16 Best Hotels in Turkey with Aquapark

*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying please seek professional advice.

Turkey is one of the favorite tourist destinations among the CIS countries. It’s no wonder. Warm Black and Mediterranean seas, friendly and hospitable staff, distinctive culture and relatively low prices set it apart from other resort countries.

And in order to have a fun and comfortable holiday, it is worth preoccupying yourself with the choice of accommodation. And so we’ve compiled a rating of the 17 best hotels in Turkey with a waterpark. You won’t even want to leave the hotel, because you have all the entertainment you want at your fingertips.

Best hotels in Turkey with water park

Nominationplaceproduct namePrice per night
Best hotels in Turkey with Aquapark1Rixos The Land of Legends 5*37 000€
2Regnum Carya Golf Spa 5*35 000€
3Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel SPA
4Club Asteria Belek – All Inclusive 5*15 500€
5Royal Seginus 5*24 020€
6Gural Premier Tekirova 5*
7Nashira Resort Hotel Aqua-SPA12 900€
8Titanic Beach Lara 5*
9VONRESORT Golden Coast Aqua – Kids Concept 5*8 900€
10Aska Lara Resort SPA 5*13 600€
11Granada Luxury Belek 5*16 200€
  • Lara De Luxe Hotel 5*
  • 23 400€
    13Royal Ho
  • Day Palace 5*
  • 27 800€
    14Water Planet Hotel Aquapark7 900€
  • a Splash Resort
  • 6 950€
    16Crystal Waterworld Resort SPA9 900€

    Rixos The Land of Legends 5*

    Rating: 4.9

    Why it: Water park, golf club and spa.

    One of the best premium hotels for families in Turkey. Businessmen can enjoy a round of golf here, young people will love the water park and health spa, and everyone will appreciate the private beach. Of course there are also several outdoor and indoor pools. In addition, the hotel has 7 restaurants, all-inclusive ultra meals and several bars.

    The main advantage of the hotel – a lot of entertainment and animation programs, so guests certainly will not be bored. A vacation full of fun for kids and adults alike.


    • A superb beach with white African sand;
    • Varied and very tasty food;
    • First class room service.


    • A lot of cats and other “critters”;
    • Cold water in the outdoor pool;
    • Only a small part of the staff speaks English, let alone Russian.

    Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel SPA

    Rating: 4.8

    Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel SPA

    Why is it: Huge water park and round the clock “all-inclusive”.

    A hotel for those who like really luxurious rest. It operates a 24-hour all-inclusive scheme, so guests can indulge in nothing. And there is a place to have fun – a huge water park with all sorts of attractions for children and adults, several swimming pools, many restaurants and bars, a SPA-center with professional recreational procedures, a private beach area with traditional white sand.


    • Huge, varied and fun water park;
    • Clean and well-kept beach;
    • Tasty and varied food.


    • Some restaurants require reservations in advance;
    • The sea is not always clean and clear;
    • No Russian speaking staff.

    Club Asteria Belek – All Inclusive 5*

    Rating: 4.8

    Club Asteria Belek - All Inclusive 5

    Why is it: One of the best hotels in Turkey in the ranking for holidays with children.

    This hotel is perfect for a family vacation. While the adults enjoy the “all-inclusive” their children can have fun in a special park with lots of entertainment programs. And, of course, everyone will appreciate the large and convenient water park.

    In addition, the hotel has a very good location – you can walk to the beach in just a few minutes. By the way, there is a private shoreline. And after a busy day you can relax at the spa.


    • Attentive and helpful staff;
    • Cozy buildings on 2-3 floors;
    • Tasty and varied food, including for children.


    • Very crowded, a lot of children;
    • No individual treatment of guests (again, because of the many guests);
    • No Wi-Fi in the rooms.

    Royal Seginus 5 *

    Rating: 4.8

    Royal Seginus 5

    Why is it: One of the biggest and most beautiful hotels on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

    One of the most beautiful hotels in the city of Lara. The water park here, however, small, but the pools – both outdoor and indoor – a lot. In addition, young guests will enjoy a nightclub located right on the pier. While the parents are having fun, the children can splash around in the special pool with slides or have fun in the club with professional animators.

    Hotel rooms are richly furnished and varied – there are even some appliances. There is a restaurant, several bars, and a spa with relaxing and recreational treatments. The hotel is located on the first line, there is a private beach.


    • Polite, helpful staff, many gifts from the hotel;
    • Huge numbers;
    • Tasty and varied breakfast.


    • Unprofessional animators;
    • Far from the airport;
    • Some rooms need renovation.

    Gural Premier Tekirova 5*

    Rating: 4.7

    Gural Premier Tekirova 5

    Why It’s Location: A secluded, comfortable hotel with a superb spa.

    Unlike previous hotels in Turkey in the ranking, this one is characterized by maximum privacy. The small 2-story buildings are separated by wide lawns and gardens, which gives a feeling of coziness and comfort.

