The 11 best toilet bowl cleaners according to customer reviews and expert opinion

Cleanliness and freshness in the house – the key to a comfortable stay in it. This is especially true for the toilet. Cleaning in it and flushing the toilet is an unavoidable affair. To save time and effort, modern products come to the rescue, which not only give a sparkling whiteness to the plumbing, but can also remove persistent lime scale and rust. They disinfect the surface and get rid of various pathogenic bacteria and germs, thus keeping the whole family healthy.

Household chemistry manufacturers offer a wide range of such products, available as gel, cream or powder, the best of which Expertology has included in our rating. Main criteria of selection: effectiveness, safety, value for money.

Ranking of the best toilet bowl cleaners

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best toilet bowl cleaner for rust, limescale and pathogenic bacteria1Ecover310€
  • t Bang
  • me and Rust
  • 181€
    5Domestos “Expert Power” Ultra White87€
    6Sanfor “WC Gel”98€
  • c
  • 250€
    8Comet 7 days of toilet cleanliness131€
    9Sanita Antirust 500 ml96€
    The best product for unclogging toilet cisterns1Bagy Potthan325€
    2Deboucher111 €

    The best product for cleaning rust, limescale and pathogenic bacteria from the toilet bowl

    Over time, limescale and rust stains appear on the toilet bowl. With an ineffective product, you can thoroughly clean it every day, but the result will be zero. With the right product, you can forget about time-consuming work and enjoy spotless cleanliness and freshness.


    Rating: 4.9


    Ecover is a Belgian environmentally friendly product, which not only guarantees excellent results after cleaning, but also absolute safety. It contains no chemical hazardous substances. The product will appeal to consumers who prefer products labeled ECO. Available in spray, gel and cream.

    Easy to cope with limescale and rust. It has antibacterial properties, disinfects, removes unpleasant odours and leaves a fresh fragrance. Harmless when inhaled, prevents allergic reactions.

    According to consumer reviews, the product removes the oldest dirt from the first time, smells good, gentle on the hands, for a single cleaning is enough a small amount of gel. Ideal for use in homes with small children and people prone to allergies.


    • effective cleaning;
    • safe composition;
    • biodegradable;
    • easy application;
    • Antibacterial.


    • high price.

    Lavender-scented Frosch toilet bowl cleaner, 750 ml

    Rating: 4.8


    Next in the rating is included a representative of the famous German brand Frosch. It is effective for cleaning all kinds of plumbing fixtures, removes lime stone, rust, removes unpleasant odors. Hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Dermatologically tested and guaranteed safe for the skin and respiratory tract.

    No synthetic additives, chlorine, chemical fragrance. Natural citric acid is gentle on plumbing, does not scratch, copes with the most difficult dirt.

    Lavender extract removes specific odors, leaving a fresh floral scent for a long time. According to experts, it is the best hypoallergenic product in terms of value for money.


    • environmentally friendly;
    • cleansing of ingrained dirt;
    • pleasant floral fragrance;
    • hypoallergenic;
    • economical;
    • gentle care.


    • not found.

  • t Bang
  • Rust
  • Rating: 4.8

    Cil<li></div><p>t Bang</p><li>me and Rust” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/66516666194671-5211.jpg” title=”Cil<li>t Bang<li>me and Rust”><p>Cil</p><li>One of the most effective toilet bowl cleaners, recognized by experts and consumers. According to studies, it perfectly removes limescale, stubborn rust stains, unpleasant odors, gives a crystal shine and a fresh lemon aroma that lasts long enough.<p>The product contains concentrated hydrochloric acid, so it is desirable to work with gloves. It is not recommended for people who are prone to allergies.</p><p>The product is available as a gel. Well thought-out shape of the bottle helps to remove dirt without much effort in the most difficult-to-reach places. Minimum quantity of liquid for one single application, which enables a sufficiently long use of one pack.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>instant removal of dirt;</li><li>citrus fragrance;</li><li>disinfectant;</li><li>thick gel consistency;</li><li>easy application;</li><li>economical flow.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>May cause an allergic reaction.</li></ul><h3>Gel for toilet bowl cleaning “Zero”</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Zero

    “Zero is another one of our top ECO remedies. Its composition excludes absolutely all harmful substances: formaldehyde, chlorine, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes and fragrances. Biodegradable product is safe for environment and human health.

    The cleaning effect is achieved by citric acid, which perfectly removes encrusted rust and limescale stains, leaving the sanitary fixtures sparkling white and clean. With its antibacterial effect, it prevents the emergence and reproduction of microbes.

    Conifer extract fights bad odor. The convenient shape of the bottle helps to clean the surface under the rim of the toilet bowl. The gentle formula is gentle to the plumbing, preventing scratches and damage.


    • ECO product;
    • gentle treatment of sanitary fixtures;
    • natural composition;
    • pleasant odor;
    • hypoallergenic;
    • antibacterial;
    • affordable price.


    • undetectable.

    Domestos “Expert Power” Ultra White

    Rating: 4.7


    Domestos is one of the popular manufacturers of household chemicals for Russian consumers. The product contains chlorine, which is why it is recommended with caution for people who are prone to allergic reactions. But it gets the job done: rust stains and limescale are removed.

    The innovative dispenser distributes the gel in hard-to-reach places, dissolving dirt and plaque. With its disinfectant property, it prevents the appearance of germs and bacteria. Thick consistency for a long-lasting use of one bottle of 1000 ml.

    The product removes persistent odors in the bathroom, filling it with unobtrusive light fragrance of freshness. The special formula makes the surface appear crystal white, restoring its original appearance.


    • effective removal;
    • antibacterial;
    • handy dispenser;
    • Shining whiteness of the surfaces;
    • optimal price.


    • May cause an allergic reaction.

