8 best robot vacuum cleaners with room mapping

*✅ Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Expertology website has already told you about robot vacuum cleaners more than once. However, most often it was a fairly inexpensive models, which are not particularly clever. Now it’s time to talk about those robot vacuum cleaners that are able to map the room. Such devices cope much better with their main task, and they do not waste time on collisions with walls and subsequent U-turns.

Rating of the best robot vacuum cleaners with building a map of the room

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best robot vacuum cleaners with room mapping1LG CordZero R9MASTER89 990€
2iRobot Roomba 98133 900€
3Okami U100 Laser39 990€
4The iCLEBO O5 WiFi42 900€
5Samsung VR20M707032 100€
6Roborock S6/T639 900€
7iCLEBO Omega36 900€
8iRobot Roomba e529 700€


Rating: 4.9


Robot vacuum cleaners are usually round or square in shape. More often than not, they’re nothing like a traditional vacuum cleaner. And only the LG CordZero R9MASTER breaks this rule. Yes, it is round. But in the front there is the usual brush. In some cases it only gets in the way, but in others this accessory provides maximum cleaning quality. And you want to keep dust and debris off your floor?

The height of this model is 14.3 cm. Quite a decent parameter. This robot vacuum cleaner can not go anywhere under the bed, not to mention the couch. But the 4 kg device boasts a dust container with a capacity of 0,6 l. So, this vacuum cleaner will not complain about its filling after processing the first room. It also has a quality five-stage filter.

The main advantage of this vacuum cleaner is its motor. The large size of the device allowed to place inside the motor with a suction power of 120 watts! It is the motor that provides the perfect collection of debris. Of course, the vacuum cleaner can not cope with the carpet, but the laminate, linoleum and parquet after treatment with this device become as clean! It is interesting that LG CordZero R9MASTER is not afraid of hair – there is support of anti-tangle system on the brush. As for the filters, they are easy to remove and wash.

As it is easy to guess, the brush used here is electric. It would seem that using it would make a vacuum cleaner run down quickly. But no, it will go to its base station only after about an hour and a half. Then it takes about 240 minutes to recharge, after which the cleaning process can resume.

This model has a large number of optical sensors. It builds a map of the room without much trouble, allowing the vacuum cleaner to zigzag, not just along the walls. And it is also thanks to the room map that it returns to the charging station by itself. In the composition of a robot vacuum cleaner and wireless Wi-Fi module is present. You need it to control the device from your smartphone, as well as to implement it into a smart home system. Some customers have already appreciated the voice commands to this vacuum cleaner with “Alice” – it makes an extraordinary impression.


  • Implemented the automatic installation to the charging station;
  • A powerful motor is used;
  • There is an electric brush;
  • There is a system against winding hair;
  • Ideal to build a map of the room;
  • Controls from a smartphone are available;
  • Can be made part of the “smart home”;
  • Large container for collecting dust;
  • Filters are removable and washable.


  • It may seem too loud;
  • Very high cost;
  • The robot vacuum cleaner turned out to be very tall.

iRobot Roomba 981

Rating: 4.8

iRobot Roomba 981

This robot vacuum cleaner has a familiar round shape. On its edges there are soft bumpers, thanks to which the device is sure not to get physical damage. On the top panel are a couple of buttons. If you want to use all the features of the vacuum cleaner, it is better to use your own smartphone by installing the appropriate app on it. Synchronization is done via Wi-Fi, and the robot vacuum cleaner can connect to the home network, in connection with what is possible to control at a great distance – you can be even on the opposite side of the globe. Especially if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart home.

Despite the tiny size, inside the device is a container for dust collection, the volume of which is 0.6 liters. And the vacuum can really fill it up, albeit not instantly. It even has a carpet cleaning system Carpet Boost, which can boast not every robot vacuum cleaner with a similar price tag. For iRobot Roomba 981 for about 35 thousand. rubles.

The work of this model provides a lithium-ion battery. Its full charge is enough for about two hours of trips around the apartment. Then the unit automatically returns to the charging station, after which it needs to rest for three hours. When the battery runs out of power, the robot vacuum can go back to work. That said, the device can build a map of the room, so it doesn’t waste time colliding with objects and walls.

