The 5 best light alarm clocks

*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. You should seek professional advice before making a purchase.

No smartphone can wake you up correctly. No wonder that many of our readers feel like they were struck on the head with a club in the morning. If you want to stop saving the situation by means of not the most useful coffee, get yourself a light alarm clock. This device will wake you up in the best way. You will stop regretting your money after only a few lifts! Especially if you opt for one of those models described below.

Rating of the best light alarm clocks

RatedThe placeNamePrice
Rating of the best light alarm clocks1Beurer WL759000 €


  • ps Wake-up
  • ght HF3520/70
  • 10 990 €
    3Medisana WL-4506 314 €


  • ps Wake-up
  • ght HF3505/70
  • 5 290€
    5Daget New Dawn2 590 €

    Beurer WL75

    Rating: 4.9


    Looking for an elegant light alarm clock? In this case, we advise you to consider buying Beurer WL75. This device is ready to boast not only a nice design with curved forms, but also expanded functionality. For example, it has MP3 support. This means you can put some song that has become your favorite as your cue. However we do not recommend this. Gradually any song used by the alarm clock becomes hateful. If you want to get only happy emotions from waking up, it is better to use one of the six tunes specially tuned for this case.

    If we continue talking about the sound of the alarm clock, it is impossible not to note the presence of FM-radio (in memory there are the frequencies of ten stations). You should also be happy about the loud speakers. The power of the whole device as a whole is 110W. Impressive performance! It provides a very bright glow. Not surprisingly, the manufacturer also recommends you to use his creation as a reading lamp. By the way the brightness can be adjusted manually. Also the user can adjust the colors – there are 256 shades to choose from. All this is done with the help of a smartphone, which is connected via the usual Bluetooth.

    Some customers use Beurer WL75 as a speaker, outputting sound to it from a smartphone or tablet. This can use the above-mentioned wireless technology. Also available with a traditional AUX cable – for this purpose, there is a 3.5mm jack on the side of the device. The wire, by the way, is already included! And the buyer will also get an AC adapter. What would you do without it?? Alas, this light alarm clock can not work without connecting to the mains.

    Perhaps the Beurer WL75 is the best device among those reviewed in this selection. It should suit even those who want to buy not just a luminous alarm clock, but also a full-fledged desk lamp. This is evidenced by measurements showing that this model gives out light with a brightness of 2000lx.


    • It is possible to synchronize with your smartphone;
    • The beeper can be an MP3 song;
    • Very bright glow;
    • AUX cable and power supply are included;
    • There are melodies for falling asleep and waking up;
    • It can charge your smartphone via a USB connection;
    • High volume built-in speaker.


    • It works only from the mains;
    • Very high cost.


  • ps Wake-up
  • ght HF3520/70
  • Rating: 4.8

    Philips WAKE-UP<li></div><p>GHT HF3520/70″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/67016666198011-515-.jpg” height=”450″ title=”Philips WAKE-UP</p><li>GHT HF3520/70″><p>It’s a pretty big alarm clock and it’s also pretty weighty. This design allows it to stand firmly on a table or nightstand. It has a power rating of 16.5W. This alone tells you that the alarm clock can sound very loud. But because of this you will have to look for a free socket – batteries can not power such a powerful device.</p><p>Like other similar alarm clocks, Philips Wake-up</p><li>ght HF3520/70 nearer to the set time begins to glow. By default it tries to imitate the rising sun. In most cases, a person wakes up before the beep starts. And wake up in a good mood, because our body loves this kind of light. By the way, the alarm clock can simulate the sunset at night – it often helps you fall asleep faster. If the glow seems too bright, it can be reduced. There are a total of 20 brightness settings available, from the highest setting to very low. A touch button is used to select them. But it is better to activate a function that will give the device the command to gradually reduce the brightness up to complete switching off the LEDs located inside.<p>As to the sounds, to which the device wakes up, by default there are birds and rustling of leaves. In total there are 5 types of nature sounds recorded into the alarm clock. Practice shows that waking up to them – one pleasure. However, you can turn the Philips Wake-up at any time</p><li>ght HF3520/70 radio alarm clock. In this case, in the morning the FM-radio will be activated, and even at a higher volume.<p>It is safe to say that this is one of the best light alarms. Yes, it can not run on batteries or rechargeable battery. Yes, it has no wireless module, which would make more programmable features available. But all this does not prevent the device to cope with its main task perfectly. The only fault is that the alarm clock does not have its own memory or at least a tiny battery. So disconnecting from the mains will immediately reset the time.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>A lot of settings for the brightness level;</li><li>There are 5 types of nature sounds available;</li><li>You can use it as a radio alarm clock;</li><li>Easy adjustment;</li><li>Very nice glow to the eye;</li><li>In the evening, the device can gradually reduce the brightness;</li><li>Great volume built-in speaker.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Works only from the mains;</li><li>The time is lost when disconnected from the mains;</li><li>The price is too high.</li></ul><h3>Medisana WL-450</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Medisana WL-450

    Some alarm clocks can please with the traditional method of operation and familiar appearance. For example, Medisana WL-450 has a pyramidal shape and relatively small thickness. But this does not mean that the device is small – its height is 27,5 mm. The scale underneath will show 900g. All of this speaks for the quality components used by the manufacturer. So, the buyer can hope for a long life. The depth of the device does not exceed 14.5 mm, so you can lean it against the wall, so it will not interfere with the other things that are on the nightstand.

