The 10 best cleaning robot vacuum cleaners

*Editor’s review of the best. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not constitute a buying guide. You should consult an expert before buying.

The heroes of today’s review are washing robot vacuum cleaners. For our rating we have selected 10 models from popular domestic and foreign manufacturers. For convenience, we have divided all models into two categories – with wet cleaning mode and devices with a floor cleaning mode (this group includes automatic floor cleaners). This makes the review more extensive and objective.

When selecting models for the rating, we used several key criteria – innovative technology, brand popularity, functionality, value for money and quality, as well as the behavior of the equipment in real-world conditions. For this purpose we used information from robot owners, left in public domain – on the sites of manufacturers, on the largest Russian marketplace Yandex.Market, as well as from other sources.

Rating of the best cleaning robots vacuum cleaners

Best robot vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning function6iBoto Smart X320G Aqua10 319 €
5REDMOND RV-R3506 209 €
4Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop10 660 €
3CleverClean AQUA
  • ght
  • 14 310 €
    2Weissgauff Robowash Laser Map21 591 €
    1GUTREND SENSE 41022 990 €
    The best cleaning robot vacuum cleaners4I
  • FE W400
  • 12 683 €
  • FE W450
  • 15 950 €
    aava 390T
    20 700 €
    aava Jet 240
    15 880 €

    Best wet robot vacuum cleaners

    The most popular wet robot vacuum cleaners. They owe their popularity to their versatility, extensive functionality, and the ability to perform a complete cleaning in an apartment or private house in automatic mode.

    For our picks we have selected 6 robot vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning mode from popular manufacturers. Despite some similarity in design and operating principles, each model has its own unique features that make it a leader in its price group.

    iBoto Smart X320G Aqua

    Score : 4.5

    iBoto Smart X320G Aqua

    We start our review with the model iBoto Smart X320G Aqua from a popular Chinese manufacturer, which produces robot vacuum cleaners and other appliances for the home. The model is made in China and has a 1-year factory warranty. One of the most functional robots in the budget price segment.

    The model is made in a traditional round body, the front part of which is occupied by a movable bumper with infrared sensors. This design allows the device to bypass large obstacles, and in case of contact with furniture, not to damage it and neatly bypass.

    Equipped with powerful drive wheels to easily traverse small thresholds and uneven floors.

    Two rotating brushes direct debris to a central opening where the dirt is sucked by a pump into the container. The model does not have a traditional central brush, which avoids the coiling of hair and hair during cleaning.

    Controlled by remote control or by pressing the start button on top of the housing. The battery can be charged in two ways – automatically from the base or directly from an adapter. The second option is suitable when the floor is not possible to allocate space for the base.

    Vacuum cleaner has two containers, one for dry vacuuming and one for water. Capacities are used interchangeably. Wet-Clean mode requires special microfiber attachment to evenly distribute water from the container.

    The model has a rating of 4.7 points on Yandex.Market, with 83% of users recommending the product for purchase. Among the key advantages of the owners of equipment name affordable price, easy operation and good quality of cleaning. The disadvantages include the long charge time, as well as possible skipping of some parts of the floor when cleaning.

    Reasonable price, extensive functionality and wet cleaning system with water supply from a container made the iBoto Smart X320G Aqua one of the best in its product group.


    • Low price.
    • Separate water and dry garbage cans.
    • Convenient control with remote control.


    • Sometimes misses some parts of the floor during operation (according to consumer reviews).


    Rating: 4.6


    REDMOND RV-R350 is one of the simplest and cheapest robot vacuum cleaners from a popular manufacturer of home appliances. The device is traditionally for all REDMOND products is assembled in China and has a one-year warranty.

    The manufacturer simplified the design of the device as much as possible. Leaves only automatic cleaning mode, which allowed to significantly reduce the cost of the product. Robot is made in a compact round housing with a diameter of 32.5 cm and a height of 8 cm. This allows the model to pass under the furniture legs, under the bed and couch.

    The robot has no docking station, so it charges directly from the cable that comes with the kit. The need of recharging is indicated by the red indicator on the case.

    In standard mode, works 2 brushes on each side of the body, which directs the debris to the hole in the center, through which all dirt falls into the container volume 0.2 l. For wet wiping the back of the housing attached a special adapter with a microfiber cloth (wipe cloth must be removed and moisten manually).

    Vacuum cleaner is turned on by pressing one button on the top of the body, after which the device goes to the programmed mode of operation.