It remains to add that the iRobot Roomba 981 also got an electric brush. But do not forget that its connection will cause increased power consumption, so the battery life is somewhat reduced.


  • It uses a very capacious container;
  • There is a fine filter;
  • The carpet cleaning system is implemented;
  • A very long battery life;
  • Complete with electric brush;
  • Control from a smartphone is available;
  • Automatic return to the charging station;
  • Can work in the “smart home” system.


  • Not the best performance of the height sensors;
  • Can not drive over a rug with a big pile;
  • Not very comfortable emptying the dust container;
  • The front bumper scratches and chafes quickly.

Okami U100 Laser

Rating: 4.7


This robot vacuum cleaner also has a dust container, which has a volume of 0.6 liters. And the main feature of this model says its name: the device includes a laser rangefinder. This detail makes the navigation more adequate. And it also has optical sensors! In short, it’s not surprising that this model intelligently maps the room and then almost never comes up against walls. And if it happens, you can be saved by the soft bumpers around the whole circumference.

Like other not cheapest robot-vacuum cleaners, Okami U100 Laser has an excellent fine filter. The autonomous work of the device provides the lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which reaches 3200 mAh. A full charge lasts for 100-120 minutes. It is nice that when the power runs out, the vacuum cleaner will go to the charging station by itself. It will have to spend about four hours on it. Yes, fast charging is not implemented here, the manufacturer chose to save money on this.

This model can be called a moderately noisy. Corresponding measurements show 50 dB. As for the electronic “brains”, there are no complaints. There is even Wi-Fi, so the robot vacuum cleaner can be programmed from your smartphone. For example, this way you can assign it certain days when the cleaning should be done. If you do not have a modern smartphone or its memory is depleted, you can use the remote control that comes with it.

It remains to be added that this model comes with an electric brush. It certainly reduces the battery life, but this accessory significantly improves the quality of cleaning.


  • The height of the vacuum cleaner does not exceed 10 cm;
  • A laser rangefinder is available;
  • It comes with a remote control;
  • You can control the vacuum cleaner from your smartphone;
  • There is an electric brush;
  • Automatic return to the charging station;
  • Long autonomous work;
  • The dust container is quite roomy.


  • High cost;
  • Cleaning map is not stored in the app for some reason.


Rating: 4.6


This robot vacuum cleaner can boast an unusual shape. Looking from above, it looks like a doughnut, the only thing missing is the small holes inside. This model is intellectual, this is precisely the reason for its high cost. It copes very well with the construction of the map of the room. Also, the robot vacuum cleaner instantly responds to all kinds of obstacles, for which you should thank 35 optical sensors. It can move in different trajectories. You can limit the area to be cleaned by using the included magnetic tape.

The iCLEBO O5 WiFi includes a great number of various components. In this regard, the manufacturer had to introduce a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh. Its full charge lasts for about a couple of hours of autonomous work. And that’s only if you don’t connect the power brush that comes with it.

It is nice that this model has received a quality three-stage fine filter. No complaints about the motor either – the noise level is barely 44 dB. Dust and garbage are collected in the usual container, the volume of which is 0.6 liters.

In contrast to the copies considered above, iCLEBO O5 WiFi is able to provide even wet cleaning! Certainly, it cannot be called full-fledged, but this device can wipe the laminate or the parquet at least somehow. You can program the device with the remote control, or via your smartphone, on which you only need to install the appropriate application. Synchronization with the latter is made through Wi-Fi. Also a robot vacuum cleaner can become part of the “smart home”. Including it supports the popular voice assistant “Alice” in our country.

Perhaps the iCLEBO O5 WiFi fully justifies its price tag. Buying it, you will not be disappointed. Now it is one of the smartest robot vacuum cleaners on the market for 40 thousand. rubles.


