11 most economical boilers

When designing a private home, one of the responsible moments is to choose the type of heating. Since the expanses of our country are infinite, the climate in different regions differs significantly. Therefore, the choice of boiler for the heating system has to be approached in terms of weather conditions and the availability of a particular source of energy. An important factor for many homeowners is the safety of operation, this primarily applies to buildings where children or elderly people are left alone for a long time. Today the market offers a wide range of boilers, they seriously differ in price and technical characteristics. Recommendations of our experts will help to choose the most suitable boiler for each specific home.

How to choose an economical boiler

Boiler type. Several types of boilers are currently popular in Russia. The choice depends on the characteristics of each region.

  1. If a gas line passes through the settlement, most homeowners try to connect to it. Blue fuel is still the cheapest source of thermal energy. Gas boilers have a higher price, and consumers spend a lot of effort and nerves in the design, laying the gas line, connecting and subsequent maintenance. But in the end the cost of heating will be the lowest.
  2. Solid fuel boilers, as well as devices that run on diesel fuel, have one significant disadvantage. They require the constant presence of an adult. In addition, a lot of trouble arises with the delivery of solid and liquid fuel, its storage and subsequent disposal of combustion products.
  3. Electricity allows you to create the most safe and environmentally friendly heating system. At the same time, it will fit seamlessly into the concept of “smart home”, you can control and monitor the electric boiler remotely. The only disadvantage of this type of energy is the high price.

Choice of heat output. One of the main parameters of any boiler is the thermal capacity. Knowing the area of your home, it is not difficult to choose a suitable model. Experts advise to follow a simple formula. For comfortable heating of a room with a height of 3 m and an area of 10 sq. m need to consume 1kW of thermal energy. So for a house with a total area of 120 sq.m., the most economic electric boiler. A boiler with a maximum thermal capacity of 12 kW is suitable. But it is better to have a device with a small margin of 10-15. When buying a boiler, you should pay attention to the efficiency of the device. The higher this value, the less power reserve is required.

Equipment set. Many consumers focus on the value of the boiler when choosing a boiler. Some manufacturers are going for a trick, they offer a low price at the expense of the minimum package. Serious influence on pricing have such nodes as a circulating pump and an expansion tank.

Additional options.To make the exploitation of heating boiler was comfortable and carefree, modern devices are equipped with a whole set of options.

  1. Autodiagnostics helps to detect malfunctions in time, which will reduce the cost of repairing the device.
  2. Electronic control minimizes the homeowner’s attention to the heating system. Having adjusted the device for a certain temperature range, you can stay away from the boiler for weeks.
  3. Protection against overheating and freezing will prevent damage to the heating line and the boiler in case of force majeure.

Overall dimensions and weight.Not all homes have spacious boilers. Part of the homeowners prefer to buy compact and lightweight models of the wall type. This point should also be taken into account before buying, making a simple measurement of the selected space for the boiler.

We have chosen 11 most economical boilers in our review. All of them are sold in Russian retail network. In allocating the places, the editors of expertology magazine took into account the opinion of the expert community and feedback from domestic consumers.

Rating of the most economical boilers

onic Heat 3000 12 11.88 kW single circuit
Ratingplaceproduct nameprice
The most economical gas boilers1Vaillant turboTEC plus VU 122/5-5 12.1 kW single circuit45 260€
2Ariston CARES X 15 FF NG 15 kW dual circuit32 520€
3BAXI ECO Four 1.14 F 14 kW single-circuit30 460€
4Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN 6000- 12 C 12 kW two-circuit27 680€
5Buderus Logamax U072-12K 12 kW double-circuit27 429€
6Vaillant turboFIT VUW 242/5-2 23.7 kW dual circuit34 350€
The most economical electric boilers1Electric boiler Bosch
42 016€

Scat 12 KE /14 12 kW single boiler

31 540€
3EVAN Warmos-IV-9,45 9.45 kW single circuit16 563€
4Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12 12 kW single circuit32 210€
5ZOTA 9 Lux 9 kW single circuit16 280€

The most economical gas boilers

In our country gas is the cheapest and most convenient fuel. Therefore, gas boilers are in steady demand. With their help, you can create a cozy atmosphere in large and small buildings, getting not only heat but also hot water. The experts have chosen several effective models.

Vaillant turboTEC plus VU 122/5-5 12.1 kW single circuit

Rating: 4.9

Vaillant turboTEC plus VU 122/5-5 12.1 kW single circuit

The optimal combination of power and efficiency made the Vaillant turboTEC plus VU 122/5-5 gas single boiler the winner of our review. With a thermal capacity of 6.5 to 12.1 kW, the consumption of natural gas will be about 1.4 cubic meters of gas. m/h. The appliance can also run on liquid fuels, in which case it burns up to 1.31 kg of mixed hydrocarbons per hour. The experts attributed the copper primary heat exchanger, the capacious expansion tank (10 liters) and electronic control to the pluses of the boiler. Among the useful features should be mentioned auto-diagnostics, auto ignition, protection against overheating and freezing, modulation of the flame.

