7 best ceiling dryers

*Review of the best according to the editors. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before you buy, you need to consult with a specialist.

Dryers with a ceiling mounting method will be an excellent choice if you need to organize a laundry drying zone in a small bathroom or balcony. Since the product will be located under the ceiling, it will not occupy unnecessary space – even with regular use. Manufacturers offer a large selection of dryers of this direction, then it is quite difficult to make a choice. The editorial staff of Expertology, guided by customer reviews, expert opinions, compiled a review, including only the models of the best – in the opinion of consumers – ceiling hangers.

Recommendations for choice

To choose a convenient dryer model, you need to keep track of the following characteristics:

Type of construction. If you do laundry frequently and in large volumes, it is better to choose models with lowering units. A good option – “liana”. It is better to refuse from the sliding dryers, because due to the constant unfolding and reassembly of the mechanism will quickly break down.

Materials. Manufacturers can use:

  1. Wood. The frame turns out to be strong, reliable, beautiful. But because of regular contact with moisture can lose the declared characteristics.
  2. Aluminum. Lightweight material with a long service life. But it can oxidise and stain things, so make sure you paint the aluminium. The material will bend over time under the influence of heavy weights, such as wet duvet covers or plaids.
  3. Stainless steel. Universal version. The material is strong, resistant to moisture, copes with large weights.
  4. Plastic. Lightweight, but not strong enough.

If you choose a liana dryer, you need to trace the materials of manufacture of fasteners and ropes. Manufacturers can use metal or nylon. The first option is preferable. If you decide to choose a rope, its thickness should be more than three millimeters.

Blocks and mountsAlso made of either metal or plastic. But keep in mind that plastic mechanisms wear out quickly with frequent use.

Maximum load capacity by weight.The figure represents the number of kilograms of wet laundry that the dryer can handle. Most often manufacturers “lay” a maximum of 15 kg.

Size.The longer the rods of the dryer, the greater the risk of deformation during use. Therefore, if you need a structure with a length of two meters or more, it should be made of strong steel and have metal rods. Fittings and ropes must also be metal.

7 best ceiling dryers

7 best ceiling dryers1Gochu Artex Smart AS 100010 950 €
2Vileda Ceiling High
  • ne 140
  • 2 820 €
    3Gimi Ceiling
  • ft 180
  • 2 190 €
    4Laundry dryer Liana Ceiling 200 cm1 100 €
    5Violet Ceiling Lift 1801 800 €
    6Nika wall and ceiling-mounted SNP 1.61 089 €
    7Violet Ceiling Wall-Mounted Level 1802 080 €

    Gochu Artex Smart AS 1000

    Rating: 4.9

    Gochu Artex Smart AS 1000

    Proven model from the South Korean manufacturer. Gochu Artex Smart AS 1000 has been installed in new turnkey houses for more than two decades. For a dryer with four crossbars, the weight is 4.8 kg.

    One of the product’s features is its full-metal construction, for the production of which the manufacturer used stress-resistant stainless steel. Mechanism in AISI 430, crossbars in AISI 201. Thanks to this, the ceiling dryer can bear up to 30 kg of wet clothes placed on it.

    The next thing that deserves attention is the extensible crossbars. This model has a range from 1030 to 1900 mm. As the bars are made of strong steel, they will not bend under the weight of wet things, and will not stain fabrics.

    The manufacturer used a user friendly accordion mechanism. It simplifies the process of lifting/lowering and securing the dryer at a certain height. The maximum length the dryer can be lowered to is one meter. To keep the structure out of the way, it can be raised. It will be fixed practically on the ceiling: the distance is only 27 cm.

    Gochu Artex Smart AS 1000 is mounted to the ceiling with special nylon plugs, included in the kit. They provide a secure attachment, so there is no need to fear that the structure will accidentally fall under its own weight.

    Thanks to the wide crossbars the washed clothes are not crumpled, so there are no problems with ironing. The distance between the wires is 10 cm, so there is free circulation of air between the things you hang.


    • A sturdy working mechanism;
    • Easy installation;
    • withstands heavy items;
    • thick rods.


    • expensive.