  • A capacious container for collecting dust;
  • A quality filter is used;
  • The vacuum cleaner cannot be called noisy;
  • Long autonomous operation;
  • The device itself returns to the charging station;
  • A huge number of optical sensors;
  • It is possible to control with a remote control and a smartphone;
  • It is possible to integrate it into a “smart house”.


  • High price;
  • There are kits without magnetic tape;
  • The app is not the most informative.

Samsung VR20M7070

Rating: 4.5


South Korean company Samsung produces a huge amount of home appliances. Including vacuum cleaners in its range. And not only the traditional ones. You can easily buy the Samsung VR20M7070, a real robot vacuum cleaner that can be programmed to clean on certain days of the week. It is done with the help of a smartphone. You can also use a complete remote control, but it is only for activating basic functions. There are also buttons on the top panel of the device itself. Of course, there is even a display!

This model was created for the most regular cleaning. This is not the case when a robot vacuum cleaner can go on its mission only once a week. The fact that it cannot pick up large quantities of dust. First of all, there is not enough power for this. Secondly, the container volume of 0.3 liters is simply not capable of holding a large garbage. Thirdly, the vacuum cleaner can not work for a long time. The lithium-ion battery installed here is enough for only one hour of moving around the apartment. However, do not worry too much about this. The fact that the charging lasts only an hour and a half, after which the robot vacuum cleaner can go back to battle. The only pity is that you have to put it on the charging station manually. By itself this instance can not find it.

Like many other high-priced robot vacuums, the Samsung VR20M7070 has a turbo brush. Its main purpose – the successful collection of small debris and dust near the baseboards.

Otherwise, it is a typical robot vacuum cleaner, capable of building a map of the room. It has a large number of optical sensors. There are soft bumpers around its circumference. Well, the built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to connect the device to your home network. It is interesting that the application “Yandex” is able to recognize this model, as a result there is an opportunity to control it with the help of “Alice”.

It should be recognized that this is not the most intelligent robot vacuum cleaner. Buyers note that it often goes over the same area twice, and sometimes three times. Also it has problems with the rooms, which shape is different from rectangular. Well, the low power does not allow the vacuum cleaner to work properly with the carpet.


  • A large number of optical sensors;
  • There is an electric brush for cleaning near the baseboards;
  • Implemented a fast charging;
  • It is possible to control from a smartphone;
  • It comes with a remote control;
  • Supported by the voice assistant “Alice”.


  • Low power;
  • A tiny container for collecting dust;
  • There are often problems with navigation;
  • High cost;
  • The noise level can reach 77 dB.

Roborock S6/T6

Rating: 4.4

Roborock S6/T6

This robot vacuum cleaner is available in two colors. It is also distinguished by the possibility of wet cleaning. However, you should not hope for a luxurious result, because this mode uses only disposable wipes and not a full-fledged container with liquid or detergent. As for the usual cleaning, the dust and garbage are sucked into a container with a capacity of 0.16 liters. This means that its emptying will be needed quite often.

Inside this device there is not a particularly powerful engine. However, it is necessary to admit that it has turned out too noisy. Measurements show that the noise level can reach 67 dB. Only full-featured vacuum cleaners are noisier. But they have much more suction power!

The autonomous work of this device is provided by the lithium-ion battery with 5200 mAh capacity. Surprisingly, a full charge lasts up to 150 minutes of moving around the apartment! And it is while using here a rather large number of optical sensors! The energy is spent and electronic “brain” which builds the map of the room. It is pleased that the device independently returns to the charging station. Well, a long charge is not such a problem.

Included with the robot vacuum cleaner you get a power brush. Its use is relevant if there is too much dust and debris in the room. Also, the product has a soft bumper, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner does not damage itself when it collides with an obstacle.

This model has a wireless Wi-Fi module. It allows to control the device with one’s smartphone by installing a special app on it. Basically, the user is required to perform simple actions – to select the days of the week in which the vacuum cleaner will perform cleaning, as well as selecting a specific mode of operation.


  • It is possible to control from a smartphone;
  • Available wet cleaning;
  • There is a fine filter;
  • Long autonomous work;
  • The device automatically returns to the charging station;
  • It has an electric brush.


