12 best lamp bulbs

*Editor’s top picks. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not constitute a buying recommendation. Must be consulted with a professional before purchase.

Lamps are indispensable items used by tattoo artists, manicurists, visagistes, beauticians. The magnification of the treatment surface enables even the most subtle problems to be seen and eliminates them completely. Besides those in the beauty business, the lamp is used in every field where small objects are handled. These are electronics service centers, jewelry and watch shops, dentists. For needlewomen such a device is also very relevant.

There are three types of optical devicesDesk, floor and table lamps. The first is the classic version. The lamps are mobile and can be moved from place to place as needed. Floor-type have a stationary or movable tripod. Such a three-dimensional design is more suitable for spacious rooms. Clamping screws attach the lamps to any surface in the most convenient location. Available with clothespin. They are equipped with a flexible metal sleeve to bring the magnifying glass closer to the place of examination.

The most common shapesround devices, but there are also rectangular and square ones. They also differ in optical magnification power: 3, 5, 8 and 12 diopters. Every craftsman chooses the model that is most comfortable for his work. For those who are not yet familiar with the lamp-lamp, but want to buy it, we have selected a list of 12 best of them, which by its parameters are ahead of other devices. They received the most positive customer feedback.

Rating of the best magnifier lamps

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best table lamp loupes1OKIRA LED 302 800€
2Veber 3D/8D, 1,75x/3x, 86/21 mm, with backlight2 010 €
  • ne 8609D-D 3x 153096
  • 4 282 €
    410 LED folding magnifying glass for reading and crafts MG3B-1B1 223€
    The best floor lamp1Atis-Med LL-5 on tripod with WD22 250 €
    2REXANT 3X with 60 LED backlight6 520 €
    3NUOBI 518C MAX4 980 €
  • GNTMagnifient
  • 9 208 €
    The best magnifier lamps on a clip or clamp1Rexant 5X with 108 LED backlight7 999 €
    2Aoshen 120LM-12 850 €
    3Kromatech Spotlight 2/20x, 85 mm, with clothespin and backlight (40 LED)1 930 €
    4Zhengte x8 8608-D 1547203 399 €

    The best table lamp

    Lamp Lamp LampOKIRA LED 30

    Rating: 4.9

    OKIRA LED 30 table lamp

    Gold medal winner is a lamp for professional and home use, which will create a comfortable environment, ensure high quality work, reduces fatigue. It is made of durable and safe materials. The lamp has an opaque cover to protect the lens from damage. The power button is conveniently located on the stand. Height adjustable with flexible stand. Max. 33 cm.

    Lens is made of thin glass with 3X magnification. 30 diode bulbs provide bright, even light. They let you see all the details even in the absence of natural daylight, without affecting the user in any way. Dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness and arrange the workplace as you wish.

    The platform is stable. Power consumption – economic. According to reviews, the model perfectly combines all the features you need for a good result of the work. The manufacturer took into account all the requirements of professional craftsmen and created an affordable device.


    • Durable materials;
    • wide diameter lens;
    • brightness adjustment;
    • concise design.


    • not observed.

    Veebear 3D/8D magnifying glass, 1.75x/3x, 86/21mm, illuminated

    Rating: 4.8

    Veber 3D/8D, 1.75x/3x, 86/21mm, backlit table lamp

    On the second line is a handy lamp for magnifying small details and carrying out any high-precision work. Used by manicure artists, needleworkers, watchmakers. Wide field allows you to cover a large area with your eyes. Additional lens for a more precise view of the surface. Cap protects from sunlight and mechanical shocks during transport.

    The backlight forms a smooth glow without glare. The design is very stable. No turning over in any tripod position. The model is lightweight, so easily repositionable in any comfortable position. The device has a stylish design. Sturdy plastic, rinses out dirt easily. Black color is practical to use.

    Testimonials confirm the quality of the model. Can even work in total darkness as the LEDs provide maximum illumination. The thinnest glass does not distort the image. Two magnifiers allow you to work comfortably with parts of different sizes. The model does not break down during use, all functions remain intact.


    • Double magnification: 1.75/3x;
    • 21 and 86 mm lenses;
    • Pleasant design;
    • compact size.


    • not identified.

    Lupa lamp S-
  • ne 8609D-D 3x 153096
  • Rating: 4.7

    lupa-lampa S-<li></div><p>ne 8609D-D 3x 153096″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/89516666195691-8812.jpg” height=”410″ title=”Magnifying glass S-</p><li>ne 8609D-D 3x 153096″><p>In third place with 3x optical magnification. Stable design is suitable for any job, as the risk of tipping over is reduced to zero. Larger lens size allows you to cover more surface areas. Glass magnifying glass delivers clear and crisp images without distortion. The lamp is adjustable by means of a tripod and swiveling lampstand.</p><p>The brightness of the backlight is enough for quality manicure or tattooing. The device is made of reliable and durable components. Easy to clean and damage resistant plastic surface. The lamp is mobile. Although it is quite bulky, it is easy to carry anywhere.</p><p>Users note that the device helps to comfortably arrange the work area. It has all the necessary functions for a quality treatment. The smallest details for safety of craftsman and client. Those who use this model in practice are satisfied and recommend it for purchase.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>wide viewing angle;</li><li>sturdy design;</li><li>enlarged magnifying glass;</li><li>Uniform light.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>have not been identified.</li></ul><h3>Folding lamp for reading and needlework 10 LED MG3B-1B</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=Folding table magnifying lamp for reading and crafts 10 LED MG3B-1B

