15 best inexpensive washing machines

*Editor’s review of the best ones. Our selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying requires consultation with an expert.

Even an inexpensive modern washing machine can reduce to zero the personal effort spent on washing, saving time and money, and at the same time self-diagnosis, preventing possible malfunctions. Expertology experts have analyzed the market in the second half of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, and selected for you the best washers, which earned high marks from experts and positive feedback from real users.

Selection criteria

Washing machines are quite a mass type of household appliances, so that the ideas of their quality, functionality and proper operation are sufficiently well-established. So, for example, the presence of functions such as spin, water temperature control, a number of basic modes – this is implied by default. But there are some parameters that are still worth keeping in mind when choosing the best option.

We have analyzed the opinions of foreign researchers and compared them with the position of domestic experts. High authority and trust is enjoyed by the estimates of the specialists of the American Consumers Union, which counts more than 6 million active members. In their Consumer Reports summary publications, they detail how to choose the right washing machine and talk about the research conducted in their own testing labs.

CR testers use spectrocolorimeter to analyze fabric samples stained with red wine, cocoa and carbon (which looks like soot), among other stains, before and after washing. The lighter the stain after washing, the higher the rating of the washing machine. This test is designed to test the machine so that you can see the real differences between the washing efficiency of each model individually.

It also assesses how gently the machine washes fabric and records how much water and energy the machine uses. They also record the energy required to dry laundry in models with dryer. Washing machines that extract more water as they spin, thereby reducing the drying time and getting higher energy efficiency test scores.

Testers also measure how much vibration the washer transmits to the wood floor, and experts assess the noise level of the washer during the filling, agitation, draining and spin cycles.

Results of these testsin terms of each candidate model, Expertology took into account in compiling the review.

Best cheap washing machines ranking

Best cheap narrow washing machines1Hansa Basic
  • ne AWS5101LH
  • 15 090 €
    2Candy MCSS4 1272D3/2-0716 373 €
    3Midea MWM6123 Crown21 990 €
    4Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R06BX28 490 €
    5Weissgauff WMD 4148 D34 990 €
    The best budget mid-sized washing machines1Hisense WFBL7014V29 990 €
    2Weissgauff WM 4947 DC Inverter23 990 €
    3HIBERG WQ4-712 W23 870 €
    4Kuppersberg WIS 5612829 199 €
    5Haier HW70-BP12758S33 490 €
    The best inexpensive washing machines for a large family1Candy GVS 1310 TWS324 349 €
    2Whirlpool FRR1245153940 €
    3Schaub Lorenz SLW TW943151 990 €
    4Jacky’s JW 10W12TF155 190 €
    5Electrolux EW8F3R28S69 990 €

    The best inexpensive narrow washing machines

    When choosing washing machines, consumers often pay attention to their dimensions. This point is very important if the place of installation does not have a lot of free space – and in modern city apartments it often is. What’s important – these models are not necessarily inferior in functionality to their full-size counterparts.

    Hansa Basic
  • ne AWS5101LH
  • Rating: 4.3

    Hansa Basic<li></div><p>ne AWS5101LH” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/5441666197751-5215.jpg” height=”421″ title=”Hansa Basic</p><li>ne AWS5101LH”><p>Let’s start our review with the Hansa Basic washing machine, which is simple and easy to use</p><li>ne AWS5101LH. The power consumption class of this model is A+. The width of the washing machine is only 59.5 cm is the standard size, optimized for the typical width of the doorway in urban apartments. The depth is also standard, as for a narrow form-factor – 47 cm.<p>The maximum load in the drum – up to 5 kg. With its modest size, this is a good enough capacity to wash a considerable amount of laundry, but there are more spacious narrow models. The loading type of this washing machine is frontal.</p><p>This and other models in the review have a number of programs that are basic and are present in almost all automatic washing machines. For example, programs for washing cotton clothes, mixed, wool, delicate fabrics.</p><p>Slightly less often there may be a fast washing function. It is mainly used for things that are only slightly soiled. In this model, the quick wash is designed for 15 minutes. Another standard program for the Hansa Basic line of models</p><li>ne mode “synthetics”. The program is specially designed for washing synthetic clothes at the maximum temperature of 60 degrees. As for the spin, it is performed at a speed of up to 1000 revolutions per minute. There is a cancel spin function to save particularly delicate items.<p>Also, the model is equipped with a prewash function. It helps to cope even with heavily soiled items. This function is started for 20 minutes, after which the main wash cycle begins immediately.</p><p>Among other things, there is a nice addition – a pause mode, when you turn on the machine goes to standby mode and you can add or remove from the drum certain things.</p><p>There is also a special program for cleaning the drum by heating the water. The detergent compartment, tubes and drum itself are cleaned in the process. The program can only be started when the tank is empty. Mode is designed primarily to remove detergents that accumulate after each wash.</p><p>The machine is equipped with a function of locking the controls, which is activated by simply pressing two specific buttons on the front panel. The lock prevents from accidentally changing the settings and washing programs. The same function is useful if there are children in the family.</p><p>From a Yandex review.The “Verified User” status in the marketplace: “For its price, it does an excellent job. All modes run smoothly and the noiselessness of the work due to the automatic balancing makes this model indispensable, especially when there are a lot of small children at home.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>automatic balancing system;</li><li>prewash;</li><li>fast wash function;</li><li>lock control;</li><li>water overflow control;</li><li>drum cleaning mode;</li><li>pause mode with reloading.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>no display.</li></ul><h3>Candy MCSS4 1272D3/2-07</h3><p>Rating: 4.4</p><div style=Candy MCSS4 1272D3/2-07

