12 best observation sites in Moscow

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The capital city has many great places to visit to enjoy the views. Every day tourists travel from one tourist attraction to another spending long hours. But no less crowded are the observation platforms, because it saves time and allows you to admire the city from a bird’s-eye view, admiring the striking image. There are both paid and free viewing areas, where anyone can enter. Some of them everyone knows about, and there are places that few people know about.

Expertology editorial staff compiled a rating-review of the 12 best observation sites in Moscow, which offer the most spectacular views. It’s worth going to each of them to freeze in delight and get a dose of unforgettable emotions.

Best Viewpoints in Moscow

Rating of the best viewing sites in Moscow1Museum Moscow City Museum-Review Station5.0


3“Only Love Is Above.”4.8
4Ostankino TV Tower4.7
5Sixty restaurant4.6
6City Space Restaurant4.5
7Viewpoint near the Russian Academy of Sciences4.4
8Lomonosov Moscow State University. Lomonosov4.3
9The Triumph Palace skyscraper4.2
10“Sparrow Hills”4.1
11“Central Children’s Shop”4.0
12Cathedral of Christ the Savior4.0

Moscow City Museum and Viewpoint

Rating: 5.0

Museum Moscow City

The only museum of high-rise construction offers its guests not only to enjoy the breathtaking views of the capital, but also to see unique installations. It will be interesting for both adults and children because they are allowed to touch everything. Located at the highest point of 1867 on the fifty-sixth floor. At the height of two hundred and fifteen meters, visitors will learn how the city grew up and what utopian projects Soviet architects created, as well as see prototypes of modern Moscow skyscrapers.

Part of the exposition tells the history of the famous Moscow City complex. It introduces eighteen high-rise buildings, their technical and architectural features; the authors of the project, future buildings and those that are destined to remain on paper. There are tours, such as children’s tours with detective quests (30-40 minutes, every Saturday, the ticket price – from 690 rubles), “Through the Eyes of Icarus” – VR-flight (daily, the ticket price – from 990 rubles), group tours of the complex – author tours (daily, the ticket price – from 1200 rubles). Very interesting is the “Voice of the City” project where anyone who calls into a retro telephone can hear a story about the capital from a famous resident of the city. “Build a Skyscraper” workshops for kids on weekends. A nice bonus is that kids up to and including six years old get in for free.

g. Moscow, Presnenskaya Embankment, 6, building 2, entrance 3. Working hours: Monday: from 16:00 to 22:00, Tuesday and Sunday: from 10:00 to 22:00, December 13: from 16:00 to 22:00, December 31: from 10:00 to 20:00, January 1: from 12:00 to 22:00. Phone: +7(495) 775-36-56. Site: museum..


Rating: 4.9


The observation room is located on the 89th floor of one of the Moscow City towers and is one of the highest points. In addition to the incredible views of the city, you can also visit recreational areas, such as the chocolate factory or the Chistaya Liniya ice-cream factory. Visitors will be shown the production stages and offered to try the delicious food. The windows reach up to six meters high, which provides a panoramic view of the city. Until recently only a few people could get in, but now the doors are open for everyone. A special adventure will be climbing up the high-speed elevator, which travels at a speed of eight meters per second.

There are projection shows with a total immersion effect and interactive guide, the guide tells you about Moscow and its places of interest. Using a special application visitors can collect 3D virtual models of the towers of the complex, as well as peek into the photo area to take beautiful pictures. You can have lunch in the eco-restaurant and eat in the café. Local souvenir shop selling cute designer things. For lovers we offer a service that allows you to organize a romantic date, including dinner at the restaurant, a table decorated with rose petals and candles, a fruit bowl with drinks and a professional photo shoot.

g. Moscow, Presnenskaya Embankment, 12, Moscow International Business Center Moscow-City, Federal-East Tower, 89th floor. Opening Hours: Sun-Thursday: 10:00 to 23:00; Fri-Sat: 10:00 to 00:00. Phone: +7 (495) 151-94-94. Website: .

