12 best manufacturers of suitcases on wheels

*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a professional before buying.

A suitcase is a travel accessory that every family has and more than one. Unlike a bag, it keeps your belongings just as you pack them. No vacation is without a suitcase, whether it’s a domestic trip or a long-haul flight to other continents. Its importance is hard to underestimate. Due to the ever-growing demand, manufacturers are developing more and more comfortable and stylish designs that could satisfy all travelers: from the smallest to the most sophisticated.

Suitcases are made of different materials. There are models with hard body, soft or combined. Additional compartments and pockets allow you to use the space correctly and compactly stow all the necessary things for travel. The most convenient and common type of suitcase – on wheels. You don’t have to work hard to “carry” your unsupportable baggage. Even the heaviest bags can easily roll not only on the asphalt, but also on an uneven surface.

There are quite a few manufacturers of travel accessories in the world. Each of them occupies its own niche in the market and produces models in a particular price category. There are brands that create collections for a consumer audience with different financial capabilities. We propose to get acquainted with the best manufacturers of suitcases on wheels, which received the majority of votes of buyers and experts.

Rating of the best manufacturers of suitcases on wheels

NominationThe placeNameRating
Rating of the best manufacturers of suitcases on wheels1Samsonite5.0
4American Tourister4.7
  • te
  • 4.3


    Rating: 5.0


    The gold medalist is an American company that has been around for over 100 years. It is considered one of the first highly specialized brands in the field of travel. The wealth of experience accumulated allows us to create stylish, functional, original models for every taste. A creative team of top-class specialists innovates and combines them with their design ideas to offer new product categories that are relevant today.

    The brand introduced its first suitcase on wheels in 1974. In 1997. Two-wheeled model saw the light of day, which made climbing and descending stairs much easier. In 2003, consumers were able to appreciate the quality of a soft suitcase with a 4-wheel system, which provided increased stability and mobility. After 5 years the Cosmo collection came out

  • te which included the lightest and strongest suitcases created using a unique technology. In the following years the company has improved its models, giving them the best possible performance.

    The brand participates in an environmental conservation program, so the production of suitcases made of recycled plastic began. The models use 2 or 4-wheel system. Polyurethane does not wear out. Wheels don’t rattle when you ride. Bearings are installed to minimize noise.


    Rating: 4.9


    In second place – the famous Swiss brand, whose history began in 1884. VICTORINOX is a synonym for quality in the world – the legendary emblem of the cross on the pole adorns all of its products. The company originally focused on the production of knives. After almost 100 years, luggage products are launched. Wide range presents all the necessary goods for travel. It includes men’s and women’s suitcases of different volumes. Classic shapes – a priority.

    Structured polycarbonate and durable polyester with a water-repellent coating are used for the top. The manufacturer took care of luggage security by equipping models with a multifunctional system of protection against burglary. They are code locks, double zippers with locks. The interior spaces are designed to accommodate small and bulky items as much as possible.

    The wheel mechanism is a sturdy, silent design that helps you easily carry the heaviest luggage. It reacts smoothly on rough and uneven surfaces. Cast silicone, which is used in the manufacture of VICTORINOX accessories, ensures high wear resistance and prevents deformation of the wheels. Collections include models of luxury and premium segment. Whatever the cost, every suitcase is a combination of practicality and luxury appreciated by many travelers.


    Rating: 4.8


    The third place goes to the brand founded in 1975. Tumi is the name of a Peruvian ceremonial knife that the brand’s founder saw in South America, and was inspired by its exquisite and mysterious beauty. The company has become a pioneer in the field of travel accessories. She was the first to produce ballistic nylon bags in the 1980s, immediately taking the lead among travel goods manufacturers in the world.

    Careful selection of raw materials takes place in the production. The collections still use the patented nylon ballistic material, which is not subject to wear and tear, does not get dirty, because it does not attract dust and dirt. It is used to make bulletproof vests, and that says it all.

    Today the brand owns 25 patents and is not going to stop there. The lines are presented both in restrained laconic design, and more liberated youthful style. Relevant not only fabric suitcases, but also those made of natural leather, as well as lightweight thermoplastic polypropylene. Many luxury goods are offered to put your initials on. The company participates in a free affiliate program that uses a twenty-digit item number to help identify who owns the item. This ensures that lost luggage is definitely returned to its owner.

    American Tourister

    Rating: 4.7

    American Tourister

    On the fourth line is the company, which has been in business since 1933. It was founded by C. By Koffler, who got her first experience working in a suitcase factory. He realized that the quality of the goods left much to be desired, so he decided to start his own production of travel accessories. The first collection featured only two models in black and brown. Today the customer can choose from a wide range of suitcases to suit his taste and financial possibilities.

