The 5 best portable sewing machines

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

The modern market offers so many models of sewing machines that none of them can not be called universal. Every housewife has her own requirements. Experienced seamstresses, for example, need a huge number of functions, but for beginners it would be a waste of money. Before you buy a particular device, read our ranking of the top sewing machine models. Our experts have studied the market and described each of them in detail. After reading this article you will feel more confident about going shopping and you can easily buy the one that suits you best. Let’s start with the most general points – the criteria for choosing such a device.

How to choose a portable sewing machine

When choosing a sewing machine, pay attention to several important criteria:

  1. fabrics with which the device works;
  2. equipment (extra needles, etc.).d.);
  3. a special compartment for storing supplies;
  4. Have extra options (creating buttonholes, etc.), and have the ability to create buttonholes.d.);
  5. The quality of the rollers that feed the fabric (some may not cope with knitwear).

Compiling a rating for you, our experts took into account not only these aspects, but also the reliability of manufacturers, as well as a large number of customer reviews. Below you will learn about each device in detail.

Rating of the best portable sewing machines

Rating of the best portable sewing machines1First FA-5700-23 918 €
2VES electric VES 505-W3 550 €
3VLK Napo
  • 2500
  • 5 800 €
    4Fanghua Mini Sewing Machine SM-202A2 699 €
    5Comfort 23 590 €

    First FA-5700-2

    Rating: 4.9

    First FA-5700-2

    This is the best model according to user reviews. Easy to handle machine handles buttonholes in semi-automatic mode and has an electromechanical type of control. Lightweight device is easy to use in everyday life: the machine makes a lot of different seams, with its help it is easy to hem trousers or sleeves.

    From the comments of a service user with a few months of experience: “I liked the machine very much! Compact, lightweight, for household use, just great! There are 12 types of stitching, I tried it on the pillowcase and the buttonhole treated!”. Our experts consider it the best model for beginners and its compact size allows for easy storage even if you live in a small studio.


    • handy foot pedal;
    • compact size;
    • Makes smooth seams;
    • easy to thread;
    • Great for minor repairs.


    • does not cope with all kinds of fabrics;
    • no clear instructions in the kit.

    VES electric VES 505-W

    Rating: 4.8


    Sewing machine with electromechanical control system, swinging shuttle and the possibility of sewing in several directions. Despite the fact that it is made in China, this is not reflected in the quality – the machine pleases users with durable seams and tightness of the body. The device is able to perform: secret stitching, elastic stitching, elastic secret stitching. Inexpensive price and convenient operation – one of the main qualities for which customers so value the device.

    From the user comments of Yandex service.Market with a few months experience with the machine: “Small, fast. Sewed the seams on my jeans easy, but the needle bent a couple of times. It is perfect for minor repairs. In our rating the device hit for versatility: it is suitable for large families, sewing lovers and even beginners.


    • beautiful design;
    • hand looping;
    • small size;
    • maximum stitch width of 5 mm;
    • Max. stitch length 4 mm.


    • Thread change is longer than other models because of the compact size.

    VLK Napo
  • 2500
  • Rating: 4.7

    VLK Napo<li></div><p>2500″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/66816666196491-575-.jpg” height=”365″ title=”VLK Napo</p><li>2500″><p>Sewing machine does 14 types of stitches and buttonholes. It has a built-in LED-light, and you can adjust the thread tension. For decorative stitching, the manufacturer added a double needle to the kit. Quality body, made of durable plastic. 4 anti-slip feet keeps the machine from slipping. In total, the device has 11 sewing operations.</p><p>Buyers love the reliable build of the device combined with the affordable price. From an experienced buyer’s comment: “Good price. Small and lightweight machine stitches even a thin denim fabric folded in 4 times. Suitable for repairing and sewing simple summer clothes. Of the budget class machine is considered the best, for which it was included in our rating.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Lightweight and small;</li><li>Power 1100;</li><li>Works very fast;</li><li>Good value for money.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>quite noisy;</li><li>no storage compartment for accessories.</li></ul><h3>Fanghua Mini Sewing Machine SM-202A</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=FANGHUA MINI SEWING MACHINE SM-202A

    This model is a quality inexpensive sewing machine for beginners and for small loads. The box has detailed illustrations on how to thread. This is important, otherwise the machine will not work. Sewing is carried out by a double thread, and 2 speed modes make the work even more comfortable. Of the extras included: needle, 4 bobbins, foot pedal and power supply.

    Good sewing, backlight, two speeds, reels thread onto bobbin for bobbin thread. Easy to use. I am very satisfied with the purchase. The machine is great for everyday sewing and does not break down from frequent use. With its help, you can easily hem curtains, make mats and aprons for the kitchen, mend small clothes. For good functionality, the portable sewing machine made it to our rating.


    • easy operation;
    • budget price;
    • Works with or without batteries;
    • You can sew with or without a pedal;
    • Automatic reverse threading.


    • Can not handle tight fabrics.

    Comfort 2

    Rating: 4.4

    Comfort 2

    According to experts, this is the best sewing machine for small needs. It makes it easy to make cushion covers, stitch the edges of towels and much more. Moderate speed creates a safe environment while sewing. The compact size and quiet operation are just what customers especially appreciate about the device. For ease of operation, the machine has a small backlight. The numbering on the dial makes it easy to set the right mode of operation.

    Included with the machine has: needles bobbin, foot pedal warranty card and charger. This electromechanical machine that supports horizontal shuttle and performs 11 sewing operations. From the user comments on Yandex.The market with several months of experience: “Miniature, compact, lightweight. Tried to sew all the stitches, cool. Not different from a regular size sewing machine. In our rating of the best sewing machines, the device came in for ease of use and high quality build.


    • 11 stitching modes;
    • backlit work area;
    • Suitable for beginners;
    • Stitches small parts well.


    • Does not take fabric thicker than denim.
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