The 10 best robot vacuum cleaners for carpets

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not intended as an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. You should consult with a professional before you make a purchase.

In recent years there is a growing consumer interest in “smart” home appliances that require minimal human intervention and action. A striking example is robot vacuum cleaners, which are designed to save people from the tedious and time-consuming task of cleaning.

The editorial staff of Expertology presents you with a thematic review dedicated to the best vacuum cleaners on the market in 2020, which are able to effectively clean the carpet. The selection is made by profile experts on the basis of independent testing and opinion research of real users.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for carpets

Robot vacuum cleaners are actively developing and improving, gradually catching up with the capabilities of classical vacuum cleaners. And if the cleaning of flat floor coverings like parquet, laminate, ceramic tiles and linoleum is already capable of high quality models without problems, then for effective cleaning of carpets need some specific properties.

Overcoming obstacles

In order to start cleaning a carpet the robot vacuum cleaner has to “climb up” from the floor surface at least. If the floor is covered with a continuous layer of carpet from baseboard to baseboard, the problem disappears. Otherwise, you will need to match the robot vacuum’s ability to recognize the carpet as a carpet and not as an obstacle to get around. This is especially true for carpets with high pile and dense backing.

The characteristic of overcoming obstacles also includes the robot vacuum cleaner’s ability not to lose its orientation and not to get stuck among the arranged objects of interior and, perhaps, scattered on the floor things. Here the task is entrusted to the sensitivity of sensors and software algorithms of the device.

Carpet type

According to the technology of production, type of raw materials, length of pile (and its presence in general) carpets are divided into very different types: with short, medium and long pile – up to 3, up to 5 and more than 5 mm, from natural wool, artificial and synthetic fibers (there is a difference between artificial and synthetic), woven, tufting, needle-punched.

In this article we will not go into details about the features of each type of carpet – we will indicate in the description what type of carpet is suitable for this or that robot vacuum cleaner, and the type of your carpet type you can easily find out at the point of sale or the manufacturer.

Dry or wet cleaning

When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets you should give preference to dry cleaning models. At least for cleaning specifically carpets do not use the wet cleaning function, even if it is. At this stage of technological advancement robot vacuum cleaners are far from that efficiency of cleaning carpets, which are capable of classic models, but here is an extra reason for failure of such a function will provide exactly.

Another thing if the robot-vacuum cleaner is intended to be used separately for cleaning carpets and for cleaning flat, smooth floors.

Dust and debris pickup

A point that should not be neglected, even if the other characteristics of the model you looked at are fully satisfied. The thing is that owners often seriously underestimate the amount of dust, hair, pet hair, and crumbs that accumulate in carpets, even in a short time. If you have to frequently unload the garbage from the bin, it greatly reduces the “high-tech” robotic cleaning.


Finally, the battery life. If a robot vacuum cleaner stops before it has finished cleaning and needs to be recharged, it will also cause inconvenience, especially if you run it all by yourself before leaving home. So you have to pay attention to battery capacity, too, and for large apartments especially.

A compromise, but not cheap option may be quite “smart” models, which themselves return to the docking station to recharge. But not everyone has enough “intelligence” to continue cleaning from the same point, so a high-capacity battery is still preferable. The review is based on an analysis of the results of the ranking of robot vacuum cleaners on the websitebotisvacuum-cleaners/.

Rating of the best robot vacuum cleaners for carpets

Nominationplaceproduct namePrice
Best inexpensive robot vacuums for carpet cleaning1iBoto Aqua V715B13 860€
2iClebo Arte Carbon21 542€
3iRobot Roomba 89525 990€
The best mid-priced robot vacuums for cleaning carpets1Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max32 499€
2iCLEBO O5 WiFi42 900€
3Okami U100 Laser39 990€
4iRobot Roomba 98047 881€
The best premium robot vacuums for carpet cleaning1Neato Botvac D7 Connected32 725€
2LG R9MASTER79 990€
3iRobot Roomba s9+117 400€

The best inexpensive robot vacuums for cleaning carpets

First of all, let us consider a selection of models that meet the most pressing requirements of potential buyers – so that the price is as low as possible, and the characteristics remain acceptable.

iBoto Aqua V715B

Rating: 4.9

iBoto Aqua V715B

The most inexpensive robot-vacuum cleaner, which is cheaper from the working series will be difficult to find on the Russian market. You should not expect superpowers from it, but with the basic tasks, including the cleaning of certain types of carpets, it can well cope.

