly plain in the south of the Caucasus Range. Through the area passes the railroad, the federal highway.

Golovinka is a remote place, situated 40 km from the center of Sochi. The neighborhood was named after Gen. a. Golovinka. In the neighborhood grow the best in the city of vegetables and fruits, are the main reserves of fresh water.

Golovinka is ideal for those who love beautiful nature. Although the climate here is humid, which can harm people who have diseases of the heart or respiratory system. But locals say that thanks to the sea breeze, it is very easy to breathe in Golovinka, and the mountain ranges protect the village from strong winds. There are also wide beaches with breakwaters, where you can find secluded places with few tourists.

Sightseeing Golovinka – Lenin Monument, the Temple of St. The pride of the village is a tulip tree with huge flowers, reminiscent of the eponymous plant. Also here are located 33 cascading waterfalls, trout farm and ancient monuments of ancient civilization, the age of 4600 years.

Despite the remoteness from the center and the silence, in Golovinka developed infrastructure. In the village there are kindergarten, large supermarkets, high school, pharmacy, medical clinic, post office, bank branches, hair salons, canteens. In the area is the sanatorium “Azure Coast”, which provides a range of medical procedures.

Accommodation in Golovinka will please fans of outdoor activities. Here you can do hiking or horseback riding, rafting, jeeping. Real estate in the village is represented mainly by five-story apartment buildings, private developments. But the residential sector is located on a hill. So, to get from the beach to the house you have to climb the mountain.

The best areas of Sochi in the foothills

Neighborhoods of Sochi, located at the foot of the mountains, are suitable not only for tourism but also for permanent residence. There are no high-end homes. But the lack of comfort is compensated by the beautiful scenery, excellent ecology, the comparative proximity of areas to the center of Sochi.


Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking of the best districts of Sochi near the mountains is given to the new housing estate Makarenko, which is filled with new buildings. This area is particularly liked Sochi youth, most young families plan to move here. The estate consists of 5 streets, including the main street – Makarenko, in honor of which it was named.

Makarenko is a mountainous area going up from the Black Sea. Locals get from the area to the coast on public transport for 1 hour. To the center of Sochi can be reached on foot in half an hour.

Microdistrict with well-developed infrastructure. The main facilities are concentrated near the street Makarenko and Abrikosovaya. Here are a lot of grocery and household stores, a new cinema, a pharmacy, a children’s clinic, a vegetable market, consumer services. There are many educational institutions in the area, including kindergartens, colleges, schools, university, gymnasiums. In Makarenko is located the famous entertainment center MoreMall, there are many park areas with greenery.

Mostly the area is built up with old buildings. New buildings are represented by the economy and business class. Apartments for permanent residence in Makarenko are most often bought by middle and young people, they are attracted by the affordable prices and the possibility to take on a mortgage.


Rating: 4.9

This area is included in the ranking of the best places to live in Sochi, as there are many large businesses here, making it promising for workers. Donskaya is loved by natives of Sochi, as the area is very quiet and cozy. The nearest beach from here can be reached only by motor transport in 20 minutes. Donskaya street is located in the central part of Sochi in the valley of the river Khludovsky Ruchey. The area rises along the slopes of Pasechnaya and Vine Mountain.

There is a good infrastructure: 5 kindergartens, 4 schools, cafes, supermarkets, market, wholesalers. There are branches of banks, a library, an orthodox temple, a gymnasium, 3 universities, a medical center, and a polyclinic. In Donskaya there is a mechanical plant, a furniture factory, a meat factory. Also on the microdistrict is the church of St. Faith, Hope and Love.

Mostly Khrushchev houses and Soviet hostels of a family type are in this district. There are also new buildings located in the foothills. Donskaya is suitable for those who can not buy property now or take it on mortgage. Here you can rent a room in a hostel or an apartment for a minimum price.

Neighborhood Areda

Rating: 4.8

In the ranking of the best areas to live is a neighborhood called Areda, located in the modern Zavokzalny district of Sochi (behind the railway station) on the north-west. Areda is Ubykh name of the area, which is associated with the name of an Abaza clan.

The district includes about 500 streets and alleys. Here is a well-developed transport provision. But it is worth considering that it is impossible to reach the center on foot from Areda, as the district is cut off by the railroad and the Doubletree of Kurortny Avenue.

Areda has a good infrastructure. The neighborhood is also called a hospital, as it is surrounded by medical institutions on all sides. There is also a school in the area. Local inhabitants of Sochi like it, as the area has access to the local river and is far from the center.

Real estate in Areda consists of old apartment buildings, private land properties, small families, new developments of economy and business class. The cost of housing in Zavokzalniy is quite affordable, so it is often chosen by people with low income.

Hospital Town

Rating: 4.7

In the foothills of the mountains in the central part of Sochi there is Hospital Town, which was also included in our rating, as locals consider it convenient for long term residence. It is a small neighborhood, surrounded by Dagomyskaya and Transportnaya streets, and the embankment of the river.

To get from the hospital town to the business center of Sochi will take 7 minutes. You can walk to the sea or the central part of town in just 20 minutes. Also in the hospital town there is a bus station, railway station.

There are a lot of medical facilities in the neighborhood. These include a hospital hospital, a trauma center, an ambulance station, a maternity hospital, and children’s hospitals. There are also two cemeteries in Hospital Town: Old and Uspenskoye.

The area is built up with old buildings quite suitable for living. There are practically no new buildings here due to the lack of space. Prices for housing in Hospital town for a one-room apartment start from 2, 5 million rubles.

Neighborhood KCM

Rating: 4.6

Neighborhood KCM

The last line in the ranking of the best neighborhoods of Sochi to live in is KSM, which belongs to the Central District of Sochi. This area is named after the building materials plant, which is located there. There are about 5.5 thousand people.

KCM is sometimes called a Labor neighborhood, referring to the name of the main street. KCM is located between the village of Baranivka and Zarechny. This area is flat. The area of the village is sunk into the Plastun Gate Gorge. KCM combines dormitory and industrial area. In this area there are a lot of warehouses, industrial zones, wholesale depots, auto market.

KCM is located near the center of Sochi, which can be reached by car in 10-15 minutes. The infrastructure of the area is developed. There is a library, chain stores, educational institutions, post office, several bank branches, fair “Privoz”, Sochi traffic police Department of Internal Affairs.

In the PBC is the terminus of public transport. A bypass road has been recently built, which significantly reduces the traffic load. However, the area has no access to the Black Sea coast. The nearest beaches are in the resort town. No sights in the resort.

The neighborhood is built up with Soviet-era nine- and five-story buildings and private homes. Clubhouses and multistory buildings of economy class are actively being built in KMS now.

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