The 12 best diffusers for the home

Every home has its own, special smell. To make being in the room more comfortable, diffusers were invented – devices that disperse fragrances. They create an individual atmosphere that is unlike any other apartment or house. Choosing the most suitable fragrance, you can be sure that people who come to visit will always associate it with hospitality and friendliness, reigning in a particular family.

Recommendations for choosing a diffuser

The scent can be changed constantly.It can set the mood for romance, fun or solitude. After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than feeling in a relaxing atmosphere akin to a visit to a spa. Another undoubted advantage of the diffuser is the neutralization of unpleasant odors that can form in the kitchen, toilet or bathroom. The device allows them to be quickly removed, and prevents them from spreading further throughout the room.

Diffusers come in several types. The classic manual is a bottle filled with aromatic oil, with bamboo, reed or rattan sticks. They absorb the substances, and then spread the fragrance throughout the apartment. This option is the most economical and environmentally friendly. In addition the bottle can become a stylish interior decoration.

Ultrasonic diffuser– This is a more sophisticated model with many additional functions. It can work as a humidifier and as a night light. In some electrical devices, the backlight changes up to 10 colors for the user’s choice. The advantage of the device is the automatic dosage of substances, the ability to regulate the intensity of the fragrance.

If you have decided to buy a device, but do not yet know what to opt for, then check out the 12 best diffusers for the home that stand out from other similar devices. They were considered the best by both buyers and our professional experts.

Rating of the best diffusers for your home

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best stick diffusers for the home1Muha Mountain Freshness3 400 €
2Stile Aria C
    ti Milano
6 480 €
4BAGO homeCitrus830 €
5AREON Solar Home501 €
6Magnolia562 €
The best electric diffusers for the home1EstebanEdition Art9 700 €
2Maison Berger and Aroma Energy replacement fragrance8 390 €
eathe Flower
3 090 €
4Aromic in bulb form with timer and 7-color illumination3 600 €
5Now Foods for essential oils5 738 €
6Candle WarmersDiffuser Jasmine3 090 €

The best diffusers for the home with sticks

Fragrant diffuser Michea-Mountain freshness with flower

Rating: 4.9

Mountain Freshness MUHA Aromatic Diffuser with Flower1.webp

The first place is given to the diffuser, which will appeal to connoisseurs of fine aromas. It was created by Europe’s best perfumers, who wanted to convey the beauty of snowy mountains and the freshness of clear, clean air through it. The composition opens with notes of angelica. Its honeyed aroma mingles with the tangy bergamot. The final chord is thyme and musk, which forms a subtle trail that creates a special atmosphere in the home.

The bottle can be compared with a work of art. This is exactly the design of luxury perfumes. Instead of the usual sticks here is used a handmade wood flower. It gives an even better effect to the composition you have in the air. Thanks to its shape, it unfolds faster and more voluminously. Liquid color turquoise blue. The flower is tinted to match it.

The device will be a decoration for any room. Regardless of the style of decoration, the diffuser will be appropriate in the bedroom, living room and dining room. The manufacturer has released several fragrances in this series, so everyone can enjoy the luxurious scents and admire the elegant design of the device.


  • Luxury persistent fragrance;
  • saturation and freshness;
  • lasts up to 7-9 weeks;
  • designer packaging;
  • A great idea for a gift.


  • You’ll pay around 9000 € for 400 ml.

