19 best kitchen manufacturers

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There are high demands on the quality of kitchen furniture. It should be reliable, comfortable, functional and safe. The materials of which furniture is made must be resistant to moisture – and at the same time environmentally friendly, because they often come into direct contact with food. As a consequence, it can be difficult to choose the right kitchen.

That’s why we’ve compiled a rating of the 19 best kitchen manufacturers, in whose range you can find both budget and top solutions – but always reliable and comfortable.

Rating of the best kitchen manufacturers

Best Russian kitchen manufacturers1Maria5.0
2Stylish Kitchens4.9
5The Empire of the kitchen4.8


Top German kitchen manufacturers1Leicht5.0

  • a
  • 4.8
    Best Belarusian Kitchen Manufacturers1Call4.7

    The best Russian manufacturers of kitchens


    Rating: 5.0

    Why it’s: Huge range and lots of modern technology.

    Moscow company “Maria” is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen furniture in Russia. It has achieved its success thanks to two factors – a huge assortment and the use of the most modern technology.

    The range of the company offers kitchen furniture for every taste and wallet. So, here you can find solutions with acrylic, grunge (Kraft paper), stone, plastic, melamine, tinted, enamel, thermoplastic coating and many other unusual, but still practical materials. Furniture design can be modern, as well as quite classical or even vintage. So, in the company’s catalogs you can find models with a worn effect or patina. And for fans of ultra-modern design “Maria” offers lacquered, tinted, melamine and other solutions.

    Prices for kitchens from the manufacturer “Maria” are quite average in their segment.


    • A huge range – there are modern, classic and vintage solutions;
    • High reliability and durability of kitchen furniture;
    • High practicality – the space is used effectively, and the furniture is very convenient to use.


    • Many performance parameters are directly dependent on the quality of assembly;
    • There are virtually no promotions and discounts on which to save money;
    • Branded stores and showrooms are quite rare.

    Stylish kitchens

    Rating: 4.9


    Why it: Low prices and solutions to order. There are kitchen sets with a truly unique design.

    Despite the fact that “Stilnye Kukhnye” is quite a large manufacturer with offices in many cities, the company continues to produce not only ready-made solutions, but also furniture to order. So you can buy here configurations for non-standard rooms. And the main thing is that practically all sets, facades and other products from the catalog are made to order.

    The company catalog is very extensive, and includes dozens of models of different design – from classic to ultramodern. But the main feature of the external style of kitchens from this manufacturer is the combination of seemingly poorly combined solutions. Elegant classic lines are perfectly complemented by modern, massive square knob handles in “Telaya” set. Dark colors are complemented by the shine of perimeter milling and Swarovski rhinestones in the “Sergio” collection – and so on.

    Despite the luxurious look, the kitchens are not too expensive.


    • Unique, recognizable design;
    • Luxurious look of each model;
    • Relatively low price.


    • Non-transparent warranty conditions;
    • The quality of materials varies from batch to batch;
    • Small range of unusual materials (for example, artificial stone countertops are available only in “standard” colors).


    Rating: 4.9


    Why it: High quality materials, reliability and durability of the kitchens.

    Rimi makes some of the most durable and reliable kitchens in the ranking. It is explained by the use of the most modern materials and technologies in manufacturing, as well as assembly. However, it is worth noting that the price of the kitchen from this manufacturer is quite high – especially in comparison with some other companies.

    Rimi’s kitchen catalog includes several dozen solutions – fewer than most competitors. But just because of this the high quality of furniture is achieved. The producer doesn’t “spread” its capacities on producing hundreds of models, but concentrates on several dozens.

    In the range of the company’s kitchens are both modern and classic design. In the first case, the main finishing materials are tempered glass, metal and stone, in the second – wood coated with PVC and, if desired, patina.


    • Reliability, durability, modern materials;
    • Comprehensive service and support;
    • Good combination of price and quality.


    • A relatively small range of models (compensated by the variety of colors);
    • Production is not always on time;
    • Relatively high price.


    Rating: 4.8


    Why it: Many years of experience, dozens of awards for quality, a wide network of branded stores.

    Shatura-Mebel” company is the holder of dozens of state awards for the high quality of its products. Reliability and demand for their products have been tested by time and have helped the manufacturer to take a leading position in the domestic furniture market, and a wide network of company stores (more than 600) has secured this status.