    The fourth place device will be more suitable for home use than for professional use. Although according to reviews it is actively used in offices for studying documents with small print. Thanks to the folding design, the lamp can always be carried or carried with you, so anywhere to do embroidery or read a book. Ability to run on battery power expands the functionality. So even outdoors at night, the light will not help not to put off your favorite things.

    Sturdy plastic withstands shocks. LED backlight evenly distributes the light. 10 lamps in total. It has two lenses with diameters of 20 and 90 mm. The stand is not powerful, but it is stable. Due to this design, weight is significantly reduced.

    Great for lack of power, or for use as a mobile outdoor tool. Optimal combination of positive characteristics and low price made it very popular among customers.


    • tripod-transformer;
    • Battery and mains operation;
    • The primary and secondary lenses;
    • portable model.


    • Not identified.

    The best floor lamp magnifying glasses

    Atis-Med LL-5 cosmetology lamp on a tripod with a switchboard

    Rating: 4.9

    Atis-Med LL-5 tripod mounted magnifying glass with WD

    The leader becomes a professional device with a registration certificate, which is used for procedures and examinations requiring high accuracy and attention. It is equipped cosmetology and medical offices, jewelry and watch shops. The main advantage is the enlarged diameter of the lens, which is 15 cm. Glass has excellent clarity, reduces fatigue, not subject to mechanical stress.

    Optical magnification degree – 5 diopters. Cover protects lens from dust and sunlight. 60 LEDs transmit even, soft lighting, no color distortion. Employee can choose the most optimum intensity out of 5 possible. The lamp is equipped with a handle for position adjustment. A movable tripod provides stability and the possibility of easy movement.

    The model is made of quality and safe materials. Damage-resistant plastic, easy to clean, moisture-resistant. The lamp has passed all clinical and technical tests and is widely used in major medical centers and beauty salons.


    • Super slim high definition glass;
    • large size lens;
    • Several brightness modes;
    • high quality standard.


    • not identified.

    TheREXANT 3X magnifying lamp with 60 LED backlight

    Rating: 4.8

    Floor lamp 3X illuminated with 60 LED white REXANT

    The second prize winner is a device with a concise and at the same time very comfortable design. It is suitable for use by cosmetologists, manicure and tattoo artists. The model is versatile and can be used in many more applications. Reliable stability ensures safety during treatment in any tripod position. The unit is equipped with a shadow-less illumination, which allows full operation in the absence of other lighting.

    The lens is made of glass, gives a clear image. Optical power – 3 dioptres. 42 LEDs arranged in a circle. A handle is provided for adjusting the position, which helps eliminate contact with the lens. The model, like many devices of this brand, has a built-in electronic unit to minimize flicker and glare. Power consumption – 7W.

    According to reviews the lamp has a wide range of adjustment possibilities, which is very convenient for work. It is functional, easy to operate and maintain. All users gave the model high marks.


    • economical power consumption;
    • shadowless backlight;
    • optimum number of diodes;
    • Handle for changing the position of lens.


    • not identified.

    NUOBI 518C MAX magnifying glass

    Rating: 4.7

    Floor lamp NUOBI 518C MAX (60W, adjustable, stand, x2, height 180cm)

    Third place goes to the lamp, which is perfect for small beauty parlors and tattoo parlors. Its low weight makes it easy to move it to any desired position. The stability is good. The lamp stand is hollow. Can be filled with water for better surface anchoring. The height of the device is 180 cm. Flexible holder can be fixed in any position.

    LED illumination gives a bright uniform glow without flickering glare or shadows. Power control allows you to set the optimal light level. Very easy to operate, touch-screen operation. For convenience the design has a shelf for phones and two USB connectors. The customer will always have a cell phone on hand, which is very convenient for long procedures.

    Quality and reliability of the model received high estimates of users. Everything is thought over for the comfort and safety of both client and master. Flexible stand allows you to change any angle of rotation and bring the lamp as close as possible to the object. The settings are simple, the construction itself is very sturdy.


    • power control;
    • additional features;
    • easy movement;
    • optimal height.


    • not detected.

