10 best mattresses for bed 160×200

*Editor’s review of the best ones. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with an expert before purchase is necessary.

For standard double bed a 160×200 mattress is suitable. It can have different heights, composition, and this makes the selection process much more difficult. Let’s tell you which mattresses are most often chosen by our customers.

10 best mattresses for bed 160×200

The best mattresses for bed 160×200 to 20 000 rubles1Ascona Balance Forma, 160×200 cm10 782 €
2Dimax Optima Premium, 160×200 cm12 247 €
  • ne Komfort Massage TFK, 160×200 cm
  • 17 420 €
    4CORRETTO Parma 160×200 cm12 770 €
    The best mattresses for a bed 160×200 to 25 000 rubles1Ascona Supremo, 160×200 cm22 000 €


      tipacket Standart M 160×200
    21 363 €
    3CORRETTO Roll Haven, 160×200 cm20 901 €
    The best mattresses on a bed 160õ200 more expensive 25 000 rubles1Blue Sleep Hy
    id 2.0, 160×200 cm
    30 499 €
    2Ascona PurEnergy Universal, 160×200 cm30 210 €
    3Sontelle Legross Criston 160×20031 253 €

    The best mattresses for bed 160×200 to 20 000 rubles

    Budget mattresses can be durable and comfortable, the main thing is to choose the right models.

    Ascona Balance Forma 160×200 cm

    Rating: 4.9

    Ascona Balance Forma, 160x200 cm

    Ascona Balance Forma is the most popular mattress in the inexpensive mattress category according to the famous Marketplaces. Its design will outperform any expensive mattress: 12 cm high independent springs in individual cases, medium hardness, durable jacquard shell with synthetic stitching. The intermediate layers are felt and two-inch polyurethane foam, which create a moderate softness that compensates for the stiffness of the springs.

    Sleeping place up to 110 kg / night, springs react to the body weight and support anatomical posture, especially important for the health of the back.

    The spring block is protected by polyurethane box. The whole structure is insulated with fixed cover.

    Sleeping on Ascona Balance Shape mattress is firm and of high quality. Sleepers have excellent morning well-being, no back pain. Mattress orthopedic suitable for the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. You can sleep on both sides, they have the same stiffness.


    • orthopedic foam layer;
    • a pleasant price;
    • orthopedic product;
    • both sides of medium hardness.


    • are not defined.

    Dimax Optima Premium 160×200 cm

    Rating: 4.8

    Dimax Optima Premium, 160x200 cm

    In second place is Dimax Optima Premium mattress with TFK spring block (210 pcs./sq.m). It is reversible:

    1. The elastic Balance Foam, which is used in orthopedic pillows and mattresses, is ideal for colder rooms and summer;
    2. The bottom layer of coconut coir, which does not let the body sweat in summer and in hot rooms, also suitable for athletes after training and people with musculoskeletal problems.

    On both sides between the springs and the filling layers of felt.

    The mattress shell of synthetic jacquard is tight, does not let the water inside, creating surface tension, or let the moisture outside when drying. No dirt clings to it and no lint forms on the surface due to a special weave fabric.

    The springs are surrounded by a thick box of polyurethane to protect them against pressure points caused by persons sitting on the edge of the bed.


    • on one side of the foam, on the other coir;
    • a dense jacquard cover;
    • Equal moderate hardness of the sleeping sides.


    • not identified.

