Top 7 Implant Manufacturers

*A comparison of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and not a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist prior to purchase.

The absence of one or more teeth is not only unattractive, but also interferes with the proper chewing of food, which subsequently affects the overall condition of the body. The solution is to use an artificial restoration to compensate for lost portions of the jaw line.

Unfortunately, not all experts give complete information about the dental restorations used, which deprives the patient of the possibility to make a choice and evaluates the quality of the implant only after a certain period of time, when nothing can be changed. Improperly selected implants can quickly become loose, cause allergic reactions or be rejected by the body altogether.

It’s important to have comprehensive and reliable data prior to the implantation to determine which implants will be the most suitable for which osteosynthesis. It will avoid many serious problems in the future and give a high probability of a positive result.

The Expertology editors have studied all the available options and have put together a rating and review of the 7 best implant manufacturers that have earned the trust of leading dentists and patients alike.

Rating of the best implant manufacturers

NominationplaceThe manufacturerrating
Rating of the best implant manufacturers1Straumann5.0
2Nobel Biocare4.9
3Astra Tec4.8
7NDI Medical4.4


Rating: 5.0


The Swiss company is the world leader in the development and production of prosthetic constructions. Twenty-five percent of all implants sold belong to this corporation.

The story begins in 1954, when Reinhard Straumann ran a small research institute that studied the field of osteosynthesis, creating alloys based on metals with special properties and performance. After years of research, scientists obtained a material that can quickly take root and even grow into the bone. Now the employees are the authors of the technical regulations, thanks to which the procedure of placement and fixation of the implant is accelerated many times. Today, the company is working in cooperation with research centers and leading clinics.

Of the features of the dental systems, we note:

  1. innovativeness;
  2. the use of pure titanium in the manufacture, which gives the product reliability and durability, providing a quick recovery after surgery;
  3. a wide range of applications, since the products are used for single, fragmentary and holistic prosthetics;
  4. The parameters are close to the real root, thanks to which the body perceives the prosthesis as its own;
  5. Quick and easy implantation due to the cone-shaped design, which corresponds to the anatomy of the root socket;
  6. a special surface treatment, which makes the surface rough;
  7. Permission to fully load the implant from the fourth week after placement;
  8. Treatment in two ways – classic with two-stage crown or single-loading placement;
  9. the new Bone Control Design technology, thanks to which the risk of tissue trauma during insertion of a pin is reduced.

treatment is indicated in cases of loss of one or more teeth or a row of teeth due to dental disease, mechanical damage or hereditary pathologies. Contraindications include oncology, open type tuberculosis, serious blood diseases, HIV, AIDS, bruxism.

Dental constructions of the company have a high survival rate – 99.6%. The remaining tenths of a percent are patients with an individual intolerance to medical titanium. The manufacturer grants a lifetime warranty on implants with proper care. An implant with a metal-ceramic crown, i.e. “turnkey” implant costs from 67 thousand rubles. r. After the surgery, each patient receives a “patient passport”, a document that contains the complete history of surgical and orthopedic treatment.

Nobel Biocare

Rating: 4.9


The company is part of the Danaher Corporation. The company was founded in 1952, when Per Ingvar Branemark revolutionized the field of osseointegration by introducing the.

The company’s philosophy is to provide dentists with the instruments and tools required to restore patients to their former quality of life. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a multinational team of over seventy thousand employees. Today the company is the world leader in the production of dental structures.

Constructions consist of two parts – a titanium screw that is implanted into the bone, and an external component (abutment). Benefits include:

The innovative TiUnite material based on titanium. It is similar to bone tissue, seals and allows it to grow and promotes rapid healing;

  1. conical shape, which reduces the risk of trauma to the surrounding tissue
  2. The possibility of modeling the working area in 3D;
  3. Sealed immediate connection of the external part to the screw;
  4. Fixation of prostheses made of various materials;
  5. No need for bone augmentation in case of lack of bone volume;
  6. minimal risk of rejection;
  7. a wide range of products;
  8. long service life;
  9. The presence of a serial number on each implant, which eliminates the possibility of falsification.

The systems are used in cases of missing one or more teeth, even when the soft tissue has healed after a long period of extraction. If you lose more than one, you have to use a bridge, which is fixed on two or three implants. If a patient loses an entire row, the procedure is carried out with minimal surgical intervention, since no additional reinforcement is required. Contraindications include individual intolerance; allergic reactions to medications to be used during installation; pregnancy; complex oral diseases and ongoing inflammatory processes.

Implants have an excellent engraftment rate of 99.3%. The cost of one implant “turnkey” – from 55 thousand rubles. r. a lifetime guarantee for abutments and more than ten years if the necessary care procedures are followed. Even if the components fail to engraft, the company is committed to exchanging them with similar products, but only in the event of rejection through no fault of the specialist.

