Top 5 Bath Towel Manufacturers

It feels nice to wrap up in a fluffy bath towel after a relaxing bath. But not every textile product is known for its high quality and preserving its original appearance after a few washings. We have reviewed the ratings and made our own review of the top 5 bath towel manufacturers.

How to choose a bath towel

Before you pay for your purchase, pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Size.Products for the bath usually come in three versions – 50 by 70 cm, 50 by 100 cm, 100 by 150 cm. It all depends on the destination. The first option is good for your face, but the last option is good for your whole body.
  2. Moisture absorption capacity. This is an important indicator of quality.
  3. Material.It must be free of synthetic additives. The best material is Egyptian or Pakistani cotton.
  4. Thread. It is preferable to choose products with combed thread.
  5. Density.The higher it is, the better. Don’t buy anything under 300g per square meter.
  6. Pile height.The best parameter – 3,5-7 mm. A very short pile absorbs moisture poorly, and too long quickly loses its commercial appearance.
  7. Softness. It is achieved by the inclusion of silk in the material. Its content should not exceed 15%.

The final choice will help make our rating, based on consumer reviews.

Rating of the best bath towels



Rating: 4.9


The strongest competitor on the market today is at the top of the list. The textile company was founded in 1976. It has long been expanding its horizons and constantly increasing its range of models. The brand was even included in the list of the largest Turkish companies. Customers trust the company and constantly buy high quality towels for themselves and their families. The company focuses on the relevance of the models, brand recognition. Consumers are delighted with towels in bright and pastel colors. They can’t stay indifferent to Hobby products. All products have quality certificates, they are durable and comfortable sizes. That’s why the brand’s products are present in different exhibitions and attract everyone’s attention.

Particularly popular is the line S

    TAN. Towel in beige tint made of 100% cotton terry and decorated with jacquard ornaments. The model absorbs moisture very well thanks to its high density; it dries quickly and withstands many washings. For a towel with the size of 70 cm by 140 cm you should pay 1250 rubles. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this product.


    Rating: 4.8


    TAC pleases its customers for more than 40 years. The company is famous not only in Turkey but also abroad. In the company’s catalog you can find a lot of beautiful towels for every color and taste. The brand’s bath products stand out for their decent quality, durability and good absorbency. Consumers choose TAC for affordability and natural fabrics. Numerous washings will not spoil the presentable look of the product. Original designs attract men and women with unique prints and bright colors.

    If you’re looking for the perfect hand and face towel, you should consider the blue model Mixandsleep size 50 by 90 cm. The density is 500 grams per square meter.m. The textile is pleasant to the touch, it is decorated with exquisite ornaments. This towel will create a cozy atmosphere and decorate the bathroom.


    Rating: 4.8


    Next in the ranking is a domestic brand, which is known for its high quality products. The company was founded in 1978. Consumer approval is justified by the fact that the company produces excellent products with increased wear resistance. Customers buy Cleanelly towels on a regular basis and fully trust their quality.

    The company’s products can be easily found on sale. There are children’s models with cute prints in the assortment. In the popular store “Order” today you can buy a bath towel “Diadem” beige in size 70 to 130 cm. Its density is 460 g per sq.m. Price is totally in line with quality. The model costs 579 rubles. Buyers say that terry cloth is suitable for both children and adults. You can take it with you in the sauna or swimming pool.


    Rating: 4.7


    Russian factory has been operating since 1887 and today is considered a promising company, which shows great promise. Products “Vanguard” instantly sold out. Customers choose towels from this company because of the affordable price and excellent quality. Models are famous for their durability and optimal density. All these advantages make the manufacturer’s textile worthy participant of people’s ratings.

    If you’re looking for a cute towel for yourself or as a gift, the model “Fiji 4421” is a great option. Floral prints are ideal for the face, hands and feet. It is made of natural cotton and costs only 300 rubles.


    Rating: 4.5

    Romance Capella

    The manufacturer concludes the rating, which produces towels with a perfect combination of price and quality. The company’s products are distinguished by tender romantic prints, high absorbency, impeccable material and original design. Using textiles brings real pleasure. Towels will decorate any bath and practical for use. Uzbek models have antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities.

    If you are looking for a gift for the fair sex, the optimal choice would be a set of towels “Romance Capella”. It includes two types of products (50 * 80 + 70 * 130 cm). The model is in a pleasant pink color and comes in a gift box. Price – 1130 rubles.

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