    Vileda Ceiling High
  • ne 140
  • Rating: 4.8

    Vileda potolochnaja High<li></div><p>ne 140″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/21616666195761-667-.jpg” height=”466″ title=”Vileda Ceiling High</p><li>ne 140″><p>The second position is occupied by the High</p><li>The ne 140 from the Russian brand Vileda. Compact, it is the perfect solution for organizing small spaces on the balcony or in the bathroom.<p>Two mounting options are available – on the wall or on the ceiling. The working length is 8,5 m. Dimensions of the dryer: 140 cm x 45,5 cm x 135 cm. Product weight 3,150 kg.</p><p>For this model, the manufacturer chose high quality steel, lightweight but strong aluminum, and plastic. The metal parts have a special anti-corrosive coating.</p><p>Unlike the previous model, the Vileda High frame</p><li>ne 140 remains stationary. The crossbars themselves, designed to hang wet laundry, can be lowered and raised. Height adjustment is provided by a special mechanism in the form of plastic rollers.<p>Structurally, the model has six plastic bars with a length of 140 cm. The total working length is 8.5 meters. Tubes are wide, which prevents the appearance of difficult to smooth creases on the surface of the fabric.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>practical;</li><li>compact;</li><li>convenient attachment;</li><li>Supports a considerable weight.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The ring hooks are too close;</li><li>Sometimes the rollers “chew” the ropes.</li></ul><h3>Gimi ceiling rail<li>ft 180</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=GIMI potolochnaja<li></div><p>FT 180″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/76516666195761-287-.jpg” height=”448″ title=”GIMI FLOORING</p><li>FT 180″><p>model “</p><li>The Gimi FT 180 allows you to effectively save space in the bathroom or on the balcony. The manufacturer has chosen to use the “liana” design for his product. Visually, it looks like bars with a length of 180 cm, which are fastened with the help of guides on the brackets. The latter are made of steel, so it is quite strong. In total the dryer is designed for 12 kg of wet laundry.<p>The product is available with two mounting options – on the ceiling surface or on the wall. The choice depends only on the wish of the buyer. A special mechanism is responsible for lowering and raising the rods, on which the clothes to be dried are placed. The possibility to choose the level of slats significantly simplifies the process of hanging the laundry, because their height can be adjusted to your height. The maximum, on which you can lower the bar in relation to the bracket is 135 cm.</p><p>The ropes are made of quality textile material. Ropes do not fray during use. The slats themselves are made of robust plastic, which also guarantees a long life of the product.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>two options of mounting – to the wall and the ceiling;</li><li>The length of the clothesline is 180 cm;</li><li>The maximum weight of the laundry is 12 kg;</li><li>The rail can be folded down by up to 135 cm.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>none detected.</li></ul><h3>The Liana ceiling-mounted tumble dryer 200 cm</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=LAUNDRY DRYER LIANA CEILING 200 CMLAUNDRY DRYER LIANA CEILING 200 CM

    The product is a construction with five rods. The latter are adjustable. For the manufacture of the brackets, a strong metal was chosen, so the dryer will be able to serve for a long time. The weight, allowed to load each crossbeam is 2,5 kg, and the total figure – for the entire dryer – 12,5 kg. And this is a very good indicator.

    The bars are made of lightweight metal and have corrosion protection as they are in regular contact with damp cloths. The shape of the rods is round. They are wide enough, so no creases are formed on the surface of the fabric.

    The length of the dryer is 2 meters, and this must be taken into account when buying. This option requires a fairly large area.


    • It is possible to lift and lower the rungs;
    • Height adjustment by means of an easy-to-use roller mechanism;
    • easy installation;
    • maximum load capacity 12.5 kg.


    • Not intended for small rooms.

    Violet Ceiling Elevator 180

    Rating: 4.7

    Violet Ceiling Lift 180

    Violet Ceiling Elevator 180 is another model of ceiling-mounted dryer, with a convenient way of placement on the balcony, bathroom or loggia. Structurally, the product is simple: rails for attaching to the surface and located between the bars, crossbars.

    The manufacturer chose rugged steel coated with a plastic anti-corrosion coating for the manufacture of the product. This ensures the resistance of metal to moisture – rust on the surface will never appear.

    Height of crossbars can be lowered to any height, which is most convenient for hanging things. Maximum 135 cm from the bracket is possible. To make it more convenient, the manufacturer has placed special roller mechanisms on the brackets.

    The dryer has a total of six crossbars, each 180 cm long. The total length of the surface that can be used to dry laundry is 10.8 meters. But the dryer not only turned out to be roomy. It can easily carry a load of 12 kg.

    For more comfortable lowering of the slats, the set includes a special hook.


    • Fully metal;
    • The maximum length of the lowering bars is 135 cm;
    • rung length 180 cm.


    • only mounting on the ceiling.

    Nika wall-ceiling SNP 1.6

    Rating: 4.7


    In the penultimate position of the rating is the wall-ceiling model SNP 1.6 from the Russian manufacturer Nika. The manufacturer has implemented two ways to mount the product, so you can choose the more convenient option.

    Structurally the model refers to the models of vines. The product implements an elevator mechanism that allows you to raise and lower the rods. It makes hanging wet laundry much easier.

    Brackets are made of metal, the same as the drying bars. For rollers, responsible for the “elevator” work, was chosen a durable plastic.


    • sturdy;
    • Five dryer rods;
    • There is an elevator-mechanism;
    • operating length 8 m.


    • is not detected.

    Violet Ceiling Wall Dryer Level 180

    Rating: 4.6

    Violet ceiling and wall-mounted Level 180

    This product has two options for attaching – to the wall and to the ceiling. This allows the buyer to choose the best way for themselves.

    It comes with two sturdy steel brackets and six plastic rods. The manufacturer uses high quality modern plastic, so there is no need for the fact that the bars can not withstand the weight of wet laundry. The crossbars look like hollow tubes with strong cords running through them. The bars are adjustable in height. Built-in plastic rollers in the brackets help to lower and raise them.

    The length of the rungs for drying is 180 cm.


    • steel brackets;
    • load of up to 12 kg;
    • The crossbars are round, so there are no creases on things after drying.


    • not suitable for small bathrooms.
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