    The lamp-loupe DAY
  • GHT Magnifacient
  • Rating: 4.6

    DAY<li></div><p>GHT Magnificient Floor Lamp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/52716666195691-7812.jpg” height=”410″ title=”DAY</p><li>GHT Magnificient Floor Lamp”><p>On the fourth line is a versatile device that can be used in both floor and table position. Three levels allow you to adjust the height depending on the installation site. Range: 125/85/50 cm. This characteristic provides a wide range of applications. It is used not only in cosmetic offices, but also in watch and jewelry shops, appliance and electronics service centers. To reduce the height, simply remove the tripod leg.</p><p>The lamp has LED backlighting, which creates bright shadow-free light. The magnifying glass is big enough. Its 14.5-cm diameter makes it possible to work in the most comfortable conditions. Its design is sleek and modern. It fits in any interior. Low power consumption is another plus of the device.</p><p>Brand DAY</p><li>GHT introduced a great variant of the magnifying lamp that replaces two constructions. The device transforms quickly into a table top and back into a floor top, is extremely stable and has optimum characteristics to achieve the desired results.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>multifunctionality;</li><li>flexible attachment;</li><li>three-dimensional magnifying glass;</li><li>stylish design.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>not found.</li></ul><h2>The best magnifying lamp on a clip or clothespin</h2><h3>Rexant 5X magnifying glass with 108 LED backlight</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Rexant white 108 LED illuminated circular 5X magnifying glass on a shackle

    First place in this category is occupied by the model, which is widely used in various fields: cosmetology, jewelry, radio assembly work, handicrafts, biology, medicine. The construction consists of a lens, shadowless illumination and a pantograph mechanism. Clamp secures the lamp to any surface. The lens with an optical power of 5 diopters is made of glass. It provides a clear image with minimum distortion of objects.

    108 LEDs arranged in a circle. Their bright luminescence allows working even in absence of natural light. Thanks to the use of LED lamps, a long service life of the device is ensured. Because of the built-in electronic control unit, a flicker-free, even light is obtained, which improves the quality and efficiency of the work performed. It can be adjusted up to 100 cm in radius.

    Lamp is equipped with a protective cover. Power consumption is economical. The laconic design of the device will fit in well in any room. It is actively purchased for both professional and home use.


    • wide field of application;
    • optimal magnification;
    • The lamp does not heat up
    • good stability.


    • are not detected.

    Aoshen 120LM-1 LED beauty light

    Rating: 4.8

    LED magnifying glass on a clamp 120LM-1 Aoshen

    On the second line is a device that is suitable for beauty parlors. Its characteristics will help to perform any procedures: cleansing, exfoliation, makeup, facial waxing and much more. Equipped with a 120 LED lamp that produces bright, cool light without shadows. It increases attention and reduces fatigue in a busy work schedule.

    Case diameter: 23.5 cm. 12-cm lens with 5 diopters of power. Clamp is fixed on any surface. The tripod is retractable. Its height is 100 cm. The lamp can be fixed in any desired position. The plastic is white and meets all safety standards. The lamp is not heated, so it has no adverse effects on the skin. Lens cap to protect the lens.

    Many users rated this model as one of the best among similar offerings. The size of the lens makes the process more comfortable. The device is reliable in operation, fixation is strong. The light output is bright, all the smallest skin problems are visible. No discomfort for the client, even during a long procedure.


    • Flicker-free illumination;
    • convenient attachment;
    • high tripod;
    • protective cover.


    • are not identified.

    Kromatech Spotlight Lamp 2/20x, 85mm, with clothespin and backlight (40 LED)

    Rating: 4.7

    Kromatech Spotlight Magnifying Lamp 2

    The third place goes to the lamp, which will help in the work with any fine details. Eliminates flicker and spreads uniform, cool light, important in repair, R&D, radios, jewelry making, etc. The main bifocal lens has a diameter of 0.85 cm. Its optical power is a 2× magnification. There are 40 LEDs in a circle. They provide an even distribution of the light flux without shadows.

    A small magnifying glass with 20x magnification is used for more detailed examination. There is a switch at the base. Powered by the mains. Power efficient. A clothespin is used as a mount. It can be fixed on a table, shelf or other convenient surface. Flexible lamp holder helps move the lens to any position.

    Model has received many positive reviews. Simple and robust, it provides optimum working conditions. The lamp can be quickly repositioned if desired by attaching a clothespin to the desired location.


    • two magnifying glasses;
    • even shadowless light;
    • Comfortable and sturdy attachment;
    • energy saving.


    • not detected.

    Zhengte x8 8608-D 154720 magnifying glass

    Rating: 4.6

    Zhengte x8 8608-D 154720 Magnifying Lamp

    Completes the review with a device that is essential for chemical and biological research, jewelry making, and electronics work. It is also used at home to illuminate the space when painting and reading. Diameter of the lens is 125 mm. 8x magnification eliminates the risk of error in complex precision work. Lens material is glass.

    Circular fluorescent lighting creates even illumination without glare, flicker, or shadows. Enables operation even without natural light in total darkness. The clamp is sturdy, attaches to any surface. Can be quickly repositioned if needed. With the tripod selects the optimal position of the lamp to study a particular angle.

    Reliable design many customers like. A large lens and 8x magnification facilitates all work that requires visual zoom in on small parts and a clear image. Adjustment is quick. The lamp is very stable in any position. Economical power consumption is another sure plus of the model.


    • high degree of magnification;
    • wide range of motion;
    • glare-free backlight;
    • reliable stability.


    • are not identified.
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