5 best robot vacuum cleaners under 10000

*The best according to the editorial. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a buying guide. Before buying, you need to consult with an expert.

Robot vacuum cleaner is a fairly new device on the market of household appliances. It is a clever device, which cleans the dust independently, without the need to attract people. It is worth noting right away that absolutely all types of dirt this type of vacuum cleaner will not clean. For example, if the debris is quite voluminous, then you can not do without manual labor. Most often, such units cope better with small particles and small clumps of dust.

There is a perception that such equipment must be expensive and the price tag of normal robot vacuum cleaners starts from 20,000 rubles. However, the editorial staff was able to identify five really good models from different manufacturers with a price tag up to 10000 rubles, which will be affordable to anyone.

Suggestions for choosing

Choosing such a vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. At the same time, you need to pay attention to many different parameters, so that eventually choose a device for the premises to be cleaned.


Initially, the future owner of this device should think about what dimensions his purchase should have. You should immediately take into account the height of niches under the existing furniture in the house, so that the robot can easily clean under it. Today’s robot vacuum cleaners have a standard height of 8.5 or 10 cm. However, there are models below 8 cm, which can pass even in the smallest gaps under the furniture.

To pick up a vacuum cleaner as intelligently as possible, you need to measure by hand the lowest nooks in the house, where the device will be cleaned. But if all the furniture is tall enough, you can in principle ignore this point, focusing on other, not less important parameters.


The diameter of the device also plays an important role. The smaller the body – the more chance that the vacuum cleaner will be able to clean in hard-to-reach places. However, with sufficiently large dimensions, the device has a more powerful motor and a high-capacity dust container. Here it is necessary to proceed from the size of the house and, again, what kind of furniture is installed there. Optimal range are diameters from 30 to 35 cm.

On the market square robots vacuum cleaners, which, unlike the round ones, are better to collect dust from the corners thanks to their design. But in open spaces they lose their advantage over their more common brethren. In general, it turns out that the efficiency of the two types of devices will be about the same.

Suction power

The suction power of such devices can be determined in two ways. The first is a proxy version and refers to the power level of the vacuum cleaner, which is indicated in watts. The second involves the specification of vacuum cleaners. Most often this parameter is already specified in the documentation and measured in Pa.

Products of the budget segment have a capacity of 20-22 watts. More expensive devices have values of 30-35 W. Day-to-day cleaning consumes a suction power of 1000 Pa, but there are devices on the market that have the index goes up to 4000 Pa. When it comes to cleaning on smooth surfaces, the first option is good even for vacuum cleaners with low wattages. If you need to clean carpets or if there are animals in the house, you need to pay attention to models with higher parameters.

Battery capacity and battery life

Such devices are autonomous, which means that you need to pay attention both to the battery capacity and to the duration of battery power. These two parameters are closely interrelated, with a direct correlation to the size of the rooms where the device will clean. The type of surface also plays a significant role, wood flooring makes the surface easier to slide over than carpeting, and this affects the duration of work.

The modern market is replete with different options, both those that will work for about half an hour without recharging, and those that can clean for several hours. The parameter depends on the number of rooms and their size. The device with a small battery will be suitable only for one small room, while its battery even for a whole one-room apartment will not be enough. In addition, if there are a lot of rooms, the vacuum cleaner may take longer to recognize all the rooms, because of which it will require a lot of time to clean. In general, it is recommended to count on 30-40 minutes of cleaning in one room, and add 10 minutes for all the following ones.

Most vacuum cleaner robots have battery assemblies type 18650. This option is considered the most successful, because it is very easy to replace even in the absence of materials from the manufacturer for the chosen model. The battery is most commonly used

  • -Ion type, but there are models with batteries of the type
  • -Pol and Ni-MH.

    The lithium-ion cell option is preferred, it can be recharged without fear of any unpleasant consequences. Other batteries may impose some restrictions on this process due to outdated manufacturing technology. For example, some of them should be charged only when fully discharged, others require periodic recharging even when the device is not in use, others will take too long to charge, and so on. Before buying the unit, it is better to pay attention to the technical documentation, which writes about the rules of charging, and carefully study it.