  • ne Komfort Massage TFK, 160×200 cm
  • Rating: 4.8

    DREAM<li></div><p>NE KOMFORT MASSAGE TFK, 160X200 cm” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/1116666196981-4710.jpg” height=”323″ title=”DREAM</p><li>NE KOMFORT MASSAGE TFK, 160X200 CM<p>In the second place in the category of double-sided mattress Dream</p><li>ne Komfort Massage TFK of medium firmness. There is a felted protective layer of independent springs and Ergo Foam with micro-massage relief on top of it. Despite the convex structure of the material, the discomfort when resting almost not felt – the material is flexible, easily adapts to the relief of the body as a spring, and more “hedgehog” is smoothed with a dense knitted cover Softech.<p>The total height of Dream mattress</p><li>Ne Komfort Massage TFK 21cm. It sleeps two people with a body weight of up to 110 kg. The mattress is made in Russia of local materials.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Two sides have the same stiffness;</li><li>micro-massage effect;</li><li>Protection of spring block PPU;</li><li>Case made of knitted material.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>not identified.</li></ul><h3>CORRETTO Parma, 160×200 cm</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=CORRETTO Parma, 160x200 cm

    The mattress CORRETTO Parma is not thick, only 16 cm, although inside it is a TFK spring block with a density of 500 independent springs per square meter combined with other fillers, about which we present below. Maximal load capacity was increased to 120 kg vs. 110 kg of its predecessors in the review.

    The mattress has two sides; one side is made of soft orthopedic foam, while the other side has no filling on top of springs, only spunbond fabric. If you sleep on it, it will be quite rigid, generally its function is to be underneath. The outer shell of this mattress is a non-removable jacquard shell. It can be cleaned but it is worth buying a removable mattress cover for long-lasting use.


    • a small height of the mattress;
    • orthopedic layer on one side;
    • foam shell around the springs.


    • only one side for a comfortable sleep.

    The best mattresses for bed 160×200 to 25 000 rubles

    Mattresses in the medium price range are the golden mean in the price-quality ratio. They are usually more functional and comfortable than budget models, but not as “advanced” as the premium.

    Ascona Supremo 160×200 cm

    Rating: 4.9


    Ascona Supremo double-sided mattress is suitable for large people – the maximum load per bed is 140 kg. One side is moderately firm with coconut coir on top of springs, the other side is soft with elastic latex 1 cm thick. The filling is protected from contact with the springs by linen fiber. The coconut layer is good for backaches and athletes after intensive training, as well as for getting used to sleeping on hard surfaces.

    500 pcs independent insulated springs. per square meter. m. There are 1000 spirals per bed! The spring block is divided into zones of different spring stiffnesses to give the body the most anatomical position in all parts of the body. Thus, the springs under the pelvis are stiffer than under the head.

    The mattress shell is made of soft bamboo fiber with voluminous stitching, which gives the bed softness. It is non-removable, for hygienic care the manufacturer recommends using an additional cover.


    • springs of different stiffness over the mattress area;
    • Two sides with different stiffness;
    • quilted shell on synthetic cotton;
    • increased load on one seat.


    • not defined.


      Standart M 160×200

    Rating: 4.8

    PROMTEX M<ul></div><p>tipacket Standart M 160×200″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/4831666196981-4310.jpg” height=”267″ title=”PROMTEX M</p><ul>tippacket Standart M 160×200″><p>PROMTEX M mattress</p><ul>The tipacket Standart M is designed for people weighing up to 100 kg, which is the upper limit of the permitted load capacity per bed. Reinforced spring block S1000 is covered with felt padding, on top of which the manufacturer has placed an orthopedic foam material Relax Foam with a relief surface on both sides. The thickness of the padding is 2 cm, which is enough to make the bed soft. The undulation provides a micro-massage effect, useful for relaxing muscles and improving skin blood flow. Discomfort is not felt – relief of the part is compensated by a fixed quilted cover of jacquard on synthetic padding. The overall thickness of the mattress is small – only 17 cm.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>soft sides with orthopedic base;</li><li>Micro-massage effect</li><li>shell on synthetic padding with stitching;</li><li>increased number of springs.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>removable cover.</li></ul><h3>CORRETTO Roll Haven, 160×200 cm</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=CORRETTO ROLL HAVEN, 160X200 CM

    Low one-sided mattress CORRETTO Roll Haven has a spring block with the frequency of resilient spirals of 256 pieces per square inch.m. or 512 pcs. per bed. They are designed for the load on the bed up to 130 kg.

