10 best oil heaters

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Today we decided to dedicate our review to the oil heaters. This is one of the most common household heating devices, which have a high efficiency, simple and reliable design, reasonable price and long service life.

We selected 10 nominees and divided them into two equal groups based on their power rating (under 2 kW and over 2 kW). When choosing each model, we were guided not only by brand recognition, functionality and practicality, but also evaluated the opinion of real users, who have been using the technique for more than six months, and were able to form their own opinion about it.

Info taken from official websites, online services Yandex.Market, otziv- and other open sources.

Each presented model is considered the best in its category on the set of indicators, including technical characteristics, price and opinion of consumers.

How to choose the right oil heater

When choosing an oil heater, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Power of heating elements.
  2. The number of sections and their configuration.
  3. The presence of additional functions.

From powerThe area of the heated space depends directly on the heating element. For approximate selection of heater power it is possible to use the averaged calculations where 1000 W (1 kW) of power is equivalent to heating of 10 m2 of premise. The above figures are not an exact formula, are only indicative. The actual values may vary depending on whether the oil heater is used as the primary or supplementary heating source, how low or high heat loss, the temperature outside and other factors.

Most oil radiators are equipped withHeating elements with a power from 1000 to 2000 watts, But there are models with power up to 3000 W. It does not make sense to increase the power for domestic models, as they can create a serious load on the wiring.

Number of sections and their configurationInfluences the speed of heating of the room to a predetermined level (subject to the proper selection of power). The number of sections in the radiators usually ranges from 5 to 12 pieces, and the more powerful model, the longer it will be. Some companies pay special attention to shape and configuration of the sections themselves, creating air ducts between them, as well as increasing the effective heat transfer area with additional fins and bends. As a result, this oil radiator heats the room by 20-30% than the basic model, which outwardly resembles a classic cast-iron radiator.

Useful extra features of oil radiators include the following:

  1. Choice of heating power.
  2. Thermostat.
  3. Timer.
  4. Electronic control.

In most models you can select the degree of heating. For this purpose, on the front panel there are two keys or a rotary three-position switch (heating element of less power – heating element of greater power or 2 heating elements together).

Thermostat– A device that allows the heater to turn off when the set temperature is reached, allowing the process of heating the room to be automated. Not superfluous will also be a system of automatic shutdown in case the battery falls on its side for extra safety.

Mechanical or digital timerAllows you to turn off the heating at a certain time. There are multifunction timers, which not only turn off the equipment at a given time, but also turn it on independently (delayed start mode). Some models have sophisticated mechanical timers that allow you to set several intervals to turn on or off within a day from the start.

electronic controlTogether with a digital thermostat is considered more convenient and practical than mechanics. Electronics is more accurate, allowing you to adjust the temperature with an accuracy of 1 degree or less. Although not as practical, but more reliable, especially if the room is often observed voltage fluctuations in the network.

Some models are equipped withadditional fan heater, Which provides rapid heating of the room to a certain level. At the same time the fan itself may have its own heating element or just work for a faster mixing of air masses in the room.

Choosing the right oil radiator will not only provide quick and even heating of the room, it will also reduce energy costs due to precise thermostat and the ability to set the time intervals.

About the manufacturers of oil radiators

In the late 1990s, the first oil radiators appeared on the market in Russia and the CIS countries, which looked like a classic cast-iron radiator, only on wheels. The devices have become very popular due to their fast heating, durability and affordable price. In some cases, the oil radiator was the only source of heating.

The undoubted leader of the domestic market has become the Italian company DeLonghi, which has long maintained its position, and still has a significant market share due to innovative developments and impeccable quality of assembly. Among the famous series of the Italian manufacturer are Dragon, which has survived three generations, and Rapido. In the first case, the heating rate was increased by the closed housing and additional fins, and in the Rapido series models between the radiator itself and the raised casing were built in open heating elements, which ensure even heating of the oil, which also increased the speed of reaching the mode by 30-40% compared with batteries of classic design. The only drawback of DeLonghi radiators was their price, which was unaffordable for many customers.

