9 best mops for floor cleaning

*Editor’s review of the best. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not constitute a buying recommendation. Before making a purchase, please consult a professional.

To simplify wet cleaning, progressive housewives and masters of cleaning services use mops. This seemingly simple tool exists today in a variety of modifications:

  1. With bucket;
  2. With a classic or telescopic handle;
  3. With water sprayer;
  4. With rag wringer;
  5. With lint or viscose rag nozzle.

Mops and cleaning kits make cleaning labor as easy as possible, now they can wipe the floor even in hard-to-reach places. EXPERTOLOGY team identified the most popular models of these cleaning tools. Introducing a few popular models.

Rating of the best mops for cleaning floors

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best mops for cleaning floors1Vileda “Easy Wring”, 2 items3 044€
2Leifheit “CareProtect” with sprayer3 238€
3Leifheit “Picobello M”, with telescopic handle2 659€
4Red Cat “Tornado MopM-20” with a bucket, 2 wringing modes2 590€
5Hausmann “Easy Clean”, with squeegee1 489€
6Vileda “Active Max”849€
7You’ll love “Lux” with a wringer1 179€
  • ne “Coconet” with a telescopic handle
  • 509€

    Vileda “Easy Wring”, 2 pieces

    Rating: 4.9


    The Vileda “Easy Wring” kit is a mop with a round mop head and a bucket with a pedal wringer. Using it is extremely easy: just pour water into a container, dip the nozzle in it, squeeze through the pedal in the centrifuge, then proceed to clean. No need to bend over and get your hands wet – no contact with dirty water. Depending on the force of pressing the pedal there is a different degree of squeezing, and without splashing and leaving spills.

    Let’s take a look at the mop. It has a telescopic handle, extending 55-130 cm with a two-point position fixation – comfortable for people of any height. Microfiber in a triangular retainer provides greater coverage of the surface being cleaned, capturing the main dirt and wiping the floor in one pass. It penetrates all corners, captures the space under furniture, then easily cleanses the collected streaks, wool, dust, it is machine washable in low temperature without conditioner.

    Bucket is made of impact-resistant plastic, inside it has a scale for dialing the right amount of water, which is necessary for the preparation of cleaning solutions. On the side of the spout for easy drainage of waste water. Microfiber wringer basket does not interfere with the rinse pad, and the pedal does not require charging – works mechanically. The bucket has a lock for storing the mop.

    Average price of Vileda “Easy Wring” set – 3500 rubles.


    • Mechanical foot-operated wringer;
    • Washable nozzle;
    • The hands free system;
    • Wide microfiber nozzle gets into corners and under the edge of furniture;
    • Cleaning solution scale on the inside of the bucket;
    • Nozzle for draining water and place for storing the mop.


    • High price;
    • Users report inconvenience in picking up fine hair.

    Leifheit “CareProtect” with sprayer

    Rating: 4.8


    The Leifheit CareProtect Floor Mop is indispensable for hardwood floors, but can also be used on other floor coverings. Feature of the device – no need for a bucket. Mop works like this: a container for water or detergent solution is mounted on its handle, from where, when you click on the handle rail on the handle comes a trickle of liquid, microfiber nozzle on the hinge rubs it, while removing dust and dirt, including under low furniture. To clean the head, simply wash it at temperatures up to 60Manually or in a machine.

    130 cm long steel handle does not need to be folded. The head can be purchased as an additional accessory if it needs to be replaced.

    The average price is 3500 rubles.


    • Direct purpose – application of protective coatings for parquet and laminate;
    • Rugged steel handle;
    • You can buy the nozzle separately;
    • Suitable for surface cleaning on all smooth surfaces;
    • Can be tucked under furniture.


    • Not suitable for floor cleaning;
    • High price.

    Leifheit “Picobello M”, with a telescopic handle

    Rating: 4.8

    LEIFHEIT PICOBELLO M with telescopic handle.webp

    Another in the ranking mop from Leifheit, but this time a universal purpose with a telescopic handle “Picobello M” is suitable for cleaning the floor. The size of its nozzle 12h33 cm, handle length can vary between 80 … 140 cm.

    Handle of mop is made of lightweight metal, it has plastic holders and squeezing system – the handle should be put forward to remove excess water from the microfiber, plastic holder blades will close under the pressure of “ears. But users say that in order to get enough dry material, you have to squeeze the blades with your hands.

    The microfiber cloth is attached to the plastic holder with a strong Velcro fastener, if necessary, it can be purchased separately. Has hole in top of handle for easy storage when hanging.

    Average price – 2500 rubles.


    • Telescopic handle with secure fixation;
    • Suspension for storage;
    • Spinning without removing the microfibre mop pad;
    • Rotating holder for cleaning in hard-to-reach places.


    • Overpriced compared to similar models of less well-known brands.