    Dry cleaning

    Most of the robot vacuum cleaners can only perform dry cleaning. In particular, they are able to sweep up trash and dust with special rotating brushes, and then suck these elements into the allotted container. The garbage can is removable and needs to be emptied after each cycle.

    Small robots often have a bin capacity of up to 0.2-0.25 l. Such a small volume is due to the low battery life, about 40-60 minutes. For this reason, the robot will not have time to collect so much garbage that the container will be overfilled.

    If the device can run for a few hours, it has a capacity of 0.5 liters. However, even it may not be enough in the event that the rooms to clean are very dirty. Then it is better to stop the device in the middle of cleaning and thoroughly clean the container in order to increase efficiency and reduce the load on the device.

    Some of the robots have a special indicator light, which signals when the dust canister is full. Such a vacuum cleaner will warn the owner in advance that the container is full and offer to empty it.

    Wet cleaning

    At the market there are devices that can also perform wet cleaning. They are equipped with an additional container, which is filled with water. In rare cases, it is combined with a small dust canister. Water from this container is ejected onto the rag by means of a gravity flow, thanks to which the robot both vacuums and immediately cleans the floor. Such a treatment can not replace a full wet cleaning, but noticeably increases the cleanliness in the house. Water tank size is about the same as a wet vacuum cleaner.

    There are so-called robot vacuum cleaners, which function approximately like a regular robot, but without the suction function. A rag is attached to the device, after which it automatically drives across the floor, wiping it. Machine stops, rag is removed, cleaned and re-moisturized as needed.

    Much less common are models that spray water on the floor, and then wipe it with a napkin. This option also can not be called a full-fledged floor cleaning. Moreover, the cloth will have to be washed regularly because of the rather heavy dirt.

    Availability of filters

    Most models on the market are equipped with fine filters. The air sucked by the vacuum cleaner is passed through special filters that additionally trap fine debris and dust. It allows you to vacuum the rooms even more effectively, so the house stays cleaner for longer.

    Robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with two types of filters. The first is a budget option and is a coarse filter. It can hold large debris, but dust will still pass through it. The second, which is presented as a HEPA filter, is a more preferable and modern option. It is a very dense filter with many layers, able to trap even the smallest dust particles.

    It is noteworthy that modern models are almost always equipped with HEPA standard filter, even if we are talking about low cost models. For this reason, you should always pay attention to the presence of such an element. It is worth noting that the lifetime of this filter can not be called endless. Even versions that allow washing under water require periodic replacement.

    Turbo brush

    Most robot vacuum cleaners have a suction hole with a special rotating brush. Its main purpose is to clean carpets and other surfaces with lots of lint.

    Such a device needs to be cleaned after each use, especially if there are animals in the house. The reason is that it accumulates a lot of hair, fur and other similar elements.

    Vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush with the usual cleaning can not cope worse than their counterparts. But if we are talking about the garbage on the carpet, then the apparatus without such a device can easily miss it, because the device power alone will not be enough.


    Most often, such equipment is started by means of only one button on the body. There are models with a special remote control, with which it is very convenient to control the device from a distance. With their help, you can do literally everything: turn on and off the device, customize the modes of operation, send the vacuum cleaner to the charge, etc.

    There are variants with control via smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This option significantly expands the capabilities of an ordinary remote control. In particular, here you can set the schedule of the vacuum cleaner, check how much battery power is still left, build a scheme of moving around the house and so on.

    Moreover, sometimes there are variants that support both parameters at once. This solution can be considered the most successful. The most suitable for those who like to automate the process of cleaning almost completely. Also, similar features allow you to configure the robot’s work in the absence of a man.

    Cleaning modes

    Most often, robot-vacuum cleaners are not equipped with a large number of built-in programs. There is a so-called standard mode of operation, where the device is simply engaged in cleaning of the open surface, it is possible to drive on a spiral trajectory and perform cleaning of baseboards near the walls, as well as conduct deep cleaning of any place.

    Standard mode implies walking around the whole room automatically. The robot itself tries to pave the optimal route. Cheaper models do it by collision with obstacles and the subsequent change of the movement trajectory. Thus, the device draws itself a scheme of movement in each room, which it will follow in the future.

