13 best wall mounted gas boilers

*Editor’s review of the best upright vacuum cleaners. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

While blue fuel in Russia is still the most available raw material for thermal energy. Therefore, gas boilers are very popular in the domestic market. The distinctive features of these heating devices are reliability, durability, ease of operation, easy maintenance. Since many of today’s models are equipped with electronic control, the consumer is required to bring the place of installation of 220 V outlet and buy a voltage regulator. Recommendations of our experts will help potential buyers to find their model in a variety of gas boilers.

Wall mounted gas boiler selection recommendations

Construction features. Search for the right heater should start with its design.

  1. Single-circuit models have a narrow focus, heating the coolant in the heating system. They are characterized by simplicity and affordable price.
  2. The two-circuit devices look more complicated. They can perform two important tasks at once: to warm the house and provide hot water to the occupants. Such a boiler costs more, but in the end the consumer will be able to save.

EFFICIENCY.The efficiency of the gas boiler is determined by the efficiency factor. This indicator is expressed as a percentage, the higher it is, the less loss will be when burning blue fuel.

  1. Modern convection models quite effectively burn gas, their efficiency reaches 92-93%.
  2. Condensing boilers are about 12-17% more efficient, so the efficiency reaches 106-109%.

Accessories. Many users, buying cheap gas boilers, faced with additional financial costs. That is why when choosing a model it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a circulating pump and an expansion tank. It is also not unreasonable to consult with installers about the ducts and chimney.

Safety.The blue fuel, despite its environmental friendliness, poses a danger to the occupants of the house. The gas has a poisonous effect on humans, and in case of an accidental spark, the gas mixture can explode. The most important elements of the boiler safety are:

  1. gas control;
  2. air vent;
  3. safety valve.

If the boiler is installed in the country, it is worth giving preference to models with protection against freezing, overheating and pump blocking.

The material of the heat exchanger.The most aggressive environment for the heat exchanger. The outer wall is exposed to high temperature, and the inside is destructive to the coolant (water or antifreeze). The most durable heat exchangers made of copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

We selected the 12 best wall hung gas boilers in the review. All of them are sold in the Russian trade network. When assigning the places, the editorial staff of exprtology magazine based on experts’ opinions, taking into account the reviews of users. This review is based on an analysis of technical characteristics of boilers on the RankQua website

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    Rating of the best wall mounted gas boilers

    Best convection type wall mounted gas boilers1Vaillant turboTEC pro VUW 242/5-3 24 kW two-circuit76 520 €
    2BAXI ECO-4s 24F 24 kW double circuit46 900 €
    3Viessmann Vitopend 100-W A1JB010 24 kW two-circuit48 000 €
    4Ariston ALTEAS X 30 FF NG, 30 kW77 381 €
    5Buderus Logamax U072-35K 35 kW double boiler57 000 €
    6Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN 6000-24 C 24 kW double boiler38 997 €
    7Lemax PRIME-V32 32 kW two-circuit51 403 €
    8Navien DELUXE 24K 24 kW double circuit38 600 €
    The best wall mounted gas condensing boilers1Viessmann Vitodens 050-W BPJC100 762 €
    2Bosch Condens GC7000iW 2499 799 €
    3Vaillant ecoTEC pro VUW INT IV 236/5-3 18.5 kW two-circuit116 146 €
    4Buderus Logamax plus GB172-42 i 41.9 kW single circuit223 082 €
    5BAXI LUNA Platinum+ 1.24 26.1 kW single-circuit96 006 €

    The best wall hung gas convection boilers

    The most affordable are convection boilers. They are easy to install and maintain, serve their owners long and faultlessly. However, the efficiency of these devices is slightly over 90%. Specialists liked the following wall mounted models.

    Vaillant turboTEC pro VUW 242/5-3 24 kW dual circuit

    Rating: 4.9


    The German appliance Vaillant turboTEC pro VUW 242/5-3 stands out among the competitors with European quality of manufacture. The model has a progressive system of forced flue gases removal. Dual-circuit unit can not only heat the house, but also warm water. The manufacturer has installed two heat exchangers, one of them copper (for heating), and the other is made of stainless steel (for water heating). Experts note the rich equipment, along with the boiler comes with an expansion tank and circulation pump. It completes the picture with the electronic control, thanks to which the high thermal output (24 kW) is comfortably distributed.

    Users are pleased with the economy, fast heating, durability of the boiler and comfort in operation.

    Advantages of

    • neat assembly;
    • durability;
    • rich equipment;
    • Remote control possibility.


    • costs a lot.