The dimensions of the device are 31x31x6.50 cm, weight 2.5 kg. Powered by a built-in 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. A full charge lasts up to three hours. Charging time from zero to full charge – up to 240 minutes. Power consumption up to 28W; Makes up to 33dB of noise. The body is made of durable plastic, there are soft bumpers to prevent damage due to collisions with hard obstacles.

The model is designed for dry and wet cleaning. Because experts recommend only dry mode for cleaning carpets with robot-vacuum cleaner, here and further we will not consider the functionality of devices in “wet” mode, even if it is provided by the manufacturer.

Dust container capacity – 0.55 l, for water – 0.30 l. Dust canister is easy and simple to detach by simply pushing on the lever. The lever itself is recessed in the body and has an orange color, so it can be pressed almost blindly, but at the same time and accidental pressing with a foreign object is excluded.

Robot vacuum cleaner supports four different modes of movement, can move along walls, in a spiral and zigzag. Oriented by infrared sensors. Operated by remote control, which has a simple, but even a relatively large LCD screen to display the modes and statuses. The remote control even comes with two batteries, and overall package is very good, we will stop here next.

At the bottom of the body of a robot-vacuum cleaner has beveled edges upward, which makes it easy to overcome stubborn, but low obstacles. The aperture between the floor and the lower point of the bumper is 15 mm. This characteristic here and below will roughly determine the height of the carpet, on which this or that robot vacuum cleaner will be able to drive. Once again, we emphasize that the device is enough to get on such a “step”, and then it will roll on the carpet without any problems.

As already mentioned, this model pleases with a good complete set, as for such a democratic price. Besides the obligatory accessories like docking station and charger, it comes with a power brush, two side brushes, two microfiber cloths, a foam filter, a removable foldable final filter, a combination comb with a cutter, and a cleaning brush.


  • surprisingly good quality of construction and materials;
  • Has a fine filter;
  • remote control with screen;
  • package;
  • pleasant design;
  • the most democratic price.


  • it is impossible to turn off the sound alert.

iClebo Arte Carbon

Rating: 4.8

iClebo Arte Carbon

Continue the review inexpensive robot-vacuum cleaner brand iClebo Arte series. This is not a new series, first released on the market in 2012, but it was so successful that the commercial success does not leave it even after 8 years. This is an improved sequel to the very successful iClebo Smart series. Brand origin – South Korea.

The dimensions of the device – 34x34x8.90 cm, weight – 2.8 kg. housing made of durable plastic, the design is spectacular, black “carbon” color and texture of the surface. Adds color and information in the compact display with backlight. The battery is slightly worse than the previous model in terms of capacity – 2200 mAh, and a full charge will last for 2 hours. The actual operating time can be longer, up to three hours, but do not count on it too much. Full charging time – 110 minutes. Docking station is automatic.

The robot is designed for dry and wet cleaning. Garbage can holds up to 0.6 liters of substrate. Oriented by infrared sensors, speeds up to 18 meters per minute, can move along walls, zigzag and spiral. Claimed noise level – up to 55 dB. Formally, this is significantly more than the previous robot vacuum cleaner, but systematic complaints from users at this point are not observed.

This model can climb noticeably higher “steps” than the previous model – up to 22 mm. There is even a special mode C

  • MBING. Other modes: RANDOM – random movement; AUTO – the robot analyzes the room with cameras and pre-maps the movement; MAX MODE – a combination of the previous two modes; SPOT – spot mode, when the robot rotates in one place, cleaning one area with increased accuracy; MOPPING – wiping microfiber (not for carpets).

    The functionality of the device allows you to calculate the time of cleaning, to program the work on the days of the week – for this purpose, there is a clock and a timer. Virtually all operation is done through the included remote control. In the process of cleaning, the device and the interior objects are not in danger of damage due to the presence of soft bumpers. Robot easily copes with smooth surfaces and carpet-type floors. Makes it more difficult to move over shaggy rugs.