With the advent of inexpensive models from Chinese or Russian-Chinese brands such as Scarlett, Vitek, First, Saturn and other manufacturers have significantly expanded the model line, and the products of these companies quickly occupied the budget and medium-price niche. Despite the fact that consumers have switched to a cheaper segment, DeLonghi radiators are still in demand, despite the high cost.

To date, the main manufacturers of oil radiators in the budget and medium price segment are companies such as Timberk, Resanta, Electrolux, Ballu, Termica, General C

  • mate, Scarlette, Polaris and others. Some brands mimic the DeLonghi radiators of ten years ago and some develop their own unique designs. In this case, almost all of the presented products have approximately the same level of quality (except for inexpensive products of the little-known Chinese brands), which does not allow you to select a single leader in this category of household appliances.

    Rating of the best oil radiators

    Best oil heaters up to 2 kW1Electrolux EOH/M-91574 222 €
    2Timberk TOR 21.1507 BCCL white4 576 €
    3General C
  • NY17LF
  • 2 590 €

    olaris PRE W 0715

    3 190 €
    5Ballu BOH/TB-07FH4 513 €
    The best oil heaters over 2 kW1Timberk TOR 21.2211 SLX white3 300 €
    2RESANTA OM-12NV5 190 €
    3Electrolux EOH/M-5221N white/black4 800 €
    4Zanussi ZOH/ES-11WN white5 000 €
    5Scarlett SC 51.2409 S54 979 €

    The best oil heaters up to 2 kW

    For the category best oil radiators up to 2 kW we have selected 5 models from well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers. Despite their similarity, all radiators have certain features that make them unique. Each model is designed for heating a specific area and has the best ratio between quality, functionality and cost in their price range.

    Electrolux EOH/M-9157

    Rating: 4.9

    Electrolux EOH/M-9157

    We begin the review of the best radiators up to 2 kW with the model Electrolux EOH/M-9157 from the famous Swedish concern. The radiator is assembled in China at a modern factory, which implemented the ISO 9001 production standards, indicating a high level of product quality. The official warranty is 1 year, and all repair and maintenance issues can be resolved in one of the many service centers of the company.

    The model has a 1 watt output.5 kW, which is enough to quickly heat a 15-20 m2 room when used as an additional heat source. Controls are located on the front panel. Top-mounted rotary switch lets you choose among three power levels (600, 900, and 1500 watts), and the bottom knob controls the thermostat. Bright blue LED illuminates when the heating elements are running.

    Also in the bottom of the body is a compartment for compact storage of the cord, which is very convenient. It is worth noting that the first versions of this model were equipped with magnetic locks on the lid, but then the manufacturer began to install cheaper plastic latches. On the top of the front there is a handle to easily carry the battery.

    One of the features of the radiator is the original wavy shape of the sections, which gives the model a stylish appearance and contributes to a faster and more even distribution of heat compared to the heaters of classical design with straight ribs.

    Analysis of reviews on Yandex resource.Market shows that consumers like the unconventional design of the sections, as well as the speed of heating and the ease of operation. The disadvantages of some owners of the appliances include too bright light of the blue indicator, as well as the insufficient length of the cord.

    The unusual design, good build quality and simple but reliable mechanical control allowed the radiator Electrolux EOH/M-9157 to take one of the top places in our rating.


    • Original design with wavy ribs.
    • Cord storage compartment.
    • Handle for transportation.
    • Safety shutoff in case of overheating or falling on the side.


    • Short power cord (according to users).