    Large selection of colors and materials to choose the perfect option for every taste and purse. With this furniture you can arrange a compact but functional kitchen nook or implement a large-scale project to create a stylish modern kitchen with interesting design solutions. High quality materials, practical and ergonomic forms, concise and attractive appearance – the manufacturer has taken care of all the aspects that define a really good furniture. Therefore, products from the company “Shatura-mebel” will please the owners for many years.


    • Proven quality, which is backed by a guarantee from the manufacturer;
    • Wide network of stores with high standards of customer service;
    • Ability to purchase goods in installments with the selection of optimal conditions convenient for the customer.


    • Paid delivery;
    • The delivery period is from 7 to 14 days after ordering, and in rare cases can take up to 45 days.

    Imperia Kukhni

    Rating: 4.8


    Why it: Low price and modern furniture fittings.

    The “Empire Kitchen” company in the manufacture of its furniture uses Hettich accessories, so that tables, sets and cabinets are as convenient as possible. They open noiselessly, the external space is used economically, the interior – ergonomically.

    But the main advantage of the company – the low price. Kitchen sets cost from 20 thousand rubles per linear meter (one of the most budgetary options in the rating), so you can buy a convenient, multifunctional and ergonomic set with minimal costs. At the same time the quality is also at a high level – the furniture is made of solid wood and veneer, complemented by tabletops of artificial stone or plastic.

    The manufacturer’s range includes several dozen models of kitchens, which are grouped into three style lines – modern (bright colors, minimalism, dynamic organic or – on the contrary – high-tech), classic and “modern classics”.


    • Low prices for kitchen sets;
    • Modern fittings for ergonomic and comfortable use;
    • Wide range of models.


    • Showrooms of the manufacturer are located only in Moscow, in a few shopping centers;
    • Slow delivery, especially outside the Moscow region;
    • Very few ready-made solutions, mostly custom-made.


    Rating: 4.7


    Why it: A wide range of classic style kitchens, regular promotions.

    The Moscow furniture factory “Anonce” is one of the oldest manufacturers of kitchens in the rating, and in Russia as a whole. The company has been working since 1999, producing comfortable and multifunctional solutions for all this time. And, despite the location of the headquarters in Moscow, you can find showrooms and production centers all over the country – and even outside it!

    However, the range of the company is not too large, especially in comparison to other manufacturers in the list. It includes literally dozens of models, and the vast majority of them are made in classic style.

    But even the most “classic” models like the “Country” set, with their front made of aged solid wood and optional stained-glass windows, are comfortable and functional. Thanks to modern fittings they are ergonomic – all the most important things will be at hand, you will not have to stretch through the whole kitchen.


    • Numerous showrooms and representative offices throughout the country and beyond;
    • A rich collection of classic style kitchens;
    • Possibility to choose a variety of look and design options by yourself.


    • A relatively small catalog;
    • Sometimes delays in production and delivery;
    • The final price is not always specified (there may be additional costs for other handles or installation of a stone countertop).


    Rating: 4.7


    Why he: Modern, functional and convenient furniture for storing all the kitchen utensils.

    The main advantage of Zetta kitchens is their high functionality. Every inch of the sets can be used – for storing supplies or preparing meals. Special fittings, which greatly improve ergonomics, add to the convenience.

    The company uses the most modern technology in production, so that the furniture lasts for a long time. Acrylic or Kraft paper impregnated with melamine resin, resistant to abrasion, moisture, fats or household chemicals. A special technique of its application under high pressure increases the cohesion of materials, so that such panels do not delaminate even in aggressive environments.

    The company’s catalog includes mostly modern models of kitchen sets – in contrast to the previous manufacturer in the ranking. All solutions are made to order in strict accordance with the dimensions.


    • Modern production technology to increase service life;
    • High-quality materials;
    • Modern, durable fittings.


    • Relatively time-consuming production of furniture;
    • Works mainly in the capital;
    • Slow delivery.


    Rating: 4.7


    Why it: A huge range of solutions, including non-standard projects.

    The company “Atlas-Lux” – one of the best manufacturers of kitchens according to custom designs. The organization’s catalog presents solutions for small spaces, island configurations, built-in (for studio apartments, combined with other pieces of furniture), and so on. Although, of course, most are represented by “regular” kitchens.