    Sanfor “WC Gel” toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant

    Rating: 4.7

    Sanfor WC Gel

    Tool Sanfor “WC Gel” is included in the rating for a reason: the Russian manufacturer together with the Institute of Household Chemistry has developed the ideal formula for the care of plumbing. It removes lime deposits, rust stains, effectively handles mold, grease stains, soap scum.

    Thick consistency prevents it from quickly dripping off sloping surfaces, it works even under water. Antibacterial properties helps to remove harmful bacteria and prevent their reappearance.

    The product neutralizes specific odors, filling the room with a pleasant aroma of blooming cherry blossoms. The shape of the spout helps to reach the most hard-to-reach places. Reaches its maximum effect after just 10 minutes of application.


    • removes all types of dirt;
    • antibacterial effect;
    • fast results;
    • Excellent odour neutralisation;
    • thick formula;
    • affordable price.


    • have not been detected.

  • C Toilet bowl cleaner 500 ml
  • Rating: 4.6

    Faber<li></div><p>c ” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/94716666194671-1111.jpg” height=”512″ title=”Faber</p><li>c “><p>Faber is an effective product</p><li>c does not contain chlorine and phosphates. Based on acids, which are safe and used in cosmetics and food industries, it gives excellent results after cleaning.<p>Rust, lime stones, soap scum can be removed immediately without any effort; heavy soiling can be removed after 60 minutes of gel application. For maximum effect, it is recommended to brush the surface.</p><p>Its very thick consistency prevents the emulsion from flowing and does not dissolve under water, but keeps its cleaning power under it. Due to the fact that the composition does not contain abrasive substances, the surface of sanitary devices is not scratched, remains white and clean for a long time.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>effective removal of dirt;</li><li>gentle care of sanitary appliances;</li><li>unobtrusive citrus scent;</li><li>Handy cap with a locking mechanism;</li><li>thick consistency;</li><li>antibacterial.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>did not find.</li></ul><h3>Comet 7 days of cleanliness for toilets</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=Comet 7

    “Comet 7 days of cleanliness” is included in our rating, thanks to the positive reviews of hostesses who use this product for a long time. Its important advantage is that after 7 days of use the antibacterial effect is preserved, preventing the appearance of microbes and mold.

    The acids in the gel remove limescale, rust and soap scum 100%. The convenient shape of the spout allows you to apply the solution under the rim of the toilet bowl, thereby removing bacteria not only on the surface, but also in all hard-to-reach places.

    Economical consumption is another plus for this product. A small amount of gel can restore the original appearance of sanitary appliances. Cap mechanism is equipped with a child lock.


    • maximum effect;
    • Long-lasting effects for up to 7 days;
    • antibacterial;
    • Convenient dispenser with locking;
    • restores whiteness;
    • affordable price.


    • unpleasant odour.

    Sanita Antirust 500 ml

    Rating: 4.4

    Sanita Anti-Rust

    A distinctive feature of this product is its low cost. With an excellent cleaning effect, it easily copes with old stubborn stains. Aqueous stone, rusty undercurrents, lime formations are removed from the first time.

    Universal gel is not only suitable for cleaning the toilet bowl, but also for the care of tiles, bathtubs, sinks, faucets. With a not very thick consistency, it rinses off easily with water, leaving no streaks or drips.

    The gel neutralizes unpleasant odors, disinfects, prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria. According to customer reviews it is the most economical and at the same time effective product that helps solve the problem of old dirt, also copes well with clogs.


    • universal means;
    • Effectively removes all types of dirt;
    • neutralizes the odor;
    • disinfectant effect;
    • Copes with clogs;
    • low price.


    • uncomfortable dispenser.

    Best remedy for unclogged toilet bowl

    Clogged toilet bowl – a big problem with which you often have to deal with yourself, not waiting for the arrival of a plumber. Cleaning products can help solve it without going to specialists. They will not only remove the clog, but also prevent the appearance of a new. We have included in the rating 2 of the best products that will always be on hand and help in a difficult situation.

    Bagy Potxan

    Rating: 4.9

    Bagy Potxan

    “Bagi Potahan” – an Israeli remedy for quick action. Available as granules, which contains caustic soda and surfactants. To remove the clog it is necessary to add hot water. The reagents, interacting with each other, form a reactive mixture. In 3 minutes there will be no trace of the clog.

    The product should only be used in very severe traffic jams. For prevention, it is recommended to use more gentle and less aggressive means. Regular use has a negative effect on the sewer pipes, increasing their wear and tear faster.

    Remember that this mixture is very aggressive and corrosive, so you should take care of safety during work and protect your eyes, skin of hands and respiratory organs from its contact.


    • instant effect;
    • removes the most difficult clogs;
    • handy packaging;
    • economical consumption;
    • blocker lid.


    • caustic odor;
    • high price.


    Rating: 4.8


    Deboucher is a Russian-made product, designed to remove sewage clogs and prevent their occurrence. With a gel consistency, it penetrates deep into the pipes, removing food debris, organic matter, paper.

    The handy bottle is equipped with a cap-lock to protect against spontaneous leakage and children. The solution is suitable for all types of pipes and has been tested for its gentle action.

    The gel penetrates the uncomplicated blockages immediately. To remove stale plugs, you fill it up and leave it for 1 hour. It does not rinse off and its action continues even under water. The advantage of the product is that in addition to its main action, it effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors.


    • For a gentle effect on your pipes;
    • Actively removes clogs;
    • Gel consistency;
    • neutralises odours
    • lid-blocker;
    • low price.


    • Not quick effect for difficult infestations.

    In our ranking we have presented the best remedies against rust, lime scale and clogs. They all have different formulations, effectiveness, time of action. To get the desired result, choose them correctly, and then all the problems with plumbing will be solved.

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