Domestic users have praised the German quality, comfortable operation, efficiency, ease of installation. The only disadvantage is the high price.


  • economical gas consumption;
  • Good heat output;
  • copper heat exchanger;
  • rich functionality.


  • high price.

Ariston CARES X 15 FF NG 15 kW two-circuit

Rating: 4.8

Ariston CARES X 15 FF NG 15 kW double-circuit

The two-circuit design has the Italian gas boiler Ariston CARES X 15 FF NG rated at 15 kW. It is equipped with a separate heat exchanger, built-in circulating pump and an expansion tank of 8 liters. The primary heat exchanger is made of aluminum, for the manufacture of secondary heat exchanger used stainless steel. For ease of operation the manufacturer has applied electronic control and digital display with backlight. Experts liked the high efficiency (92,9%) and the economical consumption of 1.59 cu.m. m/h. The boiler can use liquefied gas, the flow rate of which will pleasantly surprise users (1.17 kg / h).

The second line went to the Italian boiler because of some critical reviews. They relate to the setting of the device and the short duration of the primary heat exchanger.


  • high efficiency;
  • economical consumption of gas;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • electronic control.


  • Short-lived aluminum heat exchanger.

BAXI ECO Four 1.14 F 14 kW single-circuit

Rating: 4.7


Another device from Italy got on the podium of our review. Single boiler BAXI ECO Four 1.14 F with the maximum power of 14 kW is able to heat the house area up to 140 sq.m. m. Experts highlighted such advantages of the model as continuous flame modulation, smooth electric ignition, adaptation to Russian conditions. The manufacturer has equipped its device with a copper heat exchanger with additional corrosion protection, a 6-liter expansion tank and a circulation pump. For ease of use, there is an LCD display and self-diagnostic system.

Domestic homeowners flattering reviews on thematic forums about the reliability, versatility and unpretentiousness of the boiler. Of the disadvantages noted noisy operation and expensive spare parts.


  • continuous flame modulation;
  • smooth electric ignition;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • versatility.


  • noisy work;
  • expensive spare parts.

Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN 6000-12 C 12 kW dual-circuit

Rating: 4.6


Lightness, compactness and reasonable price – these are the main advantages of the Bosch double boiler Gaz 6000 WBN 6000-12. It is suitable for heating a small house with the area up to 120 sq. m. With a maximum thermal capacity of 12 kW, the model consumes up to 2.1 cu. M/h natural gas or about 1,5 kg/h liquefied fuel. Experts paid attention to the copper heat exchanger, stylish design and quiet operation. The model is simple and easy to set up, many buyers were able to adjust the boiler by themselves. But the unit stopped one step away from the prize because of feedback from users.

Homeowners complain about failures in electronic control, after which the boiler begins to live its own life. In addition, the cost of repair severely affects the purse of consumers.


  • small weight (28 kg);
  • reasonable price;
  • quiet operation;
  • easy operation.


  • fallen defective control units;
  • expensive repairs.

Buderus Logamax U072-12K 12 kW two-circuit

Rating: 4.6

Buderus Logamax U072-12K 12 kW dual-circuit

At the most attractive price sold on the Russian market two-circuit gas boiler Buderus Logamax U072-12K 12 kW. This lightweight (29 kg) and stylish device is designed for home heating systems with an area of up to 120 sq. m. The model has an electronic control, circulation pump and 8-liter expansion tank. Experts were pleased with the German quality and copper heat exchanger. The device can operate on both natural and liquefied gas, with a flow rate of respectively 2.1 cu.m.m/h and 1,5 kg/h. While few Russian homeowners have purchased this boiler, so the editorial board decided to give it the fifth place in the review.

From the rare reviews on thematic forums, we can conclude that the device works quietly and efficiently, providing residents with both high-quality heating and hot water.


  • stylish design;
  • affordable price;
  • complete set;
  • versatility.


  • low popularity.

Vaillant turboFIT VUW 242/5-2 23.7 kW two-circuit

Rating: 4.5


The economical two-circuit boiler Vaillant turboFIT VUW 242/5-2 with the highest efficiency (93,5%) stands out against the competitors. And the model is the clear favorite in terms of capacity (23.7 kW), which allows you to heat large houses. German development is produced in Turkey, with no complaints from experts and users about the quality of assembly. Of the advantages, you can note the copper primary heat exchanger and the secondary node of stainless steel. As for the weaknesses, this is primarily a serious “appetite” (up to 2.66 cu. m/h). But not only the voracity and heavy weight predetermined the place in our review.

Many users complain about the expensive maintenance of the device. It is difficult to set up on their own, and diagnosis or replacement of a minor part of the boiler costs a pretty penny.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • high power;
  • excellent efficiency;
  • stylish design.