“Only love is higher”

Rating: 4.8

On the roof of the skyscraper “Eye” is the highest observation point in Europe – three hundred fifty four meters, higher than the Eiffel Tower and the Ostankinskaya Square. Thanks to the location in the center of the city you can see all the beauty of Moscow. Warm blankets, romantic music, photo robots, free binoculars, a telescope with a 600x magnification, WI-FI, WCs and a pool table are all there to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There is also a souvenir shop, photographer, bar. After visiting no one of the guests will not remain indifferent.

Every day and seven days a week there are informative excursions with a professional guide in Russian, English and German. He will tell about the stages of the Moscow City construction, the owners and architects, world records, famous visitors, curious facts, and will show all the sights of the city. Every guest is entitled to a tasty compliment included in the price. It is worth reserving a seat and buying a ticket in advance, as the number is limited. It is better to do it through the site, then you will be guaranteed to visit at a chosen time. Adult ticket costs 1 500 rubles, children ticket 750 rubles. Very young children under six years old are not allowed to visit the observation deck, and children under sixteen only if accompanied by an adult.

g. Moscow, 1 Krasnogvardeysky Proezd, 21, building 2. Opening hours: weekdays: from 12:00 to 23:30, weekends and holidays: from 10:00 to 23:30. Phone: +7 (495) 015-03-54. Site: www..

Ostankino TV tower

Rating: 4.7

Ostankino TV tower

There are three stages in the TV tower – two open and one closed. Each of them is unique in its own way. The first one is on the technical balcony at a height of 85 meters. Previously only meteorologists were allowed here, but in 2017, when it was the fiftieth anniversary of the structure, they decided to open access to everyone, but only in tour groups. A tour of the Tower from the Inside, where you can see how the meteorological complex works and the equipment: sensors for measuring wind speed and direction, humidity level, temperature, atmospheric pressure. The second is at an altitude of three hundred and forty meters. Open only from May to October, weather permitting. The third, closed, is the most popular and is located at an altitude of three hundred and thirty-seven meters. Here the guests can walk on the glass floor and even jump on it, because it withstands a huge load. There is an opportunity to stop by the famous restaurant “7 Heaven” and buy souvenirs in the shop. There are powerful panoramic telescopes that allow you to consider all the sights and see even the Moscow suburbs.

An experienced guide will tell you about the history of the TV tower, its engineering and construction peculiarities and innovations of this unique building. Everyone gets a ride on a high-speed elevator that takes just seven seconds to reach the place, which is especially appealing to children. Adult tickets cost 900 and 1200 rubles, reduced price 600 and 800 rubles. The e-ticket can be redeemed for a pass at the ticket office and guarantees priority access. Children over six years old may visit the observation deck. You should have a personal identification document.

g. Moscow, 15, building 2, Akademika Koroleva (Ostankino TV Tower Visitor Building). Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 23:00, Fri-Sun from 10:00 to 23:00. Phone: +7 (495) 926-61-11. Website: .

Sixty restaurant

Rating: 4.6

Sixty restaurant

The highest restaurant in Europe allows you to have a delicious meal, to feel the atmosphere of the holiday, to have a great time and to enjoy the panorama of the capital. Located on the second floor of one of the towers of Moscow City. Visitors who want to admire the beauty of the city reserve tables by the large windows. Taking into consideration the popularity of the place, the seating is often sold out, so reservations are recommended to be made in advance.

The interior combines a modern and bright style of the sixties, simplicity and irony. Despite the high prices, there are always a lot of people here, because many people would like to have dinner at such a height, admiring the city. From here it’s especially interesting to watch the sunset and sunrise. The uniqueness of this place is the original system of opening windows that lets you feel like you’re in the open air.

At the head of the kitchen is Sergey Kondakov, who interned at Mario and worked in the subordinate of Flaviano Biasatti. He was the one who taught him the basics of Italian cuisine: the secrets of delicious dressings and sauces, techniques of risotto and pasta cooking, features of classic desserts. After that there was an experience as a sous-chef at Tatler Club, an internship in Monaco, a position of brand-chef at Chips, “BOK” and “Bara. And most recently, in 2019, Kondakov took over as chef at Sixty.

g. Moscow, Presnenskaya Embankment, 12 Federation Tower, 62nd floor. Opening hours: Monday through Sunday: from 12:00 to the last guest. Phone: +7 (495) 653-83-69; +7 (915) 240-60-60. Website: .