Astra Tec

Rating: 4.8


The Swedish company is one of the oldest because it has been on the market since the forties. The products became popular due to the implementation of high-tech medical developments in production, as well as years of experience in clinical research. All products are fully certified and their quality and reliability has been confirmed by tests and positive feedback from dentists and patients. In addition to dental structures, the firm manufactures the necessary equipment and tools for placement procedures. The doctors working with implants undergo obligatory training and apprenticeship.

Special features include:

  1. The surface of the titanium bars is treated with a special modified fluoride treatment, which makes the core surface rough. It ensures a close contact between the implant and the bone tissue. The Osseo Speed technology accelerates healing and regeneration of the alveolar bone volume;
  2. Conical Seal Design, which minimizes root movement and prevents the penetration of bacteria into the connection site;
  3. The special Microthread application along the length of the microthread increases the abrasion resistance of the stem and improves the stability of the bone. The microstructure of the thread prevents atrophy of the jaw tissues by optimally distributing the load;
  4. The Connective Contour, which increases the size and height of the soft tissue contact area. This feature allows the bar to enter firmly through the mucosa and maintain the integrity of the marginal bone.

Dental prostheses are made when one or more teeth or the complete row is missing, when removable prostheses cannot be used, when the teeth cannot come together, when the gag reflexes do not come off, when they are painful, when they are sensitive to acrylates.

Contraindicated for people with serious blood diseases, congenital or acquired CNS abnormalities, oncology, endocrine disorders, tuberculosis, hypertonicity of all muscles, bruxism. Relative limitations include pregnancy, inflammation of dental tissues and gum mucosa, abnormal bite, untreated oral cavity, alveolar bone pathology and atrophy. Local contraindications include poor oral hygiene, insufficient bone volume or unsuitable structure, short distance to the nasal and maxillary sinuses. Common ones include somatic diseases, intolerance to prescribed medications, exhaustion, taking medications that affect the preservation of the product and the course of healing. Despite the impressive list, only a few contraindications make the procedure impossible. The patient gets rid of the rest after a special course of preparation and therapy. By the way, age is not a limitation.

Assimilation rate of 99.9%, which is considerably higher than the competition. No discomfort or discomfort after insertion, as it takes a short time to get used to it. A turnkey implant costs from $64,000. r. The manufacturer gives a warranty on implants of more than 35 years, which is twice as long as most other companies.


Rating: 4.7


The brand belongs to the German company Densply Friadent, specializing in the production of structures for restoring lost teeth. Also engaged in the development and manufacture of high quality modern instruments used in dentistry. The special manufacturing technology and materials minimize the risk of complications. Many of the technologies used are patented.

Features include:

  1. Unique coating – the patent pending FRIADENT plus coating, which has no analogues;
  2. Made of solid titanium component. It is pre-treated with an abrasive and acidic compound, which gives the workpiece a porous surface;
  3. The special threading principle is combined. Makes it much deeper, widening in the final area, which is more convenient for implantation. The thread is tapered in the middle and at the other end, which ensures a stable position of the implant after insertion;
  4. titanium, which is produced from medical titanium and contains no impurities;
  5. fast rehabilitation;
  6. minimal risk of complications and side effects;
  7. Each product is marked with a separate shade depending on the range of application, diameter and size.

Installation is indicated in the case of loss of one or more teeth as well as an entire row. Contraindications include severe inflammatory and infectious pathologies in the chronic stage, acute infections, bone anomalies. Of temporary – spontaneous swallowing, dental clatter, bruxism, pregnancy, lactation, jaw disease, little hard tissue, abnormal bite, pre-cancerous conditions of jaw fragments, plates installed in the patient replacing bone fragments, heart valve.

Dental constructions have a high take-up rate of 99.5%. A single turn-key implant costs from $60,000. r. The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty, but clinically proven to have an average life span of about 10 years. This period can be extended by proper oral care and careful handling of the implants.


Rating: 4.6


The American company appeared in 1994, so it is relatively young. The products have gained popularity in both the European and the Russian dental market. In Russia, the Prodigy implant system is used more often. More than twenty years of experience has allowed us to accumulate sufficient expertise, and together with the modern laboratory it contributes to regular updating and modernization of product lines. Although the manufacturer does not position itself as a premium provider, these products cannot be classified in the middle price segment either, due to their high value.

