13 best double mattresses

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you should consult a specialist.

A full value rest is, of course, sleep. It allows you to restore strength, so that later a person can spend the day productively. A quality and properly chosen mattress will not only give the opportunity to get that rest, but also take care of the health of the spine, as well as improve overall health. Modern mattresses are complex engineering structures. Entire laboratories of qualified specialists develop models that later come on sale. In this article, let’s consider how to choose the right product, and what you should pay attention to when buying in the first place.

Expertology experts have prepared a rating, which includes the 13 best double mattresses.

How to choose a mattress for a double bed

  1. Varieties of.There are four basic types on the market: with a dependent spring block – the most budget-friendly, but the least popular option. Does not distribute the weight of the body evenly, and also makes any movements perceptible. If someone sits on the adjacent edge, the wave by inertia will reach, rocking the one who is already lying on the mattress; with an independent spring block – unlike the previous, the most popular choice among customers. Here each spring is placed in a separate fabric cover and works independently of the others. Such an orthopedic design properly distributes the weight of the body, and any movements of the second person, will not disturb the sleeper; springless also refers to orthopedic. Composed of several layers of different density. Usually it is latex, polyurethane foam, struttofiber, coconut fiber, sintepon, horsehair, etc. d. Most often these types of mattresses are recommended for people with a lot of weight, although suitable for any build, including lean; combined consist of a block of independent springs and layers of other materials. It allows you to adjust the degree of hardness of the product.
  2. Stiffness.The correct stiffness ensures the natural positioning of the spine. For people who weigh up to 55 kg choose the soft models, those who weigh from 55 to 90 kg – choose medium-hardness, and people over 90 kg – should buy products of high rigidity.
  3. Mattress size.A width of 160 cm is considered the optimal size. For small rooms you can choose a mattress of 140 cm to save space. But the most comfortable sizes are 180 and 200 cm. The length of the product can not be less than 190-200 cm, as it is a standard.
  4. Outer shell.The appearance and durability of the mattress depends on this parameter. Choose products with a thicker fabric layer. Jacquard and heavy calico are considered the best, as well as high-quality synthetic analogues.

Rating of the best double mattresses

Ratingseatproduct nameprice
The best double width mattresses 160 cm1Ascona Just 4 You 160 x 20034 730€
2Magniflex Merino (Merinos) 160 x 20035 600€
  • ne Mix 160 x 200
  • 25 490€
    4Promtex Orient Soft Standard Combi 160 x 20013 589€
    The best double mattresses of 180 cm width1Dream
  • ne Memory Mix Smart Zone 180 x 200
  • 41 583€
    2Promtex-Orient Soft Latex 180 x 20020 192€
    3Ascona Fitness Sprint 180 x 19028 500€
    4Ormatec Flex Standart 180 x 19013 287€
    Best double bed mattresses 200 cm wide1Dream
  • ne Paradise Massage TFK 200 x 200
  • 52 752€
    2LONAX Cocos S1000 200 x 22032 652
    3Dimax OK Medium hard 200 x 22525 392€
    4Ascona Terapia Quadra 200 x 20019 550€
    5Promtex Orient Soft Standard Combi 200 x 20016 355€

    The best double bed mattresses with a width of 160 cm

    Ascona Just 4 You 160 x 200

    Rating: 4.9

    Ascona Just 4 You

    In the first place a double mattress with a patented spring block, a development of Ascona. Each spring is shaped like an hourglass. There are 256 mattresses. per square meter. There is also a layer of latex, coconut coir and memory foam. The polyurethane foam box acts as the support edges. It separates the trimming fabric from the spring box. The shell is made of quilted knitted fabric with synthetic filling, which gives extra softness.


    • orthopedic design;
    • medium hardness:
    • The height is 20 cm;
    • memory effect;
    • independent spring block;
    • Maximum load capacity up to 110 kg.


    • relatively expensive – 37 thousand. r.

    Magniflex Merino (Merinos) 160 x 200

    Rating: 4.8

    Magniflex Merino (Merinos)

    The second place is taken by the non-spring mattress. The model was created by Italian specialists 20 years ago. It is still manufactured today with some improvements to meet modern requirements. Inside three layers: base – E

  • Microperforated dehumidifying comfortable, elastic and resilient ocel 40 sheets, with an antistatic interlayer and thermo-regulating anti-allergic layer. Outer cover double-sided (winter-summer). The summer side is made of cotton, and the winter side – of merino wool.