    There are vacuum cleaners on the market that have additional features. For example, they can intelligently set up maps to move. But very often it happens so that effectiveness of such variants is very questionable. Most often, in automatic mode, the movement pattern is not built very well, due to which the subsequent trajectory of the robot raises many questions. Sometimes this option implies only that the selected robot will be a little better at navigating in space than a similar one without such additional modes.

    There are also robots that work according to a schedule, which can be very convenient in many cases. However, here too, sometimes questions arise. So, a really good vacuum cleaner gives you the opportunity to set up a lot of different schedules, which will suit all kinds of purposes. Moreover, such a robot can clean even several times a day. On the contrary, the models with ill-conceived nuances of this plan will allow a single scheduled start only once a day, and at a strictly designated time.


    You should choose a device with high-quality and adequate sensors that allow the robot to bypass obstacles, overcome elevations and not get stuck in hard-to-reach areas of the house. For such a choice is required to measure the height of the thresholds in the house before buying the device, and then verify the values obtained with the instructions for the device.

    Inexpensive models are most often equipped with a collision sensor and gadgets designed to soften those impacts. Such vacuum cleaners can change the trajectory of movement only after physical contact with obstacles.

    If the robot is more expensive, it contains more advanced sensors based on laser and optical components. They allow the device to measure the distance to the obstacle in advance, so you can change the angle in time. There are also sensors based on ultrasound, which helps the device to climb under furniture without any obstacles. They can also recognize doorways and identify one room from another. Infrared sensors give the robot the ability to notice height differences and stop in time, for example, in front of stairs, so as not to fall from it.

    Most of the devices on the market recognize the environment through an infrared scanner. Thanks to this option, the device travels around the room, confidently avoiding all obstacles, and then returns to the station itself and connects to it to recharge. You can also use the walls of the virtual plan. They are special emitters or ribbons that the vacuum cleaner cannot drive over, which prevents it from colliding with all sorts of objects.

    There are models that are equipped with a sensor to indicate the level of contamination of a particular area for cleaning. With this option, the vacuum cleaner decides by itself how effectively it cleans the surface and chooses the method that suits the current situation.

    Noise level

    Robot vacuum cleaner is not particularly powerful, but in some cases, the noise it emits can significantly disturb people. The average value in this regard can be considered 50 dB. It is most advisable to start cleaning at night, so as not to waste time. Devices with a noise level up to this value will not distract from sleep, which cannot be said about devices with higher values. This figure is always specified in the user manual, so you should also pay attention to it.

    More options

    Equipment of this kind is constantly evolving, so the manufacturers provide a large number of additional features. Not all of them are equally useful. For any future robot owner is worth highlighting the most important and essential. Many of them make the work with this rather complicated apparatus much easier, while others have special features that directly affect the quality of cleaning performed. It is also worth noting that most of them are not expensive, which means that their presence can be observed even in the budget models. It also happens that the practical benefit of a particular add-on is not always obvious, so most often it is worth understanding all the nuances in advance.

    Built in the body extra camera

    A robot vacuum cleaner with such a device will read the surroundings from it and make a scheme according to which it will have to move. Thanks to this option, he will be able to choose the most optimal route, and he himself will develop it. Moreover, there are models on the market that can transmit real-time images from this camera to a smartphone screen, so that the device owner can correct the trajectory of his vacuum cleaner in time. Thanks to this option, the robot is able to plan a route on its own, while the owner can make real-time adjustments to the route to ensure that the robot will remember it and clean as quickly as possible.

    Decontamination with ultraviolet light

    Extremely useful for cleaning, which can kill the vast majority of bacteria. Most often it is equipped with expensive models, although you can find this option in cheaper models. The principle of its work is that the robot after cleaning processes the floor surface with ultraviolet rays, which can kill most harmful microorganisms and significantly improve the health of the whole room. However, a significant disadvantage of this technology is the fact that it quickly drains the battery. For this reason, if you have a weak battery this feature should still be turned off or to recharge the vacuum cleaner in the middle of cleaning. It should be noted that not all robots with ultraviolet allows you to turn it off, in some it works by default.