Stile Aria C fragrance diffuser
    ti Milano

Rating: 4.8

aromaticheski diffuzor STILE ARIA C<ul></div><p>TI MILANO.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/516666193701-2212.jpg” height=”420″ title=”AROMATIC DIFFUSER STILE ARIA C</p><ul>TI MILANO.webp”><p>The second line is taken by another representative of premium products. The designers of the brand have tried to create a recognisable package and the perfumers have created a refined, noble scent. They have succeeded, and many customers are happy to choose a home useful device that looks like a luxury perfume. The cylindrical bottle is made of frosted glass. Cover is made of natural maple wood. Ivory color label adds charm.</p><p>The device looks good in living rooms, dining rooms, offices. It is ideal for bright interiors with different color decors. The main notes of the composition are the mix of citron, lily of the valley and bergamot. Tops it off with sandalwood and pittosporum. Rattan sticks pass all the nuances of the perfume through microcapillaries.</p><p>Diffuser comes in four volume versions. With the purchase of 250 ml, the action time is guaranteed to be 3 months for a treated area of 10-15 square meters. m. 500 ml bottle lasts up to 5 months., 1000 ml – 7 months. Maximum capacity 4300 ml provides freshness for up to 40 square meters. m for 1 year.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>“expensive” persistent fragrance;</li><li>original packaging;</li><li>a wide selection of vial volumes;</li><li>long shelf life.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>not found.</li></ul><h3>SKANDINAVISK HYGGE Aromatic Diffuser</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=SKANDINAVISK HYGGE Aromatic DIFFUSER.webp

The third place goes to the diffuser from the series HYGGE, which will create a home comfort in any room. Its fragrance gives incredible warmth, positivity. With it, family gatherings will be even more fun. The round bottle in a concise design is appropriate in any living area. The perfumers of the brand combined light tea notes, the smell of strawberry pie, mint, rose petals and vanilla in the composition. All household members, men and women, adults and children, will love it.

You can vary the intensity of aromatization by removing or, conversely, adding sticks. They are made of bamboo, which perfectly absorbs the liquid and transmits the scent in small portions without making it very saturated and unpleasant. The set lasts for 3 months of use. If the room is large, you can spread the sticks around the rooms and leave the bottle in the central area.

This Scandinavian coziness is also appreciated by Russian customers, who are happy to create the same atmosphere in their homes. Diffuser is packed in a stylish box. You can present it as a gift for any occasion to your beloved or as a casual gift.


  • homely, warm scent;
  • versatile composition;
  • high resistance;
  • Design for any interior.


  • undetectable.

DiffuserBAGO home Citrus

Rating: 4.6


The fourth prize is an interior diffuser that gives an invigorating citrus fragrance and creates an atmosphere of family comfort and hospitality. A vitamin cocktail of orange and pomegranate will be very helpful in winter, when there is little sun and heat. The final note is musk with multifaceted woody polyphony. Stylish bottle of thick glass with fruity ornament attracts attention. It can be placed anywhere in the living room or any other room and it will be appropriate everywhere.

The area to be affected is between 5 and 15 square meters. m. Includes fiber sticks made of pressed cotton fiber. They do not have their own odor, so they transmit a pure fragrance without any impurities. The duration of the device – 1-1,5 months.

The fragrance is intense and full according to the reviews. It completely overpowers unpleasant odors. Exotic ambience reminiscent of a tropical paradise. All lovers of citrus and oriental fragrances gave the product created by UK perfumers the highest marks. ORIGINALS collection with bright, juicy, “tasty” compositions was created exactly for them.


  • strong aroma;
  • New collection of scents;
  • unique formulation;
  • stylish bottle;
  • long-lasting scent.


  • not identified.

DiffuserAREON Solar House

Rating: 4.5

AREON DIFFUSER Sunny House.webp

The fifth is a device that creates a favorable atmosphere for being in the house or apartment. It will add coziness, sunshine, will give a charge of vivacity and positivity. The composition is designed for those who like to wake up with a smile. Magic mix combines many fragrances in one magical sound. Cypress, jasmine, freesia, citrus, cedarwood are included in the formula. The final note is the warm scent of musk.

The flask holds 85 ml of liquid, which greatly prolongs the life of the set. The bamboo sticks transmit the aroma in a multifaceted way. To reduce the concentration, they are removed from the bottle and sealed with a protective cap. To spread the perfume composition, they are reinserted. The flask looks quite presentable despite the low cost of the device.

According to the reviews, the diffuser fully complies with the declared characteristics. Simple and concise design will not stand out in the interior and at the same time will not spoil the overall concept. Fragrance suitable for all rooms. It perfectly neutralizes unpleasant odors.