    The company was constantly introducing new products, which instantly became sales hits. In the 1950s there was a suitcase made of molded plastic which, despite its fragile appearance, was able to withstand all kinds of stress. Several years later, the material has been upgraded to be virtually indestructible. Today’s ranges include models made of polypropylene and polycarbonate, as well as padded models made of waterproof, abrasion-resistant textile materials.

    The brand is an official partner of Walt Disney, so we delight young travelers with products featuring their favorite cartoon characters. Every detail is thoroughly thought out starting from the small bolt for fasteners so that your rest or business trips would be the most comfortable. American Tourister accessories compare favorably to similar products of competing companies. Excellent quality combines with durability and long service life.


    Rating: 4.6

    </div><p>ics” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/96216666196751-712.jpg” height=”300″ title=”<br />suitcases”></p><p>On the fifth position is the brand from Italy, founded in 1952. Handmade products became a great success, and buyers from different regions of Europe came to buy piecemeal elite goods. The brand keeps its leading position thanks to the fact that functionality and design are combined with traditions and current fashion trends. In the catalog you can always find a suitcase on wheels of ultramodern materials in different colors.</p><p>Every element of design is carefully verified and thought out. Soft wheels turn 360°. They are silent, easily overcome obstacles, soften the impact. Increased security system protects against theft. The interior space is divided into sections for clothing, shoes, useful little things. The textiles used to make the top are coated with a water-repellent layer, which guarantees the safety of things during transport. Plastic has enhanced shockproof properties, it is not scratched and does not crack. The appearance of the product is maintained after many years of use.</p><p>Travellers from all over the world choose suitcases <br />The Rimowa Roncato is recognized for its sophisticated, recognizable style, technologically advanced designs and impeccable quality. They are not just beautiful, but really luxurious, so the accessory is in optimal harmony with the image of the owner.</p><h3>Roncato</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=Roncato

    The sixth place goes to the brand which produces high-quality suitcases on wheels used by thousands of travelers around the world. Innovative ideas of the founders allowed a small family business to become a major company producing road accessories. Collections are designed for a wide consumer audience. There are some laconic models, some elegant and refined, and ultra bright models for young people. Each of them is the work of more than a dozen people who do everything to make consumers feel comfortable, regardless of the conditions.

    In 2000 the brand patented the innovative handle and the unique locking system of the suitcases. It produces rigid designs from durable polypropylene and soft ones from dirt- and water-repellent fabrics. Roncato UNO SL line products are protected by exclusive rights. They combine the best characteristics: lightness, durability, safety, practicality, modern design.

    Constantly researching the needs of the customer. The strict controls within production and the use of revolutionary technology guarantee a high market position. 10 years warranty on the product suggests a stable high quality of each product. Not only ordinary travelers, but also famous athletes, politicians, businessmen and actors are permanent users of suitcases on wheels by the Italian company.


    Rating: 4.4


    The seventh position is occupied by one of the world leaders in the production of high quality suitcases on wheels. Its strategic direction is innovation, and the company never ceases to amaze the most demanding travelers. In 1937 the first aluminum suitcase was released, which caused a furor among customers. Since then, the ribbed surface structure has been a recognized trademark of Rimowa. 1976 g. marked the release of the world’s first waterproof metal model.

    2000 g. strengthened the brand’s position with an innovation – a polycarbonate suitcase. Thanks to the patented bearing system, all models are stable and roll softly without any effort on the part of the owner. Wheels don’t deform under high or low temperatures, can take a beating on rough terrain. A variety of models in different price ranges. The exclusive Bossa Nova range is striking in its luxury and elegance. It combines lightweight polycarbonate with premium leather in various textures.

    Stylish appearance is put on a par with practicality and comfort. Electronic tag integrated into the suitcases simplifies the check-in procedure, which takes place using the owner’s smartphone. The boarding pass and the electronic tag are paired via Bluetooth.

