The 10 best cordless vacuum cleaners

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

We decided to devote this review to cordless vertical vacuum cleaners. This type of home appliances rapidly entered the Russian market and conquered many users. While these vacuum cleaners were originally designed as accessories, many modern manufacturers are positioning their models as complete alternatives to traditional bag or cyclone vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming.

For our rating we have selected 10 best cordless vacuum cleaners from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. The main criteria for selection were not only brand recognition, build quality, functionality, practicality and innovation, but also the way this or that vacuum cleaner behaves directly in the operation. For this we used reviews of real users and other information published on the sites of manufacturers, on popular resources like Yandex.Market, otziv- and other public sources.

The specific location of the model in the rating is conditional and can in no way be used as a priority of one vacuum cleaner over another. For your convenience, we have decided to publish models with costs in ascending order.

Regardless of the specific product, each vacuum cleaner from our rating is considered the best in its price range and product group, as it has unique features that analogues do not have.

How to choose a cordless vacuum cleaner

When choosing a cordless upright vacuum cleaner should be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Battery life.
  2. Accessories .
  3. Functionality.
  4. Additional useful options.

Standalone operation time– one of the key parameters for a cordless vacuum cleaner, which allows you to understand approximately how much area you can clean in a single charge. This figure depends on three factors – the battery capacity, the economy of the motor and the mode of operation. Most vacuum cleaners have two modes of operation – standard and amplified (increased power). The declared battery life in the passport of the product should be divided by about 2, to understand how long the vacuum cleaner will work at maximum power. Maximum autonomy is achieved by combination of powerful battery, economical motor and using vacuum cleaner on minimal power. In some models, the vacuum cleaner can run for more than 1 hour in this mode.

For most cordless vacuum cleanersstandard package– It is a basic turbo brush (aerostatic or motorized) and several additional attachments (crevice brush, for upholstered furniture). Some manufacturers offer an expanded configuration, which can be supplemented with a mini turbo brush, as well as other special attachments that provide effective cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

Almost all cordless vacuum cleaners are designed for dry cleaning, but some manufacturers offer devices that can clean wet floors. It is difficult to call it a full-fledged washing, but a healthy effect from the humidified air and cleaner floors are guaranteed. The cost of models “2-in-1” will be much higher than analogues for dry cleaning.

There are a lot of additional useful options that will help you to cope with the cleaning faster and more efficiently. For example, the flexible arm helps you get to the dust beneath your chair without bending down, while the LED-lighting of the brush lets you see even the smallest debris. Indicators of current charge level will help to visually monitor the operation of the vacuum cleaner, and the touch-sensitive digital control on the handle will allow you to conveniently manage the workflow.

Correctly picked up a cordless upright vacuum cleaner will be an excellent assistant in an apartment or private home. It can easily cope with small debris, dust, pet hair, and even with dust mites, providing a clean and hygienic cleaning.

Rating of the best cordless vacuum cleaners

Rating of the best cordless vacuum cleaners10Kitfort KT-5408 590 €
9REDMOND RV-UR3564 985 €
8Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone13 990 €
7Xiaomi Dreame V10 Pro14 950 €
6Bosch BCS6111315 490 €


  • ps FC6169/01
  • 11 640 €
    4Tefal TY947215 990 €
    3KARCHER VC 5 Cordless20 261 €


  • ps FC6728/01 SpeedPro Aqua
  • 32 990 €
    1Samsung VS15R8542S138 748 €

    Kitfort KT-540

    Rating: 4.5

    Kitfort KT-540

    We begin our review with a model Kitfort KT-540 from the popular domestic manufacturer of home appliances. The model is made in China, like all products of this brand, and the warranty period is 12 months.

    It has the traditional 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner form factor – full size with long tube and turbo brush at the end, from which you can separate the compact cleaner with handle, motor and dustbin. This is convenient, as the handheld model allows you to conveniently remove dust, crumbs and other dirt in hard-to-reach places, or where it is inconvenient to maneuver with a vacuum cleaner in a full assembly.

    The model runs on a full battery charge for up to 35 minutes (depending on the selected speed), which allows you to clean a small apartment. The speed can be adjusted on the handle of the vacuum cleaner, and next to the battery charging indicator.

    The model is equipped with a cyclonic filter, and the dust canister of 0.6 liters allows you to accumulate a sufficient amount of dust and dirt. Turbo Bristle brush with hard bristles as a main nozzle that effectively sweeps up dirt from floors and carpets. LED light makes even the smallest debris easy to spot.

