10 best shower cabins 90×90 cm

*Editor’s review of the best. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before you buy it, you need to consult with a specialist.

Nowadays people more and more often refuse to use the familiar bath in favour of a shower cabin. And if there is not much space left for its installation, you need to look for a compact model. We recommend to pay attention to the ones with dimensions of 90×90 cm. About the best of them we will tell in this material. To acquaint you with these shower enclosures, we ourselves have read a lot of customer reviews and tests of specialized publications.

Rating of the best shower cabins 90×90 cm

The best shower cabins 90×90 cm with a low tray1Grossman GR-12192 100 €
2Frank F60577 000 €
3WELTWASSER Werra 90458 800 €
4Gerutti Bella 90cm*90cm69 900 €
5Timo Ilma-90979 990 €
The best shower cabins 90×90 cm with a high tray1Timo Lux T-779098 135 €
2WELTWASSER Aller 90344 700 €
3Band Hours Bora B57 286 €
  • T ER 3509TP
  • 32 726 €
    5Niagara NG-6508-1425 000 €

    The best shower enclosures 90×90 cm with a low tray

    Grossman GR-121

    Rating: 4.9

    Grossman GR-121

    Rating: 4.9

    One of the prettiest showers of the very small size. Here are used three glass walls, and a low tray will not let even a child trip over it. To be precise, the latter is only 15 cm high! Stainless steel was used for the tray, which additionally has a non-slip acrylic coating. The manufacturer assures that this tray will retain its perfect appearance for many years.

    This is not the cheapest shower cabin. In this regard, it has received a number of distinctive features. For example, it comes with 5 mm tempered glass. At the same time you can not be afraid to break it, because it is implemented protection against cuts. The door is hinged, and it is mounted on heavy-duty steel hinges. Of course, such a cabin could not do without lighting. You’ll also be getting a rain shower – in addition to the traditional hand shower head on the flexible hose.

    Since this is a very expensive shower cabin, it could not do without hydromassage jets. Three shelves, where you can place a lot of shampoos and the like, will seem to be no less useful. And this is with a relatively small size of the cabin! By the way, visually they don’t seem to be. Perhaps the perception, once you’re inside, is influenced by the volumetric mirror placed on the back wall.

    The high price of Grossman GR-121 is also confirmed by the control panel. It is touch-sensitive. At the same time you should not think that one day something will necessarily happen to it. The manufacturer claims that the remote control works at any temperature, and it certainly does not fear the water. With this accessory you can turn on the lights, activate the radio, as well as activate the forced extraction.

    Reviews on the Grossman GR-121 prove once again that this is hardly the ideal shower enclosure. For example, Peter wrote the following in the online store Grossman: “The cabin has been working for three years, with no complaints. Replaced the siphon and magnetic seals. It’s a delicate remote, but it works well.”. Other buyers don’t know what to complain about either. The only exception – many people miss the towel rack with watertight protection.


    • Thick glass with anti-cutting protection is used;
    • The swing doors are located on durable hinges;
    • The tray has an anti-slip coating;
    • The cabin has a new generation touch screen remote control;
    • There is a radio and lighting;
    • Forced soaking is implemented;
    • Horizontal whirlpool jets are available;
    • A large number of shelves;
    • There is a volumetric mirror;
    • Tropical shower is implemented.


    • A sealed towel rack could be added;
    • Very high price.

    Frank F605

    Rating: 4.8

    Frank F605

    This shower cabin has the shape of a quarter of a circle. So it’s perfect for a corner of a relatively small bathroom. Its main advantage is a modern appearance. It is achieved by using expensive materials and very rich internal filling. It includes a full-fledged whirlpool – if you wish, the water will pour from three vertical jets. As for the watering can, it provides three modes of operation. There is also a tropical shower.

    This model is one of those that can boast a huge number of all kinds of amenities. For example, the stall uses sliding doors that are instantly fixed with magnets. The doors and side walls have 6 mm thick transparent glass. In the rear part of the cabin there are white glass panes of the same thickness. The shower cabin itself is placed in the corner of the room.

    Continuing the list of advantages of Frank F605, it is impossible not to note the presence of a shelf. Shampoo, soap and washcloths are sure to fit on it. Still you will be definitely pleased with the acrylic shower tray, which is low. It even has a hair collection flask! It means that you will not clog the drain pipe.

    The Frank F605 shower cabin requires connection to electricity. In this case, not only the aforementioned hydro-massage will work. It offers an electronic control panel with which you can activate the lights and the FM radio. And also it is possible to use forced ventilation – if you feel absolutely hot.