    BAXI ECO-4s 24F 24 kW double boiler

    Rating: 4.8

    BAXI ECO-4s 24F 24 kW two-circuit

    The combination of good quality and adequate price helped Italian gas boiler BAXI ECO-4s 24F to become the silver medalist in our review. Dual circuit model is compact and lightweight (30 kg). By type it is an atmospheric device, equipped with electronic control, clear interface, closed combustion chamber. The primary heat exchanger is made of copper, which is protected against corrosion. The manufacturer used stainless steel for the manufacture of the secondary heat exchanger.Gas boiler has a thermal capacity of 24 kW, the efficiency is one of the best among the competitors (92.9%).

    Experts and users praise the unit for the smooth ignition, the presence of a circulating pump and a filter for cold water. But some consumers have complaints about the quality of assembly.


    • quiet operation;
    • low weight;
    • maintainability;
    • easy installation.


    • skewed gasket in the chimney.

    Viessmann Vitopend 100-W A1JB010 24 kW two-circuit

    Rating: 4.7

    Viessmann Vitopend 100-W A1JB010 24 kW dual circuit

    German heater Viessmann Vitopend 100-W A1JB010 assembled in our country, which allowed the manufacturer to reduce the price. Wall mounted boiler has two circuits, which are controlled electronically. Users do not have to additionally buy a circulating pump and expansion tank. The heat output is 24 kW, with an efficiency rating of 91%. The boiler is characterized by the versatility of gas consumption (whether natural or liquefied). Experts praised the presence of useful features, from auto-diagnostics to protection against overheating.

    On the forums, users praise the gas boiler for easy operation, quiet operation, efficient heating of water and coolant. Of the disadvantages noted delayed flow of hot water when turned on, the low resistance of electronics to voltage fluctuations.


    • simple control;
    • quiet operation;
    • rich complete set;
    • low weight (32 kg).


    • fear of power surges;
    • does not immediately appear hot water.

    Ariston ALTEAS X 30 FF NG, 30 kW

    Rating: 4.7

    Ariston ALTEAS X 30 FF NG, 30 kW

    One of the most stylish appliances of this type. The manufacturer used a black body with few silver inserts. As a result, the boiler fits perfectly, even in modern interiors. Of course, with this appliance, you will not feel the smell of burning or something like that, because they use a closed combustion chamber. As for installation, it is supposed to mount the 32-kilogram monster to the wall.

    Continuing to talk about the Ariston ALTEAS X 30 FF NG, it is impossible not to return to the design of the device. The product most of all resembles an advanced musical center. On its body, you can even find an LCD display. The current parameters on it are displayed in white font, so they are immediately striking, even if the light in the room is off. And under the screen you find an elegant control panel.

    This gas boiler is a two-circuit. Its heating output varies from 13 to 30 kW. Here the efficiency is also very high. All this allows us to recommend the boiler for purchase, even the owners of large mansions. Curiously, the high power has not affected the power consumption – the device is satisfied with a normal single-phase network. However, the electricity here is used essentially only for the operation of the control panel and display.

    The boiler is able to please and some other “chips”, rarely found in competitors. For example, it includes an 8-liter expansion tank. And also the device has at its disposal a circulating pump that allows the coolant to move through the connected pipes and batteries. This means that in addition to this boiler you do not need anything else.

    What are the disadvantages of this model?? Perhaps the complaints can be made only about the cost. The device is very expensive, and therefore not every Expertology reader can afford to buy it.


    • High hot water capacity;
    • Can withstand serious pressure;
    • Stylish design;
    • Ready to work on both natural and liquefied gas;
    • Convenient electronic control;
    • High thermal power;
    • The boiler is two-circuit;
    • There is a pump and expansion tank.


    • Very high cost.

    Buderus Logamax U072-35K 35 kW dual circuit

    Rating: 4.6


    The highest capacity (35 kW) among the competitors in our review has the German unit Buderus Logamax U072-35K. It is suitable not only for heating homes, but also for creating a cozy atmosphere in workshops up to 320 sq. m. The model stands out for its high price, but experts consider it justified. In addition to performance and reliability the consumer gets a rich set of features. A circulation pump and an expansion vessel are supplied with the boiler. The device is controlled electronically, it is possible to organize remote control. Of the additional functions should be noted auto-diagnostics, flame modulation, protection against pump blockage.

    Users complain about the factory defect, which causes the formation of condensation in the tubes. The boiler goes into emergency mode and does not start.


    • rapid heating;
    • good equipment;
    • ease of adjustment;
    • modern options.


    • There are defective models.

    Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN 6000-24 C 24 kW double-circuit

    Rating: 4.5


    German gas boiler Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN 6000-24 conquered our experts with its quiet operation. And this despite the sufficiently large heat output (24 kW). The pluses of the device should include a copper primary heat exchanger, the secondary of stainless steel, economical gas consumption (main – 2.8 cu. m/h, cylinder – 2 kg/h). The boiler is well equipped, the manufacturer has equipped it with electronic control, auto-diagnostics, protection against pump blocking, flame modulation. All in order and in terms of safety (gas control, air vent, safety valve).

    Russian users are pleased with the ease of installation, economy, quiet operation. Of the minuses often mentioned overheating of water (exceeding the specified temperature), inconvenient operation, difficulties with the first start-up.


    • Neat assembly;
    • reliability;
    • effective heating;
    • noiselessness.


    • problematic first start;
    • water overheating.

    Lemax PRIME-V32 32 kW dual circuit

    Rating: 4.4

    Lemax PRIME-V32 32 kW dual circuit

    Russian two-circuit boiler Lemax PRIME-V32 is distinguished by simplicity and availability in service. Domestic device demonstrates an excellent efficiency (92%) and a high thermal capacity (32 kW). The manufacturer has also approached responsibly to the safety of operation, having equipped the boiler with a gas control system, protection against overheating and freezing. Economical consumption of blue fuel is responsible for the simulated burner. Experts note the attractive design of the device.

    Consumers liked not only the appearance, but also the high performance, high-quality assembly, good heat and noise insulation. As for the weaknesses, users note the output of electronics in case of voltage fluctuations. Some owners consider the price overpriced.


    • high power;
    • effective heating;
    • rich complete set;
    • simple maintenance.


    • high price;
    • Requires a voltage regulator.

    Rating: 4.3


    At the most attractive price sold in Russian stores wall mounted boiler Navien DELUXE 24K. South Korean model has enough power (24 kW) to heat a house with an area up to 240 square meters. m. The model looks a little more modest in terms of efficiency (90.5%), it does not have a connector for external control. The primary heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, the kit includes a circulating pump and expansion tank. The appliance has such modern features as auto-diagnosis, overheat and freeze protection, flame modulation.

    In the reviews, users are flattered to express such properties of the boiler as low price, modern design, ease of management. Of the disadvantages noted noisy operation, expensive repair, the device is not suitable for working with antifreeze.


    • low price;
    • good equipment package;
    • modern design;
    • easy control.


    • expensive maintenance;
    • noisy operation.

    The best wall mounted gas boilers of condensing type

    More economical and productive are gas boilers of condensing type. Their efficiency often passes the mark of 100%. But the condensing units have a higher price. Experts have highlighted several modern models.

    Viessmann Vitodens 050-W BPJC

    Rating: 4.8

    Viessmann Vitodens 050-W BPJC

    An excellent appliance, ready to deliver large volumes of hot water. Its nominal heat output varies from 6.5 to 24 kW. So, this model deserves a place even in a large private house. It can be placed in any room – be sure that the boiler will not strain by its noise. And also the unit will please you with a very high efficiency – here it reaches 97%.

    This model uses the modulating cylindrical infrared burner. It contributes to reduction of CO2 emissions. This means that the choice in favor of a boiler from the company Viessmann should be made even by people, seeking to cause the least damage to the environment.

    Another part of the device includes a heat exchanger made of stainless steel. The aforementioned burner is made of the same material. Interestingly, the boiler is heavy (its weight reaches 35 kg), but quite small. Also should please easy to learn control panel consisting of four buttons. There is also a display, but it is nothing extraordinary.

    The boiler is a two-circuit. A pump and an expansion tank are integrated. The volume of the latter is 8 liters. There is also a suction fan. Exactly for the work of all this good it is necessary to connect the device to the usual single-phase network.

    If we talk about the performance of this model, it can reach 13.6 l / min. As the water temperature increases, this parameter will, of course, drop. As for the consumption of gas, it is 2.4 cubic meters. m/h. Or 1.8 kg/h if we talk about the liquefied fuel. Again, the figures are correct for keeping the water temperature at 30°C.


    • There is an expansion tank and pump;
    • Autodiagnostics and frost protection are implemented;
    • Easy to master control;
    • Can work both from liquefied and natural gas;
    • The boiler turned out to be two-circuit;
    • Made of durable materials;
    • Not very big size.


    • The cost will not suit everyone.

    Bosch Condens GC7000iW 24

    Rating: 4.8

    Bosch Condens GC7000iW 24

    One of the most expensive gas boilers among the appropriate consumer status. But it is well worth the effort, especially if you intend to install such a device in a very large private home. The fact that this model can please both with exquisite design and excellent performance. At the same time, the size of the boiler can not be called very large. The same can’t be said about the weight – 43 kg might even scare some people. We recommend that you first check that the wall is capable of carrying the load.