  • te
  • Rating: 4.3

    Trave<li></div><p>te” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/10716666196751-3512.jpg” height=”225″ title=”Trave</p><li>te”><p>In eighth place goes to Germany, whose history dates back to 1949. Thanks to the perfect German quality of the products, it is known far beyond Europe. The new model is designed and developed by top specialists who combine practicality and convenience to make every traveler enjoy their trips. Before sale the product passes multi-step control for compliance with international quality standards. It retains its shape throughout use and is easy to clean.</p><p>Our expanded range of wheeled suitcases is available in soft textiles, strong and lightweight ASB-plastic, polypropylene, polyester. Irrespective of the material the products are distinguished by enhanced durability, maneuverability and functionality. Each one has been designed with different needs in mind, so you can find a compact model for one person or a bulky accessory for the whole family with lots of compartments and pockets.</p><p>Every item is thought out and subjected to the most rigorous testing. That is why there are no surprises during use. The cast wheels are quiet in operation. Telescopic handles for people of different heights. In addition to the adult collections, the children’s collections are also very successful. Suitcases are bright, attractive, maximum comfort for young travelers.</p><h3>Eberhart</h3><p>Rating: 4.2</p><div style=Eberhart

    The ninth ranked manufacturer produces travel accessories, which help to achieve maximum comfort on the road. High technology, innovation, revolutionary developments are the brand’s priorities. Long experience has made it possible to become part of a major global industry and not to lose its position, despite the fierce competition. Designers carefully calculate each element of the design, giving the product a unique, memorable image.

    Great attention is paid to the quality of fittings and materials. Locks, zippers, wheels and handles all undergo multiple tests for durability. The range is rich with various models. The collections include polycarbonate suitcases with smooth running wheels, fabric ones with an overweight indicator, plastic ones with a special shock absorber system, superlight models that weigh not more than 2 kg. To reduce the weight of the product, polypropylene is used, produced by a special technology.

    Brand is not only famous for wheeled suitcases, but also for their cases. Bright products with bright garish graphic prints not only protect the travel accessory from dirt, but also give the opportunity to express themselves and make the image more daring and liberated. High-tech covers are the choice of those who appreciate practicality as well as style.


    Rating: 4.1


    In tenth place is the Swiss manufacturer of wheeled suitcases, which is considered one of the oldest European brands. And though it began to produce travel accessories only in the 90s, it managed to reach the same heights as in the manufacture of military knives, the business card of WENGER. Suitcases on wheels proved to be excellent on all distances. There are always a lot of options in the range, so each customer can choose the model of the best size, volume, coating material, color, focusing on their needs and tastes.

    Each detail of the suitcase is created in such a way as to facilitate the travelers’ packing and make their trips as comfortable as possible. The inner space implies a literate distribution of things. Popularly used suitcases with a rigid impact-resistant case of composite polycarbonate, which resists mechanical effects and is lightweight. The models of jacquard weave fabric do not attract dirt and repel moisture.

    Wheel system provides maneuverability and off-road capability. To protect against theft, there are code locks certified by the Transport Association of the United States, Britain, Israel and Canada, which adhere to the strictest security measures.


    Rating: 4.0


    The eleventh is the brand that is known for its high-tech products. It treats the development of travel accessories as well as the creation of “smart” objects. Collections include minimalist designs in quiet colors as well as brightly colored suitcases for young people. Top-class materials are used in the manufacture. Lightweight, fragile polycarbonate does not burst and does not deform after a mechanical impact. Three-layer structure guarantees pressure and compression resistance, and protects surfaces from scratches. Special longitudinal grooves act as stiffeners.

    Innovative fabrics are tear resistant, do not get wet, well cleaned from dirt. The interior space is optimally designed for all kinds of things. Retractable handles are made of durable aluminum alloy and have four steps of adjustment, so the suitcase is suitable for a traveler of any height and build. TSA lock is the only U.S. customs approved lock.

    New models are tested under harsh conditions. Durability and resistance to all kinds of loads are tested. The wheels are created from TPE – a rubber-like polymer material. They are dense and resilient, and at the same time perfectly cushioned, providing a smooth noiseless movement without vibration.


    Rating: 4.0


    In the top 12 best manufacturers of suitcases on wheels entered the French brand, the year of foundation – 1946. It had a highly specialized focus and produced bags for cameras and other equipment. After 20 years, the company became involved in the production of travel accessories, which later became the core business. From the first collections took into account the latest scientific and technological developments, so all products are of impeccable quality.

    DELSEY travel cases combine elegance, practicality and delicate design. The company prioritized three key features. Environmental friendliness, lightness and reliability. Regardless of the type of material, accessories differ from their counterparts with reduced weight. Intelligent interior space is designed with ergonomics in mind.

    Innovative security system allows to minimize the risk of burglary, guaranteeing peace of mind to the owner during travels and flights. Zip Securi Tech – its resistance to unauthorized opening is 40-120 times higher than that of its competitors and its resistance to tearing is 2-4.5 times higher than that of other products. Environmentally friendly thanks to the use of recycled materials and avoidance of chlorine-based substances.

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