City Space Restaurant

Rating: 4.5

Restaurant City Space

The place is located on the thirty-fourth floor of the hotel. It is certainly not the highest point, but it is an ideal place for observation of the infinite views of the capital, because you don’t need special devices to see everything. The fame of this place was provided not only by the panoramic view, but also by the bar list, thanks to which the restaurant is not the first time in the list of the best. It offers over two hundred and fifty cocktails, including signature cocktails.

Big windows open a view of three hundred and sixty degrees, so even the most sophisticated tourists will be amazed. Add to this the quality service, delicious dishes of European and Japanese cuisine, cozy atmosphere and interesting interior and you will understand that even a high average bill (starting from 2500 rub) is not an obstacle for visiting the place.

g. Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya Embankment, 52, building 6, 34th floor, Swissotel Krasnye Holmy. Open daily from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. Phone: +7 (495) 221-53-57. Website: .

Observation deck next to the Russian Academy of Sciences

Rating: 4.4

Observation deck next to the Russian Academy of Sciences

Free viewing platform is available for everyone at any time of the day or night. From here you can enjoy a marvelous view on the Russian Academy of Sciences, Gagarin’s monument, Frunzenskaya Embankment, Andreyevsky Monastery, spire of Moscow State University, skyscrapers of Moscow City, domes of Christ the Savior Cathedral, Kremlin towers and other sights. The venue is often called the “lower place” comparing it to Sparrow Hills. But it has a distinct advantage – here you will not meet crowds of visitors and tourists, as the place is not so famous and untwisted, so you can enjoy the quiet enjoyment of the capital. There is, of course, a minus but it is not crucial – it is a very dense housing estate.

It is located near the new RAS building, at a height of sixty meters. Some objects can be seen better than from the Sparrow Hills, so you can take a lot of interesting pictures. It is easy to get there, you just have to walk about seven hundred meters from the metro station Leninsky Prospekt in the direction of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Leninsky Prospekt 32 A, Building 1.

The Lomonosov Moscow State University. Lomonosov Street

Rating: 4.3

Lomonosov Moscow State University

The building with the spire has a height of two hundred and forty meters, and without – one hundred and eighty. Exactly under the spire is the observation deck and the Museum of Earth History. There is a view of the historic center, a huge vacant lot, the Arboretum and Luzhniki, and the garage cooperative, where all work is forbidden, because there is a secret metro-2 line under it. There are excursions, such as “The Seven Legends of the Stalin skyscraper”.

Designer Rudnev Lev laid out several landmarks at the conception stage. Among the open ones we can highlight the balcony, located on the thirty-second floor and the twenty-fourth floor. Today the second one is more comfortable and open to the public. Recently it was equipped with everything necessary for safe and comfortable stay of the guests. There are a few more points, but they are not accessible to everyone: the balconies from the seventeenth to the twenty-second floor. Most of them lie in the dormitory area; there are decorative balconies that can only be accessed through a window. Students who live in the clock tower have them, but outsiders are not allowed to enter.

If you take a sightseeing tour, you can see Moscow from all sides, and not every observation deck will allow you to do that. Tickets cost from 1000 r. The price includes an excursion “The seven legends of the Stalin skyscraper”, passing through some points inside the main building and up to the thirty second floor, accompanied by a story about the capital from a guide. The program lasts an hour and a half. You can make an appointment by phone or through the form on the official site.

Lenin Hills, 1. Opening hours: any time by agreement. Phone: +7 (495) 741-9-744. Website: .

The Triumph Palace skyscraper

Rating: 4.2

The residential building is two hundred and sixty meters high and is located in the city center. In 2003 it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest in Europe. The residential skyscraper is made in the architectural style of the fifties, so it is often confused with the famous Stalinist high-rises and is even called the “eighth sister. The forty-five-story building from the eleventh to the thirty-eighth is inhabited by ordinary people, while the last three are occupied by a boutique hotel, which is popular not only for its beautiful views of Moscow, but also for its original room designs – each one represents one of the cities of the world.