    Return to the recharging station in automatic mode

    The vast majority of today’s robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with a complete station for their charging. Moreover, almost all of them are able to return to it on their own after the end of cleaning. The most advanced and expensive variants are able to read their battery and return to the DOK station during operation if they need to be recharged. Some of the budget units may not be equipped with such a station at all. In this case, the owner will need after each cleaning robot to find himself, and then connect it to the mains through the charging cable. Such a function is not mandatory, but it can significantly simplify the work with the vacuum cleaner.

    Special mention should be made of the power rating that each charging station has. It varies depending on the model, and very often it does not depend on the price of the vacuum cleaner. For example, some models can charge for 3-4 hours, while the allowable time intervals are 5-6 hours. Such a long recharge is due to the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner is still quite new kind of equipment, which has not yet received the necessary technological development. As our editorial experts believe, over time, the charging time of such vacuum cleaners will fall to an hour or two, which is now observed in smartphones. However, now we still have to put up with quite low time rates.

    The ability to “talk” to the user

    Some of the vacuum cleaners on the market of this plan can emit not only the typical sounds of each unit, but also to communicate with its owner in a quite natural human voice. For example, in this way the device can inform about what it is doing at the moment, or inform the user about the arisen problems. This option, of course, may not please everyone, because sometimes such a function seems too intrusive. Moreover, before purchasing a device with voice guidance, you should ask in advance whether it is possible to disable this element, so that there are no unpleasant surprises later. It is also worth noting that most often the messages are voiced by pleasant female voices.

    Availability of consumables and the level of general equipment

    This last, but nevertheless extremely important point is worth paying close attention to. All vacuum cleaners have different initial configuration, so it is better to choose the model with all necessary accessories beforehand. For example, the set should always contain spare brushes, one changeable wipe if the device is capable of wet cleaning, as well as a reserve HEPA filter. All this will allow you to save on trips to service centers or the purchase of additional components. In addition, some manufacturers put important parts to their devices, so that later the future owner can easily replace those that have fallen into disrepair.

    Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is a good idea to find out if the machine is properly serviced. This option will save a lot of time and nerves in the future if something happens to the device. Of course, in the absence of service centers it is better to refuse the chosen manufacturer and look for another one. Fortunately, now all the well-known suppliers are trying to expand their own network, so most often there is no problem with this option. Moreover, it is necessary to decide in advance the issue of compatible spare parts, because very often different models have brushes and filters that are compatible with each other. Thanks to this they will be easier to find and probably will cost much less than the original ones.

    Rating of the best robot vacuum cleaners

    Due to the abundance of products on the market for robotic vacuum cleaners, it is quite easy to get confused. Moreover, not all samples correspond to expectations; many of them force the future owner to overpay for either the brand name or the abundance of unimportant for everyday use functions. The editorial staff has specially selected for users whole 5 excellent models of robots, vacuum cleaners, which are united by two things: proven quality and a fairly low price tag of 10000 rubles. It would seem that both of these options are incompatible, but with the right approach, such a device can be relatively inexpensive, while perfectly cope with their functional duties.

    Rating of the best robot vacuum cleaners1iBoto Aqua X220G8 726 €
    2Kitfort KT-5327 920 €
    3Tefal RG6825WH8 909 €

    olaris PVCR 1028 WI-FI IQ Home

    11 990 €
    5Scarlett SC-VC80RW017 989 €

    iBoto Aqua X220G

    Rating: 4.9

    iBoto Aqua X220G

    A robot vacuum cleaner capable of efficiently cleaning smooth floor surfaces. Can do both dry and wet at the same time. It uses gyroscope function and infrared sensors for orientation in the room. Several operating modes. The unit is equipped with a separate water tank and a 2000 mAh lithium battery. The package includes the charging station, remote control, wet-cleaning module, as well as spare parts in the form of brushes, microfiber cloths and HEPA filter. Operates on a single charge 1.5-2 hours, but the charging takes 3-4 hours. The maximum cleaning area in a single cycle is 90 m2. 40W suction power, gross weight of almost 2kg and noise level of 40dB. Can overcome obstacles up to 15 mm high. Dust collector is presented in the form of a container and has a capacity of 250 ml, while the water tank holds 120 ml.


    • Excellent suction power, able to effectively clean many types of debris;
    • Quiet enough, the work does not disturb even while sleeping;
    • Excellent wet cleaning level, cleans quite cleanly.


    • Sometimes gets stuck in very hard-to-reach places.