    • orthopedic design;
    • Increased rigidity;
    • height – 16 cm;
    • memory effect;
    • maximum load up to 160 kg.


    • relatively expensive – 35600 p.

  • ne Mix 160 x 200
  • Rating: 4.8

    Dream<li></div><p>ne Mix” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/5481666666195731-3913.jpg” height=”434″ title=”Dream</p><li>ne Mix”><p>The third position goes to another non-spring double mattress. The base consists of layers (6 pcs) and a layer of wood (6 pcs).) coconut coir alternating with layers of latex. They are all 3 cm thick. Thanks to its moderate stiffness, it is suitable for people with spinal problems. One side medium firm and the other above medium. The cover is made of quilted heavy cotton jacquard fabric.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>orthopedic design;</li><li>medium stiffness;</li><li>Height – 16 cm;</li><li>Maximum load capacity up to 150 kg.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>No division of sides on the principle of winter-summer;</li><li>Relatively expensive – 40 thsd. r.</li></ul><h3>Promtex-Orient Soft Standard Combo 160 x 200</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Promtex-Orient Soft Standard Combi

    The fourth is a double mattress made in Russia, which has different rigidity of the sides: one made of polyurethane foam is soft, the other one made of coconut coir is moderately firm. Has an independent block of springs at its core. 500 springs per square meter, which increases the maximum load of the product. The cover is made of embossed knitted fabric quilted with synthetic cotton.


    • orthopedic design;
    • The maximum load capacity is up to 110 kg;
    • the height – 19 cm;
    • reasonable price – 13 thousand. r.


    • has not been revealed.

    The best double mattresses 180 cm wide

  • ne Memory Mix Smart Zone 180 x 200
  • Rating: 4.9

    Dream<li></div><p>ne Memory Mix Smart Zone” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/990166195731-3113.jpg” height=”392″ title=”Dream</p><li>ne Memory Mix Smart Zone”><p>First place in the category double bed mattress with independent spring block. Each of the springs is placed in a separate fabric cover. This system makes the product more functional. 512 springs per square meter. There is a special felt material on both sides, leveling the surface and preventing the springs from protruding. The softer side has an innovative memory foam called Memorix which can sculpt the shape of the body and the harder side is made of coconut coir pressed with latex mortar.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>orthopedic design;</li><li>height – 22 cm;</li><li>memory effect;</li><li>Maximum load capacity up to 110 kg.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Relatively expensive – 28 thousand. r.</li></ul><h3>Promtex-Orient Soft Latex 180 x 200</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Promtex-Orient Soft Latex

    The second position receives orthopedic double mattress with an independent spring block. Number of springs per square meter is 512 pcs. Shield the block layers of dense material – spunbond. Both sides are lined with natural latex for softness and excellent ventilation. This model is not suitable for people with spinal problems, but will be a great option for healthy people who prefer soft mattresses. The knitted fabric cover is quilted with synthetic cotton – it has a pleasant feel and prevents the sheet from slipping on the surface.


    • Height – 19 cm;
    • Removable zippered cover;
    • Maximum capacity – up to 110 kg.


    • no division of sides according to the principle winter-summer;
    • relatively expensive 25300 p.

    Ascona Fitness Sprint 180 x 190

    Rating: 4.8

    Ascon Fitness Sprint

    The third line goes to the orthopedic mattress, which provides spine support in seven zones. The basis of the product is an independent spring block, where each spring has the form of an hourglass. This system can withstand heavy loads. Artificial latex on the surface (ORTOFOAM) specially impregnated with green tea extract and therefore with antibacterial properties. The cover is made of knitted fabric with silver particles. It does not absorb excessive moisture, it is safe for people with sensitive skin and allergic persons.


    • side division by winter-summer principle;
    • long service life – up to 10-15 years;
    • medium stiffness;
    • 550 springs per square meter;
    • Height of the mattress is 22 cm;
    • maximum load – up to 160 kg.


    • relatively expensive – 30 ths. r.

