8 Best Buffets

*A review of the best according to the editors. About Selection Criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before making a purchase.

Many people associate sideboards with grandmother’s furniture and consider them antiques. Designers have a different opinion on this. They consider the interior object functional and stylish, and continue to create exclusive collections for connoisseurs of aesthetics and ergonomics. Because of the vintage fashion today, cabinets are experiencing a second birth. The successful stylization of MDF and wood, glass can be found for both classic and any modern concept. Expertology guide and rating of the best models will help.

Design solutions

In modern interpretations, sideboards have become a functional piece of interior design, demonstrating good taste. Solid wood model with cornices, carvings or inlays becomes an art object of the classic interior. Laconic oak buffet with a milled design will fit into a rustic or eco-style country-house atmosphere. The minimalism welcomes regular shapes, unusual design. Modern is recognized by smooth lines, dark colors, colored glass and an abundance of metal fittings.

Antique cabinets for dishes are artificially ossified and painted. If you put a retro floor lamp and an armchair with wooden handrails next to it, the furniture display will fit into American country, French Provence, Scandinavian and vintage styles.

For convenience, furniture makers add drawers, sections, change the shape. Often the lower tier is supplemented by a sliding table top, built-in bottle rack. In models of the closed type hang blind doors, the central part is opened. If you want to display porcelain tableware, the glass version will do. Modern display cabinet looks like a stretched pencil case. You can also find 2-4-wing showcases in the collections.

Such different sideboards

Servant includes more shelves. To create the illusion of fullness, the back glass used to be mirrored. Today, for a decorative effect, stained glass and glass with sandblasted patterns are inserted, and the lighting is augmented with diodes.

A rack in Soviet times resembled a shelf. The shelves tapered at the top and widened at the bottom. Modern modifications are made in the form of closed bollards and glass display cases. Many people still remember the Helga and the postavetto, which became the ancestor of the buffet. Today, they too have changed.

Some models do not contain the top tier and consist of a lower pedestal and back panel wall. Small single-tier products are made with several sections. Some models evoke a feeling of an upside down sideboard. They have the lower part of the overview, the upper part is closed by the doors. Double-drawer sideboards with round corners and radius fronts look great. It is impossible not to pay attention to the showcase of 3 vertical sections with two side elongated cabinets.

The model must match the interior style. In the collection you can find versions with sharp and rounded corners, curved surfaces, radius doors in the tone of furniture. To adapt to the furnishings, you’ll just have to replace the handles. Servant with white fronts against the dark furniture will be the main interior piece in the kitchen. Solid wood or veneer models with textured wood patterns look very attractive on the light background.

Top 8 best sideboards

Look for stylish furnishings for the house will help review the top models. Made of eco-friendly materials, stylishly decorated, suitable for all interiors.

8 best buffets1Lazurit Paris sideboard44 757 €
2Unique Furniture, Latina99 500 €
3WonderWood Manhattan131 230 €
4M-City LT CR18266 WIRE
59 300 €
5Anrex Tiffany31 599 €
6Inlaw Marcelle170 460 €
7Anrex Monako27 499 €
8Myth Constance 2-wing hinge10 266 €

Lazurit Paris sideboard

Rating: 5.0

Lazurit Paris sideboard

The 91 cm high white sectional Russian-made laconic cabinet will fit organically into a Provencal style. It will decorate the living room/kitchen, make the interior style recognizable. Behind the blind hinged doors you can put your dining set; the drawer sections are for small kitchen utensils. The free surface can be used for any purpose. It holds 35 kg. The decoration is made of aged metal handles, shaped plinth and cornice.

The body and fronts are made of 18 mm laminated chipboard; the back wall is made of 3 mm HDF. MDF was used for the cornice and bottom band. The doors close tightly, keeping the contents from dust and damp. As the doors are subjected to continuous stress, a snubber system is installed to soften the shocks. The elements of fasteners and shelves, hinges are made of stainless steel. To combine it with a kitchen unit, the worktops are ordered in the same color as the worktop.


  • Ergonomic classic design;
  • roomy sections;
  • laminated shelves;
  • high-quality components;


  • not identified.

Unique Furniture, Latina

Rating: 4.9

Unique Furniture, Latina

Danish company makes furniture with a unique design. Floor cabinet 94x45x185 cm with black legs will add luxury to any design. Double-leaf glass doors with decorative geometric carving are made in the style of the 19th century. The doors are veneered with oak veneer and tinted with shimmering lacquer. To arrange dining service and accessories there are shelves that can withstand even antique metal antiques. The transparent glass gives a good view of the contents. Blum brass fittings and handles made in Italy. Delivered flat pack. Status furniture for expensive interiors will fit in a small classic kitchen or living room.


  • environmentally friendly material;
  • compactness;
  • excellent assembly;
  • exclusive design.


  • Expensive.