    The next in the review of the washing machine series Smart, MCSS4 model 1272D3/2-07. Equipped with innovative Smart Touch function, which allows the washing machine to connect to a mobile device via NFC near field communication. By touching the smartphone to the machine, it is possible to access all the important functions. Energy class of this model is A+++ – the top level of energy efficiency.

    This model has the standard width and depth of 60×45 cm. It has a large maximum load capacity of up to 7kg into the drum. This washing machine has a front-loading type. wringing speed up to 1200 rpm, selectable as needed.

    This model has 16 automatic programs for washing. In addition to the standard modes, which are in any washer, there are such modes as the quick wash, which takes only 14 minutes, and is designed for items that are not very dirty.

    This model is equipped with a function of controlling the balance of the drum. The mechanism unscrews the drum in the opposite direction in case of the formation of a lump of things during the spin. An additional effect of such balancing is the reduction of vibration and noise. A foam level control mode that switches on the pump if there is too much detergent and removes excess foam after rinsing.

    Also, the washing machine has the delayed start mode, with which you can program the washing to your convenience, even when no one is home. For safety purposes, the engineers have equipped the machine with a child safety device, which blocks all the main buttons and does not allow to change the program or cancel the wash, as well as open the door of the drum.

    Another important auxiliary function was steam, which is designed for smoothing the laundry. Steam goes directly into the drum, so it reduces the creasing of your clothes.

    On the front of the body there is a small digital display with a control panel that shows the modes that are enabled, the remaining washing time and spin speed.

    After the rinse and spin are completed, this model alerts the end of the wash with a special signal.

    From Yandex user review.The marketplace with the status of “Verified User”: “I was very surprised by the Smart Touch function. Haven’t figured it out yet, but the kids and husband are doing great with it. You can now control the washing machine over the phone even when you’re in the next room. I have time to clean and run the desired modes for laundry. By the way, the cycle status alerts also come to the phone.


    • Top energy class A+++;
    • child protection;
    • foam level control;
    • Message of the end of the wash;
    • steam mode;
    • Automatic balancing system;
    • Delayed start mode;
    • Near Field Communication System (NFC);
    • display.


    • no possibility of reloading the laundry.

    Midea MWM6123 Crown

    Rating: 4.4

    Midea MWM6123 Crown

    Consider another S

  • The m-model, this will be a machine of the Chinese brand Midea. This washing machine with the possibility of partial embedding due to the removable top cover and front loading. The energy class is the same as that of the previous model – A+++.

    In one load, you can wash up to 6 kg of clothes. The innovative Water Cube drum has been specially developed for this model, which forms a water film between the cloth and the surface of the tank due to the multidirectional planes.

    As for the dimensions, then with the standard width of the depth is almost record-low – only 40 cm. And a fairly large diameter of the hatch – 33 cm, will allow you to easily get things out of the machine.

    Set 16 standard automatic programs for washing. Spinning speed up to 1200 rpm, five spin speeds to choose from. The spin can be switched off when required.

    This washing machine has a very useful feature that not all devices of this type can boast of – the laundry reloading function. It is enough to press the pause button and add the desired items to the drum or vice versa. And the delayed start function allows you to select the desired mode, preloading the drum with items and set the start time for up to 24 hours.

    The machine allows you to store different washing settings through the ‘My mode’ function. Just press the relevant button for three seconds and the frequently used washing modes will be stored in the machine memory. So, for example, different family members can automate individual settings.

