8 best robot cleaners

*Review of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a buying guide. Please consult with an expert before purchase.

The heroes of our review are robotic floor cleaners. This type of equipment is not as common as robotic vacuum cleaners, but recent market trends show the growing popularity of these gadgets. Unlike traditional robotic vacuum cleaners, the functionality of poloters is limited, since the vast majority of models have one function – wet cleaning. But poloteros have a big plus – their entire technical potential is aimed at high-quality cleaning of the floors, which can be compared only to hand-washing with a mop and rag (which is unattainable even for the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners with wet mopping function).

For our rating we have selected 8 best models from popular foreign manufacturers of household robotics. For objectivity we will consider devices in different price categories – from the most budget versions, to expensive “smart” robots.

The main selection criteria are not only the brand awareness, cleaning quality and practicality of the equipment, but also the way the towelers behave in real life, not in the commercials. To this end, we have studied buyers who use this technique for a long time, which allowed them to specify the advantages and disadvantages of each model from the practical side of the issue.

All information for our rating is taken from public sources – review sites, the largest marketplaces, forums, official data from manufacturers and other available online resources.

Given the small number of nominees and the narrow purpose of robot floor cleaners, we will not divide the equipment into categories, but present them in the review as a single list of increasing costs.

8 best robot floor cleaners

8 best robot floor cleaners8Smart Mute ZB260L3 050 €
7Xbot R29 990 €
  • FE W450
  • 22 150 €
    5Everybot EDGE27 900 €
    4Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine ZDG30024 308 €
    3HOBOT Legee 68831 000 €
    2HOBOT Legee-743 598 €
    aava Jet m6
    47 778 €

    Smart Mute ZB260L

    Rating: 4.4

    Smart Mute ZB260L

    Opened our review Smart Mute ZB260L, which is one of the cheapest robotic floor cleaners on the domestic market. This is a typical representative of the inexpensive Chinese technology, which is imported in large quantities to Russia. There is no official representation of the company, so the guarantee is given by the sellers. All the disadvantages of service is more than offset by the cost of the gadget, so this model is one of the most popular and in demand in the budget price segment.

    The robot floor sweeper has a round plastic body with one button on top for starting the device, as well as a cover to cover the opening of the humidifier tank. On the bottom of the body is a pair of wheels that rotate on a planetary principle – around its axis and around the body. This allows the roller to move in any direction, rotating 360 degrees in parallel. Also at the bottom of the body is a microfiber cloth, which protrudes a few centimeters around the perimeter of the gadget. Thanks to this solution, the floors are effectively cleaned. After each cleaning rag must be removed and rinsed under the tap.

    Robot comes with only a USB cable and does not have a docking station for recharging. Also, the user can not select the direction of movement, set the cleaning timer and somehow remotely control the technique.

    Additional features include a built-in ultrasonic humidifier. To start it, you need to remove the top plastic lid, open the tank cap, pour the water in and close the tank. You must then press the “start” button twice. Now the robot will not only wipe the floors, but also humidify the air in the room.

    The presence of a minimum number of sensors allows the device to change its direction of movement when encountering an obstacle.

    Among the advantages of the gadget is a low price, good quality cleaning of the floors and the presence of a humidifier. The disadvantages include the basic functionality, lack of custom settings and chaotic route of movement during cleaning.

    Compact size, reasonable price and simplified design make Smart Mute ZB260L one of the best in the budget segment.


    • Quality floor wiping.
    • Built-in humidifier.
    • Low price.


    • Minimal functionality.
    • Chaotic movement path.

    Xbot R2

    Rating: 4.5

    Xbot R2

    The next cleaner in our review is Xbot R2 from the Chinese manufacturer of household robotics. The warranty on this device is 12 months.

    Externally the model is made in a compact, narrow plastic body, and looks very much like a window cleaner robot. On the bottom there are 2 movable disks on which the microfiber mops are dressed. On top there is a convenient handle for carrying, as well as a control panel with which the user can turn the device on or select cleaning modes. Please note that despite the resemblance of the robot with a window cleaner, the robot does not have a vacuum pump, so you can not clean the glass or tiles on the walls.