    In addition, the hotel has an excellent SPA-center, which offers a variety of recreational procedures. It also has many restaurants with different cuisines. Suitable for families – there is a children’s club and professional animators. The water park, however, is quite small.


    • No “anthill” feeling;
    • A private beach area with a high level of service;
    • Excellent infrastructure and beautiful, spacious rooms.


    • Not very attentive staff in common areas – restaurants, beach, etc.d.;
    • No separate smoking areas, people smoke in common areas and rooms;
    • No Russian speaking staff; ;- No Russian speaking staff.

    Nashira Resort Hotel Aqua-SPA

    Rating: 4.7

    Nashira Resort Hotel Aqua-SPA

    Why is it: Huge water park and unique spa.

    One of the best hotels for those who go to Turkey for a recreational vacation. It has a unique SPA complex, a large water park and many restaurants. In addition, the hotel will appeal to lovers of outdoor activities due to several tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and a soccer field.

    Hotel rooms are traditional Turkish style with soft copper and turquoise tones, with a spacious layout and good furnishings.


    • Huge pools;
    • Groomed private beach;
    • Delicious food.


    • Weak Wi-Fi in rooms;
    • Limited “all-inclusive.”
    • Poor soundproofing in the rooms.

    Titanic Beach Lara 5*

    Rating: 4.7

    Titanic Beach Lara 5

    Why him: Huge pool and unique appearance.

    This hotel has a truly unique look, done in the style of a cruise liner standing on the water – in a huge pool. Also, there are water slides, a huge spa complex, and several restaurants. Also, the hotel is located on the first line, the beach can be reached in a couple of minutes.

    Relaxed holidaymakers will love it – every room has a balcony with a sun lounger.


    • Courteous staff, excellent level of service;
    • Great, well maintained beach;
    • Lots of pools, including Olympic class.


    • Not very varied food;
    • Few Russian-speaking staff;
    • Weak Wi-Fi in the rooms.

    VONRESORT Golden Coast Aqua – Kids Concept 5*

    Rating: 4.6

    VONRESORT Golden Coast Aqua - Kids Concept 5

    Why is it: Great option for a family vacation, huge water park.

    This hotel is one of the biggest in the ranking of water parks in Turkey – a great solution for a family vacation. Numerous amenities, elements of infrastructure and entertainment programs are designed especially for children. And while the little guests will have fun in special areas, their parents will appreciate a clean and well-groomed private beach, steep slides in a huge water park and delicious breakfasts at the restaurant.

    In addition, the SPA-center at the hotel is huge and with a variety of procedures. Rooms are spacious, well-appointed and offer a high level of service.


    • Children’s entertainment center with swimming pool and animation programs;
    • Cozy restaurants and bars with delicious food;
    • Clean, well maintained beach.


    • Shallow sea;
    • Slow Wi-Fi;
    • High number of guests.

    Aska Lara Resort SPA 5*

    Rating: 4.6

    Aska Lara Resort SPA 5

    Why it’s there: A luxury all-inclusive resort hotel in Turkey with minimal restrictions.

    A luxurious hotel for those who want to relax with maximum comfort. Maximum attention paid to guests, and the infrastructure – on top. In addition to several swimming pools with waterslides and a full-fledged water park, the hotel offers four restaurants serving buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners, a large SPA complex with a variety of treatments, private beach area and fitness center. You can walk to the coast in 2-3 minutes.

    The rooms are spacious and well furnished. Some have a balcony. Almost all rooms have a great view – either to the sea or to the well maintained green area of the hotel.

    Guests with children will enjoy the hotel as well. For younger guests, there is a separate pool, entertainment programs and special menus, as well as a playground.


    • Friendly, helpful staff, lots of Russian speaking staff;
    • Good kids club;
    • Delicious food in restaurants.


    • Sometimes they miss cleaning the room, the maids are not very attentive;
    • Lots of people, especially in the seasons;
    • Some rooms need renovation.

    Granada Luxury Belek 5*

    Rating: 4.6

    Granada Luxury Belek 5

    Why is it: One of the newest hotels in Turkey in the ranking.

    A new and truly luxurious hotel. Characterized not only by a first class level of service, but also by an excellent location. If you don’t like the on-site water park, you can go to the entertainment center

    It has a huge water park and dolphinarium. There is also a private beach with free shuttle service.

    The hotel infrastructure includes several restaurants, where breakfast is served both individually and with buffet service, indoor and outdoor pools, a large SPA-center with massage and recreational procedures, as well as a fitness room with exercise machines and sports equipment.

    Balcony in every room. The rooms themselves are spacious and well furnished. Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the hotel.


    • Polite, friendly staff, Russian speaking staff;
    • Tasty and varied breakfasts;
    • Unique design and decoration.


    • Long walk to the beach; Why is it: Large pools;
    • Lots of people (3000 rooms);
    • Stony seafront.