    There are also the modes mentioned in the previous article, which take care of the protection and safety of the machine. These modes can include child protection, overflow protection, overfoaming control, and of course the hatch lock during operation.

    There is also a special function for cleaning the machine – Jet Clean, a self-cleaning steam device that rid the washing of mold and surface grease.

    From the review of Yandex.The “Verified User” status in the Marketplace: “Seems to be an ordinary machine, but the things are kept and washed much better. “After reading more about the characteristics of the washing machine, I learned about a specially designed shape of the drum, which provides the desired effect of washing.


    • top energy class;
    • Child lock;
    • 5 spin speeds and cancel;
    • large hatch;
    • additional load of laundry;
    • Delayed laundry up to 24 hours;
    • the innovative Water Cube drum;
    • automatic balancing system;
    • Steam cleaning function – Jet clean;
    • LED touchscreen display.


    • The expressed disadvantages are not noted.

    Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R06BX

    Rating: 4.5

    Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R06BX

    This is a compact washing machine with the SensiCare washing control system, which automatically sets the right washing time, protecting the clothes from stretching and losing color. The system changes the duration of washing based on the number of items loaded in the drum.

    Power consumption class of this washing machine is also the highest, like the previous two – A+++. Type of loading the items frontal. 45 liter drum that holds up to 6kg of laundry. Made of plastic, which affects the weight reduction and reduces the noise when washing, but increases its fragility, such as when transporting the machine. This washing machine is even more compact than its predecessor, only 38 cm in depth. Standard width – 60 cm.

    Machine has 14 washing modes, including delicate wash, for sportswear, wool, silk and super rinse. Spinning – up to 1,000 rpm in 5 positions with the possibility of switching off. There is a SoftPlus system that evenly distributes the items on the drum and pre-soaks them.

    To rid fabrics of various allergens and microbes, the Anti-Allergy Vapour system has been developed for this range, which combines the action of hot steam with an intensive washing program. Intelligent system Fuzzy Logic dynamically changes the intensity according to the sensor readings of laundry weight and type of dirt.

    In addition, the machine has an economy mode – EcoTimeManager. It allows you to adjust the duration of the washing cycle without additional energy costs, as the machine will control the entire process and regulate consumption.

    This model has a russified control panel and digital display. The screen shows the washing status, the mode enabled and the remaining time. Also on the screen you can track extra features such as panel lock and others. After completing the rinse and spin, this model alerts the end of the wash with a special signal.

    From a Yandex user review.Market with the status of “Verified User”: “With the overweight notification system has become much easier to wash. Things no longer get tangled and the spinning is good. If the indicator informs that there is a lot of laundry in the drum, the machine gives access to take out the extra items. A clever device with high quality and clever modes”.


    • The highest class of energy consumption;
    • SoftPlus system;
    • Economy mode – EcoTimeManager;
    • steam treatment against allergens;
    • automatic balancing;
    • automatic control of washing modes SensiCare;
    • Intelligent system Fuzzy Logic;
    • informative digital display.


    • No possibility of refill of laundry.

    Weissgauff WMD 4148 D

    Rating: 4.5

    Weissgauff WMD 4148 D

    To complete the selection of narrow inexpensive washing machines consider the model brand Weissgauff. The brand belongs to the Russian founders, the appliances are made in China with multi-level quality control. Despite some ambiguity of the origin of the brand, Weissgauff appliances enjoy well-deserved popularity for the combination of price, quality and functionality.

    Energy class of this model – A+++. The machine has front loading. The drum has a capacity of 8 kg of laundry – this is a very impressive figure. Also in this model has a function of drying the laundry, which can be set separately by time. The maximum capacity of things in the drum to use this mode is 6 kg. This model has 3 types of drying programs.

    The WMD 4148 D has 14 programmes, some of which are special, such as night washing, washing in plenty of water, soaking and washing jeans. It is possible to reload. The maximum spin speed of this model is quite high – up to 1400 rpm.

    Also installed an additional feature – “wash + dry in 1 hour” mode. This feature keeps things clean and dry for an hour after starting it, without any extra functions or energy costs.

    Another “feature” of this model is the Power Memory option. This feature remembers the settings selected by the machine, and in the case of a power outage or just the washing machine will be turned off from the power supply, when it is turned on, the washing will continue with these parameters. And with the “My Program” function, it is possible to create and store in the memory of the washing machine a new washing mode based on the selected parameters.