    It comes with two pairs of microfiber discs with different pile densities. One is used to clean the floors and the other to remove moisture and polish the surface. Robot is also equipped with a battery charger with adaptor and remote control.

    Device is characterized by automatic feeding of the liquid to the microfiber. This makes the floor cleaning process automatic. To rinse water into the towel, the tank cap on top of the housing must be opened.

    Unlike most analogues, the robot moves in a zigzag trajectory, imitating the manual cleaning of the floors with a mop and rag. The remote control allows the user to set the cleaning mode to automatic, local or perimeter mode.

    Sweeper is equipped with sensors that detect obstacles, height difference and light sensors. This allows the device to navigate well in open areas, as well as under sofas and other furniture.

    Battery life is up to 120 minutes, which is high among counterparts from other manufacturers.

    Among the advantages of the cleaner’s owners note the high quality of cleaning and good navigation system. The model does not have critical shortcomings, but some consumers talk about the lack of remote control via a smartphone.

    The Xbot R2’s compact size, low price, and effective wet floor cleaning have made it one of the best solutions in its category.


    • Compact size, low height.
    • Self-contained operation for up to 120 minutes.
    • Automatic water to discs.
    • Remote control.
    • Several modes of operation.


    • Not controllable via smartphone.

  • FE W450
  • Rating: 4.6

    I<li></div><p>FE W450″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/72916666195491-388-.jpg” height=”390″ title=”I</p><li>FE W450″><p>The next model in our review is the I</p><li>FE W450. Like 99% of domestic robotics, this device is assembled in China in modern factories. Here is a washing robot vacuum cleaner, equipped with extensive functionality and high performance.<p>The working principle of this model is a little different from traditional cleaners and more like a traditional robot vacuum cleaner. The housing of the device is rather high and bulky. Diameter is about 30 cm and height is about 12 cm. Such dimensions do not allow the technique to clean under the furniture on low legs.</p><p>The body consists of two modules – in the front is all the electronics and motor, and in the back is the dual tank for clean and dirty water. The main element responsible for cleaning is a rotating soft roller. It automatically wets the water and picks up dirt along the way. All debris and dirt go into a separate tank, and clean water goes back onto the roller. It ensures no streaking after cleaning. When the dirty water tank is full, a special sensor will give a signal and the robot will stop cleaning.</p><p>Capacity of tank for clean water is 850 ml, and for dirty water – 900 ml. Built-in battery is enough for 80 minutes of autonomous work. In that time, the floor sweeper cleans up to 70 m² of floor space.</p><p>A key advantage of the model – it has a modern navigation system based on an optical sensor. The camera on top of the unit allows the robot to orient well around the room and even map the area. Can be controlled with the remote control or via app on your smartphone. The second option means access to all functions of the device – viewing the map, setting the intensity of water supply, number of passes, setting the speed of rotation of the roller and speed of movement. The user can also access cleaning archive and control with a virtual remote control.</p><p>Unfortunately, the poloter does not store the map in memory, but makes it in real time, on the fly.</p><p>Among the advantages of the robot it is worth noting a good functionality, control via smartphone, high quality wiping the floors. Disadvantages – a bulky body, non-Russian application and no interactive maps of the room.</p><p>The choice of operating modes, “smart” navigation, control via smartphone and high cleaning efficiency of the floors allowed the floor cleaner I</p><li>FE W450 takes one of the leading positions in our rating.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Control via smartphone.</li><li>optical navigation system.</li><li>Extensive functionality.</li><li>Clean floors without streaks.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The robot does not return to the base for recharging.</li><li>The app is not russified.</li><li>The map is not interactive.</li><li>Bulky body (according to customer reviews).</li></ul><h3>Everybot EDGE</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Everybot EDGE

    Everybot EDGE – the third model of floor cleaner from the South Korean manufacturer of household robotics. The device is assembled in China and has a one-year warranty. The appearance of the cleaner resembles the previously reviewed model Xbot R2 – oblong body with two rotating discs on which the microfiber is fixed.