  • Lara De Luxe Hotel 5*
  • Rating: 4.5

    <li></div><p>Lara De Luxe Hotel 5″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/1931666196741-6016.jpg” height=”448″ title=”</p><li>Lara De Luxe Hotel 5″><p>Why is it: Large pools with slides and attentive to guests.</p><p>This hotel has one of the best guest relations in the ratings. The staff is very attentive and all guests are given a welcome gift of fruit basket and wine upon check in.</p><p>The hotel is also notable for its elaborate infrastructure. There are outdoor and indoor pools with water slides, four restaurants with buffet service and breakfasts, a large SPA center with a variety of recreational procedures. The hotel is located within walking distance of the beach.</p><p>The rooms are quite spacious and well furnished. There is air conditioning. Some have a whirlpool tub and a terrace overlooking the sea.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Polite, friendly and helpful staff, there are Russian-speaking staff;</li><li>Well-maintained beach;</li><li>Huge pools.</li></ul><h4>Shortcomings</h4><ul><li>The main restaurant is quite small;</li><li>Some of the staff at the spa are unprofessional;</li><li>Weak Wi-Fi.</li></ul><h3>Royal Ho<li>Day Palace 5*</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=Royal Ho<li></div><p>Day Palace 5″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/81916666196741-6616.jpg” height=”447″ title=”Royal Ho</p><li>Day Palace 5″><p>Why it is: A luxury resort hotel in Turkey with a superb beach area.</p><p>This hotel is excellent for a beach vacation. Situated right next to the sea, it offers a large, lavishly landscaped private beach area. There are also many pools with water slides, a separate water amusement park, and a professional spa.</p><p>Hotel is also very intimate. It is surrounded by a huge tropical garden, which the windows of the rooms overlook.</p><p>Also several restaurants with local and international specialties and many bars, including one by the pool. To entertain will help a team of professional animators, who constantly put on a variety of shows.</p><p>Rooms are luxuriously furnished and offer all the comforts of home.</p><h4>Advantages of</h4><ul><li>Beautiful view from all windows;</li><li>Excellent spa center;</li><li>Delicious breakfasts and dinners.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Food choices become scarce near the close of the season;</li><li>Entertainment is decreasing towards the end of the season;</li><li>Reception staff not friendly enough.</li></ul><h3>Water Planet Hotel Aquapark</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=Water Planet Hotel AquaparkWater Planet Hotel Aquapark

    Why it is: Huge water park.

    The water park at this hotel is one of the biggest in the rating. Lots of unique slides, including “extreme” slides; a variety of pools; a separate children’s center. In this water park you can relax with the whole family.

    The hotel itself is quite secluded, located in a huge tropical garden. Operates an “ultra all-inclusive” system. The hotel has three restaurants, 7 bars, a separate patisserie, 8 indoor and outdoor pools (excluding those in the water park), a tennis court and a SPA center.

    The hotel also has its own beach area with a three-level platform and a rich environment.


    • Huge water park with a variety of attractions;
    • Good service;
    • Clean, nice pools.


    • Not very large rooms;
    • Not very diverse food;
    • Too many guests with kids in the season.

  • a Splash Resort
  • Rating: 4.4

    Efta<li></div><p>a Splash Resort” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/28416666196741-2016.JPG” height=”401″ title=”Efta</p><li>a Splash Resort”><p>Why It’s Great Waterpark and Lots of Animation Programs.</p><p>One of the best rated hotels for both family and “traditional Turkish” beach holidays. Huge water park with a variety of rides, lots of entertainment programs, nice beach, large SPA complex, several restaurants (both main and a la carte) and bars. There are 4 outdoor and indoor pools. The hotel is located near the beach; it has a private area with an underground passage. On the beach you can have fun with water skiing, jet ski, surfing, etc.d.</p><p>People with kids will especially like it. The animation programs in the special club will delight young guests. In addition, much of the infrastructure of the hotel is adapted specifically for children.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Large, richly furnished beach;</li><li>Good location of the hotel itself;</li><li>Russian speaking staff.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Often observed overbooking;</li><li>Not always polite and friendly staff;</li><li>Rocky entrance to the sea.</li></ul><h3>Crystal Waterworld Resort SPA</h3><p>Rating: 4.4</p><div style=Crystal Waterworld Resort SPA

    Why him: A large swimming pool and a great water park.

    The water slides in the water park in this hotel – one of the highest and funniest in the ranking. It is perfect for tourists who are looking for entertainment in the first place. And beach lovers will love it too – three big outdoor pools and 500 metres of private grounds on the crystal clear Mediterranean coast.

    The hotel also has several restaurants with breakfast and dinner buffets, a bar, a large SPA center with a variety of recreational and beauty treatments, as well as areas for outdoor activities.

    All rooms have a balcony. In addition, the rooms are elegantly decorated and furnished with everything you need for a comfortable holiday in Turkey.


    • Excellent water park;
    • Diverse and exciting entertainment programs;
    • Delicious food.


    • Poor noise isolation;
    • Need cosmetic renovation;
    • Balconies – glass.
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