  • difficult adjustment;
  • expensive maintenance.

The most economical electric boilers

More and more often owners of private homes use electricity for space heating. When a building has a centralized heating system, it is more profitable to buy an electric boiler, rather than separate radiators. The advantages of such devices experts refer to the safety and full automation of heating. Here are the most effective electric boilers.

Electric boiler Boschonic Heat 3000 12 11.88 kW single circuit

Rating: 4.9

jelektricheski kotel Bosch<tr></div><p>onic heat 3000 12 11.88 kW single-circuit” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/6716666194261-6211.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Electric boiler Bosch</p><tr>onic Heat 3000 12 11.88 kW single-circuit”><p>The example of rational transformation of electricity into heat energy is a German boiler Bosch</p><tr>onic Heat 3000 12. This single-circuit model has a unique efficiency (99.7%). The electric device can operate from both the domestic (220 V) and the power (380 V) network. The maximum heat output of the device reaches 11.88 kW, which allows you to heat a house with an area up to 120 square meters. m. The manufacturer has set 3 levels of power, the maximum temperature of the heat carrier reaches 85 ° C. The editorial staff of expertology magazine put the German boiler in first place.<p>Experts, like users, pay attention to the possibility of controlling two circulation pumps. This solves the problem of automating two heat sources, such as solid fuel and electric.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>German quality</li><li>high efficiency;</li><li>lightness and compactness;</li><li>controls two circulation pumps.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>sounds like a kettle.</li></ul><h3><p>Scat 12 KE /14 12 kW single-circuit</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=PROTHERM SCAT 12 KE /14 12 KW SINGLE-CIRCUIT

Despite the low demand for electric boilers in Russia, the Slovak manufacturer has already sold more than 250 thousand. heating devices. To single-circuit model Protherm Scat 12 KE /14 it is difficult to pick on not only the skeptics on the thematic forums, but even the experts. The strengths of the device should be attributed ease of operation, compactness, high power (12 kW). Just a little model inferior to the leader of the review in terms of efficiency (99.5%). Of the modern functions can be allocated autodiagnostics, the possibility of connecting an external control.

House owners have not found any special disadvantages of the Slovak boiler, except for high power consumption. Service workers warn about the weak ignition board, the problem is solved by installing a voltage regulator.


  • easy connection and control;
  • compact dimensions;
  • high power;
  • A lot of useful options.


  • weak ignition board.

EVAN Warmos-IV-9,45 9.45 kW single-circuit

Rating: 4.6


A wide range of products for heating systems produces firm EVAN. The manufacturer has an effective electric boiler Warmos-IV-9,45, which can heat a house with an area up to 95 square meters. or provide residents with hot water. Experts gave the model a bronze of our review for its affordable price and three-stage power control. Electronics provides the set temperature of the air within 1 degree. The device is somewhat inferior to the leaders in efficiency (99%). Single-circuit model is equipped with such modern options as auto-diagnostics, underfloor heating connection, protection against overheating and freezing.

While Russian homeowners are wary of the electric boiler EVAN Warmos-IV-9, 45. This is due to the unreliability of the predecessors.


  • low price;
  • electronic control;
  • Many useful options;
  • compact size.


  • incomplete equipment;
  • only three-phase connection.

Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12 12 kW single boiler

Rating: 4.6

Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12 12 kW single-circuit

Many modern solutions were introduced by German designers in the development of the electric boiler Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12. This economical single-circuit model has a maximum capacity of 12 kW, with an efficiency of 99%. The manufacturer has provided only for three-phase connection, which somewhat limits the scope of application. The model is equipped with a built-in circulating pump and a 10-liter expansion tank. Electronic control unit smoothly and accurately regulates the temperature in the building. Experts draw attention to the possibility of connecting the device to the underfloor heating system. The manufacturer has provided the ability to control from the outside.

Among Russian homeowners, few use the German electric boiler. Potential buyers are discouraged by the high price.


  • high power
  • the German quality;
  • complete set;
  • electronic control.


  • high price;
  • three-phase connection.

ZOTA 9 Lux 9 kw single loop

Rating: 4.5


Another budget and economical electric boiler is in our review. This is a domestic development ZOTA 9 Lux. In addition to the attractive price single-circuit model drew the attention of experts versatility of connection. The device heats the coolant to a record temperature of 90. Included with the electric boiler is a sensor of the street temperature and room thermostat. The model is equipped not only the usual options (auto-diagnosis, protection from overheating and freezing), but also a programmer. The boiler can also cope with the connection of the underfloor heating, and you can regulate the microclimate in the house with external control.

Users in the reviews highly appreciate the convenience of operation. Only expensive maintenance is unpleasantly surprising, as well as unreliable heating elements.


  • affordable price;
  • Versatility of connection;
  • High temperature of the coolant;
  • Programmable.


  • Expensive service;
  • incomplete set.
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