The 6 best foods for the French bulldog

French bulldogs are known for their active nature, so the food should provide them with enough energy, which should also be sufficient for their health. Keep in mind that the breed dogs are prone to obesity and gastrointestinal problems are common. To avoid them, professional breeders feed their pets only specialized, ready-to-eat foods, the best brands of which we’ll discuss below.

Rating of the best foods for the French bulldog

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Best French Bulldog Foods1GRANDORF 4MEAT
    T MINI
    T MINI
6GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon Dog Recipe, Grain Free, Potato Free369€

    T MINI

Rating: 4.9

GRANDORF 4MEAT</div><p>OWN RICE AD</p><ul>T MINI” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/93416666194631-36-.jpg” height=”512″ title=”GRANDORF 4MEAT <br />OWN RICE AD<ul>T MINI”><p>GRANDORF 4MEAT <br />OWN RICE AD</p><ul>T MINI universal, it is suitable for small breeds with sensitive digestion, including French bulldogs. Contains 4 types of meat (turkey, lamb, duck and rabbit) and hypoallergenic brown rice with reduced carbohydrate content as a plant protein. To improve the digestion of problematic dogs, the manufacturer used 109 different probiotics to improve the natural process of digestion and excretion.<p>Ingredients are based on 60% pure meat without bones, with the rest being vegetable ingredients, pomace and extracts. To give credit to the manufacturer, he used only quality components that passed a careful selection. Scientists involved in the development of the GRANDORF 4MEAT <br />OWN RICE AD</p><ul>T MINI, all the peculiarities of the sensitive gastrointestinal tract of dogs were taken into account, so there are practically no allergic reactions to the food. Nutritional value for the active pet – 27% protein, 15% fat.<p>Buy GRANDORF 4MEAT <br />OWN RICE AD</p><ul>T MINI is available in 1, 3 and 15 kg packs. The average price per 1 kg is about 650 rubles.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>A safe and balanced diet;</li><li>No allergies;</li><li>Improved digestion;</li><li>Optimal price;</li><li>Suitable for all small dog breeds.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>You can possibly increase the amount of protein.</li></ul><h3>ROYAL CANIN AD<ul>T FRENCH B<ul>LDOG</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=ROYAL CANIN AD<ul></div><p>T FRENCH B</p><ul>LDOG” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/74116666194631-556-.jpg” height=”500″ title=”ROYAL CANIN AD<ul>T FRENCH B<ul>LDOG”><p>ROYAL CANIN AD MINI is a complete, special food for French bulldogs</p><ul>T FRENCH B<ul>LDOG was made with the anatomy of dogs in mind, so the pellets are particularly easy to pick up and eat for dogs of this breed who are 1-7 years old.<p>The basis of its composition is vegetable – rice and wheat, to which, by the way, French bulldogs are rarely allergic. The list of meat ingredients includes pork, meat and poultry dehydrate, broth. Fibre, minerals, extracts and plant extracts are added to improve digestion. The percentage of protein in the composition is 26%, and fat – 18%, which fully meets the need of energetic dogs in the “recharge.</p><p>Sold by ROYAL CANIN AD</p><ul>T FRENCH B<ul>LDOG in packages of 3 and 9 kg, on average 1 kg of food costs 580 rubles.<h4>Advantages of</h4><ul><li>Conveniently shaped pellets for the jaw of the French bulldog;</li><li>Pure plant and animal proteins are the basis;</li><li>Suitable for dogs and cats;</li><li>Improves digestion.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The composition is predominantly vegetable;</li><li>Possible wheat gluten allergies.</li></ul><h3>ACANA REGIONAL GRASSLANDS DOG</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=ACANA REGIONAL GRASSLANDS DOGACANA REGIONAL GRASSLANDS DOG

ACANA REGIONALS GRASSLANDS DOG food is suitable for feeding all breeds of dogs. 70% lamb, duck, pike, turkey and eggs, all ingredients used fresh, not dehydrated. The remaining 30% are fresh fruits, vegetables, their juices and extracts, medicinal herbs that provide a range of essential nutrients to help maintain health, prevent indigestion and other digestive problems.

ACANA REGIONALS GRASSLANDS DOG feature is the number of meat ingredients in one formula. This is made by the manufacturer to provide a full range of healthy proteins, which are especially important for the digestion and vitality of French bulldogs. For example, the total amount of protein is 35% – more than many similar dry food counterparts. 17% fat content.

To prevent obesity in dogs, grains that increase calories are excluded from the food.

