6 best chair-bag manufacturers

*Review of the best according to the editors. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a professional before buying.

Sack chairs are very popular largely due to their versatility: they can be moved from room to room, they are suitable for home and entertainment centers, children’s playrooms. The price of the product depends on the quality of materials used for production, the size and model, but cheap is not always bad! We present the 6 best manufacturers of chair-bags, the range of products which will satisfy any request.

How to choose?

When searching for a sack chair, you should consider a number of parameters.


Few people know, but there are more than a dozen basic shapes of sack chairs:

  1. “Pear” – the most popular, this shape is produced by the majority of frameless chairs. A distinctive feature is the presence of a narrowed backrest, the upholstery cut itself supports the back of the person sitting.
  2. “Pillow” – flattened bag with a filler, which can be given any shape, it is suitable for sitting several people at a time, it is also convenient to lie on it.
  3. “Ball” – such an armchair is usually made in the form of a soccer ball perfectly round. A universal variant, a kind of “cushion”. Ideal for soccer fans and children.
  4. “Banana” – elongated shape for sitting and half-lying position. More common in children’s designs. Can be supplemented with side pockets.
  5. “Classic” – very similar to an ordinary chair with rounded shapes, usually not as densely stuffed with filler as other types, you can sit in it and fall in, giving a comfortable position.
  6. “Sofa” – a solution for a large family or company, for the living room. It is an elongated chair without a frame, which can accommodate several people in a row.
  7. “Square” – a compact chair of the appropriate shape, the ideal solution for small rooms.
  8. “Couch” with a smooth high back for comfortable desire and rest, a kind of single bed without a frame.
  9. The stump is another solution for small spaces, a frameless poufik with a backrest around the perimeter.
  10. “Cylinder” – the same poufik, but without a backrest, convenient to use as a footstool.
  11. “Tablet” – a mini-chair for the nursery;
  12. “Pyramid” with an enlarged seat and pyramidal back.

These are the basic forms, but there are products and individual tailoring for certain tasks, figure.

The material of the outer cover

The choice depends on where and how the chair will be used.

  1. Oskford is used for sewing chairs for home – it is pleasant to the body, inexpensive, easy to clean. This textile has many colors, and the dye from it hardly fades over time.
  2. Corduroy is soft, easy to clean, but requires gentle cleaning, like furniture scotchgard. For intensive use will suit a dense, but rigid flock, thermo jacquard.
  3. Chairs for public places or for the noble interior is often made of leather and leatherette – they almost do not get dirty, wear-resistant, bright.

Inner sheeting

Under the outer shell of the chair-bag there is another one, which contains the filler. Some models do not assume its presence, but it is much more convenient to take care of the product – from time to time the cover still needs to be cleaned or washed. In the absence of an inner cover it will be difficult to care for the chair – you will have to use only gentle ways not to damage the filler.

In this regard it is easier with chairs made of leather and kozjam – they can be simply wiped or cleaned, so there may be no inner bag in these products.


The zipper on the chair-bag will be only in the presence of an inner cover. If you have it, you should pay attention to the stopper that protects the zipper from arbitrary opening. A zipper overlay is welcome, so that when you sit down the skin is not injured by the lock.

The length of the zipper should be sufficient to be able to remove the outer cover comfortably, namely not less than a meter or 80% of the width of the product.

What’s inside?

The filler chairs only two: polystyrene foam and sintepuh.

  1. Styrofoam is a unique material: practically does not deteriorate, is not afraid of moisture, very light. True, with the wrong choice may give shrinkage – a little flatten out over time under the weight of a person. To avoid this, you should choose a filler with a density of at least 25 kg/m3.
  2. The shape of the double-foamed polystyrene pieces also defines the convenience of the product and its price. Inexpensive bags use scrap polymer slabs. Through the thin padding and the cover it can be felt, even cause discomfort, so such budget chairs are used for rest areas in shopping malls, children’s rooms. Styrofoam can also be in the form of balls with a diameter of 2 mm or more. Products with such a filling are more comfortable.
  3. Synthetic fleece is also a synthetic material of fibrous structure. It is not used as a separate filling, but in combination with high-quality polystyrene balls gives the chair excellent performance characteristics – the product supports the body well while seated, it is not deformed. The synthetic fibers do not deform and, unlike its natural counterpart, do not cause allergies.