    An important design feature is that the microfiber discs protrude beyond the housing. This allows for effective cleaning in corners and along baseboards.

    Also worth noting is the absence of a mechanical spring bumper and tactile sensors, thanks to which other robots change their trajectory when encountering an obstacle. In this case, the unit is equipped with IR sensors which detect foreign objects in advance, allowing the robot to bypass them without physical contact.

    It has a gyroscope for orientation in space. With the remote control the user can set several cleaning modes – automatic (50 minutes), local perimeter and intensive. Special attention should be paid to Y-mode, in which the robot moves along a special path, repeating the movements of a man when cleaning the floor manually with a mop.

    The package includes 2 pairs of discs with different texture of microfiber. One pair is used for thorough wet cleaning, and the other (with a short pile) is used for polishing surfaces. Users can clean vertical surfaces in manual mode. To do this, you need to lean the discs of the poloter closely against the glass/mirror or tile, press the “start” button and smoothly drive the device over the surface until it is completely clean.

    Water is fed to the microfiber automatically. The liquid is poured into removable plastic discs, which are reservoirs. The device can work autonomously for up to 100 minutes, which is the equivalent of cleaning about 50 square meters in automatic mode.

    Cleaner owners note its compact size, the ability to choose a suitable mode of operation and high cleaning efficiency. Among the disadvantages – no card construction and the need for a charging handle.

    We recommend Everybot EDGE to all users who already have a classic robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, but want to automate the process of cleaning the floors as much as possible.

    Advantages of

    • Several modes of operation.
    • Control with remote control.
    • You can scrub vertical surfaces.
    • High quality floor cleaning.


    • Doesn’t map the room.
    • It is necessary to manually put it on the charge (according to consumer reviews).

    Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine ZDG300

    Rating: 4.7


    The next nominee in our review is Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine ZDG300. At the moment this is the only robot in the product line of Xiaomi. Despite the fact that the device is designed for the domestic market of mainland China, the model is successfully sold in Russia, and also has a warranty of up to 12 months.

    The floor sweeper is designed in a compact rectangular box made of white ABS plastic with dimensions of 320×320 mm and height of 80 mm. The design of the robot is minimalistic, as in most products of concern Xiaomi.

    The model has a good technical equipment and features a wide range of functions. This is one of the few cleaners, which independently returns to the base for recharging. To avoid the high impact of moisture on the flooring, a special plastic mat is installed under the docking station.

    The next feature of the model – the presence of navigation based on an optical sensor and a number of auxiliary sensors. The unit is not only perfectly oriented in the room, but can also draw the map. The scheme itself is interactive and is displayed in the proprietary application Mi Home. Among the functional features of the device is the ability to select local and automatic cleaning mode (the user himself sets the zone on the map of the room). In the application, you can adjust the intensity of water flow, also displays the level of liquid in the tank for clarity. The availability of a virtual joystick allows you to manually control the towel.

    To fill the water, you lift the top lid, under which there is a hole in the tank. Water is delivered to two wipes at an intensity specified by the user. It is relevant for the care of different types of floor coverings. Platforms on which the cloths are mounted move while the cleaner is working, making it possible to scrub most effectively different and difficult dirt.

    Built-in 2500 mAh battery lasts up to 120 minutes of autonomous operation, roughly equivalent to cleaning an area of about 100-120 m².

    Owners of the floor sweeper attribute the quality of cleaning, remote control and well-thought-out functionality to the advantages of the device. The disadvantages – the Chinese localization, the long response time from the server in manual control and unfinished navigation system.

    We recommend the Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine ZDG300 to all users who want a high-quality machine, and for whom it does not matter what market this device is designed.