    Ormatec Flex Standart 180 x 190

    Rating: 4.7

    Ormatec Flex Standart

    The fourth in the ranking is a model of double-spring mattresses from the Russian company Ormatek. More than medium stiffness, therefore recommended for people with spine problems and stiff joints. The basis is made of monolithic board of special foam. This material is ideal for allergy sufferers, as it possesses bactericidal properties and is air-penetrating and does not accumulate dust. The knitted cover is quilted with synthetic cotton, which adds to the softness of the sides.


    • orthopedic design;
    • Maximum capacity up to 120 kg
    • height – 17 cm
    • reasonable price – 12100 p.


    • no side division winter-summer; – no side division winter-summer; – no side division winter-summer.

    The best double mattresses of width 200 cm

  • ne Paradise Massage TFK 200 x 200
  • Rating: 4.9

    Dream<li></div><p>ne Paradise Massage TFK 200 x 200″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/31816666195731-3313.jpg” height=”495″ title=”Dream</p><li>ne Paradise Massage TFK 200 x 200″><p>In the first place an orthopedic double mattress with independent spring block. 512 springs per square meter. Each spring is in a spunbond cover. Springing block coated on both sides with latex surface. The material is very breathable, it doesn’t accumulate unpleasant smells, as it has many pores. There is also a layer of coconut coir, which gives the product durability. The mattress quickly recovers its initial shape.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>memory effect</li><li>medium hardness;</li><li>Height – 28 cm</li><li>“Antistress” cover;</li><li>The maximum load is up to 120 kg.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>No division of sides according to the winter-summer principle;</li><li>Expensive – 56 thousand. r.</li></ul><h3>LONAX Cocos S1000 200 x 220</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=LONAX Cocos S1000

    The second position goes to the orthopedic mattress with sides with high rigidity. At the heart of the product – independent spring block S1000. There are 1020 springs per square meter. On top there is a layer of coconut coir, compressed with a solution of natural latex. The outer covering is made of jacquard with voluminous quilting. The cover is pleasant to the touch and does not accumulate dust, so it is suitable for people prone to allergic reactions.


    • Ideal for children, teenagers and people with a bad spine;
    • height – 20 cm
    • Has handles for carrying;
    • Maximum load – up to 150 kg.


    • The sides are not divided into summer and winter;
    • relatively expensive – 32600 p.

    Dimax OK Medium hard 200 x 225

    Rating: 4.8

    Dimax OK Medium hard

    The third line is occupied by a double mattress with an independent spring block and different hardness sides. One has a medium degree of firmness, made of a combination of coconut coir and natural latex. The other one, of high stiffness, is made of coconut fibre and is 2 cm thick. The sides are divided into summer and winter so that you can sink into a softer side during the colder months and choose a firmer one during the warmer months which is much more comfortable in the heat.


    • 500 springs per square meter;
    • The maximum load capacity is up to 130 kg
    • 12/18 cm high;
    • Jacquard cover of your choice (removable and fixed);
    • budget price – 11 thousand p. r.


    • is not detected.

    Ascona Terapia Quadra 200 x 200

    Rating: 4.7

    Ascona Terapia Quadra

    The fourth is a double mattress with universal medium hardness. The independent spring block with hourglass-shaped springs makes the base. This allows the spine to be supported in five important areas. There is a layer of coconut coir, which imparts smoothness, smoothness and durability to the model. Cover made of knitted fabric impregnated with antibacterial silver ions.


    • orthopedic design;
    • 550 springs per square meter;
    • height – 22 cm
    • cross zoning;
    • memory effect;
    • Maximum load capacity up to 140 kg.


    • Expensive – 40 thousand. r.

    Promtex-Orient Soft Standard Combi 200 x 200

    Rating: 4.6

    Promtex-Orient Soft Standard Combi

    In the fifth place is the orthopedic mattress, where the sides differ in stiffness. The base consists of a block of independent springs. The hard side is made of coconut coir, which provides elasticity and increased durability. The medium-hard side is made of eco-foam, i.e. artificial latex. synthetic quilted cover made of knitted fabric.


    • Height – 19 cm
    • Max. load up to 125 kg;
    • height – 19 cm;
    • 550 springs per square meter;
    • The division of sides on the principle of winter-summer;
    • The cover is removable;
    • reasonable price – 16400 p.


    • no disadvantages.
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