6 best duvet cover manufacturers

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

Duvet cover – a standard part of a classic bed linen set. Although in some cases the purchase of a complete set is not required. Manufacturers offer the possibility of purchasing sets in parts, depending on current needs.

The editorial staff of Expertology, having studied the experts’ opinions and buyers’ reviews, has ranked the best manufacturers of pillowcases.

Suggestions for selection

When choosing a bedding manufacturer, we recommend to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Fabric. It is desirable that it was completely natural materials. Then you can be sure that a night’s sleep will pass without excesses in the form of allergic reactions.
  2. Size range. Almost all manufacturers offer a standard set of. These are single, one and a half and double, as well as euro, family and children’s duvet covers.
  3. Quality tailoring.Seams must be straight, firm, and without protruding threads. The cut should also be straight: a manufacturer, who cares about the users’ comfort, will never allow a product to be sold with a skewed shape.

These are probably the main requirements. The design can be attributed to the secondary importance. In this direction, manufacturers offer a large selection that can satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

6 best duvet cover manufacturers

6 best duvet cover manufacturers1Togas5.0
2Stefan Landsberg4.9
  • ZA
  • 4.6
    6Art Bedding4.5


    Rating: 5.0


    This manufacturer’s linens are often considered the benchmark for top quality. Not only are the products characterized by excellent tailoring, but they also feature unique designs.

    The Togas brand was founded in 1992 in Athens. Today the company offers a wide range of home textiles and duvet covers in particular. If necessary the product can be sewn to individual measurements.

    The Greek company offers a huge range of products. But does not stop, and continues to expand the line.

    The manufacturer spends a lot of time on finishing, using a combination of materials, embroidery, various straps, decorative edging, quilting. Standard sizes of duvet covers: single, family, euro and king size.

    The offered products are divided into three classes depending on fabrics and decorations used. The first is Daily by Togas. It includes economy class products, but this does not affect the quality. The second line is Premium – the so-called green line. Includes slightly more expensive sets. The third line is Exclusive – the golden line. Offers exclusive models.

    Duvet covers are hung from fabrics that are produced at weaving plants owned by the company. Models are made of elite sateen, royal sateen, natural and blended silk, tansel and percale.


    • High quality fabric and tailoring;
    • Interesting prints;
    • It does not shed after washing;
    • It is possible to order a product according to your measurements.


    • Very High Price;
    • You can not use the bonus points when sewing on order.

    Stefan Landsberg

    Rating: 4.9

    Stefan Landsberg

    Stefan Landsberg is an Australian brand with a fifty-year history of existence. The company was registered in 1931 in Bad Voslau town.

    The brand offers high quality products. It is worth noting that the manufacturer does not work with synthetics. Only natural fabrics are used in production. Attention also deserves the quality of tailoring. The brand’s duvet covers are sewn by skilled craftsmen on modern equipment.

    The company does not skimp on the quality of threads, zippers and other details that ensure product durability. Thanks to this, they withstand numerous washings.

    Users also have a high opinion of the visual design. The manufacturer pays a lot of attention to design, and with great care to the selection of colors used.

    The manufacturer offers models in the following sizes – family, one and a half – and double. For sewing are used practical, tactile pleasant and necessarily environmentally friendly fabrics. Most often these are cotton, jacquard, sateen, tencel and bamboo.


    • High quality;
    • Only natural fabrics;
    • Beautiful prints and designs.


    • Slightly limited size range.


    Rating: 4.8


    TAC is a bed linen manufacturer from Turkey. It has been known on the market for over forty years and receives only excellent reviews.

    The secret of big popularity and demand for the company is simple: the manufacturer follows the modern fashion trends and uses the advanced technologies in the production. Fully automated sewing of the products ensures excellent prices for the brand’s duvet covers, subject to the high quality of products.

    The company uses only high quality fabrics in the linen manufacturing process. Taking care of its customers, the brand is certified, confirming the complete safety of the goods produced by the company.

    Duvet covers are available in three sizes – one and a half, double and family. Additionally they are “broken down” depending on the collection:

    1. Tas Selection. The collection offers exclusive models. When decorating the manufacturer actively uses imitation hand embroidery, lace, as well as natural ornaments.
    2. Tas Satin. It includes items sewn from sateen – a durable, practical material. The manufacturer uses a lot of twisted patterns and monograms in the design of the models of this series.
    3. Tas Ranforce. The blankets are made of natural fabric on the basis of cotton – Ranforce. It is soft, fine and has a high resistance to wear and tear. The fabric is very agreeable to the body.
    4. Everyday Satin and Everyday Ranforce. Manufacturer for sewing duvet covers of this series uses different fabrics, but they all have in common ethnic motifs in design.
    5. S. Nikas. The visual design of these models was conventionally created by Nikas Safronov. The manufacturer has chosen paintings of the famous Russian artist as the basis for design. So the duvet covers of this category can be called unique.