    The company’s catalog is really big – more than most other manufacturers from the rating. In addition to classic and modern kitchens, you can find models in Provence style or traditional Italian, extra-budget and luxury solutions, luxury configurations for large spaces and much more.

    Almost all of the company’s kitchens are made to order. The range of colors and materials is enormous. However, there are also ready-made kitchen sets on sale, which is very important for people who are ready to move into a new apartment and are not going to wait.


    • A huge range of kitchens;
    • Discounts, promotions and gifts;
    • It is possible to arrange a credit or installment plan.


    • Relatively slow production of kitchens;
    • Requires 100% prepayment before production begins;
    • Few showrooms outside Moscow.


    Rating: 4.6


    Why it: Italian materials and production.

    The company Plazareal, despite the fact that it is located in St. Petersburg, offers a truly Italian cuisine. All materials, manufacturing technology and design projects created directly in Italy. Quality – appropriate, meeting the most demanding European standards. Therefore, the kitchens from the company Plazareal embody style, reliability and functionality.

    It is worth noting that this company is a manufacturer of luxury kitchens. So their price is relatively high – especially when compared to other organizations in the rating. But this is justified by the highest quality.

    The quality is evident not only in design and materials. Special production techniques ensure durability of both the facade and the interior elements; the accurate, high-precision assembly ensures reliability. The company confirms the quality with a warranty, which is 27 (twenty-seven!) years.


    • 27 years warranty;
    • Recognizable Italian design;
    • Fast production, free installation.


    • Price. However, it is worth bearing in mind that these are the kitchens of the premium class – truly elite;
    • Few representations outside of St. Petersburg;
    • In some cases production may be delayed.


    Rating: 4.5


    Why it: A large catalog with unique solutions, including kitchenettes and modular sets.

    The company “Forema” exists in the domestic furniture market for 20 years and during this time has created many truly unique solutions. So in her catalog you can find mini kitchens designed for installation in offices or very small apartments, modular kitchens, low-cost and fast production, inexpensive standard layout, special solutions for studio apartments and much, much more.

    Total company catalog includes about a hundred models that differ primarily in style. There are classic kitchens in the majority of the assortment, but this is also due to customer demand. But special attention should be paid to solutions in the style of “modern” – at a low price they are distinguished by unusual design details, helping to make better use of the internal space of the furniture.


    • Low price for kitchens;
    • There are non-standard solutions, including kitchenettes and furniture for studio apartments;
    • Long warranty – 7 years (and for some lifetime warranty).


    • Many additional costs – for example, delivery and assembly are paid;
    • Uncomfortable, outdated, non-functional website, to view the kitchen and the calculation will have to go to the showroom or to call a measuring engineer;
    • Not always successful and accurate assembly.


    Rating: 4.5


    Why it: A lot of ultra-budget, as well as premium solutions.

    Harmony factory in Velikoluk can be recommended to people who want a new kitchen with minimal investment, as well as those who want to get a premium solution.

    The budget segment features painted or laminated MDF models. The price for such kitchen sets ranges from 17 thousand rubles per linear meter – which is one of the lowest values in the ranking. As a consequence, you can buy here inexpensive but functional, beautiful and reliable furniture.

    And the premium models are represented by sets made of solid wood. They use ash and oak. Most solid wood kitchens are of classic design, which further emphasizes their high status, reliability and durability.

    The company has offices in many regions. The company regularly conducts sales, where you can buy furniture at a discount.


    • A wide range of budget solutions;
    • A large range of premium solutions;
    • Lots of regional offices.


    • Prolonged production;
    • On sales are presented mainly exhibition samples;
    • There is no assembly fee, no instructions for self-assembly.

    Top German kitchen manufacturers


    Rating: 5.0


    Why it: Many unique solutions in kitchen design.

    The German company Leicht has a truly recognizable approach to kitchen furniture design. The units, cabinets and tables from this manufacturer stand out for their unconventional appearance, but they retain their convenience and practicality.

    “The jewel in the Leicht catalog is the handle-less range of kitchen sets. Thanks to the unique push-to-open hardware or the special beveled card, they have no handles. It looks stylish, laconic and really modern. Also, thanks to the unique materials, kitchens have thin walls and fronts – it saves space in the room, but without compromising reliability and durability.