    Timberk TOR 21.1507 BCCL white

    Rating: 4.8

    TIMBERK TOR 21.1507 BC</b></div><p>CL WHITE” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/53916666195511-2310.jpg” height=”418″ title=”TIMBERK TOR 21.1507 BC</b>CL WHITE”></p><p>The next model in our review is Timberk TOR 21.1507 BC</b>CL white from the renowned manufacturer of HVAC equipment from Sweden. Heater is provided with a one-year warranty, and its service life is at least 5 years if the rules of operation are followed.</p><p>The model combines modern design and well thought-out construction, which allows you to harmoniously fit the heater to any classic or modern interior. Heating elements have a wattage of 1500W, which is enough for a comfortable heating of rooms with an area of 15-20m2.</p><p>All controls for the technique are traditionally located on the front and consist of two rotary switches. The top one is responsible for the thermostat and the bottom one is responsible for selecting heating modes.</p><p>In the bottom part there is a base for winding the power cord. Not as practical as a separate wire storage compartment, but better than nothing.</p><p>The oil heater turns off by itself when you reach a given setting, as well as when the heating elements overheat, which makes its use as safe as possible.</p><p>According to reviews of owners of the radiator, published on various open online resources, users have positively evaluated the ease of operation, stylish appearance and safety of the device. Among the negative points are the clicks when the oil heats up and when the thermostat is actuated.</p><p>We recommend the Timberk TOR 21 oil radiator.1507 BC</b>CL white to all fans of inexpensive, but high-quality equipment, who do not want to overpay for unnecessary functionality.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Simple and convenient control.</li><li>Protection against overheating.</li><li>Compact size.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Can hear a clicking noise when switching on and during operation (according to customer reviews).</li></ul><h3>General C<li>mate NY17LF</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=General C<li></div><p>mate NY17LF” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/67916666195511-4210.jpg” height=”440″ title=”General C</p><li>NY17LF”><p>General C</p><li>The mate NY17LF is a compact oil heater from a Russian manufacturer with British registration. This equipment is manufactured in China and has an official one-year warranty.<p>From many analogues in the budget price segment the radiator differs in the presence of a built-in fan, which provides a faster heating of the room. The impeller is located on the front part and covered by a decorative panel, and the button to turn on the fan is located on the left side, above the air intake.</p><p>Otherwise, the model is not much different from other manufacturers’ analogues. There are two power switches (1700 W maximum) on the top of the front panel, which allows you to choose one of three modes of heating. Underneath there is a thermostat control knob. At the bottom there is a place for winding the power cord.</p><p>Among the advantages of the model the real owners named the presence of a fan for quick heating and quiet operation of the equipment, and among the disadvantages many respondents pointed out some assembly flaws – not parallel ribs and minor paint defects on the joints. These disadvantages are not critical, so they do not affect the performance and technical qualities of the radiator.</p><p>We recommend this oil heater for heating small rooms to all users who want to buy a heater with a built-in heater at a reasonable price and are not ready to overpay for a well-known brand.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The presence of a fan heater with autonomous control.</li><li>Low price.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Defects in paint on the joints and other small defects of the assembly (according to consumer feedback).</li></ul><h3><p>olaris PRE W 0715</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=POLARIS PRE W 0715

    Our review continues with the oil radiator Polaris PRE W 0715 from the well-known and popular Russian-Swiss manufacturer. The product has a one-year warranty, and all questions on maintenance of equipment can be solved in one of the many service centers, which are available in many cities of Russia.

    One of the features of the radiator that distinguishes it from most models – this modern design with well recognized elements of the style of minimalism and high-tech.

    By tradition the controls are located on the front panel at the top of the unit. The power is controlled by two buttons with built-in indicators (3 modes altogether) and the degree of heat is controlled by a thermostat (a round knob under the buttons). There is a built-in handle at the top for easy transportation. The control panel itself is in silver color that gives the model a stylish appearance.

    The entire middle section is occupied by a ventilation grid that allows air to flow through for natural cooling of the control panel. The bottom has a lockable compartment for storing the power cord, which is very convenient and practical.

    Maximum power of the heating elements is 1500 watts, which is enough to heat up a room with an area of about 15 m2.

    According to the analysis of reviews from various online resources, among the advantages consumers note the stylish design, the presence of a compartment for the cord and quick access to operating mode. The disadvantages some respondents include insufficient power to heat a room with an area of more than 10-15 m2.

    Stylish appearance, thought-out ergonomic design, simple and convenient operation, as well as the low cost allowed the oil radiator Polaris PRE W 0715 to become one of the leaders in our rating among the models with a capacity of up to 2 kW.


    • Modern design.
    • Lockable compartment for storing wire.
    • Convenient handle for carrying.
    • Quickly goes out on a set mode.


    • No safety shutoff if the device falls down on the side.

    Ballu BOH/TB-07FH

    Rating: 4.7

    Ballu BOH/TB-07FH

    Completes our review of the best oil radiators up to 2 kW model Ballu BOH/TB-07FH from the popular Russian company. The warranty on equipment is 2 years, and a large network of official service centers allows you to easily get expert assistance in case of heater failure.