WonderWood Manhattan

Rating: 4.8


Buffet Manhattan with two tiers, made of beech and MDF in the Art Nouveau style. The solid after sanding/polishing acquires a unique hue on the cuts. Plastic wood bends well when heat treated and takes the desired shape. Dresser with a blank front resting on beech legs. Storage system consists of four side and one central drawer. The upper cabinet with shelves is closed by glass. Decor with metal profile and art deco elements. Curved cornice adds a touch of elegance. Custom-made handles in titanium nitride with precious metal finish: gold, brass, silver satin/gold satin. In the catalog you can choose sideboard with hinged doors and drawers in blue-gray, milky-gray colors. Compact model fits in the niche of the living room or a corner of the kitchen-dining room.


  • eco-friendly material;
  • no warping;
  • stylish ergonomic design;
  • the fittings of the leading brand of the market;
  • high quality workmanship and assembly.


  • no significant.

M-City LT CR18266 WIRE

Rating: 4.7

M-City LT CR18266 WIRE</div><p>USH” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/52916666197561-598-.jpg” height=”410″ title=”M-City LT CR18266 WIRE <br />USH”></p><p>The Malaysian Hevea sideboard, 130 cm high and 43 cm wide, complements a classic, luxurious interior. The solid wood rivals the strength of oak. Despite its hardness, the wood is malleable and easily formed into any shape. Impregnated with rubber sap and will not deform in high humidity. Tabletop is made of oak veneer. It is rarely used in natural color. The cut plate is whitened and waxed to give a gray brushed hue, preserving the natural pattern. Then glued to an MDF board. The model consists of 3 sections. In the central open space are a pair of drawers. sides decorated with glass. The cabinet stands on a wooden plinth and is decorated with a milled cornice. Stylish hardware provides smooth door opening. Shipped unassembled in a package.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>textured natural design of the fronts;</li><li>the vintage décor adds status;</li><li>exquisite work.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>high cost.</li></ul><h3>Anrex Tiffany</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=ANREX TIFFANY

Belarusian collection Tiffany is made in a classical style. This is furniture for those who like strict forms, thoughtful ergonomics of cabinets and aesthetics. The body and doors of the Woodline Cream Buffet are made of laminated chipboard. Bright shade emphasizes the expressive wooden pattern. The framed fronts are framed by decorative MDF slats with a patina, stylish zinc and aluminum alloy metal handles look luxurious.

Cabinet structure consists of three modules. Behind the blind doors you can hide tablecloths, napkins, household items. Ample space for cutlery in the drawers. The shelves of the tempered glass display case can display services.


  • The contents of the display cabinet is illuminated by the backlight;
  • ball bearing guides make the drawers run smoothly;
  • vintage décor;
  • quality performance;
  • reasonable price.


  • not marked.

Inlaw Marcel

Rating: 4.5

Anrex Marcelle

The brand makes furniture of solid pine and MDF in traditional styles. Three-two-door sideboard “Marcel in 2 tiers – a combination of classic and French flair. Facades are covered with white red. The back wall imitates a board wall. in antique colors and multicolors. Side dish compartments are distinguished by shaped glazing. The middle part consists of open shelves. Display case with transparent glass shows the content of the shelves. Behind the blind side and drawer drawers of the middle section cabinet, the cutlery and textiles can be placed. The fronts are decorated with a 2D and 3D curly milling, which gives the sashes a graceful look. The cornice is decorated with a carved ornament.


  • filigree artistic finish;
  • Laser edging of drawers;
  • presentable appearance;
  • roomy storage system;
  • the possibility of choosing the color;
  • excellent quality:
  • one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Not suitable for a small kitchen.

Anrex Monako

Rating: 4.4


Painted furniture of the Belarusian collection “Monaco” from the budget series is made of particleboard and MDF. Laminated chipboard enclosures and fronts are moisture resistant, imitate natural wood texture. MDF ornamental strips are made of sawdust and glued with paraffin and lignin. These substances are in the wood and are harmless to health. The laser cropping technology improves performance of the furniture.

Section with tempered glass display case suitable for bar area and dish storage. Closed side compartment and bottom drawer slide out are relevant for kitchen textiles and household sundries. Swinging frame and fillet fronts are mounted on steel fittings. To decorate with patinated plank. Two colors are used in the decoration: decorative crowns imitating Ancon oak; pilasters are decorated in imitation of Vintage pine with a stain effect.


  • Stylish zinc-aluminum alloy fittings;
  • Shelves made of tempered glass 0, 4 cm;
  • roomy storage system;
  • luxurious design;
  • high-quality execution;
  • bargain price.


  • are not detected.

Myth Constance 2-door

Rating: 4.3

Myth Constance 2-corner

Matt white furniture is made by the Russian company. Bodies are made of laminated composite LDS, fronts and table top in Arntheres color are MDF. The three-drawer sideboard consists of a cabinet with blank doors, two sliding drawers, glass high citrine. The upper and lower parts are divided by a table top and open space. Milling is used to decorate the sashes. The cornice and handles of white metal add charm. Comes in a collapsible form.


  • floor type of installation;
  • Compact and spacious sections;
  • modern ergonomic design;
  • Suitable for kitchen/living room;
  • inexpensive.


  • no significant.
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