6 best gas convectors

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consult with an expert before buying.

Have a private home that is not connected to the central heating? In this case, you need to think about what to do in order to be comfortable in his premises were not only in summer. We offer to buy a gas convector. However, it can be too difficult to choose. In this regard, we decided to publish a selection of the best gas convectors, in the compilation of which we were guided by customer reviews and reviews of trade publications.

Rating of the best gas convectors

Rating of the best gas convectors1Hosseven HP-841 900 €
2Alpine Air NGS-40F29 400 €
3Hosseven HDU-317 900 €
4Karma BETA 4 Mechanic28 254 €
5FEG Konvektor GF 30 F34 800 €
6Atem GITOMIR-5 KNS-618 423 €

Hosseven HP-8

Rating: 4.9

Hosseven HP-8

One of the most expensive gas convectors. It arouses the curiosity of everyone who comes across such a device in a store. With closed combustion chamber made of steel. And it is colored almost completely in black not to spoil the decoration of the room. One of the walls has a tempered glass, behind which you can clearly see the flame arising. In a word, Hosseven HP-8 is the case when a gas convector begins to resemble a fireplace.

As is customary, the flame inside the unit ignites automatically. With dimensions of 505x900x200 mm, the Hosseven HP-8 has no problem coping with its primary function. This is also evidenced by the gas flow rate, which can be up to 1.02 cu.m.m/h. You can connect the convector to a cylinder of liquefied gas – in this case the flow rate will be 0.4 cu.m.m/h.

This model is fixed on the wall. The convector design completely insulates the room from the combustion gases. Their exhaust is carried out through a horizontal telescopic tube, which must be connected to the back of the device. This product also has a built in thermostat. This means that the Hosseven HP-8 switches on automatically when the temperature in the room falls below the limit you set.

The manufacturer says that this model can be used for heating any living space. We recommend to install the convector in a country house or cottage – this is the case when the device must not only heat the air but also please with its design.


  • Slim housing is used;
  • The original design;
  • Can work with both types of gas;
  • It has a built-in thermostat;
  • The heat exchanger is made of quality steel;
  • Telescopic gas outlet present;
  • Easy to learn operation;
  • Does not make unnecessary sounds;
  • Piezor ignition is realized.


  • High cost.

Alpine Air NGS-40F

Rating: 4.8


Many gas convectors have a familiar design. Alpine Air NGS-40F in particular has this feature – white metal housing, ventilation holes and a tiny control panel under the lid. This model must be connected to a 1/2″ gas pipe. However, connection to a cylinder with liquefied gas is also available. In any case the appliance has to discharge the combustion gases outside, and is fitted with a coaxial chimney for this purpose. As for the conversion kit for liquefied gas, you have to buy it separately – it is not in the box with the convector.

Alpine Air NGS-40F requires mains power to operate successfully. It is not needed for electric ignition, this function is realized with AA battery. Electricity is needed for the built-in fan. It is pleasant that it behaves practically silently, so the convector won’t remind about its existence.

There is a control panel, but you are unlikely to use it often. The fact that this model is endowed with its own thermostat. This means that the convector will ignite the flame by itself when the temperature in the room drops to an unacceptable level.

The height and depth of this model are 630 and 250 mm accordingly. The device is mounted on the wall. It has a cast-iron heat exchanger inside. This material lets you hope for almost eternal life. But it is impossible not to mention that it affected the weight, which reaches 31.5 kg. As for gas consumption, it will be 0.43 cubic meters when connected to the pipe.m/h.

The Alpine Air NGS-40F suits most customers, as evidenced by the numerous positive reviews. For example, Yuri wrote on Yandex.Market” the following: “For a summerhouse, it is the most reliable and economical heating solution. Installation took a couple of hours, changed the nozzles on a bottled gas. Started up and got fast heating”.


  • The heat exchanger was made of cast iron;
  • There is a built-in thermostat;
  • Implemented electric ignition;
  • Excellent performance;
  • There is a fan;
  • The combustion products come out through a telescopic tube.


  • The convector is heavy;
  • The price will not suit everyone.

Hosseven HDU-3

Rating: 4.7

Hosseven HDU-3

It is relatively small and light gas convector. Its dimensions are 635x470x270 mm, and the scale under it shows 12.4 kg. The unit is mounted on the wall and there is a steel heat exchanger inside. Combustion chamber is closed, so you will not smell anything.

Like many other convectors supplied to our country, the Hosseven HDU-3 requires a 1/2″ gas pipe. The manufacturer assures, that the expense of the main gas will not exceed 0,28 cubic meter per day.m/h. Note that this model supports work with liquefied gas, and the adapter for a gas cylinder in most cases is already available in the set.

The convector includes its own thermostat. It allows the device to turn on by itself at the moment when the air temperature in the room has dropped to an unacceptable value. For the same purpose Hosseven HDU-3 got the piezo ignition. It works from the battery, as well as the electronic control panel.

The product takes in air through one pipe and exhausts combustion products through another. The diameter of the first is 160 mm and the second is 85 mm. Both are inside the supplied telescopic tube.

The Hosseven HDU-3 is easy to install, very economical and hassle-free when you don’t come home for weeks on end. Also, it is impossible not to note the almost complete silence – this is also due to the absence of a fan here. With this convector you can keep the room temperature between 13°C and 38°C. And this is no joke! For a reason, some Arthur in the online store “All Tools” wrote the following review: “The high heat output. I didn’t think that the heat from it would be so high. The room has to be aired several times to not get so hot”.