    • Control through the app.
    • Extensive functionality. Many settings.
    • Movable rag pads.
    • Good autonomy (up to 120 min).


    • Chinese localization.
    • “Raw” navigation algorithm (according to consumer reviews).

    HOBOT Legee 688

    Rating: 4.7

    HOBOT Legee 688

    Continues our review of the best floor cleaners HOBOT Legee 688 from the Taiwanese manufacturer. Previously, the company only made robotic window cleaners, but recently released several models of.

    Model is designed in D-shaped body that increases efficiency of cleaning in corners and along baseboards. The distinctive feature of the device is the two microfibers, fixed on movable platforms. There is a suction opening between the cloths, as well as nozzles that spray water or detergent solution on the floor. One of the model’s advantages is simultaneous dry and floor cleaning. It is worth specifying right away that this is a floor sweeper, so its sweeping is only an option, and the equipment itself is not suitable for daily dry cleaning.

    Robot is controlled through the app on the smartphone, the utility is fully russified and has a high-quality localization. Through the phone you can watch the construction of the map and see the location of the poloter, you can set the timer cleaning, select mode and make other settings.

    The water tank is located under the top cover. Nearby is a 500 ml dust canister for dry dust.

    Accessories include spare set of microfiber cloths, 3 side brooms, detergent concentrate, base with power adapter and bottle for water filling.

    The advantages of the device owners include a good quality of cleaning, stylish design and control via smartphone. Among the disadvantages – useless room map and poor walkability of the robot (often can not overcome even small interior thresholds).

    Modern functionality, smart ergonomics and high efficiency of wet wiping floors allowed the robot HOBOT Legee 688 to become one of the best among the competitors in its product group.


    • D-shaped body.
    • Dry cleaning option.
    • Movable rag nozzles.
    • Smartphone control.


    • Does not always find a base.
    • Non-interactive room map.
    • Poor maneuverability (according to customer feedback).

    HOBOT Legee-7

    Rating: 4.8


    The next floor sweeper in our review is the HOBOT Legee-7. This is another model from the Taiwanese manufacturer that is new for 2021-2022. Actually it is an improved version of the previous 688 model, which was reviewed earlier. Both poloters have D-shape, similar appearance and principle of work, but there are a lot of differences between them.

    What distinguishes HOBOT Legee-7 from its predecessor:

    1. Laser rangefinder (lidar).
    2. Movable microfiber nozzles oscillate at up to 900 times per minute.
    3. The presence of 4 nozzles, through which water or detergent solution is delivered to the floor (the previous model had only two).
    4. Increased battery capacity (4500 mA/h instead of 2750 mA/h).
    5. Cleaning area up to 240 m² (almost double the area of the 688).

    The presence of lidar provides the device a high quality of navigation and precision movement in any room, regardless of the peculiarities of the layout. Also poloter builds a map of the object, but unlike its predecessor, the scheme is fully interactive. It allows you to effectively schedule cleaning on an individual schedule, noting specific areas and setting each room to its own mode of operation.

    In addition to various settings and viewing cleaning history, through the app you can adjust the volume of voice alerts and select language. Poloter “talks” in Russian with a pleasant female voice. Besides the factory voiceover, the user can record his own voiceover.

    Key advantages of the floor sweeper are high quality of cleaning, user-friendly Russianized application and wide range of settings. Among the drawbacks, users note that the robot takes a long time to find the base, some problems with the software, and the lack of a remote control included. Actually, the towel does not need a remote, but if you need one, you can purchase a remote separately from the previous 688 model.

    Large selection of modes, high cleaning efficiency and good technical equipment allowed HOBOT Legee-7 to become one of the best poloter in its product group at the time of writing this review.


    • Laser rangefinder.
    • Large selection of settings in the app.
    • Russian voice acting.
    • High cleaning efficiency.
    • Good autonomy.
    • Interactive Maps.


    • Takes a long time to find the base.
    • No remote control (according to consumer reviews).

    aava Jet m6

    Rating: 4.9

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