    The package of this model is also quite decent: charging base; remote control; two batteries for the remote control; power adapter; cleaning brush; 1 meter long magnetic strip; two wet wipes; side brushes; two spare filters; mop base.


    • Sturdy, solid build;
    • soft bumpers;
    • automatic docking station for recharging;
    • Clock and timer to calculate the cleaning time;
    • C mode
    • MBING with overcoming the barriers of height up to 22 mm;
    • equipment;
    • Bluetooth wireless communication;
    • design.


    • You can not “on the fly” change the program, only return to the base;
    • Rather troublesome cleaning of working parts.

    iRobot Roomba 895

    Rating: 4.7

    iRobot Roomba 895

    The third and final model in the selection of budget robot vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets is a unit of one of the most famous in this brand name iRobot. Actually, this American brand is known not only and not so much for smart robotic vacuum cleaners, but also for robotics in general, up to robots-sappers and robots-spies.

    Devices of this brand are associated mostly with rather expensive equipment, but in this case we deal with a pleasant exception, when for a relatively affordable price we get elements of premium functionality. Let’s specify – no more than elements, as in the rest this model is a strong mediocre.

    This unit will already be heavier and more oversized than the previous ones – 35.3×35.3×9.2 cm in size and 3.8 kg weight. There are no serious complaints about the quality of materials and assembly, here iRobot without any variants keeps its mark. The device is designed only for dry cleaning, and the practicality and responsible approach of the American company is seen in it, which honestly does not try to grasp the immensity.

    Abandoning the almost useless wet cleaning function allowed the engineers to significantly expand the capabilities of the device and focus on the result. Thus, a more powerful motor provides increased suction power, through which the robot vacuum cleaner can cope with the hairy carpets, not just the carpet. The dust container has a capacity of one liter. The noise level of 58 dB may seem high, but it is far from being an anti-record.

    Such a prominent manufacturer could not fail to equip the device with high-tech equipment. For example, here is a function of the virtual wall, which limits the cleaning zone and will not let the robot-vacuum cleaner where it is not necessary. The whole range of planning and programming possibilities is present here, including planning by days of week. Equipped with the original AeroForce and Dirt Detect. The device is compatible with the smart home ecosystem based on Google Home, supports Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

    Everything in this model would be good, if the manufacturer has not decided to save on the battery. The autonomy of the device is enough only for 60 minutes of work, and that maximum. Yes, and the charging time up to three hours of cleaning a large room in one cycle makes it doubtfully possible.


    • brand;
    • liter dust container;
    • increased suction power;
    • Part of the Google Home ecosystem;
    • Amazon Alexa voice assistant;
    • The original AeroForce and Dirt Detect technology;
    • there is a Wi-Fi module;
    • can cope with the hairy carpets;


    • autonomy.

    Best middle-priced robot vacuums for carpet cleaning

    According to Expertology, let’s continue reviewing the best robot vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets with the selection of medium-price category. The models listed above are also all good, and such a division at the intersection of categories is very relative. The advantages of the mid-priced models are evident in certain aspects that can make a difference on a case-by-case basis.

    Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max

    Rating: 4.9

    Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max

    Beginning a selection well known to all prominent Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which is actively and very successfully trying its hand in the field of smart homes and smart-electronics in general. Robot-vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max comes in several versions: Global is focused on global export, and separately there is a Russian version. Buyers from Russia and the CIS for the most part give preference to the Global. This is one of the most successful developments of Xiaomi – rarely has any other robot vacuum cleaner collected such a powerful, positive and emotionally supported by the user feedback.

    But let’s start with the objective data and dry numbers. The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner – 35x35x9.60 cm, weight – 3.5 kg, the dimensions of the docking station – 15.10×9.80×13 cm. The design is in the spirit of the other Xiaomi appliances in all its elegant beauty. Battery capacity is impressive, especially compared to previous models – 5200 mAh. However, the claimed operating time is up to 180 minutes. This should not spoil the impression, because this time is “fair”, especially since the energy of the vacuum cleaner objectively has somewhere to go. The nominal suction power is 58 watts, and the claimed noise level is also quite good – 69 dB. On the noise, however, almost no one complains, because it is lost against the background of the advantages.