This selection factor is determined primarily by the needs of the consumer. If the product will be used by an adult, then rely on the growth:

  1. Children and people taller than 150 cm sit comfortably on the chair with a diameter of about 70 cm;
  2. For the growth up to 170 cm diameter of 80 cm is optimal;
  3. People taller than 170 cm choose armchairs with a diameter of 90 cm or more.

Sack chairs also have a size range:

  1. L – for children and teenagers;
  2. XL – the medium universal size for children and teenagers;
  3. XXL – large chair for relaxation, the best option for people with large dimensions.

In addition

For the convenience and comfort of using the chair-bag, you should also pay attention to several other aspects:

  1. The presence of drain rings will allow air to escape from the bag when a person sits in a chair. This way, the shape of the product better adapts to the shape of your body. If there are no rings – the air will escape through the seams, but it takes longer.
  2. Availability of carrying handle will facilitate the transportation of the chair and its transfer between rooms and inside the room. You can drag the bag on the handle.
  3. Availability of a repair kit – additional styrofoam, which will have to be added to the bag after one to one and a half years of use. Some may be included with purchase. If not, it will need to be purchased separately when the original volume of the bag is reduced due to shrinkage.

The manufacturers we have listed below offer a decent selection of sack chairs.

Rating of the best manufacturers of armchairs

Rating of the best manufacturers of armchairs-bags1Dreambag5.0


5Papa Poof4.6


Rating: 5.0



For ten years the Dreambag trademark has been producing and selling frameless furniture – all kinds of different chair-bags, including unusual ones, such as “flower” for an original interior, “waiter” with handles, beds, as well as fabrics, textiles, curtains, gymnastic mats. Among the chairs we are interested in many variations with headrests, stylized seats for children in colorful colors, in the form of fruits, animals and construction details. For sewing the upper cover manufacturer uses velour, jacquard, oxford and microvelvet, eco leather.

Dreambag chairs and other Dreambag products are available in many specialty stores across Russia, but the most “tasty” and prices in the online store. After analyzing the price proposals of other suppliers of frameless furniture, we can safely say – Dreambag chairs are among the most affordable. In addition, the online store regularly conducts actions and provides discounts. One of the pluses is that you can buy extra padding for the seat.


  • The widest selection of classic models;
  • Unusually shaped armchairs;
  • Low prices for products;
  • Many products for children at the lowest prices;
  • A lot of other frameless products;
  • Representative offices in many large shopping malls in Russia.


  • Not defined.


Rating: 4.9



Manufacturer of modern recliner furniture GoodPoof occupies a leading position among the recognized brands in the world of upholstered chairs. The product line is impressive: “pears”, “stumps”, “balls”, “cushions”, armchairs for children, frameless loungers, and more decorative cushions and pet beds. There are no extraordinary models of furniture in the collection of the manufacturer, but each product is in demand, the range is honed by consumer demand. GoodPoof good sales make a competitive price of frameless furniture. Of the materials manufacturer uses velvet and velour, tapestry, jacquard and nylon, oxford, cork, fleeces, chenille, eco-leather and even fur – the variety of materials compensates for the basic line of furniture models, every customer can order a product of the desired textile.

It is difficult to see GoodPoof products with your own eyes as the manufacturer has no outlets. Ready-made goods exhibited on the largest marketplace in Russia at low prices, often with discounts, including bonuses from each system (personal discounts wildberries, points OZON), by the way, there you can read the honest feedback. You can order a chair according to standard or individual parameters in the official online store with delivery by transport companies or by mail.


  • Large selection of tailoring fabrics in quality and color;
  • All basic models of chair-bags in stock and to order;
  • Low prices;
  • Marketplace sales with discounts and bonus points;
  • There is the possibility of cooperation with the brand partners.


  • The lineup is not the broadest, basic.