    In fact, it is difficult to make any claims to this cabin. You get the impression that it comes with absolutely everything you need. there is even a seat. Someone can only complain about the lack of hydromassage feet. But it is present only in much more expensive shower cabins.


    • Thick and safe glass is used;
    • The tray has a low height;
    • There is a radio and lighting;
    • Forced extraction is available;
    • The doors are fixed with magnets;
    • There is a tropical shower;
    • There are shelves and a seat.


    • The doors are sliding;
    • Wouldn’t hurt to have a mirror.

    WELTWASSER Werra 904

    Rating: 4.8


    Like the vast majority of today’s shower cabins, this one has transparent glass. The manufacturer assures that it is not only durable, but also safe. Even if you break it, you are unlikely to cut yourself.

    This cabin has a shape of a quarter of a circle. This means it fits in the corner of the room. Like many other cabins of this design, the WELTWASSER Werra 904 has sliding doors. All glass panes are transparent. The exception is the glass in the two rear walls, which is painted white.

    In total, there are two showers inside this model. The handspray boasts three watering modes. The upper shower, also called tropical, has a system of Easy Clean. Also in the cabin found shelves and a mirror. It is offered to stand on an acrylic pallet. It has practically no sagging, so you can be sure of its durability. The height of the tray is only 16cm.

    Simple shower cabins do not require connection to electricity. But not the WELTWASSER Werra 904. Here it is needed for radio reception. It is interesting that it can be used to listen to music from your smartphone – for this purpose the radio has a built-in Bluetooth-module. A touch screen control panel is used to activate the appropriate setting and change the volume level. Electricity is also needed for lighting.

    This model even includes ventilation. The manufacturer did not forget about the back hydromassage – for this purpose it uses two vertical jets. Many customers are naturally delighted. For example, Igor Aliev wrote on Yandex.Market” the following: “The cabin is stylish. It looks good in the bathroom interior. Very useful hydromassage function, which I now do daily. I enjoy a tropical shower in the morning.


    • The thick tempered glass is used;
    • A thermostatic faucet is installed;
    • There is a rain shower;
    • The radio is supplemented by a Bluetooth module;
    • It has a hydromassage of the back;
    • The acrylic shower tray is installed at a low height;
    • Ventilation is present;
    • There is an overhead illumination;
    • Not forgotten shelf and mirror.


    • The doors are sliding;
    • The faucet requires high-quality water.

    Gerutti Bella 90cm*90cm

    Rating: 4.7

    Gerutti Bella 90cm*90cm

    An excellent shower cabin with a square shape, having at its disposal a tray made of ABS-plastic. The height of this very tray does not exceed 12 cm. This allows even the elderly person, who has great difficulty with every leg raise, to step into the shower. And it certainly won’t be a problem for your child.

    Double-action hinged doors are used here. There are no complaints about the translucent glass panes. They are 6 mm thick, so they cannot be broken accidentally. They are housed in a chrome profile that promises to maintain a perfect appearance for many years. The silicone seal is unlikely to fail in the near future. Separate mention should be made of the lock, thanks to which the doors reliably adjoin to each other. Here it is made of a magnet.

    Going back to the tray, we should say that it’s made of acrylic, like many modern baths. This allows it to heat up instantly, as soon as the first hot drops fall on it. The manufacturer claims that his tray is reinforced – so you can count on its long life. The cabin is also supplied with a drain, a mixer tap and many other accessories. You definitely do not need to buy anything extra.

    Like many other shower cabins in this price segment, Gerutti Bella has an overhead shower that provides a tropical shower. Inside the cabin there is a relatively simple switch that allows you to transfer water from the overhead shower to the shower head, which also has a square shape.

    This cabin will stay with you for years. But you can’t help but admit there’s something you’ll miss. Someone will want a built-in radio. Others will note the lack of lighting. However, most reviews of the Gerutti Bella have five stars. For example, such a rating was given by Mikhail Kerzhakov, who wrote on Yandex.Market” is as follows: “The tray is low, it’s easy to get in and out. The pattern on the glass did not fade or get damaged in any way after almost 10 months. The tropical shower is simply divine.


    • There is a mirror;
    • Excellent tightness;
    • Thick glass is used;
    • The tray does not bend or squeak;
    • The doors are locked with a magnetic lock;
    • There is a tropical shower.


    • There are no screws in the kit;
    • The shower head can fly out of the holder;
    • There are no lights and no radio;
    • The cost will not suit everyone;
    • There are no whirlpool jets.