    From the review of Yandex.Market with the status of “Verified user”: “It dries laundry well, if not overload the machine. After washing with a drying mode, things should be taken out immediately while it is still warm. That way you won’t even need to iron many things.


    • large capacity;
    • high spin speed;
    • the option – Power Memory;
    • saving individual settings “My program”;
    • silent and night modes;
    • mode “washing + drying in 1 hour”;
    • additional loading of laundry;
    • 3 types of drying.


    • There are cases of noticeable vibration – you need to periodically re-adjust.

    Best budget washing machines of medium size

    Let’s move on to models for which there are no strict minimum depth requirements. These machines are often more than 50 cm in depth, but also less than 60 cm. As for capacity, there is also quite a wide range – from 5 to 8 kg, as with narrow options.

    Hisense WFBL7014V

    Rating: 4.6

    Hisense WFBL7014V

    Let’s start with a model from a Chinese manufacturer that is rapidly gaining popularity – Hisense. The first thing that catches your eye when you see this machine is a large loading door with a raised handle for opening. This model has become very popular on the European market, the “official” washing machine of the European Football Championship 2020.

    The model is equipped with an inverter motor that has improved energy consumption (class A+++) and has reduced the noise level. Also an additional bonus is a collapsible tank, the maintainability of which has become much better. The width of the washing machine is 59.5 cm and 51 cm deep.5 cm. The maximum load in the drum is quite large – up to 7 kg.

    The type of loading this washer – frontal. This model has 16 automatic programs for washing. In addition to the standard ones in every washing machine, there are such modes as “Quick Wash”, which takes only 14 minutes, and is designed for items that are not heavily soiled. The spin speed is up to 1200 rpm, with a choice of speed.

    Additionally this model is equipped with a drum balance control function. The mechanism unscrews the drum backwards in case of a lump of clothes when wringing. In addition, the function has a secondary positive effect – reduced vibration and noise. There is a foam level control mode that activates the pump in case of excessive detergent and removes the excess foam after rinsing, protecting the appliance.

    There is also a delayed start mode in the washing machine, which can be used to program the washing to be done at a convenient time, even when no one is home. For safety purposes, engineers have equipped the machine with childproofing, which blocks all the main buttons and prevents you from changing the program or cancel the wash, or open the drum door.

    The steam function is another “feature”, which is designed for smoothing the laundry. Steam is blown directly into the drum, so it reduces the creases on your clothes.

    On the front of the body is a rotary knob to select modes and has a bright LED display that shows all the functions of the device. One can select programs through the screen and monitor the pre-set parameters and the progress of the cycle in progress.

    In addition, in almost all modes operates the function of reloading the laundry, which runs by simply pressing the “pause” button. You can not use only the first ten minutes of washing. After the rinse and spin, this model notifies about the end of washing by a special signal.

    From Yandex review.The “Verified User” status: “I liked the fact that after spinning the machine makes three or four turns in the opposite direction to unravel the things tangled in the wash. The spin is powerful enough and even a winter jacket dries within 5 hours after washing.


    • Inverter motor;
    • high energy class;
    • childproofing;
    • foam level control;
    • Notification of the end of washing;
    • steam mode;
    • automatic balancing system;
    • delayed start mode;
    • NFC control;
    • informative display.


    • no possibility of additional loading of laundry.

    Weissgauff WM 4947 DC Inverter

    Rating: 4.7

    Weissgauff WM 4947 DC Inverter

    Let’s consider the next model of the brand with Russian origin, but German stylization – Weissgauff. It is equipped with an inverter motor that runs on innovative BLDC technology. The drum rotation is without brushes, which significantly reduces noise, wear and energy consumption.

    This model has an energy class of A+++. This model is also equipped with a front-loading type. The machine has a sufficiently capacious drum, which holds up to 7 kg of things. The maximum spin speed of this model is one of the highest in the domestic models – up to 1400 rpm. Many items are almost dry after spinning, especially synthetics.

    The dimensions of the machine in width – 59.5 cm, and in depth – 49.5 cm. It is possible to load more laundry into the drum, you just need to stop the washing, add laundry, and after closing the hatch, the machine will automatically continue to work.

    There are 14 washing programs, including some extra programs to help remove the most difficult stains on various fabrics. The washing function “My mode”, which allows you to save frequently used washing modes in the memory of the machine, will also be useful.

    This model has a “steam” function that eliminates unpleasant odours, light soiling and smoothes creases on clothes by injecting warm steam into the washing drum. In addition to this function, the machine is equipped with a “baby’s clothes” mode, which adds an extra rinse, thereby removing all detergent residues on clothing and thus protecting the child’s skin from the effects of chemicals.