    Robot vacuum cleaner is designed for dry and wet cleaning. And here it is worth specifying that this model just makes sense to buy for both types of cleaning. The whole point is that the algorithms of the device are smart enough to build accurate room maps and also create different maps for dry and wet cleaning. For example, knowing the location of the carpet area, the robot vacuum cleaner will not try to drive into it in the “wet” mode. The capacity of the dust container is 0.46 liters, for water – 0.28 l.

    In this model, a real respect for the quality of materials and even their composition. The body is made of durable ABS-plastic, the “heart” is the engine of NIDEC made in Japan, the side brush – BASF, the central brush – DuPont (no more or less) and so on. That is, it turns out that the vacuum cleaner is Chinese, but its key components are the brightest and even legendary trademarks. And do not forget about the rather democratic price.

    Another important thing should be noted – the robot vacuum cleaner is guided not by infrared sensors, but by laser lidar, which incommensurably improves the accuracy and efficiency and completely eliminates errors due to the specific lighting.

    Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max loses a comparable class models of the brand iRobot only in terms of reliability and durability, and that is insignificant, so it can not even be imputed to him as a defect. What is really puzzling is the packaging – there are simply no additional consumables.


    • brand and series;
    • the quality of materials;
    • The key components of premium brands;
    • laser lidar;
    • Is part of the ecosystem of the smart home Xiaomi Mi Home;
    • Wi-Fi wireless communication;
    • Distinguishes the area of the carpet when wet cleaning;
    • draws and remembers the map correctly;
    • There is a special Russian version, in addition to Global.


    • poor package.

    iCLEBO O5 WiFi

    Rating: 4.8

    iCLEBO O5 WiFi

    Now we will consider one more robot-vacuum cleaner of iCLEBO brand that has already appeared in our review. This time it will be much more progressive model O5 at one and a half times the price of iClebo Arte Carbon, but definitely worth the extra cost.

    The dimensions of the device – 34x35x8.70 cm, weighs in at 3.1 kg. the shape of the case is no longer a nearly perfect circle, as in all of the above models, but a D-shape with strongly rounded corners. With the quality of materials and assembly here and in other models no apparent problems are observed. The plastic is sturdy, the design is discreet, the surface for the most part is not stained.

    The capacity of lithium-ion battery is very decent – 5200 mAh, but battery life is not a record – up to 120 minutes, and even twice the time – up to 240 minutes – will need to fully charge. When the battery is low it beeps. In approximate terms, one full charge is enough for an area of about 70 square meters. meters, which is even more than the average city apartment, not to mention the small rooms.

    The device is claimed to be capable of dry and wet cleaning. The capacity for dust and water is the same – 0.5 liters each.6 liters. In fact, the function of wet cleaning is “symbolic”, and for today’s topic we can neglect it and focus on the main thing. However, the uselessness of the wet cleaning function should still be written in the shortcomings to avoid unreasonable expectations.

    During operation, the vacuum cleaner emits a noise of up to 44 dB. Unlike the previous model, here the navigation sensor is no longer a laser, but a set of optical sensors. But there is no lagging on the accuracy of orientation, because this model has all sorts of sensors – as much as 35. According to them, the robot vacuum cleaner and builds a map of the room. There is also a possibility to limit the cleaning zone with a magnetic strip. It should be included in the package, but this should be clarified, because the complete set may be different.

    The device can move in typical ways for devices of such class – along walls, in zigzags, in spirals. Speed up to 21 meters per minute. The cases of jamming can be only for objective reasons, and in this case the vacuum cleaner will give an audible signal.

    The model supports all those functions that are most demanded by consumers of such robotic home cleaners: the calculation of cleaning time, local (spot) cleaning mode, schedule by day, timer with clocks, etc.

    the robot vacuum cleaner is very flexible – you can control it with the included remote control, or through a smartphone using the mobile app. It also works well with the voice assistant Alice, is compatible with the ecosystems of smart homes Google Home and Smart Home Yandex.