    From the positive moments of the owners of technology note the low cost of the device, ease of operation and good quality cleaning. Some consumers to the disadvantages include the lack of base, remote control and only one cleaning program, but in fact this is the basic model, and the manufacturer warns about its limited functionality in advance.

    We recommend the REDMOND RV-R350 to all users, who want to know whether they need a robot vacuum cleaner, but have not yet decided on a particular model and do not want to buy a more functional models of other manufacturers.


    • Compact.
    • Cheap.
    • Easy to maintain and operate as much as possible.


    • Limited functionality.

    Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop

    Rating: 4.7


    Next in our review is the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop from the popular Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronics, home appliances and various gadgets for the smart home system. The model is traditionally made in China and has a one year warranty.

    One of the distinctive features of the device is the space scanning technology V-SLAM, which the robot builds a map of the room and creates the optimal cleaning algorithm. The scanning system of unmanned cars and aircraft is based on a similar principle.

    The model is controlled through a proprietary app on your smartphone, which allows you to control the device from anywhere in the world.

    For effective dry cleaning robot is equipped with a brush on the side of the body (it is enough to direct the debris to the working part), the central rotating turbo brush and a powerful pump that sucks all the dust and other debris into the container with the force of 2500 Pa. The HEPA filter in the exhaust air box not only gives you a very high cleaning result but it also prevents dust from getting into the motor.

    The robot duplicates its actions with voice messages in Russian for user convenience.

    The 2,400 mAh battery is enough to run the device autonomously for up to 1.5 hours. That is enough time to properly clean a standard two-bedroom apartment.

    For wet cleaning behind the vacuum cleaner is installed a special nozzle-container, which pours water. Attached to the underside is a microfiber on which water is applied. Control the intensity of water supply through the app.

    Another feature of the model is the compatibility with the virtual assistant fox, which provides quick integration of the robot into a smart home system.

    According to user reviews on the online resource Yandex.Market, vacuum cleaner has a rating of 4.8 points, based on nearly 4,500 ratings. At the same time, 94% of the owners of equipment recommend a robot vacuum cleaner for purchase. The positives include error-free navigation, simple intuitive controls and high-quality cleaning. The disadvantages are expensive components (in case of repair) and consumables (brushes, filter, microfiber).

    The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop is in the mid-price range, but has the options of higher-end models, making it the best solution in its group.


    • cleaning quality.
    • Map building by V-SLAM technology.
    • Water and dry containers are separated.
    • Voice prompts.
    • Control via smart phone.
    • Large selection of settings.


    • Expensive components (according to users).

    CleverClean AQUA
  • ght
  • Rating: 4.7

    CleverClean AQUA<li></div><p>ght” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/45616666195491-2510.jpg” height=”425″ title=”CleverClean AQUA</p><li>ght”><p>The next model in our review is CleverClean AQUA</p><li>ght from a Russian company, which has been producing robot vacuum cleaners since 2014. The device is made in China and is covered by a one-year factory warranty.<p>The model is made in a standard round body with a diameter of 30 cm and a height of only 7 cm. Sufficiently compact size has a positive impact on the maneuverability of the robot and its ability to pass under furniture and other obstacles.</p><p>The device can be controlled in three ways – via the touch panel on the body, through a remote control or through a proprietary application on your smartphone. It is recommended to install the application, because with it the whole range of options of the robot is available.</p><p>The model builds a map of the room during cleaning, which allows you to not miss any of the available areas. Unfortunately, the map is not saved, so the robot redraws it every time.</p><p>User can select the mode, change the speed of the vacuum cleaner, set the schedule of cleaning by day and time, as well as viewing statistics on the cleaning. It comes with a 2 m magnetic tape, which can be used to limit the working area of the vacuum cleaner.</p><p>Two side brushes direct debris to the central hole in dry mode, and wiping the floors is done with a microfiber moistened with water. Container for both modes of cleaning is common. But with the division into two containers – the smaller under water, and the larger – under the dry garbage.</p><p>According to the reviews of real users, posted on the resource Yandex.The market, among the positive points worth noting a good set of features, high quality cleaning, and convenient remote control via remote control or smartphone. The disadvantages some consumers include the lack of its own memory to save the map of the object.</p><p>CleverClean AQUA features</p><li>Unlike many analogues of other brands – clever functionality, where there is nothing unnecessary, as well as high quality cleaning and easy operation. We recommend this robot to all users who want to buy a quality, reliable and functional assistant at a bargain price.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>3 ways to control.</li><li>Convenient application.</li><li>Quality cleaning.</li><li>Map construction.</li><li>Low noise level.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Does not save the map (according to consumer reviews).</li></ul><h3>Weissgauff Robowash Laser Map</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=WEISSGAUFF ROBOWASH LASER MAP

    The next robot in our review is the Weissgauff Robowash Laser Map from the popular Russian-German brand. The products are made in China on a modern factory, where the multi-step quality control, which allows you to meet European and world standards. Official guarantee for the technique is 12 months.