    The machine is equipped with AquaStop leakage prevention technology, fully protects against flooding, even in case of damage to the hose or water hammer. In addition, the washing machine has a special program, which provides drum cleaning by heating water. In the process, the powder compartment, the tubes and the drum itself are cleaned. The program runs only when the tank is empty and is designed to remove the detergents accumulated after each wash.

    The body of the machine has a sensitive touch panel that recognizes touches even with wet fingers. The display shows a menu with all the settings and modes that are used or offered by the washing machine, depending on the weight of the laundry in the drum.


    • high spin speed;
    • function “My mode”;
    • steam treatment function;
    • additional loading of laundry is possible;
    • BLDC inverter motor technology;
    • AquaStop leak prevention technology;
    • touch panel control.


    • A little noisy when loading and unloading water.

    HIBERG WQ4-712 W

    Rating: 4.7

    HIBERG WQ4-712 W

    Another washing machine from the Chinese manufacturer, this time of the brand HIBERG. This model’s energy class is A+++. Width is 60 cm and depth is 51 cm. Users highlight the often seemingly not too essential detail – easy-to-adjust rubberized feet that prevent slipping.

    Spin speed 1200 rpm with adjustable and shutoff. This model has a front loading type. The drum is made of stainless steel with anti-corrosion coating and can hold up to 7 kg of laundry. The diameter of the loading hatch is quite large – 33 cm.

    The model is equipped with 12 standard washing modes. The following special programmes are also installed. Eco-function, runs for 50 minutes, the cycle takes place at a temperature of 40 degrees. This mode significantly reduces water and electricity consumption.

    Another useful feature is washing sports clothes and shoes. Starts at low temperatures pre-wash, which thoroughly treats sports items. It is recommended to use special “bio” powders for such clothes and footwear.

    With the foam control function, the machine automatically detects the excess detergent and diverts it through the tube, after which an additional rinse is started. So your clothes will not have soap spots or powder residue after the wash.

    As in many washing machines, there is a child lock, just press two specific buttons for a few seconds. The lock prevents from untimely opening of the drum hatch, turning off the buttons and using the display.

    There is a display on the top of the housing, by means of which one can monitor the enabled functions, the remaining time of washing and control additional settings, for example, enable laundry reloading or additional rinsing. Switching settings and modes by using the touch panel, which are located under the display.


    • high power class;
    • child lock;
    • The ability to reload the laundry;
    • Washing sports clothes and shoes;
    • Foam control;
    • Large loading hole;
    • Eco-function washing;
    • large LED display.
    • user-friendly touch panel.


    • No signal to inform about the end of the wash.

    Kuppersberg WIS 56128

    Rating: 4.8

    Kuppersberg WIS 56128

    Consider a washing machine from the German manufacturer with front loading and capacity up to 8 kg of laundry. The dimensions of the model are standard for this type of machines – width 60 cm and depth of 51 cm.

    the maximum spin speed – 1200 rpm. The manufacturer recommends choosing the maximum value when washing jeans, cotton or linen. For others, it is better to choose a lower speed among 5 options.

    The model is equipped with Fuzzy Logic function, built-in sensor sensors can determine the degree of contamination of things, their weight, water hardness and more. Sensors send a signal to the processor and the required amount of water, time and washing mode is determined.

    There are 15 programs with preset parameters for all types of fabrics. These programs can be reconfigured as desired through the menu, using the russified manual.

    Optional program – down items, reduces the spin speed during the spin cycle, so that down items are not torn and retain its original volume. The wool wash function is similar in intensity to hand wash. In this mode, the woollens are washed at a temperature no higher than 40 degrees Celsius, to avoid shrinkage, and the spin is set no more than 400 rpm.

    There is also a delayed start mode, by which you can program a convenient time for washing, even when no one is home. The machine also has a fast wash mode, which is designed for 15, 30 and 45 minutes of work cycle to choose from.

    A safety feature that many washing machines have, but is nevertheless very important – child safety. The program locks all the main buttons and does not allow to change the mode or cancel the wash, as well as open the drum door.

    The machine is equipped with a self-diagnostic function, after each wash it checks the functionality of the model and modes. In case the system finds errors or potential problems, the information will be displayed on the large digital display mounted on the front of the case.