    Almost the entire body of the device is painted white. This enables it to avoid being conspicuous. Against the background of the conditional refrigerator, the boiler is generally lost. The only thing that attracts attention is the miniature control panel, complete with a display. If you want to touch this boiler, you will immediately feel the coolness of the glass, which covers the entire front panel.

    Nominal heat output of this model varies from 3.4 to 25 kW. With it, the water becomes hot almost instantly. It also contributes to higher productivity. Heating is carried out in a closed combustion chamber. It is interesting that you can control the process, including with your smartphone – for this purpose, the gas boiler has received a wireless module. The choice is also provided in terms of fuel – gas can be both natural and liquefied. The first one consumes 2.59 cc. m / h, and the consumption of the second is about 2.2 kg / h.

    At such a cost, it is not surprising that the device has received a quality exhaust fan, which is almost inaudible. For its work, the boiler must be connected to the series 220V. It provides functionality and built-in circulation pump. Of other features of this model can be noted the presence of an expansion tank, the volume of which is brought up to 10 liters. And you can connect the boiler to the underfloor heating – at least it is declared by the manufacturer.

    So expensive gas boiler must be protected in every way. In this respect, the Bosch Condens GC7000iW 24 can only please. It implements protection against freezing – an incredibly important function for Russia. Also, the device is ready to automatically shut off in case of overheating. However, it is unlikely that something like this will happen at least once. There is also an auto-diagnostics. And this model will please you with the presence of a pressure gauge, gas control and modulation of flame.

    Perhaps, it is almost ideal single-circuit gas boiler. If its price was at least one and a half times lower – the device could become a real hit in our latitudes.


    • It is possible to control from a smartphone;
    • Many safety features;
    • Elegant design;
    • High heat output;
    • Large expansion tank;
    • There is a circulation pump;
    • Excellent performance.


    • Astronomical price tag;
    • Great weight.

    Vaillant ecoTEC pro VUW INT IV 236/5-3 18.5 kW dual circuit

    Rating: 4.8

    Vaillant ecoTEC pro VUW INT IV 236/5-3 18.5 kW dual circuit

    Reliability and performance helped the German boiler Vaillant ecoTEC pro VUW INT IV 236/5-3 become the winner of our review. Experts praised the innovative technology Aqua-Condens, through which the excess heat from exhaust gases is re-used to heat the coolant and water. As a result, the efficiency of the device reaches 109%. Two-circuit model is able to solve the problems of heating and hot water, economically consuming natural gas (2.5 cubic. m/h) or liquefied (1.8 kg/h) gas. Both heat exchangers are made of stainless steel.

    Domestic users have not found disadvantages in this model, positively noting the lightness (33.4 kg) and compactness. The device quickly heats the water, special sensors respond quickly to a suspension of gas supply.


    • record efficiency;
    • efficiency;
    • small weight;
    • safety.


    • have not been found.

    Buderus Logamax plus GB172-42 i 41.9 kW single-circuit

    Rating: 4.7


    Very impressive looks German single-circuit gas boiler Buderus Logamax plus GB172-42. Appearance of the device fascinates potential buyers, who sometimes forget about the high price. Experts praised the high thermal capacity (41.9 kW), the off-scale efficiency (109%). The model is equipped with a circulation pump, aluminum heat exchanger, display. Thanks to the electronics and the possibility of connecting an external control, consumers will get maximum operating comfort.

    Russian users are flattered about the stylish design, high efficiency of heating, convenient management. The disadvantages are the high price and difficulties with connection. There are no special ducts to the boiler on sale.


    • impressive appearance;
    • high efficiency
    • rapid heating;
    • Comfortable control.


    • high price;
    • connection difficulties.

    BAXI LUNA Platinum + 1.24 26.1 kW single-circuit

    Rating: 4.6


    The lowest price has the Italian boiler BAXI LUNA Platinum + 1.24. This single-circuit unit loses to the prize-winners of the review in efficiency (105.7%), efficiency (natural gas – 2.61 cubic meters per unit), fuel economy (fuel price – 3.4 times less than in Germany), and fuel economy (1.2 cubic meters per unit). m/h, liquefied – 1,92 kg/h). The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, the model is also equipped with a built-in expansion tank and circulation pump. Experts note the convenient electronic control, small weight (34.5 kg) and compactness of the boiler. The manufacturer has made it possible to connect the floor heating and external control.

    Users are satisfied with the rich equipment, safety level, quiet operation. The disadvantages of the model they include weather-dependent automation and high gas consumption.


    • low price;
    • convenient control;
    • lightness and compactness;
    • rich set.


    • weather-dependent automatics;
    • high gas consumption.
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