    One of the features is the rapid removal of the roller of the turbo brush (you just need to press the two catches on the sides), which allows you to quickly clean it from the winding hair, hair and other debris.

    According to feedback from real users, the vacuum cleaner has good functionality, high efficiency and ease of use. Among the disadvantages, some consumers noted weak battery life, as after 1-2 years the vacuum cleaner stops charging. The malfunction may be due to a violation of the rules of operation of the device.

    We recommend Kitfort KT-540 as an inexpensive, but effective and practical vacuum cleaner for cleaning small apartments, private houses or offices.


    • Two speeds.
    • LED illumination of the brush.
    • Cyclone filter.
    • Easy care.


    • Battery life lasts for 1-2 years (according to user reviews).


    Rating: 4.5


    The next model in our review is the REDMOND RV-UR356 from a well-known manufacturer of home appliances. Cleaner is made in China, and the manufacturer provides a factory warranty of 12 months. All questions about preventive maintenance and repair techniques can be easily addressed through a network of official service centers, which are present in almost all Russian cities.

    Cleaner in appearance a little different from the hundreds of analogues other manufacturers, but it has all the necessary features and a good set for quality dry cleaning.

    At the heart of its design is a cyclonic suction system that results in stable performance regardless of how full the dust bag is. multi-filter system effectively captures both coarse dust and fine particles, while HEPA H-13 exhaust filter ensures maximum air purity.

    Weight of the compact version without extension tube is only 2.3 kg, which allows you to work with a vacuum cleaner with one hand, without feeling uncomfortable. Battery capacity is enough for 55 minutes of autonomous work in standard mode and up to 25 minutes in high power mode.

    Comes with a convenient base for attaching to the wall. In this position the vacuum cleaner takes minimum space, is constantly on the charge and always ready to work. Plus, there’s room to store all the accessories on the base.

    The owner of the vacuum cleaner note the light weight of the product, easy operation, high power, good quality of cleaning and very affordable price. Among the disadvantages, some users point out the impossibility to purchase a HEPA filter and other accessories separately.

    Affordable price, simple and reliable design, and high efficiency made the REDMOND RV-UR356 vacuum cleaner one of the leading places in our rating and in its price category.


    • Low price.
    • HEPA filter H-13.
    • Low weight.
    • Attachments attach directly to the vacuum cleaner.
    • Up to 55 minutes of work on one charge.


    • Difficulties in acquiring consumables and accessories (based on customer feedback).

    Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone

    Rating: 4.6

    Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone

    Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone is a compact upright cordless vacuum cleaner from the Russian manufacturer with German roots. The model is made in China at a state-of-the-art facility.

    The model is made in a traditional design, common to most of the vertical vacuum cleaners of this type, so something new in this area vacuum cleaner will not please. But the model has several features that distinguish it from counterparts from other manufacturers. The first point – it’s convenient control, which is made in the form of a trigger for the finger under the handle. Unlike some other models, the trigger itself does not need to be held all the time, and to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off, you just need to press it, which is very convenient.

    The second important point is the presence of an electric turbo brush (many models are equipped with an aerostatic brush that works by suction force), which additionally has a backlight of bright LEDs.

    On the handle itself there is a indicator of current charge level, as well as icons for selected modes – carpet and smooth flooring. Also on the handle there are two buttons for choosing minimum and maximum motor power.

    Another feature is a removable battery, which can be easily replaced with a new one, if necessary.

    Users in a positive way describe the low weight, ease of operation, efficiency, ease of maintenance and adequate cost of the device. To the disadvantages, some owners of equipment attributed not very powerful and high-capacity battery.

    In general, the model is quite functional, balanced and affordable, which allows it to take one of the leading positions in our review.


    • Low weight.
    • Convenient control.
    • Multiple modes of operation.
    • Removable battery.
    • Backlit brush.


    • Short battery life (according to user reviews).

    Xiaomi Dreame V10 Pro

    Rating: 4.7


    Xiaomi Dreame V10 Pro – another typical representative of the vertical compact vacuum cleaner format “2-in-1. Manufactured by a renowned Chinese industrial holding company and has a one-year official warranty.

    From many dozens of analogs from other manufacturers this vacuum cleaner favorably distinguishes expanded configuration, an elaborate control system and some technical nuances.

    Extended functionality is one of the special features of this vacuum cleaner. In addition to the traditional crevice nozzle and brush for upholstered furniture model is equipped with a special turbo brush with velour roller, as well as nozzle to remove dust mites, which is also in the form factor turbo, but with a hard roller and reduced dimensions. Both turbo brushes are electric, making them more efficient and thoroughly scrubbing than their conventional aerodynamic counterparts.