    Springs are covered with a felt layer. On the working side, they are laid struttoform – elastic material, quite dense, but soft, so the stiffness of the mattress is medium, taking into account the elasticity of the springs.Springing block protected by polyurethane foam, with jacquard quilted cover on the top.

    The CORRETTO Roll Haven mattress is the optimal solution for double bed.


    • load up to 130 kg;
    • a soft layer to compensate the stiffness of the springs;
    • total height 16 cm.


    • only one working side.

    The best mattresses for bed 160×200 more expensive 25 000 rubles

    The best mattresses in the category over 25,000 rubles are distinguished by a high quality of materials used and better orthopedic properties compared to cheaper models.

    Blue Sleep Hy
    id 2.0, 160×200 cm

    Rating: 4.9

    BLUE SLEEP HY</div><p>ID 2.0, 160X200 cm” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/6171666196981-9310.jpg” height=”265″ title=”BLUE SLEEP HY<br />ID 2.0, 160X200 CM”></p><p>Blue Sleep Hy mattress<br />id 2.0 is bought frequently on all known marketplaces, it has high ratings and a large number of positive recommendation reviews.</p><p>This single sided mattress is equipped with multizone spring block. Inside the product 200×160 cm 2000 separately packed micro springs. Between them there are air ducts to maintain a comfortable microclimate and zones of weakened pressure to align the spine during sleep.</p><p>Softness on one side is ensured by SleepCool Memory Foam – an orthopedic foam with soybean oil adding that helps cooling during sleep in warm room, especially in summer. The foam is also reinforced with graphite chips for a better memory foam effect on the mattress surface. The springs have an extra layer of extra firmness on top of the soft layer, so that the soft layer does not wear out quickly.</p><p>The cover of the product is a stretch fabric.</p><p>Maximum load per bed 130kg, total height 24cm. Noteworthy: the Blue Sleep Hy<br />id 2.0 10 year long warranty period.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>multi-zone mattress;</li><li>memory effect;</li><li>Cooling oil in orthopedic foam;</li><li>air ducts for ventilation.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>are not defined.</li></ul><h3>Ascona PurEnergy Universal, 160×200 cm</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=ASCONA PURENERGY UNIVERSAL, 160X200 CM

    Another versatile mattress that is often purchased is the Ascona PurEnergy Universal. It has a Hy spring block inside
    id Support 7Z with seven body support zones to support the spine.

    The upper side is soft, lined with orthopedic foam, the lower medium-rigidity side is made of coconut coir. Some users note that the mattress is not rigid enough, this is a feature of the multi-zone unit.

    Fiber weaving of the snow-white cover ensures air exchange and ventilation of the bed from both sides. It is not removable, so an additional cover should be purchased for hygienic cleanliness.

    People weighing up to 120 kg can sleep on the PurEnergy Universal mattress. Product height 22 cm.


    • Seven-zone spring block;
    • Two types of firmness (reversible);
    • The shell ensures air exchange.


    • For some users, the mattress is not rigid enough.

    Sontelle Legross Criston 160×200

    Rating: 4.8

    Sontelle Legross Criston 160x200

    The review closes with the Sontelle Legross Criston mattress, whose heart is a TFK spring block and several layers – eco-foam, coconut coir, struttofiber, and Relax Foam with massage effect.

    Mattress double-sided – medium and moderate hardness. This is provided by combinations of different layers:

    1. The soft side is coconut coir, eco-foam and orthopedic RelaxFoam;
    2. The sides with moderate firmness are coir, RelaxFoam and Struttofiber.

    The layered structure is enclosed in a synthetic quilted cover impregnated with aloe vera, whose extract has beneficial effects on the skin. Of course, through the mattress cover and sheets the effect is unlikely to be noticeable, but antibacterial properties are sure to come in handy.

    The maximum load per bed is 125 kg, the total height of the product is 29 cm.


    • two-sided mattress;
    • The cover has antibacterial impregnation;
    • soft quilted cover.


    • not defined.
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