    A distinctive feature of the model – it has a built-in fan with a ceramic heating element. In comparison with a conventional coil, ceramic does not burn oxygen in the room, serves much longer and has a higher heat output. There is a separate button on the front panel for switching on the fan.

    The main controls are two rotary switches, one of which is responsible for the power level and the second – for the degree of heating (thermostat). The green LED will be on while the heaters are in operation.

    On the right side of the housing there is a space for a compact storage of the power cord, which is very practical and convenient. All metal elements of the design have a special anti-corrosion coating Protective Coating, which protects against possible rust and prevents the paint from peeling from the constant heating and cooling of the metal.

    According to Yandex.Market, the heater has a rating of 4.8 points, and 92% of real users recommend the device for purchase. Among the positives, most of the real owners of the appliances noted the stylish appearance, the ceramic fan and very fast going to operating mode. Significant shortcomings were not specified.

    We recommend the Ballu BOH/TB-07FH oil heater for residential and non-residential applications up to 24 m2 as a supplementary source of heating.


    • Built-in ceramic fan.
    • Quick access to the specified mode.
    • High performance.
    • Corrosion-resistant coating.
    • Compartment for the cord.


    • No tilt and overturn safety switch.

    The best oil heaters over 2 kW

    The second part of our review is devoted to the models with power over 2 kW. Such radiators can serve areas with an area of up to 30 m2, which greatly expands their range of application. We have selected the 5 best oil heaters with higher power among the well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers.

    Timberk TOR 21.2211 SLX white

    Rating: 4.9


    We begin our review with a model Timberk TOR 21.2211 SLX white. The heater is made in a basic version and has the traditional controls on the front panel – two keys to adjust the power and a rotary knob to control the thermostat. The model has one little detail – the scale of the thermostat has an inscription “minimum, comfort, maximum” and not just a pointer from minus to plus, allowing the user to set the desired level of heating faster and more clearly. At the bottom there is a base for winding the cord.

    Model is equipped with heating elements with a total capacity of 2.2 kW, which allows you to heat an area up to 28 m2 (according to the manufacturer). Experience has shown that the radiator shows maximum efficiency in a room with an area of 20-22 m2.The presence of 11 sections allows the heater to heat quickly the room, and the presence of additional fins provides a fireplace effect heating.

    The model has a compact size, so it will perfectly fit into the interior of a small room.

    The owners of the equipment note the rapid output of the radiator to the operating mode and the affordable price, which is due to the absence of additional options. The disadvantages of some users include too thin metal housing, which can literally bend your fingers.

    We recommend the Timberk TOR 21 oil radiator.2211 SLX white for all users who want to get a heater without extra options, and for a small price.


    • Compact size.
    • Quickly goes out of the way.
    • Easy to control.


    • Very slim thickness of metal casing.


    Rating: 4.8


    RESANTA OM-12HV – an oil heater from the popular Latvian brand. The manufacturer provides a one-year official warranty.

    The model is made in a modern design and is characterized by high performance and clever design.

    The maximum power of the radiator is 2900 W, which allows its use in rooms up to 30 m2. The presence of 12 sections provide fast and even heat transfer.

    The design of this heater is copied in every detail from the Delonghi heater of the early 2000s. The design of the model was so successful that in the same design, but with its own branding, it is produced by several other manufacturers.

    One of the advantages of a radiator is a built-in fan, which provides rapid heating and even circulation of air flows. On/off button next to the fan on the front panel.

    The next original solution – large, ergonomic power switches with built-in indicators. The user can clearly see which of the three power levels is active at the moment.

    The thermostat wheel is built into the top of the cabinet. The manufacturer has taken care to digitally mark the heating levels for the convenience of the user.

    According to the reviews of users from the online resource Yandex.Market, the model has a rating of 4.7, and 87% of consumers recommend the product for purchase. At the same time, most owners of the radiator note the convenient operation, clever design, fast heating and the presence of a fan. Among the disadvantages also point out the poor quality of painting.

    Stylish appearance, extensive functionality, thoughtful design and reasonable price allowed the radiator RESANTA OM-12HV to take a leading place in our rating.


