10 best ski resorts in Finland

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There are about a hundred different ski resorts in Finland, and dozens of them are big resorts with a wide variety of pistes, snow guns, high standard of hotel service and everything else you need for a comfortable vacation. Skiing season starts at the end of October and lasts until the end of May. Finnish mountains are not as high as in the Alps, so they are most popular with beginners, intermediate skiers and those who come with family. Although, there are a few places that can interest even the real extreme tourists. Every descent here is professionally paved and maintained.

An additional advantage is the possibility to combine conquering of the slopes with winter fishing and driving in a dog or reindeer sled. And that’s not to mention the northern lights and Santa’s village. Finnish resorts are especially popular with tourists from Russia because of their proximity (it takes only a couple of hours to get from Moscow to Helsinki by plane), and because of the democratic price policy. And resorts are often as equipped and comfortable for tourists as Western European resorts. In this selection we present to you the ten best Finnish ski resorts.

Ranking of the best ski resorts in Finland

NominationplaceSki Resortrating
Finland’s best ski resorts10Saariselkä5.0


Rating: 4.1


Saariselkä is the perfect place for those who long for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ski resort is located in central Lapland, near the Arctic Circle. 15 ski slopes on the slopes of Iisakispaa and Kaunispaa, 6 elevators for skiers, up to 6,500 skiers an hour. In addition there are 250 kilometers of pistes, of which 40 kilometers are equipped with lighting. There are also pistes for snowmobiling and Finland’s longest toboggan slide. Saariselkä is great for families with children, as it has a special children’s ski slope and snow theme park. And if the kids get cold, you can take them to the water park Ho

  • day Club Saariselka.

    Beyond the ski slopes, there is plenty to do at the resort. The hotels infrastructure includes bars, restaurants and spa centers. You can visit the local attractions: goldsmiths village, Gold Museum, Sámi Ethnographic Museum. And those who prefer active kinds of recreation will love the sled dog races and ice karting. You can stay overnight in Saariselkä, not only in a hotel, but also in a real Finnish house-igloo.


    Rating: 4.2


    The Vuokatti resort is one of the most popular ones, due to its location between Lapland and the Lake District, and its varying degrees of difficulty. For skiing and snowboarding there are 13 trails, most of them allow skiing not only during the day but also in the dark. A unique feature of Vuokatti is a special ski tunnel with a length of 100 meters, in which the maximum suitable temperature is maintained. It is designed primarily for national team athletes who come to train at the Vuokatti Sport Olympic training center. This tunnel is great for beginners, just standing on the skis, as well as easy slopes, which incidentally, are free. There are also separate slopes for toddlers.

    Also, guests of the resort complex have the opportunity to ride snowmobiles, reindeer sledding, or visit one of two professionally equipped areas for skating. The hotels can accommodate a total of 8,000 vacationers, and include a water park, spa complex, indoor tennis courts, fitness centers, nightclubs, and much more.


    Rating: 4.3


    Tahko is located in Finland’s Lake District, and is a major ski center known for its versatility. Both beginners and advanced skiers will find a slope that suits their level of proficiency. There are 24 trails in total in the resort, serviced by 15 elevators. The maximum vertical drop between the slopes is 200 meters. In addition to the downhill, there are jogging tracks and snow parks with jumps, where you can learn how to perform spectacular stunts on a snowboard.

    For those new to skiing, there is a ski school, with both group and individual lessons. Outside the slopes the tourists won’t get bored either: you can rent snowmobiles, take a ride on a hovercraft, or visit an ice rink. The resort has a large spa, massage parlors and a lot of entertainment for all tastes.


    Rating: 4.4


    Himos is considered one of the best ski resorts in central Finland. On its territory, there are pistes of varying degrees of complexity, a total of 21. There are 15 modern ski elevators for the skiers and free elevators for the beginners on the slopes. All pistes are equipped with snow guns that maintain an optimal amount of snow during the whole season. Chimos is very popular with tourists and locals alike for its convenient location and for its ski school Himoset, whose instructors are renowned for their professionalism.

    Guests are accommodated in all-inclusive hotels or self-catering cottages. You can spend your free time in the restaurant, night club, Finnish sauna. There is also a large public swimming pool nearby with a wide range of relaxation treatments.


    Rating: 4.5


    Salla has repeatedly been voted Finland’s best ski resort for families. There are 15 perfectly groomed slopes with six lifts. 11 of them allow skiing at nighttime due to artificial lighting. A “family” slope is available for beginner skiers and children, while more experienced skiers can try their hand at the more challenging slopes, certified by the International Ski Federation. There is also a special ski hill, where young children are taught to ski.