Rating: 4.8



Domestic manufacturer MyPuff works under the slogan “The stylish quality”. Once you get to the brand’s website, it’s clear: You can buy the brightest and most unusual sack chairs for kids and adults here. Manufacturer uses for sewing covers textiles well very unusual colors with a variety of ornaments and prints from monotone and simple stripes, Scandinavian, African and other folk motifs to pirate stories, supercars, the starry sky and much more. The choice of chairs by model is small: “balls”, compact, standard and large “pear”, “cushion”, “pyramid” and “chaise lounge”, several types of armchairs-pufs (“lounge”, “stump”, “throne”). Choice of fabrics is also minimal – this oxford, furniture cotton and microvelvet. The manufacturer takes a variety of colors: if you need an unusual solution for the interior, the choice in the online store manufacturer MyPuff will definitely be satisfied. In addition to chairs, the manufacturer creates rockerless sofas, poufs, floor cushions, recliners for animals. Buyers can also get brand new covers, for example, if you’re bored with the old cover or your room has changed decoration.

Prices for chair-bags from the manufacturer available, discounts are regularly offered. You can buy MyPuff products at marketplaces or in the online store.


  • Huge selection of colors and prints;
  • Interchangeable sack chair covers;
  • Low prices in online stores and marketplaces;
  • Excellent product quality.


  • The lineup of armchairs-bags is modest.


Rating: 4.7

PuffMebel logo


The manufacturer of frameless furniture PuffMebel a decent range of chairs and bags: the classics, “balls”, “Sport Bag”, “Loft” for recreation areas, “banana”, “couch” or “Relax”, “beach chair”, child models “hare”, “cube”, “cushion”. The covers are made of velour, eco-leather and Oxford. Many colors, few ornaments, so the choice will satisfy those who seek classical solutions, rather than variegated products.

Armchairs manufacturer PuffMebel presented in the showroom in St. Petersburg at ul. Belousova 24/32. The entire line can be seen in the official online store and on the sites of the partners, a marketplace producer is represented only on OZON, but the situation is changing, the sales channels are actively expanding. Prices for the products are average, slightly higher than the above-mentioned brands.


  • A good selection of models;
  • Bright armchairs with resistant color upholstery;
  • Constant actions in the online store;
  • There is a showroom.


  • Few models with prints on fabric;
  • Few sites for sales.

Papa pouf

Rating: 4.6

Papa pouf

Site: papa-

Manufacturer Papa Puf has the largest selection of chairs “pears”, “bags” sizes M-XXL, chair-pufs, “pyramids” and other carouseless for children and adults. Staked on the conciseness of products, quality tailoring and materials, so the line is mostly monochrome solutions, there are models with prints, but they are few. The catalog also has 3 types of filler for the chair-bag at a low price.

The manufacturer surprises by low prices – products can be purchased from 900 rubles, and at regular prices, and from time to time on the site you can get on the action. Papa poof is widely known in Russia thanks to the developed advertising channels on the Internet – despite the lack of showrooms, sales are at a stable level, sales are mainly on Internet sites, in particular – in social networks.


  • Large selection of chairs by color;
  • Low prices;
  • Inexpensive Bag Covers;
  • Excellent quality products;
  • Different fillings for chairs.


  • A small model range;
  • Sales only in online stores and social networks.


Rating: 4.5



The manufacturer Pazitifchik main reference point – this chair-bags for children, but along with them in the catalog a lot of other frameless products: crib sides, bedding and even snowmobiles.

From chairs-bags in the catalog you can find “balls”, “bananas”, benches, “stumps”, classic options and the previously mentioned “blossoms” for unusual interiors. These sackless bags are made in a variety of size ranges, for adults, teens and children. Color, oddly enough, not as many as you’d expect from a manufacturer focused on children in the catalog are mostly monochrome products. The materials from which the outer covers are made are jacquard, velour, oxford and eco leather. Prices are a little higher than the average, even taking into account discounts. Own stores does not open Pazitifchik, exhibits products on the marketplace OZON, and also cooperates with wholesalers, so chairs-bags brand can be found in large furniture stores across Russia.


  • Good range of models;
  • Regular discounts on goods;
  • Lots of monochrome chair solutions;
  • Cooperation with wholesalers throughout Russia.


  • Few fabrics with a print;
  • There are complaints about the quality of tailoring.
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