    Timo Ilma-909

    Rating: 4.7

    TIMO ILMA-909

    The Timo Ilma-909 shower cabin belongs to the corner type, which is the most usual. This means that you can not place it in a niche. However, it’s not terrible – many people buy a similar cabin for a small bathroom, where it is installed in the corner. Dimensions are 90×90 cm, like all the other cabins discussed in this article.

    Acrylic sheet material was used for the shower tray. This material has antibacterial properties. Also, such a tray will not deform even under a fairly heavy person. The reason for this lies in the use of a steel frame. And moreover, the tray got anti-slip coating. The height obtained only 15 centimeters, so you can enter the cabin without any discomfort.

    Transparent sliding doors are used here. By default there is no roof, but its installation is still possible. The chair is also sold separately. As for the glass, its thickness reaches 6 mm. It cannot be broken accidentally. The manufacturer didn’t forget about the shelf, where you can usually put the soap and shampoo.

    As it is supposed, the Timo Ilma-909 shower cabin comes with a mixer tap. In this case it is thermostatic. You will also find the usual shower head, which is located on a flexible hose. Some more will be pleased with the tropical shower. Practice shows that it is the one that relaxes best. It also includes a water trap with a siphon.

    If you are expecting from the shower cabin some electronic component, we hasten to disappoint you. The Timo Ilma-909 Timo manufacturer has gone the way of economizing in this respect. There is no radio or lighting. As for the switch, it is mechanical. There are no hydromassage jets either. However, many customers do not regret it. For example, one wrote the following in the Russian shower manufacturer’s online store: “We bought it to replace our bathtub, and we don’t regret it one bit. It is much more convenient and faster to take a shower. All sorts of gadgets are absent here, and in fact they are not needed. The build quality is excellent; the rain shower is made of stainless steel.”.


    • A thermostatic faucet is used;
    • Good tightness;
    • Thick and impact-resistant glass is used;
    • An excellent acrylic tray;
    • There is a rain shower;
    • There is a shelf;
    • The handles are made of stainless steel;
    • There is an anti-slip coating.


    • There is no lighting and radio;
    • There are no whirlpool jets;
    • The doors are sliding;
    • No mirror.

    The best shower cabins 90×90 cm with a high tray

    Timo Lux T-7790

    Rating: 4.9

    Timo Lux T-7790

    This is a corner shower cabin, which has the usual sliding doors. To make them used 6-mm transparent glass. It is also implemented in the side walls. The shape of the quarter circle allowed the manufacturer to endow the insides with almost everything you need. For example, it has FM-radio. It is possible to take a shower with music. And the thick glass panels allow you not to worry that someone will hear your songs.

    As you have already understood, the shower cabin requires connection to electricity. Not only is it necessary for the radio, but also for the forced ventilation. That means you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot and you don’t have to worry about the heat. As for the faucet, it is a four-mode. Nothing special it is not, but it’s also for the best – the water of poor quality should not harm it. Also inside the cabin there are two shelves and a small mirror. Lighting has not been forgotten.

    Basically, the owners of Timo Lux T-7790 use the manual shower head. But in the morning it is better to take a tropical shower, which is also present here – it is able to cheer up really well. The buyers like the point hydromassage. It is implemented here with the help of twelve nozzles! That’s why this model is very expensive.

    Not everyone will be satisfied with Timo Lux T-7790 just because of the tray. No, there are no complaints about the quality of its manufacture – the acrylic tray has a reliable and durable steel base. But it is at a height of 48 centimeters. It’s impossible not to admit that an elderly person would have some difficulties. But this very design of the cabin is the easiest to install. And it has an undeniable advantage, as described by Maxim, who left on “Yandex.I got the following review from the Marketplace: “It’s a great tray, almost half a meter long. To be more precise – 48 cm. In a year of use has not fallen a single drop on the floor, excellent sealing of the cabin.


    • Thick, impact-resistant glass is used;
    • The tray has an anti-slip coating;
    • There is ventilation;
    • There is FM radio and lighting;
    • Mirror and shelves are not forgotten;
    • There is a seat;
    • There is a rain shower;
    • Perfectly realized whirlpool.


    • The size of the mirror will not suit everyone.

    WELTWASSER Aller 903

    Rating: 4.9


    Many showers are in the shape of a quarter circle. But in some bathrooms, such a design would look out of place. That is why there are models that have a square shape. For example, the WELTWASSER Aller 903 belongs to them.

    It has a roof and sliding doors. It’s really easy to use. And that’s despite its not-so-high price! The manufacturer even splurged on the touch control! And a thermostatic mixer, which is also an expensive treat. The cabin can also boast of an overhead light.

