5 best hourglasses

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The hourglass occupies a worthy place in a bath, in a study, on a desk. It can be a decorative object or a timing instrument in its own right, which it is designed to do. Another purpose – an idea for an unusual gift. Presenting a review of the 5 best hourglasses for all occasions.

5 best hourglasses

NominationPlaceProduct namePrice
5 best hourglasses1REMECO 612411 hourglass3 910 €
2Ruby 30 Minutes Sand Clock, Gold Sand, 9,5*25 cm2 526 €
3Kikkerland hourglass
2 650 €
4SAWO 551-D hourglass3 348 €
5The 10 Minute Hourglass Sandglass “Thin Column”1 371 €

Hourglass REMECO 612411

Rating: 5.0

REMECO 612411 hourglass

The classical hourglass REMECO 612411 is made in a traditional form: a glass flask on a wooden stand with three elegant columns – they simultaneously perform a decorative function and have a practical purpose – to protect the clock in case of fall or mechanical impact, it is convenient to turn the construction.

The REMECO clock is big – 240 mm high – and can be used as a countdown clock (32 minutes) or for simple contemplation and anti-stress purposes. Sand in a flask white. The clock will decorate any office or desk, suitable for a gift.


  • sturdy construction;
  • The bulb is protected from shock if dropped;
  • 32 minutes is a big timing;
  • classic design.


  • are not defined.

Ruby 30 Minutes Sand Sand Clock, gold, 9,5*25 sm

Rating: 4.9


The second most popular is the elegant sand glass Ruby. They have a tall glass bulb enclosed between light-colored wooden bases connected by four thin rods. The clock looks elegant, yet it is versatile in design.

In the classic rounded bulb, golden sand that contrasts with the color of the rods and echoes the shade of the wooden base. One flip is enough for 30 minutes of countdown or a session of soothing contemplation.


  • elegant design;
  • Exactly 30 minutes of shifting the sand;
  • The height of 25 cm is a noticeable accessory;
  • sturdy construction.


  • are not defined.

Kikkerland Hourglass Clockio

Rating: 4.8

pesochnye chasy Kikkerland<tr></div><p>io” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/30416666197791-565-.jpg” height=”409″ title=”Kikkerland Hourglass</p><tr>io”><p>Kikkerland unusual hourglass</p><tr>io originally designed to keep track of the time it takes to brew black, white or green tea, to which the colors of the sand in the three flasks correspond. Each bulb is emptied with a different time – green in 2 minutes, black in 3 and white in 1 minute. This is a very handy tool for the kitchen, for tea ceremonies.<p>The bulbs themselves are glass, the stand is made of beech. The height of the design is 100 cm, diameter 6 cm, the clock seems to be small, but weighs as full-fledged counterparts from the leading positions of the review – all 860 grams.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Three different colored flasks;</li><li>tea brewing timers;</li><li>sturdy construction.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>are not defined.</li></ul><h3>SAWO 551-D hourglass</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=SAWO 551-D SAND GLASS

The SAWO 551-D is a compact hourglass that only lasts 15 minutes, which is the optimal amount of time to be in the steam room.e. they are designed for bath or sauna. The flasks are fixed on a wooden case on which a timeline of 5, 10, 15 minutes is applied for those who are not ready to warm up for a quarter of an hour, but wants to stand a certain time of being in the steam room. The flask itself is made of heat-resistant glass. The construction is not afraid of water and extreme heat.


  • Watch for the steam room or sauna;
  • intermediate minute scale;
  • flip-over suspended design;
  • heat-resistant glass.


  • not defined.

Steklopribor Hourglass Sandglass “Thin Column” 10 minutes

Rating: 4.6

Glassware Hourglass Hourglass Thin Column for 10 minutes

Another hourglass that deserves attention is the “Thin Column” from the company Steklopribor (Russia). It is a classic slim elongated glass bulb enclosed in a beige wooden column. The sand in the clock is brown in contrast with the light-colored case, which gives it a certain charm.

The Fine Column Sandglass is designed for 10 minutes of. They are miniature – height 16 cm, diameter of the bases – 7 cm each.


  • sleek design;
  • classical elongated shape;
  • wooden solid case.


  • no.
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