ACANA REGIONALS GRASSLANDS DOG is available in 340g packs., 2 or 6 kg and 11.4 kg. The average price for 1 kg is about 600 rubles.


  • Increased amount of pure protein;
  • Minimal carbohydrates, from animal sources only;
  • Fresh ingredients;
  • Minimal mineral artificial additives.


  • Not identified.


Rating: 4.6

1ST CHOICE</div><p>EDERS PUPPY SMALL MINIATURE <br />EED” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/39216666194631-106-.jpg” height=”540″ title=”1ST CHOICE <br />EEDERS PUPPY SMALL MINIATURE <br />EED”></p><p>The formula of the food 1ST CHOICE <br />EEDERS PUPPY SMALL MINIATURE <br />EED dehydrated chicken meat, the manufacturer used nutritious oatmeal, rice and barley as vegetable protein. Therefore should not be given to dogs suffering from obesity and gluten intolerance. However, these raw materials are easily digestible and therefore acceptable for an active kennel diet. Nevertheless, the total protein is only 25% and the fat is 15%.</p><p>1ST CHOICE <br />EEDERS PUPPY SMALL MINIATURE <br />EED universal, it is suitable for feeding small dog breeds. Chicken broth as a natural flavoring makes the product attractive for pets, as evidenced by the positive feedback from breeders.</p><p>1ST CHOICE <br />EEDERS PUPPY SMALL MINIATURE <br />EED 350g., 1 and 2.27 kg, for hoarders 7 kg. Price of 1 kg – average 550 rubles.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>All-purpose food for small dogs;</li><li>A source of easily digestible protein;</li><li>Reasonable price.</li></ul><h4>Flaws</h4><ul><li>Many grains in the composition;</li><li>Required strict dosage of food.</li></ul><h3>FARMINA ND DOG GF LAMB BLUEBERRY AD<ul>T MINI</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=FARMINA ND DOG GF LAMB BLUEBERRY AD<ul></div><p>T MINI” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/70816666194631-126-.jpg” height=”560″ title=”FARMINA ND DOG GF LAMB BLUEBERRY AD</p><ul>T MINI”><p>The next food in the review is taken on par with its predecessors “with joy” by French bulldog breeders, who pay special attention to nutrition. FARMINA ND DOG GF LAMB BLUEBERRY AD</p><ul>T MINI includes dietary and nutritious lamb, animal fats and fish, vegetable components – pumpkin, pea starch and other fruits and vegetables. Despite the blueberries mentioned in the name, they are not expected to have a significant effect, since their quantity is too low; the food is more about cumulative effect if used regularly.<p>The absence of cereals is an undoubted advantage of FARMINA ND DOG GF LAMB BLUEBERRY AD</p><ul>T MINI. In general, the complex satisfies the needs of active dogs in proteins (28%), fats (18%) and organic-mineralogical components.<p>FARMINA ND DOG GF LAMB BLUEBERRY AD</p><ul>T MINI in 0.8; 2.5; 7 kg packages. The price for 1 kg starts at 650 rubles.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The lack of cereals in the composition;</li><li>Dietary lamb at heart;</li><li>A full range of essential nutrients;</li><li>Has been observed to improve digestion in French bulldogs;</li><li>Suitable for all small breeds.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The blueberry effect is not evident in the diet due to its minimal content.</li></ul><h3>GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon Dog Recipe, Grain Free, Potato Free</h3><p>Rating: 4.4</p><div style=GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon Dog Recipe, Grain Free, Potato FreeGO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon Dog Recipe, Grain Free, Potato Free

We finish with a look at food from the popular British brand GO! Sensitivity Shine Salmon Dog Recipe, Grain Free, Potato Free. The product is good for versatility – suitable for small dog breeds. Its composition is based on salmon fillet and dehydrate, rich in omega fat and vitamins; among the main ingredients are peas, lentils, rapeseed and coconut oils. Despite its good composition, the protein content is only 24% and the fat content 12%, the lowest of the products reviewed so far. One side of the coin is that it helps prevent obesity, but it may cause hunger. Experts recommend buying GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon Dog Recipe, Grain Free, Potato Free for dogs with relatively sedentary lifestyles, if we can say that about French Bulldogs.

No small bags, only 2.27 and 11.35kg. The average price for 1 kg – about 500 rubles.


  • Absence of cereals and gluten in the composition;
  • Suitable for dogs with obesity;
  • Affordable price.


  • The lowest percentage of protein and fat, a strict dosage of the product is required.
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