    Of course, in the catalog of the manufacturer there are not only handle-less kitchens. The range has several dozen models, some of which are classic in design. However, they are all made from reliable and modern materials.


    • The only manufacturer in the ranking with a collection of handle-less kitchens;
    • Modern materials are used in the production, which increase reliability and safety;
    • Excellent internal equipment of kitchen sets.


    • Few dealers in the regions;
    • Long production and delivery;
    • There are no ready-made solutions, no sales and promotions.


    Rating: 4.9

    B<ul></div><p>THAUP.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/69516666195521-8919.jpg” height=”443″ title=”B</p><ul>THAUP.webp”><p>Why him: Maximum versatility in kitchens.</p><p>German Company B</p><ul>thaup is relatively unconventional in the design of its kitchen ranges – or as the manufacturer calls them, kitchen systems. The main focus is not the furniture design, but its functionality.<p>For example, one of the company’s most popular solutions is the model b</p><ul>THAUP b2 – turns the kitchen into a workshop. The entire set consists of three elements. The first is a cabinet for crockery and utensils, with hinged doors containing shelves to store necessary items. The second is a workbench with integrated sink and hob. The third is a cabinet for built-in appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and other necessary equipment. As a result, the kitchen becomes a concise but functional workspace.<p>Minimalism and functional approach is also evident in other kitchens of the company.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The most versatile furniture;</li><li>Non-standard, almost “industrial-functional” design;</li><li>Unique production technology.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The design is so “German functional” that many people might not like it;</li><li>Extremely small assortment – only three types of kitchens;</li><li>High price due to the use of solid wood and other premium materials.</li></ul><h3>SieMatic</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=SIEMATIC.webp

    Why him: A unique, elegant and urban design of kitchens.

    The German company SieMatic produces kitchen furniture for the big city. The urban style is evident not only in the design of the sets, which combines functionality with elegance and luxury, but also in the internal equipment. As the manufacturer himself points out, the kitchen is a place for rest and recuperation, and therefore the furniture must fully comply with these goals.

    There are only three models of kitchens in the company’s catalog. But thanks to its modular architecture and scale, each new headset is truly unique. The Pure model puts the emphasis on the essentials: easy access to worktops, stored dishes and utensils. The Urban set shows that compact furniture can be spacious and comfortable – so suitable for small apartments. And the Classic model redefines the approach to the classic design, making it convenient and practical.


    • Unique, recognizable design;
    • There are models for small apartments;
    • Minimum of decorative frills – even in the Classic model.


    • High price. SieMatic kitchens belong to the elite category;
    • Very few representative offices in Russia – even in Moscow there is only one dealer company;
    • Long production time, slow delivery.


    Rating: 4.8


    Why it: A large assortment of kitchen sets, high quality.

    Unlike previous manufacturers in the ranking, Kuchenberg offers several dozen models of kitchen sets. Solutions differ not only in design, but also in price – so here you can choose a relatively inexpensive configuration. But, regardless of the cost, the kitchen will be distinguished by high quality, durability and functionality – as it is peculiar to German manufacturers.

    The company produces a classic design kitchen with numerous decorative elements, imitation of columns and parapets, even patina, as well as the kitchen in the “modern” style. And in the second case the choice is very big. There are models in both industrial and loft style, and even in the currently popular dynamic dynamic style.

    The company has a lot of dealers and showrooms practically all over Russia, so it is not a problem to find a showroom nearby even in the regions.


    • A large dealer network, a lot of showrooms and show-rooms;
    • There are relatively inexpensive models;
    • A wide assortment, there are solutions for every taste.


    • Not always thought-out, functional design;
    • Very slow production and delivery – can take up to 2-3 months, since the workshop is in Germany;
    • Few options for individual layout, especially the interior space.


    Rating: 4.8


    Why him: Some truly unique design collections.

    German manufacturer of kitchens Nolte has been present on Russian market for 25 years and has been loved by many people for its quality and recognizable design. The company’s catalog includes several dozen models, which are grouped into four series – “Classic”, “Modern”, Nolte Neo and 3D.