    Another feature is the convenient emptying of the container and easy care of the internal components of the cyclone filter. All components are made of plastic and stainless steel, making it easy to clean by hand. Airflow at the outlet passes through a special HEPA filter H-13, which retains up to 99.9% of all dust, including small microscopic particles and allergens.

    The model has 3 power modes – eco, standard and maximum, which allows you to easily select the appropriate intensity of the engine, depending on the degree of contamination of the surface.

    The battery capacity is 2500 mAh, which is enough to work uninterruptedly for 1 hour (depending on the intensity mode selected).

    According to user reviews on the popular online resource Yandex.Market, the model has a rating of 4.7 points, with 100% of consumers willing to recommend this vacuum cleaner for purchase. Most real owners of the equipment speak positively about the cleaning efficiency, good equipment, easy operation and easy cleaning of the device. No critical shortcomings were identified, but some respondents noted the lack of a separate nozzle for carpeting.

    We recommend Xiaomi Dreame V10 Pro to all fans of high-quality, functional and practical equipment for a reasonable price.


    • Extended package.
    • 3 operating modes.
    • Up to 60 minutes of battery life on a single charge.


    • No separate nozzle for carpets (according to user reviews).

    Bosch BCS61113

    Rating: 4.7

    Bosch BCS61113

    The fashion for vertical compact vacuum cleaners reached the well-known European manufacturers, which allows us to proceed to the new participant in our rating – vacuum cleaner Bosch BCS61113 from the well-known and popular German brand. Designed and manufactured in Germany, reflecting its high quality and build standards.

    One of the distinctive features of the model – the Power for All concept, which implies a removable battery that can be used with gardening equipment and power tools from Bosch. This approach not only simplifies battery replacement in the event of battery failure. But it also makes the power supply a universal solution for several types of equipment. As a result, the user can use one battery for alternate work with different devices.

    Another feature is the use of the DigitalSpin brushless motor that delivers a consistently high efficiency and durability while using very little battery power. Together with a branded turbo brush with high-speed rotation of the roller, the vacuum cleaner can cope with dirt on all surfaces – from tiles to carpeting.

    Owners are positive about the use of the battery with other Bosch devices, the high performance of the vacuum cleaner, thoughtful design and quality of construction. The disadvantages some consumers include a small autonomy on a single battery charge.

    We recommend vacuum cleaner Bosch BCS61113 to all those who appreciate the real German quality, well-thought-out construction, practicality and reliability.


    • Made in Germany.
    • Power for All Battery Unification System.
    • Reliable brushless motor.
    • Powerful turbo brush.


    • Short battery life (according to user reviews).


  • ps FC6169/01
  • Rating: 4.7

    Philips FC6169/01

    The Philips FC6169/01 model from the famous Dutch manufacturer of home appliances continues the review of wireless vacuum cleaners. Manufactured in China, with 2 years factory warranty under Philips DAP concept (international one-stop-shop service, meaning replacement of the entire product in case of failure).

    The vacuum cleaner is in the “mop” form factor, which distinguishes it from the previously discussed models in terms of appearance. The device has a number of innovative solutions that distinguish it from counterparts from other manufacturers.

    With the 4th generation Power Cyclone technology, the manufacturer achieves consistently high suction power, no matter how full the bin is, for the best cleaning performance throughout the cleaning cycle.

    New motorized brush

    The iActive Turbo effectively removes dirt and hair from everything from tile and linoleum to carpets. It also comes with a mini turbo brush for effectively cleaning up upholstered furniture from all kinds of debris, including pet hair.

    The 18V lithium-ion battery is compact and lightweight, which reduces the overall weight of the vacuum cleaner, and its large capacity allows for up to 40 minutes of autonomous cleaning on a single charge.

    Many owners of the equipment speak positively about the power of the vacuum cleaner, its practicality and functionality. Deserves special attention complete the model and ergonomic design of the handle. Among the drawbacks, some respondents mentioned low power and excessive noise at maximum speed. Please understand that all upright vacuum cleaners are designed as an extra helper in the home, and can not compete with standard models.

    Thoughtful design, high efficiency nozzles, easy to clean container and good autonomy allowed the Philips FC6169/01 vacuum cleaner to take one of the leading positions in our rating.


    • Stable, requires no wall support.
    • Good equipment package.
    • Both power driven turbo brushes.
    • Stable suction power during the whole cleaning period.