    • High power (2900 W) and fast heating.
    • Built-in fan.
    • Convenient controls.


    • Poor paint quality (according to user reviews).

    Electrolux EOH/M-5221N white/black

    Rating: 4.7


    The next radiator on our list is the Electrolux EOH/M-5221N white/black. The model has a total capacity of 2200 watts and 11 sections, which allows you to quickly heat a room with an area of up to 22-23 m2.

    Our attention in this model was attracted by its modern design, contrasting black and white palette and original design of controls. The control panel is located in the upper part of the case and is designed in the form of an ergonomic ledge with smooth lines. The thermostat knob is in the center, and two recessed buttons at the top and sides for adjusting the power level. Each of them is responsible for the operation of one of the two heating elements of different capacity. The operating state of the model is displayed with a bright blue indicator.

    On the right side of the casing there is a compartment for compact storage of the power cord. It is a smart and practical solution that allows to fully hide the power cord, and it looks more aesthetically appealing than the cord rewinder, which is located at the bottom of many cheap radiators.

    Reviews from the online resource Yandex.Market says that most of the users appreciated the stylish design of the radiator, the user-friendly controls and the high performance of the device. Among the negative aspects were noted cases of breakdowns, which were preceded by loud clicks of the thermostat.

    The spectacular appearance, smart ergonomic design and easy operation have made the oil radiator Electrolux EOH/M-5221N white/black one of the best models in its price segment, and also allowed the heater to take a worthy place in our rating.


    • The optimal ratio between power and performance.
    • Stylish appearance.
    • Convenient operation.
    • Side compartment for the cord.


    • No rollover or tilt shutoff.

    Zanussi ZOH/ES-11WN white

    Rating: 4.7


    Continues our review radiator Zanussi ZOH/ES-11WN white from the famous Italian company, which is part of the concern Electrolux. The factory warranty on the device is 1 year, and all repair and maintenance issues can be resolved through a network of official service centers.

    The model is made in a modern design, so it will fit perfectly into almost any home interior. The company engineers have applied a few ingenious solutions to this heater, one of which – vertically placed carrying handle for easy grip and full control when transporting the oil heater.

    Under the handle are 2 rotary switches, one of which is responsible for the power level and the second – for the degree of heating.

    The cord fixing system allows you to conveniently wind the cable and fix the plug in one of the three positions (2 side and 1 top).

    The maximum power of the heater is 2200 W, which allows you to heat an area of 22-25 m2.

    According to open-source reviews, most consumers are happy with the stylish look of the model, easy operation and quick access to the operating mode. Among the disadvantages, some respondents cite the too thin metal of the housing.

    We recommend the Zanussi ZOH/ES-11WN white to all users who want a quality and reliable oil heater at an affordable price.


    • Convenient cord attachment system.
    • Simple and reliable control.
    • Protection against overheating.


    • The metal is too thin (according to user reviews).

    Scarlett SC 51.2409 S5

    Rating: 4.6

    Scarlett SC 51.2409 S5

    Completes the review of the best oil heaters with power over 2 kW model Scarlett SC 51.2409 S5. This popular and inexpensive Chinese brand, which produces mainly small household and climatic appliances.

    Modern in design and very attractive especially because of the gray front panel that contrasts with the white casing.

    The radiator has a ceramic-metal fan heater that heats the room faster and does not burn oxygen (compared to traditional open heating coils). Power 2400 watts is enough to heat a spacious room with an area of 25 m2.

    Standard radiator control, mechanical. On the front panel are two rotary switches, one of which is responsible for the power level, and the second – for the degree of heating.

    The base for winding the cord has several pairs of holes for the plug of different standards, which hints at the international version of the radiator (European, American and Asian plug).

    According to reviews on Yandex resource.Market, the heatsink is rated 4.6 points, with 90% of users recommending this model for purchase. Among the positive moments of the heater owners note the rapid exit to the specified mode of operation, the presence of a heat fan and modern appearance. Serious shortcomings of the model were not found.

    We recommend the Scarlett SC 51 oil radiator.2409 S5 as one of the best value for money option in its price range.


    • Built-in fan heater.
    • Modern look.
    • Convenient and clear control.


    • Short cord (1.4 m).
    • Only 9 sections for such power.
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