    Many people do not like the touch control that most light alarms have. Fortunately, they did not need it. Instead, it uses the usual physical buttons that are located around the display. The screen here is segmental, the manufacturer has spared on it. But the price of this alarm clock is not as high as it could be. The display here shows the time and frequency of the selected radio station. Yes, there is an FM radio! It allows you to wake up to music playing on “Europe Plus”. However, we recommend to do it to the sounds of nature, which are carefully pre-recorded by the manufacturer. You can also use your own MP3 file.

    If we talk about the built-in LEDs, they can not be called particularly bright. This is shown by the fact that the power of the whole device is only 10W. But if the alarm clock will stand on the nightstand next to the bed, its work will definitely be noticeable. Especially at night, when the special function will be active, forcing the device to gradually reduce the brightness of the light up to its complete shutdown. Buyers declare that this function really helps you to fall asleep.

    Otherwise, it is a familiar light alarm clock, the case of which is made of plastic. It cannot be called particularly loud. You can change the color of the backlighting here, but you can only choose from 10 variants. It is better to leave the default mode, when the device simulates sunrise. There is no wireless module in this device, so you can not perform synchronization. No possibility to run on battery as well – the alarm clock needs a free socket.


    • Not the biggest size;
    • Well imitates the rising sun;
    • There are sounds of nature;
    • You can put any MP3 file as a signal;
    • FM radio is present;
    • The familiar physical buttons are used.


    • It works only with electricity;
    • Not very high brightness;
    • Few backlight colors.


  • ps Wake-up
  • ght HF3505/70
  • Rating: 4.4


    The best light alarm clocks are in the form of a circle. Philips Wake-up

  • ght HF3505/70 is no exception to the rule. This allows it to resemble the sun. Especially when the device glows a nice yellow light. By the way, the brightness of the glow is easily adjustable here. All you need to do is to press the corresponding touch button.

    The control panel is in the center of the circle. It has a display that tells you the time and the mode you want to use. You shouldn’t expect anything special, though. Besides nature sounds the device is ready to offer only listening to FM-radio. You can also choose a particular radio station as an alarm signal. Alas, there is no support for MP3 and syncing with your smartphone. But there’s nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, due to this the manufacturer has managed to significantly reduce the price tag. Also the reduction of size and weight contributed to this. The power of the 290-gram alarm clock is only 7.5 watts. In this regard, it is unlikely that it can illuminate the whole room. But it won’t take up much space on the nightstand.

    If you are not limited in funds, it is better to consider a more expensive model from the same manufacturer. Alas, the new Wake-up

  • ght HF3505/70 simplified literally everything, and it feels good. It offers only 10 dimmer modes of light and only 4 dimmer modes of display. Also, the creators put here only 2 kinds of nature sounds – in fact, you are waiting only for the singing of birds. You want to wake up to the murmur of the river or the sound of the waterfall? In this case you should consider buying some other light alarm clock.

    Like many similar devices, the Philips Wake-up

  • ght HF3505/70 is powered solely by electricity. And if you turn it off, the time will be lost. It also has some complaints about the delayed start of the alarm clock – it is not always possible to set it for 10 minutes from the first time.


    • There is an FM-radio;
    • Sounds of nature are available;
    • The shape is pleasing to the eye;
    • It tries to imitate sunlight;
    • Modest size and weight;
    • Not very high price.


    • Dull glow;
    • I would like to see more types of nature sounds;
    • Only works on AC power;
    • Can’t fill in your own MP3 file.

    Dajet New Dawn

    Rating: 4.3


    Alas, not all light alarms have a nice design. If there is not a lot of money put into manufacturing such a device, you get something more standard in the end. For example, “Daget New Dawn” can not be called a particularly beautiful. This is the usual round device, made of white translucent plastic, in the center of which there is a segment display, tiny by the standards of other alarm clocks. Under the screen are the physical keys, which also have a round shape. There are only five of them, which hints at the not very wide functionality of this device. Also, they are too noisy to press.

    It is the cheapest light alarm clock in our set. Russian sellers are asking for it for about 3 thousand. rubles. However, in some respects it even surpasses its competitors! For example, its creators understood that the alarm clock can be used by different family members sleeping in separate rooms. That’s why they built a CR2032 battery into their creation. It prevents the clock from going off when the device is unplugged. Keeps all other settings. Well, the full work of the “Dajet New Dawn” provides complete power supply, the wire which is inserted into the USB-connector.

    The power of the device can not be called high. In this regard, do not rely on the fact that the alarm clock will light up the whole room. Perhaps the best way to wake people up here are the sounds of nature. The simulation of dawn will only help to do this.

    Otherwise this is a typical inexpensive luminous alarm clock. Of any additional functions, the only one present here is the FM radio. It can be set as a signal in case the sounds of nature are already boring. It can also be listened to at absolutely any time. One can not fail to note that the device turned out to be quite light. The scale beneath it reads 365g.


    • Nightlight mode is available;
    • The settings are not reset when disconnected from the mains;
    • Not very large size and weight;
    • Low cost;
    • Sounds of nature are present;
    • Has an FM radio.


    • Buttons make too loud sound;
    • You can not fill up your own melody;
    • I would like a brighter glow;
    • There are not many colors to choose from;
    • Not everyone will like the design.


    Until recently, light alarm clocks were only in science fiction stories. Nowadays, their implementation is not very difficult, for which we have to thank the advent of LEDs. But many such devices don’t perform their primary function properly. The exception to the rule are the models that got into our selection – there are no any complaints about their work.

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