    • Too much noise in turbo mode (according to consumer reviews)

    Tefal TY9472

    Rating: 4.7

    Tefal TY9472

    The next vacuum cleaner model in our review is the Tefal TY9472 from the famous French manufacturer of home appliances. The model is made in China, and the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

    The fundamental difference of this model from all the vacuum cleaners, considered earlier in our rating, is the presence of a flexible tube that allows you to clean under the couch, chairs and other hard-to-reach places without bending down, which is very convenient and practical. This is made possible thanks to the FLEX technology, which makes it possible to bend the pipe in the “knee” at the desired angle.

    The second feature is the suction power. Given that there is no unified system to measure this parameter, many manufacturers operate in two ways – or write their own indicators, by which an ordinary user can not understand how powerful the vacuum cleaner will be, or do not write anything. Tefal experts claim that their method of measuring suction power is the most honest and transparent. According to our own tests, the real suction power at the inlet of the nozzle is 100 aeration watts.

    The lithium-ion battery allows you to work independently in standard mode for 35 minutes, which is enough to clean an average-sized apartment.

    In addition to the standard power level, the vacuum cleaner has a mode “Boost”, which is activated by pressing the appropriate button on the back of the body. As a result, the suction power increases to a maximum, but the power consumption is 2 times higher.

    Power-assisted main brush has bright LED backlight to make even the smallest debris visible.

    Owners are complimentary about the unconventional and very user-friendly design, backlight, ease of operation, and high suction power. Consumers did not find critical disadvantages, but some users talk about discomfort caused by the warm air jet from the motor, which is directed directly at a person during cleaning. Side airflow could easily solve the problem.

    We recommend the Tefal TY9472 vacuum cleaner because of its original flexible design, good equipment and high cleaning efficiency, especially in hard-to-reach places.


    • The flexible hose FLEX.
    • LED-lighting.
    • High suction power.
    • Boost mode.


    • The warm air from the motor gets right in your face while cleaning (according to user reviews).

    KARCHER VC 5 Cordless

    Rating: 4.8


    Our review continues with the compact cordless vacuum cleaner KARCHER VC 5 Cordless from the German manufacturer of household and professional cleaning equipment. Vacuum cleaner is made in Italy and is covered by an official factory warranty. Well-developed network of service centers throughout Russia allows to solve all the issues with service and repair equipment without any problems.

    This model is one of the most unusual among all vacuum cleaners in our review. Unlike most analogues, the KARCHER VC 5 Cordless does not disassemble into two parts (a compact vacuum cleaner and a tube with nozzles), but comes in a single package. Inside the model built a triple telescopic tube with a patented transformation system that allows you to turn a compact handheld vacuum cleaner in a full-fledged device for cleaning floors and vertical surfaces in the apartment, home or office.

    The next unique feature of the model is a special mount, which allows the vacuum cleaner to maintain a stable position. For this purpose, there are a pair of magnets on the bottom of the body and on the brush, which fix the model vertically, which is very convenient.

    Another feature of the model – a unique design of the dust container. It is located on the side of the body and slides out to the side, instead of opening downward like most others. This automatically cleans the filter when the container is opened and the compacted debris simply falls out of the container. All components, including HEPA filter, are washable under water, which is very convenient.

    It has three different speeds, so you can choose the optimal power level depending on the type of surface or flooring. The package includes a standard universal brush (the vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a turbo-brush, as most analogues), crevice nozzle and a brush for upholstered furniture. In addition, the manufacturer offers a special brush for parquet and laminate with natural bristles, which ensures gentle care for the flooring.

    The real owners of appliances note the unusual design, European quality and all the advantages of advanced German technology, as well as well thought-out design and high cleaning efficiency. Critical disadvantages were not found, but some consumers point out the difficulties of cleaning under armchairs, sofa and other furniture.

    Original design, perfect German engineering, high quality of assembling and efficient operation allowed KARCHER VC 5 Cordless vacuum cleaner to become one of the leaders not only in our rating. But also in its price range.


    • Triple telescopic tube.
    • Unique body design.
    • Self-cleaning filters.
    • 3 modes of operation.


    • Not very convenient to clean under furniture (according to users).