    From the review of Yandex.Marketa with the status of “Verified User”: “Easy and clear operation, the display does not hang and the rotary knob turns out smoothly. Favorite feature was the delicate washing, you can wash any type of fabric, even the most fastidious. All types of dirt are removed effectively.


    • Large capacity drum;
    • Fuzzy Logic function;
    • 15 pre-set programs with the possibility of reconfiguration;
    • AquaStop system;
    • a mode of washing the down clothes;
    • delayed start mode;
    • a large hatch of the drum;
    • childproofing;
    • self-diagnostic mode;
    • touch panel and display.


    • no audible alerts.

    Haier HW70-BP12758S

    Rating: 4.9

    Haier HW70-BP12758S

    The final machine in the selection is a product of the well-known German brand Haier. Features a specially shaped drum. It is designed with the idea of evenly distributing the streams in the spinning process and moisturizing high-density fabrics as deeply as possible. In this way it is possible to achieve effective removal of stubborn dirt.

    This model has an energy class A+++, which is considered the maximum, with few exceptions. The machine is equipped with an inverter drive, which smoothly regulates the power and makes the washing process quiet, reliable and very economical in comparison with other types of engines.

    The inner surface of the drum and powder and detergent tray is made of Anti-Bacterial coating

    eatment. This coating slows the spread of germs, mold and mildew while keeping the inside of the drum fresh and clean. This technology is tested by the German VDE institute.

    This model has 16 programs. In addition to the standard and most common modes, the engineers added to this model a mode of washing down clothes, which allows not to lose the original shape even after several washes.

    The machine is equipped with a steam function, which improves the quality of washing, reducing creases on things and removing unpleasant odors. this model is equipped with the AquaStop system, and the built-in stabilizer protects the washing machine from power surges and helps prevent leaks. It stops the water supply if the tank is full, and protects against hose damage.

    This model also has an automatic laundry weighing function. The washing machine automatically determines the amount of water and the right wash time to ensure a good result, depending on the weight of the items loaded.

    There is a touch screen panel with a display on the top of the housing. All functions and settings are performed using the buttons that appear on the screen, or by the rotary knob on the right side of the display.

    From the review of Yandex.Market with the status of “Verified User”: “The washing machine works very quietly. It sits in the pantry behind the door. If the door is closed, you can not hear it and in the spin mode at maximum speed. Nice and smart appliances, handles all types of dirt quickly and quietly.”.


    • Exceptionally quiet operation;
    • Top energy class;
    • protection against children;
    • AquaStop system;
    • down washing mode;
    • Anti-Bacterial technology
    • An alert for the end of the wash;
    • Wave Drum technology;
    • auto-balancing system;
    • a large hatch;
    • Automatic laundry weighing function;
    • touch panel and large display.


    • no apparent flaws detected.

    The best inexpensive washing machines for a large family

    Choosing a washing machine for a large family, it is worth considering not only its maximum parameters (spin speed, for example) and the number of installed programs, but also how much laundry it can withstand “on a regular basis”, that is, endurance. Families with children, where the washing has to be started at least once a day, or even more often, should pay attention to the presented models.

    Candy GVS 1310 TWS3

    Rating: 4.6

    Candy GVS 1310 TWS3

    Let’s start the review with the Candy brand model. The machine is equipped with innovative Smart Touch technology, a feature that allows you to connect your smartphone with the washing machine via NFC system to monitor and control the washing.

    The number of programs and washing modes in this machine is one of the record – 21 modes. Water consumption for a full wash is 50 liters for a maximum load of 10kg of laundry. Top-class A+++ power consumption – a distinct advantage for those who care about energy saving.

    This model has an interesting feature – easy ironing mode. The machine releases steam into the drum at the end of the wash to smooth things out without leaving thermal clogs. In case a large amount of foam is formed during washing, an additional rinse cycle is included. The foam control function starts automatically.

    With control imbalance, if the laundry is tangled during the wash, thanks to the reverse movement of the drum the machine will distribute the items on the walls before starting the spin. If the distribution does not help, the spin will be at low speed, so as not to spoil things and the washing machine itself.

    Like many modern washing machines, this model is equipped with overflow protection, it has a built-in sensor that monitors the water level in the drum. If the level is exceeded, sensors are activated to start pumping out the excess amount of water.

    The model is equipped with the function of auto-detection of the loading, with which you can save up to 70 percent of water and electricity. Special sensitive sensors determine the weight of the things in the tank and minimize consumption.

    If there are children in the family, then the lock control will be an indispensable function, which excludes the possibility of changing the washing settings and accidental switching on or off the washing machine.


