12 best furniture factories

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before you buy, you should consult with a specialist.

Everyone wants to be surrounded by beautiful furniture, and the interior is favorable to rest and comfort. Important factor is the choice of furniture, which should not only be comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye and fit into the overall stylistic concept. The modern market provides an opportunity to purchase furniture products not only a variety of designs, but also any price category. But even people with a low income, buying goods economy class, they want them to last more than one year, were comfortable, had an attractive appearance.

Many are faced with a dilemma which furniture to choose: imported or Russian. Foreign brands have always had more confidence, although this trend is gradually changing. Domestic furniture not only ceased to be inferior in quality. When you buy it you can get a full range of services, from measurement to installation. Modern technologies used in production allow making furniture of different materials (MDF, MDF, solid wood) and supplementing it with interesting decorations of glass, metal, marble, etc. An important advantage is the cost, which is much lower than that of identical imported goods.

How to choose a furniture manufacturer

Buying furniture is quite an expensive pleasure, so each of us refers to its choice with the utmost care. But how not to make a mistake and make a really competent purchase? A few tips from experts to help with that.

  1. The first thing to decide on a budget, which you are willing to allocate for the purchase. Then you do not have to waste time examining collections that you can not afford, and you can immediately proceed to the selection of furniture, which counted on.
  2. Draw a schematic plan of the room or apartment with all the dimensions, then in the showroom you will be able to think of a rough arrangement of. If you yourself can not do it easily, then the consultant can help, you can also order a measuring doctor at home, who will accurately determine the size and capacity.
  3. Particle board furniture has an affordable price. MDF fronts make it more expensive. But interior items made of solid wood or exotic materials will cost much higher.
  4. Choose furniture based on a single room concept, otherwise the sofa or a wall will stand out against the general background and not make the owners happy at all.
  5. Furniture should not only be beautiful but also comfortable. In addition, it should not require complex maintenance.

The experts of our magazine have compiled a list of the best furniture factories, which throughout their existence have been able to prove to customers that their products are stylish, multifunctional and practical. It is their products that are most often purchased by Russian consumers, who then come back for more.

Rating of the best furniture factories

Rating of the best furniture factories1Shatura-Mebel4.9
6Furniture Holding4.7


Rating: 4.9

The honorable place of the rating is taken by the holding company “Triya”, which unites several large production and trading sites. The founding enterprise – Volgodonsk Wood Boards Plant – was founded more than 65 years ago. And, although the factory was founded in 2002, the year of its founding is still unknown., Over the previous decades, the company accumulated enormous experience and implemented the latest technology, which allowed the company to take a leading position in the furniture market of the country.

The range includes living rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, armchairs, sofas, hallways, kitchens, tables, chairs. There is also a line for office workers and executives. Raw materials come from a large logging company. It is then used to produce chipboard, which is an environmentally safe product. In addition to its own components the factory uses accessories and mechanisms of major foreign manufacturers.

The company motto: “Good furniture for a good life!”. And it does not cease to prove it, producing inexpensive, stylish, functional and durable products, which are chosen by many Russian buyers and customers from neighboring countries. Dealer network has more than 400 offices, so it is not difficult to buy a furniture “Treya” not only in large regional centers, but also in small towns.


Rating: 4.7


One of the oldest companies producing furniture made of natural materials is included in the rating. Its history started more than 130 years ago, and today this factory can be proud of its production: cabinet and upholstered furniture, mattresses, bedding… Modern production technology combined with design finds make it unlike other brands. All components are bought in Russia and European countries. The whole process is automated, and strict control is carried out at each stage to exclude defects.

Furniture is made of different materials, but the main raw material is natural wood. Products made of it not only look noble and presentable, but they are absolutely safe for health, and their service life is several times longer than the furniture made of particle board. The range is organized so that you can buy a single item, such as a coffee table, or you can furnish a room or an apartment in a single concept by combining several modules from one collection.

In addition to the classic style, other styles are also presented: modern, loft, Provence. That is why every customer finds what he is looking for. Production is located in Belarus. But it does not affect the delivery time. You can order furniture in the Internet-shops or make a purchase in the salons, which are in many major cities of Russia.

Furniture Holding

Rating: 4.7


The factory has been producing quality cabinet and upholstered furniture for over 20 years. A small company over the years has grown into a holding company, with several production sites, warehouses and an extensive dealer network. In addition to its own quality control the products are tested for environmental friendliness. This is confirmed by hygienic certificates. Variety of assortment includes more than 700 pieces of furniture. All furniture can be combined to your liking, so you can create your own interior.

Lines have a wide price range. In 2015, a new direction was created, which presents premium furniture. It is made in a classical style, the facades are patinated like antique. Mainly handmade work is used in production, that is why every item is exclusive and worth attention of the most demanding customer.

We sell wholesale or retail in company stores or through dealer online stores. Customers appreciate quality and functionality of the factory products. Many have noted that 90% of the goods are made according to non-standard designs. Another undoubted plus is considered to be the system that includes not only delivery, but immediate lifting to the floor and assembly.


Rating: 4.6


The factory, which is included in the rating, traces its history back to 1992, and from the beginning it was called “Raduga”. 18 years later it was renamed to Blando, and today it is widely known in all regions of Russia thanks to the highest quality and practicality of upholstered and cabinet furniture. Production facilities occupy 5,000 sq.m. of floor area. meters. All products are manufactured on high-tech equipment, and the staff is selected with special care. That’s why customers get stylish and durable furniture, pleasing to the eye.