  • ps FC6728/01 SpeedPro Aqua
  • Rating: 4.8

    Philips FC6728/01 SpeedPro Aqua

    The next model in our review is Philips FC6728/01 SpeedPro Aqua. The distinctive feature of this vacuum cleaner is its Wet-Clean mode, which makes it a unique solution for complete all-in-one care for your home or apartment. For wet cleaning, just pour water into the reservoir and position it over the nozzle. A special technology feature is that the system independently controls the flow of water or detergent solution. If you need to wash tough dirt, just press the “boost” pedal with your foot and the flow of liquid will increase. The damp microfiber cloth effectively removes dirt and wipes hard surface floors (tile, porcelain stoneware, stone) dry.

    One tank fill is enough for regular wet mopping up to 60 m2.

    The magnetic contact band replaces the conventional power cord socket. Now to charge the battery it is enough to bring a contact pad and install it over the terminals. It is very convenient, practical and durable compared to traditional charging.

    The package includes not only a crevice nozzle and floor cleaning system, but also a turbo brush with a special design that ensures capture of debris in a sector of 180 degrees, which is important when cleaning along the baseboards or on the steps. Three bright LED lights on the front let you see debris in corners and other hard-to-reach places.

    The Power Cyclone 7 technology provides effective separation of debris from the air flow, which guarantees a consistently high suction power, regardless of how full the container is.

    According to reviews from the resource Yandex.Market, the vacuum cleaner has a rating of 4.5 and is ready to be recommended for purchase by 88% of consumers. Most owners of the equipment speak positively about the design of the model, the ease of operation, and the presence of a nozzle for wet cleaning. Among the negatives are reviews about low power and the fact that sand falls out of the container during cleaning. It is desirable to notice, that all kinds of wireless vertical vacuum cleaners initially developed as the additional equipment which purpose – maintenance of cleanliness, but not carrying out general cleaning in strongly dirty premises.

    We recommend the Philips FC6728/01 SpeedPro Aqua, because it is wet-cleanable, well-equipped and easy to operate and maintain.

    Advantages of

    • Wet mopping mode.
    • Dry brush with 180 degree dust extraction.
    • Stylish design, easy operation.


    • Wet mopping can’t be considered as a full-fledged floor cleaning.

    Samsung VS15R8542S1

    Rating: 4.9

    SAMSUNG VS15R8542S1

    We finish our review with the Samsung VS15R8542S1 cordless upright vacuum cleaner from the famous South Korean manufacturer of household appliances and electronics. The official warranty on the model is 36 months, and all the problems with the technical condition of the device and service can be solved through a large and well-developed network of service centers throughout Russia.

    With a traditional 2-in-1 handheld and extended tube vacuum cleaner in a futuristic and modern design.

    The fundamental difference of this model from most analogues is the presence of an inverter motor that has a stable high power, but at the same time consumes minimum electricity.

    Also worth noting the removable battery, which greatly facilitates the process of its replacement. According to the manufacturer, the battery retains up to 80% of its original capacity even after 500 charge/discharge cycles, which indicates its high performance.

    The unusual docking station is not a wall stand, but a stand that makes it function like a wall mount. A slight tilt of the base back allows for more convenient and faster installation of the vacuum cleaner. For all nozzles there are regular mounts. The main advantage of this station – the presence of a second slot under the battery, which allows you to charge two batteries at the same time (the package includes only 1 battery, and the spare will have to buy extra). The availability of a second battery allows you to prolong the autonomy of vacuum cleaner twice, which is important when cleaning apartments or private houses with a large area.

    The model is equipped with electronic control on the handle (3 modes), which makes it easy to choose the appropriate motor power. Delivered with universal, motorized turbo brush, soft roller nozzle for hard surfaces, reduced brush for upholstered furniture, and standard crevice nozzle.

    The manufacturer also took care of cleaning the air coming out of the motor unit. The model has a five-stage filtration system at the end of which there is a HEPA filter H-13 that retains 99,999% of all fine particles, including allergens. All elements of the filtration system washable under water.

    According to consumer reviews from the online resource Yandex.Market, the vacuum cleaner received a rating of 4.6 points, with 88% of users recommending this product. Among the positive aspects of respondents note the high efficiency of cleaning, convenient controls and the ability to simultaneously charge two batteries. The disadvantages some owners of equipment include the high cost and the need to separately buy a second battery.

    We recommend Samsung VS15R8542S1 to all fans of high-quality, reliable and functional appliances, which will help to keep your house or apartment clean, and at the same time will require minimum effort to conduct cleaning.

    Advantages of

    • Large Package.
    • Inverter motor.
    • Low noise level.
    • Electronic control on the handle.
    • Five step air purifying system.


    • High cost (based on user reviews).
    • You need to buy a second battery additionally.
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