    The glass used here is 5 mm thick. Not a record, but you can only break such a glass with great difficulty. It is noteworthy that the back walls are also made of glass, just that it is painted white. As for the profile, it is made of anodised, chrome-plated aluminium. As a result, the design turned out quite light and pretty.

    The touch control panel is not only needed to activate the light. It can be used to turn on the ventilation. Also makes it possible to use the built-in audio system. It can play music broadcasts on FM-radio, or use the Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. I can’t believe that this feature is present in a shower enclosure, which sells for 45 thousand Euros. rubles!

    The hand shower has three fixed spray modes, as it should be. The shower head here is attached to a stretchable hose, which can be up to 190 cm long. Another thing the cabin has glass shelves, the limiters of which are made of metal. There is also a mirror – here it is decorated with facet and decorative frame.

    The stall uses an acrylic tray with a height of 40 cm. Its screen can be removed if you wish. The cabin stands on the floor with height-adjustable feet. The siphon of this model has a water trap. It’s also got a hair catching net.

    You might think that this is an ideal shower cabin, especially if you are satisfied with its square shape. Indeed, the manufacturer has endowed it with almost everything you need, even a rain shower. The achievement of perfection is evidenced by the reviews. For example, Vlad wrote on Yandex.Market” as follows: “I bought the cabin recently, and so far I’m very satisfied. It has many advantages. There are no drops in water temperature, because the mixer is thermostatic. Has a nice tropical shower. When I wash, I turn on the backlight and listen to music from the radio. There is also ventilation.”.


    • The thermostatic mixer is used;
    • The tray is made of acrylic;
    • There is a shelf and mirror;
    • There is lighting;
    • The radio is complemented by a Bluetooth module;
    • There is a tropical shower;
    • Ventilation can be activated.


    • I would like a little thicker glass;
    • Electronic control may not last very long;
    • No hydromassage.

    Band Hours Bora B

    Rating: 4.8

    Band Hours Bora B

    This is a relatively inexpensive shower cabin, which has the traditional shape of a quarter of the circle, allowing the manufacturer to find a place for hydro-massage jets. There are six in all, which should suffice for the vast majority of Expertology readers. As you have already guessed, the whirlpool works by means of a motor, which requires electricity. But a connection to one is also needed for other reasons. The fact that it uses an electronic control panel. You can also activate overhead lighting and FM radio to take a shower in the greatest comfort. The ventilation fan, which also requires electricity, means you can enjoy your showers without having to worry about too much heat.

    It uses a high acrylic tray. To be precise, it is 40 cm high. There is an undeniable advantage – even if the door accidentally opens, water is unlikely to get on the floor of your bathroom. It is gratifying that the tray and its frame are made of high-strength materials. The manufacturer claims that his creation is ready to withstand a load of up to 500 kg! Nothing bad can be said about the glass used here. They are hardened, and their thickness varies from 4 to 5 mm.

    The profile of the Band Hours Bora B cabin has been created in polished chrome aluminium. Inside, you can find a shelf for shampoo and a seat, which can be useful for mothers with children. More cabin is ready to please with quality faucet with diverter, hand shower and tropical rain. The latter has a diameter of 190 mm, which is quite enough.

    The doors are sliding. In many shower cabins, they are the first to require repair. But here they move as smoothly as possible. The manufacturer claims that in special tests they passed 100 thousand. The customer had a lot of trouble opening and closing it, and only after that did the problems occur. It’s nice that the doors got magnetic seals, like in some refrigerator – it means that steam definitely will not penetrate out.

    This shower stall could be perfect. But it lacks the essential little things. For example, a mirror wouldn’t hurt. The radio was supposed to get a Bluetooth-module, but they did without it. Also embarrassing is the fact that one customer received a Band Hours Bora B with no assembly instructions.


    • It is ventilated;
    • There’s a radio and overhead lighting;
    • Reliable sliding doors with a magnetic seal;
    • A durable acrylic tray is used;
    • There is a shelf for shampoo;
    • There is a hydromassage of the back;
    • Not forgotten is the rain shower.


    • The package may not include a manual;
    • The windows are not as thick as we would like them to be;
    • No mirror.

  • T ER 3509TP
  • Rating: 4.7

    <img width="480" alt="ER
  • T ER 3509TP” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/69916666198041-810.jpg” height=”480″ title=”ER

  • T ER 3509TP”>

    A rare case where the shower enclosure exists in two colors. In the vast majority of stores ER

  • T ER 3509TP is sold with rear walls made of white glass. But in some online stores you can also find a version with black glass. Also in the second version will be different and the front glass – it will be tinted.