    The last two series are the most interesting in terms of design. In the Nolte Neo collections, the manufacturer does not hesitate to use colors, textures and solutions absolutely unconventional for kitchens. Graffiti? Perforation? Geometric patterns? Fully mirrored surface fronts? For Nolte there is nothing “too unusual”.

    In the 3D series the manufacturer “plays” with the space. Thanks to this, the furniture looks futuristic and unusual – but it retains its convenience and functionality.

    And for those who are not ready to experiment with design, the company offers a series of “Classic” and “Modern.


    • There are extremely unusual design solutions;
    • Not only kitchen appliances, but also multimedia equipment can be integrated into the furniture;
    • Large distribution network; there are showrooms in almost all major cities in Russia.


    • Slow Production;
    • Relatively high price;
    • Warranty 5 years – less than other manufacturers in the ranking.

  • a
  • Rating: 4.8

    NOBI<li></div><p>A.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/47716666195521-8519.jpg” height=”441″ title=”NOBI</p><li>A.webp”><p>Why it: Relatively low prices.</p><p>German kitchen manufacturer Nobi</p><li>a – the perfect solution for those who want a high-end, reliable and durable headset at the best price. The cost of furniture from this company is comparable to configurations from domestic firms! That said, Nobi<li>The company uses modern materials, non-standard designs and high quality fittings, so that the furniture is comfortable and durable.<p>In the manufacture of furniture the company uses such modern solutions such as melamine resin coated thick MDF sheets, effortless drawer pull-out mechanism Profi +, Sensys fittings with door closers from the angle of 35 degrees, laser edging technology to increase resistance to moisture and create a completely smooth edge, and many others. And special solutions allow tool-free assembly with just a flick of the wrist. And shelves can withstand loads up to 80 kg!</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Low prices – cheaper than most other manufacturers in the rankings;</li><li>Easy and fast assembly, even by yourself;</li><li>A huge range of kitchens.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Few kitchens of luxury materials, mostly MDF and artificial stone;</li><li>There are few showrooms and showrooms, and it will be especially difficult to order a kitchen in the regions;</li><li>Kitchens are assembled from standardized units, so it will be difficult to find the right one for unusual architectural solutions.</li></ul><h2>The best Belarusian manufacturers of kitchens</h2><h3>Call</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=ZOV.webp

    Why it: Great assortment, modern design and durability of kitchens.

    Belarusian company “Zov” is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen furniture in their country. Because of this and its long history, it offers the widest range of solutions for every taste and budget.

    In the company’s catalog, which numbers over a hundred models, you will find solutions made of solid wood, laminated or melamine-resin-coated MDF, plastic, acrylic, veneer and enamel. Modern materials are safe, environmentally friendly, unusual appearance and attractive price.

    The company also arranges special offers on different kitchen models every month. The discount can be up to 50%, so the set will cost very inexpensive – but it will be of high quality, reliable and durable.

    Additionally, you can save money by buying a show sample. Due to the fact that “Zov” has many showrooms and showrooms, such sales are arranged constantly.


    • Large assortment, a lot of modern solutions;
    • Prepayment of only 20%;
    • Regular sales and discounts.


    • Not always polite and courteous dealers;
    • It is necessary to check the kitchen set at the time of acceptance;
    • Often there are delays in manufacturing.


    Rating: 4.7


    Why it: Made only from solid oak, it ensures the highest quality and durability of furniture.

    The Belarusian company Yavid specializes in the production of furniture – including kitchen sets – made from solid oak. This material is characterized by maximum reliability and durability, as well as an attractive appearance and pleasant texture. For example, solid oak kitchens are not afraid of moisture or high temperatures, or direct sunlight, or mechanical stress.

    Moreover, the company “Yavid” not only makes solid oak bodies and fronts of the kitchens. Even the drawers are made from this material, which ensures their durability and reliability.

    In addition, the furniture of the company “Yavid” is characterized by excellent organization of the internal space. The drawers are divided into individual segments, containers and other containers and can also be made as sliding drawers – for a combination of design and convenience.


    • The furniture is made of solid oak, which ensures reliability and durability;
    • Excellent organization of space in the drawers and behind the front;
    • Longevity – one of the longest rated operating periods.


    • Price. Kitchens are made of premium material, so they are expensive;
    • Few showrooms and dealerships in Russia;
    • Solid oak requires care.
    • 100%
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