    Red Cat “Tornado MopM-20” with bucket, 2 spin modes

    Rating: 4.7

    The red cat MOPM-20 TORNADO with bucket and 2 wringer modes.jpg

    Floor cleaning kit “Tornado MopM-20” from the brand “Red Cat” is similar to the leader of the rating. This is a mop with a rounded head made of microfiber, its handle is fixed length of 130 cm is equipped with plastic hand grips. The 8-litre bucket with drain spout has a mechanical pedal-powered wringer for wet mopping and wiping the floor repeatedly, almost dry. Centrifuge nozzle is convenient, drains into bucket without splashing. Disadvantage of the system relative to the leader of the rating – no holder for a mop on the bucket.

    The average price – 2600 rubles.


    • Included with the mop bucket;
    • Drain for water;
    • Mechanical pedal wringing in two modes;
    • Microfiber nozzle reaches hard-to-reach places.


    • The handle does not extend;
    • No holder for the mop on the bucket.

    Hausmann “Easy Clean”, with a wringer

    Rating: 4.7

    HAUSMANN EASY CLEAN with squeezing.webp

    The classic Hausmann “Easy Clean” squeegee mop has a standard size 12×33 cm hook and loop attachment for wet mopping of all smooth floor coverings. Handle 132 cm long, not telescopic, but equipped with a squeezing system – when you feed the handle forward, the nozzle is squeezed mechanically and cleans it from the dirt collected silicon scraper.

    The average price – 1600 rubles.


    • A good wringing system of the nozzle;
    • Standard sized microfiber can be replaced;
    • Reasonable price.


    • The holder lock restricts access to the space under the bed and low furniture.

    Vileda “Active Max”

    Rating: 4.7


    The sixth ranked classic mop Vileda “Active Max”. An option for those who don’t mind wringing out the microfiber mop with their own hands – to remove it, you have to press the button at the base of the holder and pull the handle up.

    What makes the Vileda “Active Max” stand out from its predecessors is its large microfiber mop head measuring 16 x 48 cm – suitable for cleaning large areas. The material absorbs all dirt, collects hair and dust, then is not difficult to clean. To store the mop on the handle has a loop for hanging.

    The average price – 850 rubles.


    • It has a large mop head for cleaning floors in large rooms;
    • The hole on the handle for hanging;
    • Reasonable price.


    • No squeeze mechanism.

    You’ll love “Lux” with a wringer

    Rating: 4.6

    YO<ul></div><p>L LOVE SUITE WITH WRINGER.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/61016666195661-599-.jpg” height=”410″ title=”YO</p><ul>LOVE LUX WITH SQUEEZE PAD.webp”><p>You’ll love “Lux” mop differs in the material of the nozzle – this model uses resilient polyurethane foam with pores of different sizes. The material absorbs water and dirt perfectly, but because of the minimal contact surface will require private rinsing and wiping the floor clean. Fortunately, the mop has a mechanism for squeezing in the form of a lever – not the most convenient, but quickly and in full volume removes excess water.</p><p>You’ll love “Lux” with a wringer will be a real helper for the hostess in the kitchen – it perfectly removes dirt from tile, linoleum, cope with coarse dirt better than soft microfiber – the sponge has light abrasive properties.</p><p>Average price – 850 rubles.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The sponge pad absorbs dirt and litter very well;</li><li>The nozzle can be exchanged for any other;</li><li>Has a light abrasive effect;</li><li>Reliable design.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Sponge is not suitable for cleaning laminate flooring – leaves streaks.</li></ul><h3>Aqua<li>ne “Coconet” with a telescopic handle</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=AQUA<li></div><p>NE COCONET WITH A TELESCOPIC HANDLE.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/31316666195661-59-.jpg” height=”420″ title=”AQUA</p><li>NE COCONET WITH A TELESCOPIC HANDLE.webp”><p>For wet and even dry cleaning mop Aqua</p><li>The Aqua ne “Coconet” with a chenille mop pad is ideal because it removes fine hairs, dust, and absorbs moisture from the surface. The structure of the material resembles a sponge, has a light abrasive effect, but does not scratch the surface, reduces the need to use detergents for cleaning. Noteworthy: the nozzle can be washed in an automatic machine or by hand at temperatures up to +60<su></su>s.<p>Aqua</p><li>The “Coconet” telescopic telescope extends and locks from 68-122 cm. It has a loop at the top for hanging storage of cleaning tools. Mop pad size is slightly larger than average – 45.5cm x 14.5cm.<p>Average price of 500 rubles.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Extendable handle;</li><li>Has an abrasive effect;</li><li>The stiff chenille fiber collects dirt and absorbs moisture;</li><li>affordable price.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Some users have noted the telescopic handle’s weak hold;</li><li>Fragile holders.</li></ul><h3>Ergopack</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=Ergopack

    The Ergopack universal mop rounds out our ranking. Nothing complicated about its construction – it has a 118cm long metal handle with an electrostatic effect to attract dust, a rubber coated handle for a comfortable grip and a plastic holder with a polyester bit. There are different colors on the mop, so every housewife can find a “helper” to her taste.

    Squeezing the design does not provide, to remove the nozzle for manual treatment, you have to press the lever at its base with your foot and pull out the handle.

    The average price – 600 rubles.


    • Electrostatic handle that attracts dust;
    • Different colors;
    • Maneuverable rotating nozzle;
    • Low price.


    • Not specified for this modification.
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