The company produces implants of various shapes, lengths and diameters, such as aesthetic or angular versions. They are fastened in two ways: with dental cement or with screws. They have an increased strength, achieved by giving the products a cone-shaped form. Can be placed immediately after extraction, which simplifies and shortens the procedure. Dental structures distribute the load evenly, keeping gum tissue healthy and preventing atrophy. The joining of the fragments excludes component mobility, so that there is no risk of loosening. All implants are protected against counterfeiting by unique markings.

Advantages include:

  1. The durability of microfabrications is comparable with that of natural organs;
  2. the reliability of the durable titanium material, which can withstand heavy loads;
  3. a special coating with potassium phosphate, applied by an innovative Laser-Lok system. Thanks to this, the surface is roughened, which has a direct effect on the fusion of the structure with the jaw tissues.

Implants are used for bone weakness, loss of one or more teeth, or an entire row. Contraindications include individual intolerance to anesthetics; heart failure; CNS pathology that prevents a person from self-service; age under 20 years; bite defects; inflammatory processes of the gums; caries in the installation area; anomalies of alveolar development; lower jaw pathology; pregnancy; drug and alcohol addiction; cancer; diabetes; immune diseases; poor blood clotting; hypertonicity of the masticatory muscles.

The engraftment rate of the implants is high – 97.3%. The regeneration process depends on the individual, but usually heals completely within three months. The cost of a turnkey implant ranges from 11,000 to 20,000 EUR. r. The manufacturer gives a guarantee, indicating a minimum service life of 10 years.


Rating: 4.5


The brand is part of the Helmut K

  • ngel GmbH, which was founded in Germany in 1986. From day one, it has specialized in the development of high-tech consumables for the aerospace, defense and medical industries. Today, the company is widely known for its quality dental designs. The range includes a large number of models. Intraosseous artificial rods are particularly popular.

    Design features include:

    1. cone shape, which provides stabilization in the bone tissue after installation;
    2. A unique thread with four coils on the neck and a double self-tapping thread on the body;
    3. Surface treatment by three-dimensional etching, which allows to achieve a similarity with the bone tissue;
    4. platform switching;
    5. Making implants from Grade 4 medical grade titanium alloy, which has high biocompatibility with bone structures.

    Among the advantages we can single out:

    1. Similar shape to the dental root;
    2. two types of threads;
    3. reduced duration of the osseointegration process, thanks to the porous surface;
    4. the possibility of implanting the prosthesis into bone tissue of different strength levels without losing the quality of fixation;
    5. One-stage implantation after sinus elevator, which reduces the number of surgical interventions;
    6. hypoallergenicity;
    7. a wide dimensional grid, which allows you to choose a design for any clinical situations, taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the patient’s oral cavity;
    8. Reliability, strength and ability to withstand high loads regardless of length and thickness;
    9. A simple implantation protocol that minimizes the dentist’s mistakes;
    10. Choice of abutment with gold or white coating to prevent translucency through the gingiva.

    Implants have minimal restrictions, so they are indicated for placement in cases where implantation of other dental structures is not possible. Implants have a high survival rate – 98%. Rehabilitation takes about 2-3 months. One turnkey prosthesis costs from 35 thousand euros. p, which is significantly cheaper than competitors. Lifelong warranty with proper maintenance.

    NDI Medical

    Rating: 4.4

    NDI MEDICAL 1.webp

    The systems are manufactured in Germany on state-of-the-art Japanese and Swiss-manufactured numerically controlled machines. One hundred percent quality control is performed in the factory, special surface treatment technologies are applied, which ensures reliability and high engraftment rate of the implants.

    Originally there was only one plant aimed at European consumers, but since 1998 the group of companies began to progress. The first batch of Standard implants had a limited combination of prosthetic elements and a traditional titanium base of varying lengths. Now, after decades, the corporation is one of the largest in the world and produces over five hundred positions of dental materials, has a variety of designs of different types and sizes.

    Special features include:

    1. innovative material development, where great attention is paid to the study of the living organism – in vivo experiments;
    2. Use of Grade 4 pure titanium surgical alloy;
    3. Disproving the use of aluminum and vanadium impurities, as in Grade 5, because of the proven harmful effects on the body;
    4. Biocompatible titanium, hardened during manufacturing to increase strength and wear resistance;
    5. Smart technology used in covering the implant body, which minimizes the development of bacteria when integrating and implanting the material into bone tissue;
    6. a special roughened surface with indentations of a few microns;
    7. short assembly time.

    Prosthodontics are indicated when one, more teeth or an entire row is missing. Dental constructions are also available for people with a lack of bone volume. Implants engrafted in 99.4%. Artificial reconstruction can be performed in different variants, based on the complexity of the clinical situation. Narrow-spectrum implants help minimize risks in maxillofacial surgeries. One turnkey implant costs from 21 thousand rubles. r. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on implants if oral hygiene is followed.

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