    • High energy class;
    • protection against children;
    • capacious drum;
    • Selecting the right time for a quick wash;
    • foam level control;
    • Smart Touch technology;
    • easy ironing mode;
    • automatic balancing system.


    • No possibility of additional loading of laundry.

    Whirlpool FRR12451

    Rating: 4.7

    Whirlpool FRR12451

    This model features the innovative SenseInverterMotor. It significantly reduces the noise level and ensures the longevity of the machine. The motor is very economical and consumes 30% less electricity compared to devices of a similar maximum class. Energy efficiency class A+++.

    The dimensions of this model are already quite impressive – 72 cm in depth and 59.5 cm in width, this must be taken into account before purchase in terms of ease of transport and installation. But with such a large size model and gives the advantages – the loading of laundry in the drum can be up to 12 kg. Diameter of the hatch – 34 cm. A full cycle consumes up to 50 liters of water.

    The engineers have equipped the machine with Soft Move technology which allows setting the parameters and drum rotation speed depending on the type of items. A good result with keeping the shape and color of the clothes is obtained by varying the drum rotation intensity in each of the phases of washing from the water inlet to the spin speed.

    Leakage protection installed in this model is monitored by special sensors and prevents water leakage in emergency situations.

    The 6TH Sense technology in the washing machine automatically detects the weight of the load and monitors the process throughout the wash cycle, so you can adjust the settings depending on the type of fabric. This results in additional savings on water and electricity consumption.

    Even more programs than in the previous model – as many as 23. There is an updated version of the FreshCare+ delicate washing, it starts after the main cycle. To prevent the clothes from piling up, the programme starts the drum rotation slowly alternating with the steam for the fabrics treatment.

    Asymmetrical drum rotation with auto-adjustment ensures penetration of detergents into fabric fibers so deep as to remove dirt as effectively as possible. In addition, there is an interesting feature to preserve the rich color and shape of things – Colour15.

    The machine has the Clean+ option, which adjusts the washing to the needs of each user. Three wash cycles to choose from depending on items’ soiling: intensive, daily and rapid.

    Touch screen display integrated in machine door. This is a very unusual solution that gives the washing machine elegance and takes it a step ahead of its peers even in terms of appearance.

    The appliance beeps once the washing is finished. Also, when you start additional functions after the wash, a characteristic beep is emitted.

    From a Yandex user review.The menu is “Verified User” status: “Very handy. the display on the door of the machine is surprising. The sensor is unpretentious and sensitive even when touched with wet hands. All modes are understandable and in case of a glitch or a malfunction the screen shows tips and advice”.


    • inverter motor;
    • A high capacity drum with a capacity of 12kg;
    • record number of programs;
    • Large diameter of the hatch;
    • intelligent technologies Soft Move, 6TH Sense, FreshCare+;
    • leakage protection;
    • Color and shape retention function Colour15;
    • Clean+ option;
    • touch screen display in the door of the machine;
    • Audible alarm at the end of the wash.


    • The top part of the body scratches easily and quickly.

    Schaub Lorenz SLW TW9431

    Rating: 4.7

    Schaub Lorenz SLW TW9431

    Next consider the Schaub Lorenz model, which also has a complete drying function. The dryer can be programmed to start before the wash cycle. This is a convenient and really effective technological solution, but it is worth remembering that this mode consumes a very large amount of electricity.

    This full-size washing machine model with a front-loading type, develops a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm. It has 15 programs for drying and washing things. The maximum load for washing – up to 9 kg of clothes, and when drying up to 6 kg. The hatch is big enough – 33 cm in diameter, and the door is 47 cm wide. PC cover door in this machine is much stronger and prettier because of its design, also it opens much wider than usual.

    All SchaubLorenz models are equipped with anti-drip, anti-foam, malfunction detection and locking system. As for the malfunction detection system, this feature allows in the event of a breakdown to be informed of what part needs to be replaced, thus not having to pay extra money for diagnostics in order to detect the problem.

    This model also has a quick wash mode, but it’s only limited to 12 minutes. This model also has the possibility of selecting, before washing, the degree of soiling – one of three modes. Additionally the machine has the ECO-LOGIC function, the system of clothes detection, which uses sensors to determine the right amount of water and time to continue the economical washing when half-loaded.

    The Allergy Safe function on this model rinses the laundry more thoroughly, removing detergent residues and impurities from the garments.

    From a user review Yandex.Market with the status of “Verified User”: “Quite a powerful washing machine with a large capacity. It’s a great option for a large family. The dryer mode often comes in handy, especially when time is short. Washes and dries clothes five-plus”.