  • increased volume of the bottle;
  • universal fragrance;
  • long-lasting action;
  • the set includes 10 sticks;
  • low cost.


  • are not detected.

DiffuserBolsius Magnolia

Rating: 4.4


Diffuser, which took the sixth place, has a laconic design, so it can be both a decoration of the interior, and an inconspicuous part of it. The transparent flask is filled with a colorless liquid. The liquid gradually emerges through the wand in a luxurious floral magnolia scent. It will be appropriate in any room: bedroom, living room, kitchen. In the bathroom it neutralizes the musty and humid odor.

Set includes 8 bamboo sticks. Odor intensity can be adjusted by changing the amount and volume of liquid. The sensual fragrance will create a relaxing atmosphere for 4-6 weeks. Protect the bottle from direct sunlight. Best placed away from space heaters.

Remove the lid and remove the protective membrane before use. Setting the required number of sticks, based on the area of the room, you need to choose the best place to install. The aroma unfolds completely within a day, and then it becomes clear whether the saturation is enough or whether it is necessary to add more sticks.


  • delicate floral composition;
  • thin plume;
  • noble design;
  • relaxing therapy;
  • removes persistent odors.


  • not identified.

The best electric diffusers for the home

Electric diffuser

Rating: 4.9


The leader in this category was the diffuser, which is more like a piece of modern art than a multifunctional device. Its height is 36 cm. Smooth forms tapering to the top, from where luxurious aromas disperse. The device is available in 4 colors: red, white, gray and black. It can be used in rooms with a large surface area. Edition Art will be a decoration of both home and office.

The diffuser is filled with either Esteban concentrated fragrances or essential oils. A water dispenser is included, which makes it easy to prepare. It also includes a trial fragrance. Ultrasonic atomization quickly and silently fills your apartment with scents. The device features a self-switch-off function or you can set the timer from 30 minutes to 3 hours. It is made of premium quality materials.

The body does not get hot, get burnt from the steam is also impossible. The model was chosen by those customers who value not only its functionality, but also its design. It attracts guests’ attention and delights the households with luxurious fragrances.


  • elegant design
  • Several color variations;
  • instant atomization;
  • fragrance liquid in the kit;
  • lighter care.


  • have not been identified.

Maison Berger Electric Diffuser and Aroma Energy Replacement Fragrance

Rating: 4.8


The second line is occupied by the device, which by its appearance is already able to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. It is made of frosted glass combined with natural wood. Delicate floral images soften the austere design. Diffuser will fit well in the bedroom, nursery, a bright modern living room. The advantage for many customers was the presence of fragrance liquids in the set. It is a ready-made solution that does not need to be mixed with water. You just pour it into a container and plug it in.

Dispersion is instantaneous. The sunny composition conveys the scents of citrus fruits that energize you on cloudy fall or frosty winter evenings. The liquid is especially designed for this diffuser. It prevents the formation of plaque and limescale. With the solution it is not necessary to set the dosage of oils. When the bottle runs out, you can buy a new one with the same or another fragrance.

Diffuser is backlit, so it can be used as a night light. Numerous reviews confirm the model’s high quality workmanship. The scent has a definite hint of orange, grapefruit and lemon. It interrupts well the established smells of the kitchen and bathroom.


  • premium materials;
  • Spraying over large areas;
  • ready-made solution in the kit;
  • possibility of changing the bottle;
  • easy preparation.


  • have not been identified.