In the central sector of the complex there is a fifty-three-meter spire with an octagonal structure at its base. And in it is located an observation deck, which takes your breath away. Unfortunately, there is no general access to the site, nor are there guided tours. But there is a way to get up here – you need to negotiate with the concierge or go with one of the tenants, also explaining your goal. If one of the ways works, you’ll be the lucky one who doesn’t have to pay for a pass, as most viewing sites do.

Chapaevsky Lane, 3.

“Vorobyovy Gory”

Rating: 4.1

Another free site that needs no introduction. Here began the first water pipe, in the past visited Peter, Chaliapin and many other historical figures, and now there is Moscow State University – the main university of the country. Although the word “mountains” is present, in fact it is not. In fact, this is a river bank, riddled with landslides and precipices. There are springs bursting from the ground here. Once upon a time there was a sea, and later a village, about which little is known. According to one of the legends, it gets its name from the great number of sparrows that used to live there.

Residents and guests of the capital came here to rest, walk and drink tea in the fresh air. After the construction of the Moscow State University a landscaped area with a ski jump appeared, offering a splendid panoramic view. Now it is a nature reserve with separate garbage collection, a family of falcons, information boards and picnic places. From here you can see all the main symbols of the city: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the White House, the Stalin skyscrapers, houses on Novy Arbat, Ostankino Tower, the monument to Peter I and many others. Binoculars with a tenfold magnification are installed free of charge here recently. From the disadvantages it is worth noting that there are a lot of people – all tourists first thing to go to the Sparrow Hills, so it is almost never empty.

Leninskie Gory, bl. 1. Website: park-/vg.

“Central Children’s Store”

Rating: 4.0

The observation room is located on the top floor and was opened not long ago, after the reconstruction of the store, but it has already gained the title of one of the best places for observation of the beauties of the capital. All this was made possible thanks to the location in the heart of the city, where you can see the most important places of interest. The main feature is free admission. Guests only need to go up to the seventh floor. However, it is not easy to find the place, if you do not know exactly where it is located. You must go up to the sixth floor, bypass the café, heading towards the atrium. Next to it, find a small door and stairs leading to the Childhood Museum and viewing room.

The site is zoned: from one side you can see Lubyanka and the Polytechnic Museum, and from the other – the Kremlin. Two sides are connected by a long staircase. You can bring your kids here without worrying about their safety, because the perimeter is fenced with a rather high glass fence. Telescopic tubes are installed, allowing you to see all the objects and the architecture of the buildings in detail. This place doesn’t compete with Vorobyovy Gory, but if you want to have a free view of the historic center, you can’t refuse, especially if you have children with you.

Theater lane, 5/1, 7th floor.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Rating: 4.0

Christ the Savior Cathedral

There are four observation decks located between the belfries, forty meters high. From there you have the most beautiful view of the capital and all the architectural and not only sights. Not only those who want to admire the panorama, but also those who are interested in history, should visit this place. Temple has a long and difficult road, so the place has a special charm. The first building lasted forty years, but was destroyed by the Bolsheviks, and in its place was planned to erect the Palace of Soviets, but the idea remained unrealized because of the outbreak of war. Twenty years later the foundations were used to erect the largest swimming pool in Europe, the Moskva, and only during perestroika they decided to return the temple to its original place.

The first skyscraper in the city was the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, when the superstructure was completed. The height was eighty-one meters, and until the early seventeenth century it remained the tallest structure in the country. Observation deck opened in 2009, after renovations. Here from a height of twenty-five meters one can admire the streets of Zamoskvorechye and the Kremlin. Upstairs you have to climb the steps, as there is no elevator. Observation point is open from April to October. Excursion with a site visit costs 500 r. Children under twelve are not permitted, even when accompanied by an adult.

15 Volkhonka Street. Working hours: by agreement. Phone: +7(495) 637-12-76. Website: .

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