    There are several points, which stand out Weissgauff Robowash Laser Map against the majority of analogs from other manufacturers in this price category.

    The first is the high performance and autonomy, which was made available by a new inverter motor and a powerful battery that allows the device to work about 180 minutes on a single charge.

    The second is a laser system LDS, which provides an accurate map of the room, which allows for more efficient cleaning and do not miss a single inch of space.

    The third one is control through the brand app on the smartphone, where the user can set the mode of the device or increase the power to clean the carpet, but also create a schedule by day and time, see the history of cleaning, find out the current resource of accessories and much more. Also on the map created by the robot you can set a “virtual wall” with one touch, which will limit the access of the robot to a particular area of the room.

    Fourthly – voice doubling of commands in Russian. This option can be disabled through the app and the language can be changed there as well.

    Wet mopping is done by wiping the floor with microfiber cloth that automatically moistens with water from the reservoir on the back of the unit.

    According to the reviews of consumers, published on the resource Yandex.Market, the robot received the prestigious “buyer’s choice” mark and has a rating of 4.6. Moreover 97% of the owners of vehicles recommend this model for purchase. The positive points include the good functionality, easy operation, accurate mapping and cleaning quality. Critical shortcomings were not identified, only a few respondents noted unstable operation of the application, but this is more a problem not in the software, but in the stability of the user’s Internet connection.

    Weissgauff Robowash Laser Map – New 2021 model that we recommend as one of the most functional, practical and reliable cleaners in the middle price segment.


    • Lots of settings in the app.
    • Good build quality.
    • Laser navigation system.
    • Accurate mapping of the room.
    • Russified voice commands.
    • Battery life for up to 180 minutes.


    • In some cases, unstable communication over Wi-Fi (according to consumers).


    Rating: 4.9


    The GUTREND SENSE 410 rounds out our wet mopping robot review. GUTREND is a young Chinese manufacturer specializing in the development and manufacturing of robot vacuum cleaners. Despite the fact that GUTREND is not very well-known on the Russian market, the popularity of its products is steadily growing and its rating gradually overtakes even the famous brands. The device is made in China from high-quality components, and the factory warranty on it is 4 years (the longest warranty period of all robot-vacuum cleaners in our review).

    The model comes in a standard round body with a height of only 7 cm, which allows the technique to clean under furniture and other obstacles. For ultra-precise navigation, the robot has 40 sensors for different purposes (obstacle detection, fall protection, route-planning, etc.), which increases its maneuverability.d.This makes the robot more maneuverable and improves the quality of cleaning.

    User can set the robot to one of 8 built-in modes of operation, including scheduled cleaning. You can also control the water level on the rag and the suction power. It comes with a magnetic limiter that creates a virtual “wall”, blocking the movement of the robot to a specific area.

    The powerful battery provides autonomy up to 180 minutes on a single charge, which allows you to clean an area up to 100 m2.

    According to the ratings on the Yandex resource.Market, the model received the prestigious “consumer’s choice” mark, with 96% of respondents recommending the product for purchase. The advantages of the model owners of equipment include the quality of assembly and high efficiency, convenient operation and ease of cleaning. The disadvantages some consumers attribute to the limited capabilities of the mobile app.

    High quality of performance, good functionality, convenient controls and affordable price allowed GUTREND SENSE 410 to take one of the leading positions in the rating of the best wet robots in its product group.


    • Up to 180 minutes on a single charge.
    • 8 operating modes.
    • Body control, remote control and app control.
    • Compact size.
    • Water delivery only when in motion.


    • HEPA filter can not be washed.
    • Limited app features (according to user reviews).

    The best cleaning robot vacuums

    For this section we have selected 4 models of cleaning robots vacuum cleaners from popular world manufacturers. Their key difference from traditional models is that they do not have a dry vacuum cleaner and their operating principle is very similar to a full-sized wet mop (depending on the specific device).

    All models have their unique features and functions, so they are deservedly considered the best in their price category.

  • FE W400
  • Rating: 4.6

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