Aromadiffuser UltrasonicIn
The Flower

Rating: 4.7

IN</div><p>AROMATIC FLOWER DIFFUSER ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIER FLOWER1.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/57616666193701-3712.jpg” height=”400″ title=”IN<br />AROMATIC FLOWER DIFFUSER ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIER FLOWER1.webp”></p><p>Third place goes to the diffuser, which humidifies, fragrances, shimmers with 7 colors. Its volume is 350 ml. Operating area – 25-30 square kilometers. m. The device is made of environmentally friendly and safe plastic. It can be safely installed in apartments with children next to their beds. Ultrasonic fogging system reduces noise to a minimum, so even in night mode does not disturb the sleep of the household.</p><p>12 hours continuous working time. You can set your own settings with shutdown after 1, 3 or 6 hours. Also selectable humidification level. The manufacturer has included an essential oil that will help create an atmosphere of relaxation. 1.7 m cable allows the lamp to be installed in places away from power outlets.</p><p>Stylish design solution many customers like. The diffuser is not only practical but also presentable. Gift wrapping allows you to present the desired item as a gift to relatives or friends. Diffuser looks equally good at home and in the office.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>compact size;</li><li>several modes;</li><li>7 options for illumination;</li><li>built-in hygrostat;</li><li>long power cord.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>not identified.</li></ul><h3>Aromic Bulb Scented Diffuser with timer and 7-color illumination</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=AROMIC AROMATIC SPRAYER DIFFUSER WITH TIMER AND 7-Color LIGHTING.webp

Fourth in the review is the device with the original design. It is made in the form of an onion and will be a stylish decorative element not only in the kitchen but also in any other room decorated in modern style. Multi-functional device combines a humidifier, aroma lamp and night light. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, it works silently. The water tank has a volume of 300 ml. It ensures uninterrupted operation for up to 8 hours.

A few drops of essential oil are added to the water to create an aromatherapy effect. You can change it according to your mood, mix it with each other to create an invigorating, romantic or relaxing atmosphere. Device switches off automatically at full evaporation. You can also set the timer to 1, 3 or 6 hours if you want. The backlight can change color. There are 7 of them in total. Diffuser is made of safe materials. It can be used as a night light in both adult bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Customers rated it as “excellent”. Its design is eye-catching. All practical functions operate smoothly, controls are clear and simple.


  • interesting appearance;
  • quiet operation;
  • auto shut-off;
  • multicolor backlighting;
  • intense humidification.


  • have not been revealed.

Now Foods Ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils

Rating: 4.6


In fifth place is the diffuser, which combines the latest science, versatility and modern design. It can be used both at home and at work. The device is made of non-toxic materials that meet safety standards. High-frequency ultrasonic vibrations turn water into a light haze that disperses aromas throughout the apartment. No heating is used, so the properties of essential oils are preserved as much as possible.

Dissipation without interruption lasts 8 hours. The device is easy to use. It is harmless to children. The body is not heated, the smoke is cool, so your child can not get burned or injured. Rotating LED lights change the illumination. You can turn them off completely or leave one color if you want.

The volume of the container is small – 140 ml. The diffuser turns off automatically when it is completely evaporated. According to reviews, it best combines price and quality. The device is lightweight but stable. Cone shape makes it a interior decor in homes decorated in modern styles, including modern and high-tech. Comes in a colorful box.


  • laconic design;
  • Accurate fragrance transmission;
  • cool steam;
  • auto shut off;
  • easy care and cleaning.


  • Not identified.

Ultrasonic fragrance diffuserCandle Warmers Diffuser Jasmine

Rating: 4.5


We finish our review with a compact and stylish device that can be installed in any room and is convenient to take with you on trips. Ceramic housing. Oriental ornamentation adds zest. The 100ml capacity is filled with water to humidify the air. Essential oils or their compositions are added for aromatherapy. Housewives can choose the desired mode of operation: either 6 hours of intermittent fog, or 3 hours – continuous.

The device is very easy to use. Ultrasonic technology provides silence even with intensive operation. The power cord is long. Available in 7 colors. The model will look appropriate in the bedroom, nursery, kitchen. It can be moved around if you want and fills the room with aromas before guests arrive.

According to the reviews the diffuser works on the solid “five”. It is small for large areas, but it is ideal for those who need a miniature device. High-quality materials guarantee the safety of all family members. Diffuser Jasmine looks original as a nightlight, creating a starry sky effect.


  • small size;
  • 2 humidification modes;
  • A wide choice of backlight colors;
  • Interesting design;
  • ceramic body.


  • is not detected.
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