    In fact, in the ER

  • There is nothing unusual about the ER 3509TP. This is a familiar shower enclosure with the shape of a quarter circle. There is even no hydro-massage! This can be explained by the manufacturer’s desire to save money. As a result, he has found that Russian sellers are asking only 30 thousand rubles for this model. rubles! Not surprisingly, it uses a classic faucet, with which water temperature variations are possible in apartment buildings. However, many buyers do not care. For example, Tatiana wrote on Yandex.In general, the cabin fully covers its cost. There is a shelf and a mirror inside. The fact that it does not have anything unnecessary and superfluous. Everything is fine, the mounts didn’t fly out, the tray is not cracked.”. It should be noted that the buyer has reinsured, using for the assembly of silicone with an antifungal effect, buying it in addition. As for the drawbacks, Tatyana noted the regular appearance of fouling on the glass. Alas, but economy made the manufacturer refuse from a water-repellent coating, which can boast the glass of more expensive shower cabins.

    The shower tray is made of acrylic. It is high, so the water will not pour out. However, after a few years of use you can still find sweat in other places – this cabin, alas, can not be called durable.

    Otherwise ER

  • You won’t be surprised by the ER 3509TP. This is the case when the manufacturer has not spared even on a tropical shower. There is no backlight, nor is there a radio. We will, of course, put it in the list of disadvantages. But someone will consider it an advantage, because this model does not require connection to electricity!


    • There is a variant with tinted glass;
    • There is a seat;
    • Very low cost;
    • There is a mirror and shelves;
    • A reliable acrylic tray is used;
    • Simple assembly;
    • You can do without sealant.


    • It cannot be called durable;
    • There is no hydromassage;
    • The glazing could be thicker;
    • No radio, backlighting and ventilation;
    • There is no tropical shower;
    • Drainage hose can require replacement.

    Niagara NG-6508-14

    Rating: 4.6

    Niagara NG-6508-14

    Many hotel owners choose this shower enclosure. The fact that this model differs from the others with tinted glass. As a result, the booth looks stylish and modern, standing out against the competition. Also, it doesn’t need to be zealously cleaned – traces of water on such glass are practically invisible.

    It should be noted that this is one of the most affordable shower cabins among those with a shape of a quarter circle. Therefore, you should not expect from it any incredible features. For example, there is no hydromassage. The manufacturer also did away with the backlighting – it wouldn’t be a bad thing with tinted glass. But here the reliable acrylic tray is used, which doesn’t sag even under a very heavy person. Its height is 45 cm. To enter the stall, you need to open the sliding doors. In short, in terms of design, nothing unusual is waiting for you.

    Despite a modest price tag, the cabin Niagara NG-6508-14 is ready to boast of a tropical shower. It turns out to be the most pleasant in the morning. It also has a classic faucet, to which the hose leading to the shower head is attached. Also inside the cabin there is a seat, which can be useful for a child or an elderly person. Among the advantages of this model it is possible to refer a removable screen. As for the siphon, it is equipped with a siphon and a water trap.

    This is the case when a shower cabin does not have anything unnecessary. It does not even need to be connected to the mains! There’s no radio or forced ventilation. But there’s a shelf for shampoo. If the manufacturer spared more money for the mirror, it would be really wonderful.

    The main drawback of this stall told one of the visitors “Yandex.Market”: “The plumbing is Chinese go…..but. Under our good pressure does not fit at all. I had to replace it completely with a Russian one, then everything was fine. Another customer mentioned the complicated assembly – the cabin comes with a not very clear manual with almost no illustrations. If you purchase the cabin from an online store, this can really be a problem. In other cases you can order the assembly by a master. But you will have to pay extra for it.


    • Tinted glass is used;
    • Reliable acrylic tray;
    • A removable screen is applied;
    • Doors slide apart without much trouble;
    • There is a tropical shower;
    • There is a shelf for shampoo;
    • There is a seat;
    • Very low cost.


    • On the glass can form a fouling;
    • No mirror and overhead illumination;
    • Glasses could be thicker;
    • There is no radio and ventilation;
    • Complicated assembly;
    • Plumbing can not withstand a strong head.


    The shower cabins of size 90×90 cm take up very little space in the bathroom. The best models do not cause any discomfort when using them. And they offer a very long life-span. And we told you about these cabins in this material. Now you only have to decide on the amount you are willing to spend.

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