    • Good workmanship;
    • Reliability and dependability;
    • Three degrees of cleaning / filtration;
    • Wi-Fi;
    • control from your smartphone via a mobile app;
    • It works correctly with Alice;
    • Compatible with Google Home and Yandex Smart Home ecosystems.


    • The scope of delivery can vary significantly from party to party;
    • Low informativeness – it does not show the cleaning area, the percentage of charge on the dock station, and other things.

    Okami U100 Laser

    Rating: 4.7

    Okami U100 Laser

    Now we turn our attention to the interesting robot-vacuum cleaner brand Okami. The origin of the brand is particularly organic to robotics – the manufacturer is a Japanese company. Some marketplaces classify this model to the premium class, as its cost in different places reaches up to 40 thousand. But we’ll leave it in the selection of solid middles, and for some reason.

    In terms of size and shape, this unit is quite traditional – 33x33x10 cm in size and 3.3 kg weight. Correct round shape with rounded edges. Sturdy plastic body with an interesting texture of the top edge. Soft bumper is available. The color of the body is gray. Battery capacity – 3200 mAh, which should be enough for 120 minutes of work. Charging time is up to 240 minutes. The noise level is average, not “terrible” – about 50 dB. And it is only the declared indicator, but in fact almost no one complains about the noise, judging by reviews of real, verified buyers.

    The model is designed for dry and wet cleaning. Dust capacity – 0.60 l. To clean under the air stream uses a fine filter among other things. Navigation of this model is combined – optical sensors and laser range finder are used together. Such an intelligent feature as a map of the room is present here, as in all subsequent examples in the review. Exactly the same has all the most necessary functions of scheduling – a timer, the schedule on the days of the week, etc. d. With maps, by the way, there are advanced features, as in many advanced models – a robot vacuum cleaner can build and memorize several different maps.

    The cleaner can be controlled in different ways, like many other high-class models – with the original remote control or with a smartphone through the mobile application. The device also has an installed Wi-Fi module, through which you can control the device remotely, as well as to integrate it into a “smart home” type system.

    We should separately point out the advantage that, all other things being equal, makes this model stand out exactly in the context of carpet processing. It has almost the same engine as the above-described model Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max – Japanese Nidec, quite powerful with a suction force up to 2500 Pa. We emphasize that the manufacturer does not hesitate to specify the real suction power in Pascals, not in watts, which in this context does not say anything really.

    One can only praise this model, because in terms of dry carpet cleaning it is unusually effective. Serious flaws are hard to find, but there are a lot of small imperfections that can be annoying. These are rare but legitimate loss of communication, the same rare “forgetting” to go to the docking station for recharging and the like.


    • an example of Japanese robotics;
    • serious suction power;
    • Handles pretty dense pile carpets;
    • the quality of materials;
    • Control from a smartphone via an app;
    • The ability to adapt to systems such as “smart home”;
    • Wi-Fi;
    • laser rangefinder-lidar and dozens of optical sensors;
    • modest, but stylish design.


    • a number of small, but annoying imperfections.

    iRobot Roomba 980

    Rating: 4.6

    iRobot Roomba 980

    And the selection of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the medium price category according to Expertology magazine will be completed by the model of the American manufacturer of robotics iRobot. Actually, this device can be easily attributed to the premium class, but in Russian retail it can be bought for less than 50 thousand. We have noted such conditional boundary within the limits of this review.

    An indirect sign of the manufacturer’s serious approach is the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner is designed only for dry cleaning – the developers are not trying to keep up with the maximum functionality, and in this case it is good.

    The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner – 35x35x9.14 cm, weight – 3.95kg. Plastic housing with resilient bumpers. The kinematic system consists of two main wheels, swivel and fixed castors. Main cleaning element – a pair of lint-free scrubbing rollers. Optional – one standard side brush. The wheels are spring-loaded, allows the robot vacuum cleaner to climb quite high carpets. Battery life is up to 2 hours.

    Robot navigates by precise IR sensor, detecting on the fly the proximity to objects, elevation differences, docking station location, virtual walls. The firmware has different modes of operation: standard cleaning, local cleaning, time schedules, power modifiers, overcoming obstacles, bypassing walls, enhanced treatment in two passes, etc. d.