    Guests of the resort can stay in cottages with kitchenettes and saunas. After skiing you can spice things up with a visit to the water park and spa, or go on a snowmobile safari. The Deer Park is especially popular with families, where you can meet reindeer in their natural habitat.

    Rating: 4.6


    Another resort in Finland perfect for a family ski vacation is Messilia. It is located in a very beautiful region, on the shores of the lake. Ski slopes, rental agencies and accommodation are very close to each other. There are 14 slopes in total, and most of them are aimed at skiers of medium skill level. Ten pistes are lit and work also in the dark. There are 13 ski elevators. Messilya is especially attractive for snowboarders, as it has a snow park with a straight and halfpipe. Children and those who have not yet mastered skiing will love the sledge slide. There is also a 70 kilometers long piste for cross-country skiing.

    Guests of the complex can choose from several types of active and passive recreation. Swimming pools, sports complex, restaurants with European and traditional Finnish cuisine, winter fishing, snowmobiling. In Lahti you can visit the Skiing Museum.


    Rating: 4.7


    Pühä is a real gem for fans of steep slopes, this is where the Finnish national ski team comes to train. On one of the pistes a professional skier managed to reach speeds of 149 kilometers per hour. The resort is located an hour and a half drive from the international airport of Rovaniemi, in the national park. Among the 14 slopes, there are both difficult and fairly gentle, where you can learn to ski. Vacationers available services of one of the most reputable Finnish ski schools, moreover, it has Russian-speaking instructors. Nine modern ski elevators take visitors up to the top.

    In addition to skiing and snowboarding slopes, the resort also offers snowmobile rides in beautiful northern surroundings. Nearby is a unique amethyst mine, despite the fact that the mine is active, there are excursions. At the foot of the mountain guests are welcomed by the Amethyst health center, which is famous for its wide range of massages, saunas and water procedures.


    Rating: 4.8


    The ski resort of Ruka in eastern Lapland, called the “Golden Gate of Lapland,” is one of the most popular in Finland. There are 34 trails and 21 elevators on the slopes of the mountain. For thrill-seekers there are two ski jumps. Some of the slopes have a difficult terrain and are more suitable for expert skiers, while the ones on the eastern side are smooth and long, ideal for beginners. Two world-class tracks that host freestyle and snowboarding competitions are the pride of the resort. Moreover, there are about 500 kilometers of cross-country ski trails, of which 40 kilometers are equipped with lighting.

    The resort complex, designed in the Alpine style, is located in close proximity to the slopes, it offers a variety of options for vacationers: from a small northern “hut” to the five-star room in a comfortable villa. A leisure complex with solariums, massage parlors, yoga clubs and gyms is open in the area. You can enjoy excursions to the Santa Park and Santa Claus Village, snowmobile safaris, dog sledding and even winter diving.


    Rating: 4.9


    Julläs ski resort is located in the western part of Lapland. It is surrounded on all sides by six hills, which gives the place a unique picturesque view. There are 63 slopes, the longest of which is three kilometers long. The maximum drop between runs is 463 meters. There are 29 elevators for service of the slopes, including a ski elevator with a sauna. The resort attracts tourists with its democratic prices and the highest quality of snow cover. It is ideal for those who prefer to spend almost all their holiday time skiing or snowboarding. A unique feature is the only Super-G downhill course in Finland. In addition to paved slopes, there is the possibility of off-piste skiing. For beginners, there are two schools with experienced instructors.

    The ski center can accommodate up to eight thousand people at a time. A wide range of activities are available: snowmobile safaris, ice fishing, a tour of the mythic Lapland Hell Lake, which was once a place of ritual sacrifice. There are bars, restaurants and spa salons on the territory of the resort. In addition, Yullas is considered one of the best places to watch the northern lights, which appear here almost every other night.


    Rating: 5.0


    One of Finland’s largest ski resorts is located 170 km from the Arctic Circle and is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of western Lapland. Levi is world famous for hosting international competitions for the World Cup as well as the European Cup. For vacationers the resort has 48 groomed slopes, four of which are designed for advanced skiers. 15 tracks are lit, allowing you to ride in the evening and at night. The longest slope is two and a half kilometers long. Tourists are carried upstairs by 27 modern and fast elevators. For those who prefer cross-country skiing, there is a paved trail that is 230 kilometers long. Skiing season here lasts almost until the beginning of summer

    Infrastructure Levi provides simultaneous accommodation for 16,000 guests, available hotels (including five-star), cozy log cabins or glass igloos. In terms of beauty of surroundings and level of service the resort is in no way inferior to its alpine competitors. In addition, in winter, vacationers can see the famous aurora Borealis. For children there is a children’s playground, ski school and entertainment center with Russian-speaking educators. Levi is also known for an active nightlife – bars, discos and musical performances do not stop almost until morning.

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