  • It comes with a telescopic gas outlet;
  • Can run on both types of gas;
  • Steel combustion chamber is used;
  • Not very large dimensions;
  • Easy to learn operation;
  • There is a thermostat;
  • High efficiency.


  • The appearance can not be called pretty;
  • The rear wall is too hot.

Karma BETA 4 Mechanic

Rating: 4.6

Karma BETA 4 Mechanic

Like many other gas convectors, this one uses a wall-mounted method of installation. To hang it you need the help of another person because the weight of the device is impressive 23 kg. And it is not the biggest size, which is 600×215 mm!

The manufacturer claims high efficiency and economy of his creation. Indeed, when connected to the main gas, the fuel consumption will not exceed 0.43 cu.m.m/h. And such parameter is quite enough to heat quite a large room (its area can be up to 80 sq.m.). m). You should also be pleased with the combustion chamber, which is closed. This means that you will not feel any unnecessary odors.

This model can also run on liquid gas. In this case, the propane-butane gas consumption is 0.32 kg/h. The adapter for this case is supplied in the kit. If there is access to mains gas in your village, the diameter of the pipe should be the usual half-inch.

Since the Karma BETA 4 Mechanic can not be called a cheap convector, you should not be surprised that there is a built-in thermostat. The appliance is ready to maintain an air temperature ranging from 13°C to 38°C. The flame is ignited automatically – for this you have to thank the electric ignition, powered by a simple battery. Manual adjustment is by means of a mechanical control panel. Avoiding electronics, one would like to believe, will contribute to a longer service life.


  • Steel heat exchanger is used;
  • Does not require connection to the power grid;
  • Can run on both types of gas;
  • Practically does not make any noise;
  • There is a thermostat;
  • The combustion chamber is closed;
  • Coaxial chimney made of aluminum is used.


  • The mechanical type of control will not suit everyone;
  • High cost;
  • No fan;
  • The convector is quite heavy.

FEG Konvektor GF 30 F

Rating: 4.5

FEG Konvektor GF 30 F

You want to buy a gas convector with mechanical control? In this case, you might consider buying the FEG Konvektor GF 30 F. The absence of serious electronics here lets you hope for a very long service life. And for a reason the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

Appearance of the convector is unlikely to surprise you. The usual “box” is waiting for you, supplemented by a massive ventilation grid. Under the case hides a cast-iron heat exchanger. The price of the device has turned out the way it is because of the material, chosen by the producer – Russian sellers are ready to ask for this model over 34 thousand. rubles. Also reflected in the price tag is the closed type of combustion chamber design.

Creators FEG Konvektor GF 30 F declare a very high efficiency. As the result, with the main gas consumption of 0.39 cu.The unit is ready to heat a sufficiently large room per hour. This convector can also work with bottled gas. In this case the consumption will be even less – about 0.25 cu.m/h. And do not forget that this model is able to independently adjust the flame size, based on the readings of the thermostat. The flame is lit automatically, for this function is responsible elementary piezo element. There is no need to connect the appliance to the mains – there is no fan or anything like that.

FEG Konvektor GF 30 F includes European-made components, the quality of which can not be questioned. In particular, the device received a German CR-6 Junkers gas valve and an Italian Worgas burner.


  • There is a piezo element;
  • A durable cast-iron heat exchanger is used;
  • Does not require connection to the power grid;
  • The control is the easiest to master;
  • Practically does not make noise;
  • It is completed with a coaxial chimney;
  • There is a thermostat;
  • Can work with both types of gas.


  • The convector has turned out rather heavy (20 kg);
  • A fan would not be out of place;
  • Cylinder adapter is purchased separately;
  • Excessively high cost.


Rating: 4.4


This is one of the most powerful gas convectors for domestic use. Surprisingly, it can boast an adequate price tag.

This model has a beige color of the body. On the front panel you will find only the ventilation holes. As a result, the device does not spoil the interior of the room at all.

Convector is manufactured by the Ukrainian company. Pleased that it uses high quality materials. In particular, a steel heat exchanger is used here. The dimensions are 590x625x275 mm. They unequivocally hint that the Atem Zhitomir-5 KNS-6 is ready to heat a very large room. This is confirmed by the technical passport. In this document, the “heating power” field specifies 6 kW. That is why the convector is so heavy – the scale under it says 35 kg. You should not hang such a heavy device on the wall. Even the manufacturer himself recommends to put the heater on the floor.

By default, this model uses mains gas. Alas, only service center can convert it to propane-butane, because it requires serious re-equipment.

As in the case with other convectors in this price segment, the supply of air and exhaust of the products of combustion here is carried out through a special tube, the end of which must go around the outside of the house. The product also includes a quality thermostat made in Italy, thanks to which the convector operates automatically.


  • Very high power rating;
  • Not very high mains gas consumption;
  • Adequate cost;
  • A closed combustion chamber is used;
  • There is a thermostat;
  • The heat exchanger is made of quality steel.


  • The convector is very heavy;
  • Can not be easily transferred to the power supply from a gas cylinder.


The ideal gas convector must heat the air quickly to the desired temperature and not spoil the interior of the room. And it is about such devices that was discussed in this article. Now you need to decide on the amount you are willing to spend.

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