    You can control the device in different ways: the mechanical buttons on the body, remote control, remotely via Wi-Fi through a mobile application iRobot Home. The model is adapted to be built into smart home type ecosystems, with compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Implemented the innovative technology AeroForce, Dirt Detect, iAdapt.

    Regarding this model, it is worth cautioning. It is not only designed only for dry cleaning, but also very severe to contact with liquids. Riding over spilled liquids will lead to the need for tedious cleaning, and in the worst case, the device failure. In general, it is strictly undesirable to use it in very wet areas, as well as to wash under water the cleaning elements – filters, brushes and even the dust collector itself.


    • well-known American brand of robotics;
    • quality of materials;
    • Narrow specialization in a good way;
    • overcoming high thresholds (edges of carpets);
    • Innovative technologies AeroForce, Dirt Detect, iAdapt;
    • The possibility of remote control via Wi-Fi through a proprietary mobile application iRobot Home;


    • killer sensitivity to contact with water.

    The best premium robot vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets

    And to conclude today’s thematic review, we look at the most interesting selection of the best robot vacuum cleaners. These devices are premium, earned unconditional recognition and the highest ratings of the expert community.

    Neato Botvac D7 Connected

    rating: 4.9

    Neato Botvac D7 Connected

    First in the premium section of the review will be another product of the American robotics industry. Neato Robotics is young – has been on the market since 2005, and small – less than a hundred full-time employees. However, it has managed to earn recognition and credibility with successful projects in the field of robotic home appliances.

    The dimensions of the device – 33.60×31.90×10 cm, weight – 3.4 kg. The shape of the body is quite uncharacteristic – if the vast majority of robotic vacuum cleaners on the market almost perfectly round, Neato Botvac D7 Connected – D-shaped. The body is composed of plastic and metal parts, which simultaneously give the appearance of an impressive, and serve as protection against mechanical influences.

    The model is designed for dry cleaning only. 700 ml dust container capacity. Nominal cleaning area is up to 140 sq. ft. meters. One full charge of the battery (4200 mAh) is enough for two hours of work. Charging lasts up to 2.5 hours.

    The robot vacuum cleaner navigation system is based on a laser lidar – is located in a prominent ledge on top of the housing. Intelligent algorithms include such features as building and saving a map of the room, storing different maps and distinguishing between them in a particular room (My Floor Plan technology), analysis of the degree of blockage with the adoption of appropriate solutions.

    You can manually adjust most of the automatically collected data via the proprietary mobile app. In fact, all management is done specifically through the mobile app, and even the classic remote control is not included. This causes discontent among some users, and with good reason. You can also set virtual boundaries of the cleaning area in the mobile app as an alternative to the virtual wall organized in the traditional way (magnetic tape).

    The package of this model is not very rich, but it is satisfactory. In addition to the robot itself, the docking station and the battery, the package includes: two power cables with British and Euro plugs; magnetic tape for a “virtual wall”; MicroUSB to USB Type A adapter; a combination brush; three spare filters

      The package for the vacuum cleaner; the device for cleaning and care of the vacuum cleaner; documentation.


      • development of an American company specializing in robotics;
      • quality materials and assembly;
      • Two ways to install the virtual wall – magnetic tape and lines in the application;
      • Overcoming thresholds of 2 cm in height;
      • intelligent algorithms;
      • LaserSmartTM technology;
      • ability not to get stuck even in hard-to-reach places.


      • no remote control is provided.


      Rating: 4.8


      The following is a functional, powerful and in general a bright robot vacuum cleaner from LG. The South Korean company has long ago proved that it is capable of creating truly high-tech electronics, and LG R9MASTER is a good example of that. On numerous commercial sites this model can also be called CordZero R9.

      From many robot vacuum cleaners on the market this model differs significantly already by its shape. For the most part it is still round, but the front part is made in the form of a typical universal massive nozzle on a classic vacuum cleaner. Case size – 28.50x33x14.30 cm, the total weight of the device – 4.17 kg.