  • The vacuum cleaner turned out to be quite noisy;
  • High cost;
  • Tiny container for collecting dust;
  • Wet cleaning may not meet the expectations.

iCLEBO Omega

Rating: 4.3


Another very advanced robot vacuum cleaner. Its top panel has not only buttons, but also a display. He alone allows you to understand that the device has a large number of modes – at the hint of the many icons. It should be noted that this is a rare case, when a robot vacuum cleaner is available in three colors.

This model offers not only dry but also wet cleaning. In the second case, a microfiber cloth is used. The result is not perfect, but close to that. Only a full-fledged washing vacuum cleaner copes with its task better.

The iCLEBO Omega has a quality fine filter with five stages. Another robot vacuum cleaner has 35 optical sensors. With their help the device builds a map of the room, and then begins to move around the room. The user can prevent the cleaner from going to dangerous places, such as stairs. To do this, you only need to fence this place with a magnetic strip, which is present in the kit. Or bought separately – reviews say that now more and more often iCLEBO Omega is sold without such an important accessory.

Standalone work robot vacuum cleaner provides lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which reaches 4400 mAh. It is quite sufficient for cleaning for 80 minutes. The device then stands up on its own to the charging station, after which its battery is filled with energy for about three hours. Sometimes the robot vacuum cleaner still does not find the charging station, but this happens relatively rarely.

This model comes with a power brush. It allows you to slightly improve the quality of cleaning. In the box with the device you will find a remote control. Unfortunately, this is the only way to control the vacuum cleaner. If you want to use your smartphone, you will need a slightly more expensive model from the same manufacturer, which was discussed above. Here the manufacturer decided to save money by not introducing the Wi-Fi module, thereby reducing the price tag to 37 thousand rubles. RUB.


  • Several housing colors to choose from;
  • Wet mopping is available;
  • You can connect an electric brush;
  • A huge number of optical sensors;
  • You can limit the cleaning area with a magnetic strip;
  • Automatic installation on the charger;
  • Comes with a remote control.


  • A very high cost;
  • It does not support control from a smartphone;
  • Quite a high noise level;
  • When you restart it forgets the route taken.

iRobot Roomba e5

Rating: 4.3

iRobot Roomba e5

You want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner with the construction of the map room for very little money? Alas, there is no way to do it. This function is expensive to implement. In this regard, the cheapest of the decent robot vacuum cleaners of this plan is estimated at 30 thousand. rubles. This cost has iRobot Roomba e5. It’s nice that in many ways it is more functional than the models discussed above. For example, it has a Wi-Fi module, so you can control it from your smartphone. Also the developers of “smart homes” Amazon Alexa and Google Home declared support for this device.

This model is designed only for dry cleaning. Inside, there is room for a 0.6-liter bin. There is also a fine filter, so nothing will fly into the air. The motor used here is powered by an 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery. A full charge is enough for an hour and a half of cleaning. Next, if you are lucky, the robot vacuum cleaner will independently stand on the charging station.

This model is spatially navigated by optical sensors. You can tell it to vacuum your whole apartment. Also available as a virtual wall limitation. Cleaning can be done with the electric brush, which is included.

If we talk about the disadvantages, you can complain about the application, which turned out very crude – it is clear that the manufacturer is obliged to finalize it in the future. Also embarrassing is the bumper, made of plastic – it quickly scratches and gets covered with dust. Well, we have already mentioned about not particularly long battery life.


  • In the complete set there is an electric brush;
  • A capacious container for dust;
  • Compatible with voice assistants;
  • A large number of optical sensors;
  • Automatic installation on the charging station.


  • Not very long cleaning from a full charge;
  • The bumper is made of plastic.


This is the list of the best robot vacuum cleaners among those that can build a map of the room. All the devices considered in this review are well oriented in space, and they cope with the collection of dust very well. Now it remains for you to decide on the amount you are willing to spend. And what disadvantages are you ready to put up with, because even the most expensive robot-vacuum cleaner cannot do without them?.

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