    The manufacturer’s offers stand out thanks to their unusual colors.


    • Interesting colors;
    • Good quality;
    • Long life-span;
    • Does not shed, does not shrink – subject to care recommendations;
    • Tactile pleasant.


    • Expensive.


    Rating: 4.7


    The manufacturer prefers to work with Tencel. The material is characterized by high quality, long service life and high wear resistance. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and does not cause troubles such as allergic reactions.

    The manufacturer pays attention to such details as used for sewing threads, accessories – zippers, buttons. That is why the quilt cover from Asabella will serve more than one season and easily withstand many cycles of washing.

    The range of duvet covers available by the brand includes family size, one and a half size, European standard (for bed width of 170 – 180 cm) and baby size.

    In addition to Tencel, the brand also uses other fabrics for its duvet cover fabrics which are manufactured more rarely. Satin comes second in terms of frequency of use. Durable, dense cotton material with good hygroscopic properties. Products are also made of hypoallergenic flannel and Egyptian cotton.

    The models of quilt covers, offered by Asabella, have quite original visual design. The manufacturer often uses geometric patterns, plant ornaments, large polka dots. The company’s designers give preference to bright colors.


    • Most of the products are made of tensel;
    • Original designs;
    • Bright colors;
    • A good size selection.


    • It is difficult to find a duvet cover in pastel colors (according to reviews).

  • ZA
  • Rating: 4.6

    MONA<li></div><p>ZA” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/61116666195721-936-.jpg” title=”MONA</p><li>ZA”><p>MONA</p><li>ZA is a brand of Russian origin, which offers really high quality textiles of the same quality as their foreign equivalents. This is confirmed by victories in various competitions and received titles, such as “Best Brand of Russia” and others.<p>The range of offers includes the following sizes of duvet covers: one and a half and two-size, “Euro”, family and children’s.</p><p>The manufacturer constantly updates the list of offerings. Company designers follow fashion trends, so the proposed products are always relevant. The quilt covers differ not only in size, but also in colors and styles. You can buy both the usual classics, and products with three-dimensional effects. As for design, manufacturers offer a good choice: geometric patterns, floral motifs, nature.</p><p>The company, as well as any other manufacturer respecting customers, uses only eco-friendly materials for fabrication. Among the entire range of fabrics, the manufacturer most often chooses sateen and calico, as they have high rates of hygroscopicity, air permeability, practical in care and retain color even after numerous washings. Slightly less often for sewing duvet covers are used sateen-jacquard and jacquard-tuitton.</p><p>Only wide fabrics are used for sewing. Due to this there are no unnecessary stitches on duvet covers. And this is one of the peculiarities of this company’s products.</p><p>The proposed products are divided into collections. The difference lies in the variety of fabrics used for sewing. The brand also offers premium models. Duvet covers belonging to this category are supplemented with special finishing. The fasteners depending on the collection can be made as zipper, string or buttons.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Beautiful;</li><li>Breakdown by collections;</li><li>Different types of fabrics are used, but always natural;</li><li>Colorful colors;</li><li>Interesting designs.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Sometimes there are claims about tailoring (from reviews).</li></ul><h3>ArtPostel</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=Art Bedding

    “ArtPostel” – the brand belongs to the company “ArtDesign. The brand entered the Russian market in 1997 and still remains in consumers’ favour, despite the rather strong competition.

    Duvet covers from “ArtPostel” are characterized not only by high quality of sewing. They have a very unusual visual design. Designers of the company are not afraid to be creative and easily embody even the most unconventional ideas.

    It is worth noting that the company not only has its own design department. All production stages take place at weaving factories in Ivanovo. Thanks to this the cost of finished products is reduced, which has a positive impact on the final cost of the product.

    The range offered by the company is always in demand. This is due to the fact that the company has a special team whose task is to research the market and identify the needs of customers.

    As raw materials manufacturer uses only natural fabrics – calico, sateen, poplin, calico and others.


    • Good quality fabrics and sewing;
    • Long life;
    • Actual design.


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