Bed and sofa components are purchased from world leading suppliers from Spain, Germany, Turkey and China. Seven years ago, the factory launched a joint line with foreign partners, presenting a new collection with the Italian brand Rossetto. Therefore, the range is not only a rich choice, but also a wide price range.

The company follows fashionable trends in the furniture market. Its representatives are regular participants of international exhibitions and forums where they gain and share their experience. The factory production is presented in more than 50 salons across the country. Buyers appreciate the high-quality service, on-time delivery, polite staff, as well as the user-friendly interface of our online store.


Rating: 4.6


More than 20 years ago in Kaliningrad a small production facility was founded, which gradually expanded, and in 2002 the furniture was shipped to Russia, where two years later the first showrooms were opened. It has become recognizable, thanks to the use of design solutions that have been implemented since the beginning of production, and today they can be seen in various elements of furniture. Innovative and natural materials are used as raw materials.

The product range includes ready-made sets of living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, hallways, and modular systems that can be assembled based on the size of the room and the customer’s desire. Vivid details, unusual elements and shapes are attracting more and more customers to “Lazurit” furniture. A variety of styles will help you create the interior of your dreams. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of their products and provides unlimited warranty on components, 36 months – for all furniture, 72 months – on condition of factory assembly.

The products of the Kaliningrad factory have long been popular among customers who appreciate quality, practicality, modern designs and are ready not to save money, but to buy environmentally safe products at prices that fully correspond to it. Many people who are already the owners of “Lazurit” furniture confirm not only its attractive appearance, but also the reliability of components, durable plating boards, which are resistant to moisture and temperature changes.


Rating: 4.5


We include in our rating the factory, which began its activity more than 20 years in the city of Bogorodsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. Today its products can be found in many furniture hypermarkets across Russia. Specialists of the highest category and modern equipment – this is the success of the company, which makes stylish, inexpensive, high-quality products, serving more than one decade.

The range of upholstered and cabinet furniture is constantly updated, taking into account fashion trends and new technologies, so buyers are offered both classic models, which always remain popular, and those that have just appeared on the world furniture markets. Production is equipped with German and Italian woodworking and sewing machines. Accessories are purchased from Russian and foreign suppliers.

Both natural and synthetic fabrics are used, which will impress even the most demanding customer with variety of colors and textures. A separate line of couches and armchairs made of high quality leather of special treatment. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, where defects are timely eliminated. Ready-made furniture is tested for durability and environmental safety. Buyers have noted that it is of high quality and affordable cost, all the mechanisms work smoothly, so everyone is happy with the purchase.


Rating: 4.5


In our rating “Soyuz-mebli” was not accidentally included. For more than 15 years, its products are a success with customers, and they are sold in many regions of Russia. The wide range allows you to choose furniture for one room or fully furnish your apartment. These are kitchen sets, children’s sets, hallways, closets and sliding door closets. Computerized production eliminates inaccuracies when cutting boards. Proven domestic suppliers provide fittings.

All raw materials are carefully selected, so safety and environmental friendliness is not a question. Buyers are offered to choose ready-made sets or create a modular system together with a professional designer. All wishes down to the smallest detail will be taken into account. Style solutions are also diverse. You can opt for timeless classic or give preference to modern furniture in Art Nouveau style.

Dealer network covered more than 50 cities of the country. Price range is wide and depends on the selected materials, model and accessories. In any case, each buyer can pick up a set on their budget. Delivery is carried out strictly according to contractual terms. According to the feedback after assembly, there were no claims to the quality. The furniture really looks stylish, multifunctional and durable.


Rating: 4.5


Katiusha is one of the largest Russian cabinet furniture factories. It was founded in the 30s of the last century. And during its development has not once changed the direction, but as a result stopped at the furniture production. In addition, the company is a leader in the manufacture of chipboard and particleboard. The concern owns the brand “Dyatkovo”. It produces children’s and youth sets, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, which have repeatedly won awards and prizes for design, environmental friendliness and functionality.

“Katyusha completely provides its production with raw materials and components, that is why the quality control is carried out from the zero cycle to the testing of finished products. High technological imported equipment was made specially for Russian company. The assortment is impressive. It is represented by several styles, and the original designs do not leave any buyer indifferent.

The furniture is not only characterized by high performance. Another important advantage is its affordability. Buyers with average income will be able to pick up the furnishings to their taste. According to customers who already use “Katusha” products, it really is one of the best factories, which provides both quality furniture and materials for other productions.


Rating: 4.4


The factory that specializes in the production of upholstered furniture completes our rating. The wide price range of the presented goods allows you to buy a set, a modular system, a separate chair or a sofa from the economy to the premium category. The latest equipment is installed in the production. Most processes are automated. Russian and imported components are subjected to visual inspection and metric control.

Natural and synthetic upholstery fabrics are available in a variety of designs. Finished products are always tested before they reach retailers. The lineup is constantly updated and supplemented by modern products with unique design solutions. The factory has more than once won prestigious awards and continues its development.

Its main difference is that it does not matter what price category the furniture is purchased. Guaranteed quality, practicality and long service life is in every model. That’s why customers distinguish the factory “Slavic Furniture” among many other manufacturers. Its products can be purchased in many major regional centers, as well as order delivery to any city in the country.

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