    Kitfort KT-532

    Rating: 4.8

    KITFORT KT-532

    One of the few robot vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush that does the job perfectly. Equipped with two side brushes and 25W suction power, it is capable of removing all types of dirt from absolutely all types of surfaces. The detachable module for wet cleaning should be singled out, which has the function of wetting the cloth in the automatic mode. In addition, the kit includes a charging station, remote control with two batteries, filters for rough and fine cleaning, tissue, spare brushes and filter cleaner. The battery is Ni-MN type, with a capacity of 2000 mAh and designed for 90 minutes of continuous operation. Charging time is 4 to 6 hours. The vacuum cleaner knows how to get on the charging station by itself. Vacuum bag is represented by a container with a capacity of 400 ml. The device weighs 2.7 kg, the noise level is estimated at 65 dB.


    • The maximum quality of cleaning, both dry and wet. Effectively removes dust from all hard-to-reach places;
    • Easy enough to use and learn;
    • Convenient control with the remote control.


    • Noisy enough, not ideal for night time cleaning.

    Tefal RG6825WH

    Rating: 4.7

    Tefal RG6825WH

    Robot vacuum cleaner that is perfect for dry cleaning any type of floor. The route is lined with built-in sensors using infrared scanners, they help the device not to collide with obstacles. In addition, the vacuum cleaner will not fall from a height due to the special control sensor. Controlled remotely by the remote control. It also includes a charging station, batteries for the remote control, a power adapter and a brush to clean the dust container. Built-in rechargeable battery type

  • -Ion, which provides up to 150 minutes working time. Charging takes up to 270 minutes. At one time can clean 2 or 3 rooms with a total area of 50-80 m2. The dust canister has a capacity of 250 ml. The vacuum cleaner weighs almost 3.5 kg, and the noise level is 65 dB.


    • Powerful enough, perfectly copes with many types of dirt;
    • Convenient and easy to use;
    • Easy to maintain, the necessary spare parts can be found without problems;
    • Practical, has small dimensions.


    • Sometimes misses very large debris
    • Noise level is acceptable, but can be heard quite clearly at night.

    olaris PVCR 1028 WI-FI IQ Home

    Rating: 4.6


    A robot vacuum cleaner for dry vacuuming only. It is notable for the fact that it offers remote control for a small price, not only with the remote control, but also with your smartphone. Connects via Wi-Fi. There is a function of automatic cleaning according to a set schedule, which is also a kind of feature for a budget appliance. Can also return to the station to recharge itself. The dust container has a capacity of 500 ml. Maximum power of the product is 25 watts. Battery is lithium-ion, capacity 2600 mAh. Provides up to 120 minutes of operating time, charging for about 5 hours. Mains power cable length of 1.5 m. Weighs 2.33 kg, and its noise level is up to 65 dB.


    • Small, takes up very little space;
    • Good dust collector;
    • Maneuverable, perfectly bypasses obstacles and reaches hard-to-reach places;
    • Has three levels of power, has 4 cleaning modes.


    • At night will be a little disturbing, but in general, the noise level – very acceptable.

    Scarlett SC-VC80RW01

    Rating: 4.5

    Scarlett SC-VC80RW01

    A robot vacuum cleaner that can do both dry and wet cleaning. Supports Wi-Fi control via smartphone app. The floor is cleaned with a soft pad, consisting of fiber. Comes with 4 additional brushes to replace the main ones. HEPA filter to trap even the smallest dust particles. The dust canister is quite capacious, as much as 650 ml, it is enough for several cleanings. Has a power of 11.2 W, navigates in space with infrared beams that allow the device not to crash into obstacles. It has a step sensor that prevents the robot from falling down. Automatically chooses a path for its movement, knows how to report that it is stuck. The body has soft pads, so that in a possible collision will not damage it. Battery

  • -Ion type, capacity 2600 mAh. Operates for 90 minutes on a single charge, takes 3 hours. Includes charging adapter, the length of the cord is 1.5 m. Sound level is rated at 65 dB.


    • Perfectly cleans up;
    • Convenient control from a smartphone;
    • Flexible customizable cleaning scheduling;
    • Several cleaning modes.


    • The application for a smartphone is not fully russified.
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