      Such a concept is part and parcel of the central idea of the designers of this model – to provide maximum suction power. Indeed, the CordZero R9 has one of the record numbers – about 4,000 Pa, or 120 watts in another (common but questionable) rating system.

      At such power, the noise emitted by the machine is noticeable, but moderate – up to 58 dB. But the 310W power consumption actively “saps” the battery and battery life is limited to 90 minutes. Time of full recharging – up to 240 minutes.

      Waste container capacity here is 0.60 l. The through air passes through as many as 5 filtration stages, including a fine filter, and this is an additional plus for people prone to allergies.

      Vacuum cleaner supports different modes of operation and knows how to switch dynamically between them if necessary. For example, if you find a place with a particularly “heavy” dust, the unit itself will switch to turbo mode for more intensive cleaning.

      This model, like all advanced robot vacuum cleaners has a function of a virtual wall, but there is no magnetic strip in the set – the manufacturer decided to abandon such a method of restricting device movement as an archaism. Everything is now done digitally in the mobile app. With such a painful for vacuum cleaners as tangled hair on the brush this model also knows how to fight – for this purpose, developed a whole system of devices that minimize this phenomenon.

      Robot vacuum cleaner LG R9MASTER (CordZero R9) contains a wireless Wi-Fi module and is trained to interact with the LG Smart ThinQ and Yandex Smart Home ecosystems.


      • Impeccable materials and build quality;
      • record power;
      • The device has 5 filtration stages;
      • Advanced 3D DUAL Eye navigation system;
      • Virtual wall via mobile app;
      • Intelligent automatic modes;
      • compatibility with LG Smart ThinQ and Yandex Smart Home ecosystems;
      • Attractive and solid appearance.


      • The device is too high (the price for the record power);
      • price, in many opinions, overpriced.

      iRobot Roomba s9+

      Rating: 4.7

      iRobot Roomba s9+

      And we will complete the rating of the best robot vacuum cleaners for the carpet is the most expensive, but also the brightest model of the American company iRobot. Recall that this is a company that has specialized in serious robotics for many years, including even robot-sappers and robot scouts. iRobot Roomba s9 + – this is the flagship line of automatic vacuum cleaners.

      Dimensions of the moving working module – 31.10×31.10×8.90 cm, weight – 3.7kg. And to start with the fact that the base (docking station) of this model plays the role of not only charging the working module. It also serves as a large trash can, in which the moving module can automatically unload accumulated dust in the container.

      The vacuum cleaner allows you to adjust the power, and if in inexpensive models the lower modes are almost useless, here the adjustment can not be neglected. Power reserve and efficiency of “useful” suction of the device is such that it makes sense to include it only for heavy carpets with long pile at maximum. For everyday cleaning, you can apply a more gentle, and therefore quieter modes.

      Battery life will also depend on the mode. The vacuum cleaner can run for up to 120 minutes at full charge and full power, making up to 60dB of noise. The minimum mode is able to operate for up to 4 hours without noise, even if it is possible to say that it works silently.

      Such an expensive flagship model could not help but get a number of interesting and sometimes unique innovations. Indeed, the manufacturer has introduced technologies such as vSLAM, Imprint, PerfectEdge, Clean Base, Dirt Detect in iRobot Roomba s9+.

      Now for a “moment of criticism”. The manufacturer was a bit hasty with the release of this model, not verified with all due care all the potential bottlenecks. So some of the behavior of a robot vacuum cleaner can cause discomfort. For example, there is no way to turn off the automatic garbage disposal. It would seem to be an inconsequential point, but when you start the device at night, in the process of unloading the garbage into the base, it will make a loud noise, and you can not do anything about it. It is possible to count not one or two such moments. However, knowing the generally sane policy of the manufacturer, we can expect that the next new batches will be modified.


      • reputable specialized brand;
      • Perfect technical quality;
      • Reliability and durability characteristic of iRobot products;
      • flagship series;
      • Innovative technologies – vSLAM, Imprint, Clean Base, PerfectEdge, etc.;
      • Significant power reserve;
      • The waste collector in the base;
      • automatic unloading of garbage into the base.


      • Some functions need refinement;
      • factory defects.
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