    • efficient drying;
    • Eco-Logic system;
    • Foam and leak protection system;
    • Allergy Safe program;
    • LCD display;
    • Delayed start timer;
    • imbalance control;
    • self-diagnostics for malfunctions;
    • washing cycle indication;
    • easy ironing.


    • sophisticated menu management.

    Jacky’s JW 10W12TF1

    Rating: 4.8

    Jacky's JW 10W12TF1

    Jacky’s BLDC inverter washer not only makes less noise, but also saves energy. Energy class of this model – A+++.

    Washing machine dimensions are the most standard – 60 cm in width and 63.2 cm in depth. Maximum spin speed of up to 1200 rpm and a capacity of up to 12 kg. Diameter of the loading hatch of this model is one of the biggest – 47 cm.

    Pearl Drum technology. The drum itself is made of corrosion-resistant metal, and the convex hemispheres of varying sizes on the inside are stylized to look like pearls – hence the name. They prevent the fibres from being pulled out through the drum holes and minimise the risk of tearing or deforming the fabrics.

    Joint work of Jacky’s designers and constructors resulted in a new development – Boomerang cabinet. This design is based on the laws of acoustics, thanks to its relief similar to many small boomerangs, creating one big pattern, the walls of the case, covered with such relief, partially absorb the air waves. This technology enables the appliance to operate quite silently even at maximum spin speed.

    In the machine there are 15 standard programs with a preset algorithm of actions, each of which contributes to cleaning of different types of things. On this model, the pre-set programs can be reset to your liking or to the factory settings.

    Engineers have installed and professional function Allergy Smart – a program designed against allergens. Things are rinsed more thoroughly, helping to remove even the smallest residues of detergent and dirt from fabrics.

    With the “easy ironing” function installed, it is possible to remove creases and pronounced bends with the steam released into the drum.

    It is also worth mentioning and the system Auto Dosage – automatic dispensing of detergents. With it, you can pour the powder just once and for a large number of washes, up to 20 times. The system itself will distribute the required amount and prevent the lack of powder during washing.

    From the review of Yandex.the “Verified User” status: “Incredibly high drum capacity up to 12 kg. It was hard to find a good, inexpensive model with these parameters”.


    • automatic detergent dosing system;
    • easy ironing function;
    • anti-allergen mode;
    • Twin Jet technology;
    • Noise-canceling Boomerang;
    • Capacity up to 12 kg;
    • The drum is made by Pearl Drum technology
    • BLDC inverter motor.


    • no additional load of laundry.

    Electrolux EW8F3R28S

    Rating: 4.9

    Electrolux EW8F3R28S

    Last in the review will consider a washing machine from the brand Electrolux, but now with parameters that are suitable for a large family and with a system of washing control – SensiCare. It automatically adjusts the desired washing time, protecting things from deformation and loss of color. The system changes the duration of the wash based on the received data on the number of items loaded in the drum and their weight.

    Energy class of this washing machine – A+++. The drum can hold up to 8 kg of laundry. The tank of this model is made of plastic, which affects the reduction of weight and reduces the noise when washing, but increases its fragility, such as when transporting the machine.

    The maximum spin speed of this model reaches 1200 rpm. In the memory there are 5 spin speeds to select the desired one. If necessary, the spin can be switched off with a separate button.

    As for the standard programs for washing, then this machine has 14 of them. From the additional functions of imbalance control, child lock. The particularly effective delicate washing gets a lot of positive feedback from average users.

    This washing machine has the EcoTimeManager economy mode. It allows you to adjust the duration of the washing cycle without additional power consumption, as the machine will control the whole process and regulate the consumption.

    To rid fabrics of various allergens and harmful microorganisms, was developed Anti-Allergy Vapour system which combines a mixture of hot steam and an intensive washing program. There is also a function of delicate washing, which runs after the main cycle. With this mode, things retain a pleasant fresh smell even hours after washing.

    From the user review Yandex.Verified User status: “The Anti-Allergy Vapour program combines hot steam and intensive washing to rid the clothes of germs and allergens, this has a very positive effect on the health of the family. Especially if there are asthmatics in the family.”.


    • high energy class;
    • volumetric drum;
    • Soft+ system;
    • EcoTimeManager economy mode;
    • Anti-Allergy Vapour System;
    • super rinse mode;
    • automatic balancing system;
    • washing control system – SensiCare;
    • delicate washing function;
    • touch screen display.


    • high price.
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