12 best hotels in Turkey for adults

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before you buy, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

In Turkey, tourists of all ages have a comfortable holiday. Here can spend an unforgettable vacation families with one child or large families with babies and toddlers, seniors, active youth. Everyone can choose the most appropriate type of entertainment. Very often tourists are faced with a situation where children need to sleep, but the incessant loud music prevents them from doing so. Or the youth after a night of fun want to relax in the morning, and from the street you can already hear the noise and boisterous noise of kids splashing in the pool.

To have a really good vacation, and no conflicts did not arise, there is a division of hotels by type: family or adults only. Their working principle and service are not very different from each other. The only difference is the organization of leisure. In family complexes are very developed daytime animation, but the evening entertainment lasts not long. Hotels for adults offer several types of recreation.

At the youth hostels, the fun doesn’t stop 24 hours a day. The music does not stop for a minute, the alcohol pours a river, and entertains all professional DJs and guest stars. There are hotels for romantic getaways where everything is set up for you and your loved one to get away from it all. Popular recent accommodation options are hotels, where you can spend your vacation in a quiet, peaceful environment without loud music and entertainment shows, but with a variety of wellness programs and rejuvenating spa treatments.

More and more tourists today are choosing resorts not for “all,” but for a particular category of tourists. The adults-only concept is mostly found in 4 and 5-star hotels, while the 3-star category is mostly universal. Our top 12 hotels in Turkey for adults where guests are guaranteed the type of vacation they expect. Our experts take into account reviews of real travelers and travel agents.

Best hotels in Turkey for adults

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice per day
Best hotels in Turkey for adults 5*1Adam Eve Ad
    ts Only 5*
40 350 €
2Voyage Bodrum Hotel Ad
    Only 5*
18 750 €
3Rixos Premium Gocek Ad
    Only 5*
27 154 €
  • te World Marmaris Hotel Ad
      ts Only 5*
  • 11 208 €
    5Sensimar Belek Resort Spa Ad
      Only 5*
    17 247 €
    6Heaven Beach Resort Spa Ad
      ts Only 5*
    9 869 €
    Best hotels in Turkey for adults 4*1Sentido Sea Star – Ad
      t Only 4*
    10 509 €

    Princess Hotel – Ad

      t Only 4*
    9 136 €
    3Ramira City Hotel – Ad
      t Only 4*
    4 314 €
    4Kleopatra Atlas Hotel – Ad
      ts Only 4*
    3 525 €
    5Forever Club – Ad
      t Only 4*
    8 459 €
    6Marti La Perla Ad
      t Only 4*
    8 070 €

    Best hotels in Turkey for adults 5*

    Adam Eve Ad
      TS ONLY 5*

    Hotel rating (Turkey): 4.9

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